Command & Conquer Gold v1.06b
Revision 1
Created by Nyerguds
Release date: April 14, 2008

This patch will update Command & Conquer Gold to version 1.06b. This version includes several program bug fixes, graphics updates, mission fixes and new features, like the advanced options in conquer.ini, and a 1024x768 high resolution mode accessible through CCSetup.exe

This is not an official patch. It is created by Nyerguds, who is not responsible if this patch somehow manages to ruin your game, eat your hard disk or set fire to your keyboard.

This file is getting way too big, so this should help you find your way around:

Table of contents:

The most important changes
Not too many. Best to read this so you know.
Have a problem? Look here first!
The people that helped me make this
  • Notes:
Things to keep in mind when using 1024x768
How to access the secret dinosaur campaign
A ton of new options, but use them carefully
How to play Skirmish, and which options are added
The complete list. Interesting read :p

What's new in 1.06b:

Quite a lot! These are the most important changes of patch 1.06b:

Older upgrades in 1.06a:

Known bugs:

These are all explained in detail in the sections below; this is just a quick overview:


Q: The high resolution doesn't work! When I start the first GDI mission, the map is simply put in a small box with black around it! I can't scroll, and I see the whole playing field twice!
A: Increasing the game resolution does not magically make the missions bigger. The first campaign missions are simply smaller than the high resolution. This gives a few odd graphical bugs, but if you just touch the side of the screen with your mouse cursor, and then open and close the main menu, most of these errors will disappear. Since C&C missions get bigger as you progress through the campaign, these problems will be completely gone after mission #3.

Q: My savegames are gone!
A: High resolution mode has problems with low-resolution savegames, so I separated them completely. But if you want to continue your campaign progress, savegame packs for hi-res C&C95 are available on the patch website. You can still access your old savegames if you use CCSetup.exe to switch back to low resolution.

Q: The videos / score screens / map choice screens aren't in high resolution! They are just shown in the upper left corner.
A: Indeed they are. I can't make the game stretch these things, and I haven't found the data structures I need to change to center them, so until I do, they'll stay like that. Sorry.

Q: Do I need the music upgrade pack?
A: It depends. If you have The First Decade then you definitely don't need it. If you have the Covert Operations, you can just copy "scores.mix" from the Covert Operations CD to your game directory to get the same effect. If you have neither of those, then yes, it's advised to download the pack, since it will add a vast amount of music and remixes which were made for the game but were never enabled before.

Q: The grenade throw sound annoys me! Can't I disable it somehow?
A: Personally I prefer keeping it, but apparently it annoyed a lot of people. If you want to remove it, all you need to do is delete "update01.mix".

Additional credits:

These are the people whose work made this patch possible:

With special thanks to:

Beta testers:

Notes on the high resolution:

1. Small mission maps:
The first campaign missions for each side will be smaller than the screen resolution, which gives some odd graphical bugs. Most of these are fixed by just touching the edge of the screen with your cursor (to scroll) and then opening and closing the main menu.

2. Lowest cell row build bug:
A small bug I've recently discovered in high resolution is the inability to place down buildings on the lowest row of cells on the map. Since the actual position where a building is placed is the top left cell of the building, this only affects buildings with a height of one cell though. This means you can't build fences, SAM-sites, turrets or Guard towers there. Advanced Guard towers and Obelisks are technically 2 cells high, so they don't have this problem.
I'm still looking into the cause of this problem. I hope I can fix it soon.

3. Savegames:
There is an odd bug in the game which makes the sidebar unusable after loading a game that was saved when playing with a different screen width. Because of this, I have decided to completely separate the savegames for the 1024x768 resolution. This means you can't use older savegames in this mode. In fact, The game will not even show them in your list. The new hi-resolution savegames will use the filenames "SAVEG_HI.???" instead of "SAVEGAME.???".

4. minimap crash on small missions:
C&C95 will crash when trying to display a minimap in a mission that is smaller than the screen resolution. This bug doesn't appear in 1024x768 because none of the smaller C&C missions allow you to have a communications center, so it's not a real issue in v1.06b.
Because of this bug, I will not release any patches to play C&C95 in a higher resolution, since it will make the problem occur on campaign missions where you CAN get a minimap.

I will not add any additional resolutions (like, 800x600, or widescreen resolutions) to the game until I manage to fix both the savegame bug and the minimap crashes. I will also never add any ridiculously high resolutions like 1600x1200, since this will cause problems on pretty much every C&C map. The maximum size of a C&C map is only 1488x1488 pixels.

Notes on the Funpark missions:

As most of you probably know, C&C contains a hidden mini-campaign involving dinosaurs; Westwood's little tribute to Jurassic Park. To access these missions, you normally need to start the game with the command line parameter "Funpark".
However, because using command line parameters in a Windows environment is rather annoying, this patch adds a file called Funpark.exe, which will launch C&C95 in the dinosaur missions mode.
Note that if you have the theater mixfiles (desert.mix, temperat.mix and winter.mix) in your game directory, the Funpark.exe launcher will automatically assume you have a NoCD setup, and will run in NoCD mode.
You can also permanently enable Funpark mode in the [Advanced] options in conquer.ini.

To actually start the new dinosaur campaign, simply click Start New Game on the main menu and choose a side. Keep in mind that while you will get all constrution options from both sides, the initial side choice still affects which helicopters you will get on your helipads, and which superweapon you will be allowed to use.

Notes on the new ini options:

1. Conquer.ini options:
When you open conquer.ini and scroll down to the [Advanced] section, you'll see the same options that could already be enabled with my old CCOptions.exe program. These options were always meant to be in conquer.ini, but needed a special string value to be activated. Since these strings were encoded inside the exe file, only one was found so far: the "Scores" option needed to have the value "remix" to activate (the option has now been renamed to "RemixScores" and is moved to the [Music] section).

Rather than searching for all the other encoded strings, I recoded this section into simple booleans. Just put an option to "1" to activate it, and "0" to disable it. The only exception to this is "Players", which actually allows you to set the number of LAN players (2 to 6).

Be careful when changing these options; the ones that actually affect gameplay will most probably cause multiplayer incompatibility. I have indicated in the conquer.ini file which options will not affect gameplay (the User interface options). Note that I'm not sure if the Players option will cause incompatibility or just allow you to make LAN games with a customized limit to the amount of players.

The [CDControl] section allows you to run the game without CD and specify a directory to use as CD (default is the game directory). Note that the added LangPath should be left alone, unless you want to make a full 3-language NoCD setup with all videos in English, German and French. If you are planning to do that, contact me, I've done it ;)

The [Music] section is just a separation of all music-related new options, because the [Advanced] section was getting too big.
The values of the DefaultTheme option are simply the internal filenames of the music files, without extension. By default, this value isn't even used, because the StartMusic option is set to 3 (see conquer.ini for the explanation on that)

2. Mission options:
Another addition in patch 1.06b is the ability to use some of these special options in specific missions. Adding the following ini keys (with value=1) in the [Basic] section of a mission will enable that special option in just that one mission:

These special options will all be saved and loaded correctly from savegames, and disabled when a different game is loaded or started.

Notes on Skirmish and LAN play:

1. Skirmish play:
Skirmish games can be played by starting a network game without additional human players, but with the "AI players" option enabled. Older versions didn't allow LAN games to start without human players, but v1.06 makes an exception if AI players are used instead.

To start a skirmish game, go to Multiplayer Game -> Network and click New to start a new LAN game. On the Network Game Setup screen, select the map and game options you want, enable the AI players option and start the game by clicking the OK button.

When playing in this mode, you must keep these things in mind:

2. New game modes:
v1.06b offers another enhancement to LAN gameplay: you now have easy access to four game modes. Two of those were very hard to find in the original version, and couldn't be combined with AI players. This change allows you to use all four of them in Skirmish games.

You can access them by clicking on the Bases button in the Network game setup:

  • Bases On:
Normal game. Build your base, crush the enemy bases.
  • Bases Off:
    No bases, just a large army on each side. Use it wisely.
    • Capture The Flag:
    Steal the enemy flag and bring it to your own flag pedestal to win.
    • Mobile Headquarters:
    See that little vehicle? YOU are inside it. Protect it at all costs

    Note that AI players will get a Mobile HQ in Capture The Flag mode too, since the AI never has a base, and technically the Mobile HQ mode is simply CTF mode without bases.

    Full changes list:

    v1.06b Revision 1:

    External addons:
    Code updates:
    Graphics updates:
    String updates:


    External addons:
    Code updates:
    Graphics updates: Spanish:
    String updates: German: Spanish:
    Mission updates:
    Sound updates: English: Spanish:

    v1.06a Revision 2:

    Code updates:


    External addons:
    Code updates:
    Graphics updates: German: French:
    String updates: English: German: French:
    Mission updates: German:
    Sound updates: German: