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Dragons are a high-technology race that even succeeded in building a series of five floating cities, hanging over the oceans.
They are really huge; think about twice the size they have in WC3.
Dragons are normally very calm creatures, but if they get angry, they get really angry...

Can be 'Western' or 'Eastern' flavour. Westerns are our traditional type dragons, Eastern dragons are more serpentine (see Chinese/Japanese dragons).
There are also Water ragons... looking much like what the Loch Ness Monster is supposed to look like, these plesiosaurus-like monsters rule the seas. Having adapted to the toxic

Not really dragons, but they are related to them. Wyrms are feathered and winged serpents.

The majority of the dragons by now are Western type, as the Eastern types were most likely from the Medium brand, which was banquised in the First Dragon War. (Yep, the meteor was not the cause of the Dinosaur extinction if you wonder).
Few actually survived, and none of them are related to the Greater dragons.

Unlike other races,it is rumoured dragons can transform other beings into new dragons, making the species survive even if they can´t reproduce. There had been no proof of these recently.

The temple of Flames(Pyramid of Gods):
In the past eons, it had been the temple where the dragons served his god, Quetzacoatl. Now it is believed to be somewhere deep under the Sahara Desert dunes.
Few dragons know the existance of this temple nowadays.

The typical dragon swear word "sleg". For further reference see what Marie-Rose, the inventor of the word, wrote about it. (she has a webcomic that involves dragons, and she made a lot of background info on her dragon community too)

The main reason dragons consider mating/marrying with other species a sin is because half- dragons have about 85% chance of being infertile. For that reason half-dragons are very rare; there are only a few hundred of them.
All half-dragons have a natural shape-shifting ability that allows them to turn into a dragon form. This dragon form varies from one half-dragon to another; some of them are nearly half as big as a real dragon, while others stay exactly the same size; the so-called "minidragons". Most of these minidragons have the very special ability to perform partial shapeshifts in which they can combine their normal form and their dragon form.
Since they normally look like normal members of whatever race their non-dragon half is they are hard to recognise, except if they keep some dragon features in their non-dragon form (like eyes, claws, wings).
Half-dragons are tolerated by the dragon community, but certainly not accepted.

Cultures and organizations

Greater dragons: These are amongst the rich aristocracy of the species. They are the current leaders amongst their species. They are the most dangerous, old and wealthy of the species.
They usually have to shapeshift into humanoids because they usually are megacorp CEOs.
The most important brand of these is the royal brand, the Quetzacoatl´s brood. They are truly the royal family, and the most fearsome powers belong to them. They can even curse other dragons by locking them into human form-The Quetzacoatl´s curse. However, this brood is actually extinct.
Lesser dragons: The servant broods of the greater dragons are formely known as lesser dragons. They still have great powers, but they can´t match the powers of their noble comrades.

All dragons believe in a dragon god, the Destructor of fire, Quetzacoatl, who is also believed to be the father of the royal brood, and the creator of the other broods.

The dragons were the primal inhabitants of the volcanic world just after the dinosaur Extinction. They were the first sentient beings in the World´s History.

Dragon Cities

Ancient dragon Cities:
Long before the first human settlements developed a solid architecture, these cities met glorious days. But at the present day, only piles of rubble tip off of their existence, with the exception of the cities of Hades and Neo Avalon, wich have recent signs of activity. All of the dragon cities were built near active volcanoes.

Avalon: Most important city of the dragons in the past eras. The capital of his civilization. Was lost during the dragon War. Its ruins are located in Iceland. Most of it has disappeared in the lava of the volcanic island, but some important parts of the city were preserved with a powerful protection spell.
Pandemonium: Located in the Mediterranean sea, was destroyed by a natural cataclysm when the volcano there blew up most of the island. The remnants of this city, along with human settlements, can be spotted in the Thera Archipelago. This place is also known as the mystical Atlantis.
Hades: Possibly the most secretive city of the dragons. Located in the depths of the African Jungle, near an active volcano.
Neo Avalon: A network of tunnels that go far down the Antarctic Ice sheet. Was crafted after the fall of Avalon.
Vadrigar: Andes mountain range. Its existence can be easily linked with the Inca empire.

Modern dragon Cities:
When the land became too crowded with smaller beings the dragons constructed their cities on places the (meta)humans couldn't claim: the air above the oceans. These cities are marvellous pieces of technology, mounted on huge suspension generators, powered by wind and the huge hydro-electric generators in the water under the cities.

There are five big Floating dragon Cities on Earth. They are completely independent from other countries, but they are also not united as one. They all function like separate countries.

The five dragon Cities are:

Terganon: Atlantic ocean, between the USA and Spain
Mondoras: Pacific ocean, west of Colombia, south of California
Gingamor: Indian ocean, south of India, east of Madagascar
Sulara: Pacific ocean, east of Japan
Natuques: Atlantic ocean, between Paraguay and Namibia
(All geographical references are current coutries; just so you can pinpoint them on a world map)

They are merchand cities; most of the international industry traffic goes through these cities.
The only non- dragons that are allowed to settle down in the city are people that work there and their families. Most of these people are merchands and people that do jobs the dragons find too repetitive or boring.

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