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virtualoctopus, CKW, Wesforce

Some Character Types:

These are just basic archetypes. Please get in touch if you want anything else. You can mix'n'match char.types but no magic & cyberware combos please, they are't healthy.

And any of these can be Male or Female, Ork, Elf, Troll, Goblin, Dwarf or maybe even plain old dumb SOB humiez...

All weapons, gear and cyberware etc. are typical - ask if you want more.
Also, these are independant Shadowrunners, guns for hire. You can be military / corp guys if you want.

Basically a hacker. Normally weak from spending years all alone at home in his bedroom , he gets his kicks from running the matrix, stealing data, crashing hospital networks* so everyone on life-support flatlines, etc.
Cyberware: Datajack, Headwear memory.
Gear: Normally carries a cyberdeck with his programs on it, some data chips and a gun he can't use very well. Rides a bike or has a fairly shoddy electric car.
*Note: You don't have to be such a sick fragger.

Street Samurai
An Urban Commando. The street samurai has found cyberware somewhere and is cybered to the hilt and specialized in cutting people up, mowing down crowds, etc for cash. Subtlety is not his specialty (but he would do better if he used it more). Normally wears combat gear and an armoured vest on the job.
Cyberware - Wired Reflexes, Cybereyes, Hand Razors, smartgun link.
Gear: Submachinegun, Heavy pistol, a few grenades, lots of ammo. Bike or a car.

A vehicle specialist. You were probably an ex-corp or military pilot but got sick of your former life, deciding to branch out alone. Riggers are valued for driving/piloting skills ('Getaway driver') and because they can use drones.
Cyberware: Smartgunlink, Vehicle Control Rig.
Gear: Van, Helicopter (if you're lucky), rotor drone, crawler drone (both armed with smg's), submachinegun, light pistol. Army jacket, biggles helmet*, goggles.

A Hermetic Mage. You sling spells for cash, and don't really care who pays.
Gear: Snazzy suit, Nice car, Light pistol, conjuring materials, walking cane.
Spells: Manabolt (kills living things), Powerball (physical damage), sleep, confusion.

A Shaman of a specific totem (see magic thread), who you are unquestioningly loyal to. However, your totem understands you ight need to roast a few innocent people to get some money (all in a good cause)

(Private) Detective
An ex-cop, you stepped on a few toes at your (corp-owned) police force, and now you have to make a living the only way you know how - detective work. You walk a fine line between good and bad, the bright lights of the corps on one side and the filth of the streets on the other.
Cyberware: "I don't touch that crap!" (really, he can't afford it)
Gear: Heavy pistol, light pistol,semi-auto shotgun ("you can never have too many guns!"), dirty long armour trenchcoat, palm computer, filthy office, smashed-up car.

You've served your time in the forces, whether for a governement in a fragged-up pointless little bushfire war, of for the Corps in the 'Desert Wars' 3DTV Show. Now you want to get into the REAL action... and the big bucks.
Cyberware:Smartgun link. Sub-Dermal encrypted tactical radio. Datajack (with local language skillchips). Cybereyes, flare compensation and thermograhic vision.
Gear: Heavy pistol. Assault rifle with Under-barrel grenade launcher. Light Machine gun. (note: if the rent-a- cops see you with this, they'll kill you, so be sensible, especially seeing as you'll need a mate with a car to lug it around).

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