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Edited renders

Most of the images I colored (the entire "Colored Renders" category) were made for the C&C Generals mod The First Tiberium War, to have high resolution icons instead of the quite bad-looking stretched C&C95 icons. The actual end results aren't here though... only the images I used to make them.
The colors are taken from the original in-game icons in C&C95 or other original renders in color.

However, some of the icon remakes weren't colored greyscale renders, because I either didn't have a decent render to color, or simply because the alternative was easier. These are the images you will find here.


Obelisk of Light:
This is a (quite successful) attempt to remake the image on the C&C95 icon by adding a red line on a screenshot of the Obelisk movie.

Tiberium Refinery:
A lot of cut and paste work of material from different FMVs, but the end result looks really nice IMO.

SAM Site:
Just a cut-and-paste to get an icon with the SAM site and some blue air above it. Looks a bit out of perspective in this image, but it looked fine in the final icon.

Prison / Tech Center:
Taken from a Red Alert movie, and removed the RA1 power plant at the left side. This one was never made into an icon since the building isn't in TFTW (as far as I know).

Atomic Bomb:
Well, it seemed quite easy to find the photo used for the original A-bomb icon... so here's the remake