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The Megacorporations:

Megacorporations are extraterritorial behemoths. No-one knows how much money each one is worth, only that they are richer than most countries and have access to military equipment (hell, they make it all anyway) and their own private armed 'security' forces.
Megacorps care about only the bottom line: profit:
No National government can realistically stand up to a megacorp: If there is a dispute, the megacorp simply turns off the cashflow and waits until there is a new government.

Corporations are not bound by National law due to their status as extraterritorial powers. In effect they are their own countries.
They do not have elected governments, only CEO's (who get their postion because they own the most stuff in the corp) and his financial partners. At least two or three megacorps are owned outright by Greater Dragons: they have had no problem in their vast lifespans amassing more wealth than entire continents, so buying into such enterprise as this is a trivial matter.
As to the owners of other corps, some are human, some are...well, that would be telling.

Your Wonderful Employers:

Integrated Weapon Systems PLC
An arms company. Originally based in Nottingham, UK, this multinational company specialises in building Military weapons and vehicles - From Fighter-Bombers, Panzers and APC's down to Pistols, SMG's and Rifles. They are notorious for their 'sell-to-anyone' policy.
Because they are a main supplier to many government armed forces worldwide, they can call on ilitary personnell in times of need to supplement their securrity forces. They are known to employ many ex-SAS personnel.

Digital Guardian Corp (DGC)
One of the leaders in the field of electronics and MATRIX-ware, this Seattle company have lost ground to others since their pioneering work creating the first cyberdecks, but are said to be planning to release a revolutionary new range of pseudo-AI programs which will overturn the market.
They also produce cyberware.

Transys Neuronet PLC
A Scottish Headquartered Electronics and Cyberware company. Their products are relatively expensive but well-produced, and are readily available worldwide. They have major installations in Geneva and Eastern Europe.

A relative newcomer, the Irish-Elven armament corporation have fast been rolling back IWS' market share with their revolutionary magic-compatible weaponry systems. They are exclusive suppliers to most of the elven nations, much to IWS' chagrin.

General Metro
After the crash of '29, all the car companies in the former US and Canada panic-merged for survival. The move proved to be a success, and they began to buy into european car production and then into aerospace design with their purchase of Lockheed Martin. General Metro have almost a monopoly on Internal Combustion engine cars, although electric engines are becomuing more popular recently.

The Japanese Zaibatsu is well-known for its Yakuza links. However, even without the Yakuza's help they would probably still be one of the most powerful corps in the world. They are diverse, owning subsidiarys producing Cyber, Vehicles, Space tech, Software and Military weapons. Often considered 'Number one' Corp in the world, though this is debatable.

Neuwerke GmbH
An industrial and technological behemoth that is the main unifying force behind the Allied German States. Neuwerke make everything, from Microwaves to Cars to The world's most advanced aircraft. Neuwerke aircraft are all easily recognised by their graceful lines that make them slightly resemble the graceful forms of whales.

OCU Enterprises
The Oceania Community Union Enterprises corporation is cock of the walk from India through SE Asia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia. The Corp has Billions of Nuyen invested in shipping of all sizes worldwide and manufactures the most advanced naval craft, including magnetic-induction drive vehicles, Naval Panzers, Aircraft-Carrying submarines. Hydrofoil warships, Airborne Aircraft carriers and other heavy- engineering works of art. The company is on the verge of perfecting the Mechanical Humanoid Battle suit - Collectively known as 'Vanzers'.

Shunwang Ben Envirotech
Shunwang ben and their subsidiaries (Shangdi BRMC, Zenislev Shadow, Grapple Demi-Tech) are a humongous environment-consious engineering conglomerate. Originally based out of China, many of their facilities were overrun by Imperial Japanese troops (being 'nationalised' and passed to the slavering Zaibatsu in the process). However, with their Unique fusion reactors, wave-barrage Hydroelectric dams and microwave power satellites, not to mention their enclaves worldwide, they are fighting back. They are actively inviolved in space and the moon project, too.

Grexon Corporation
Grexon corporation, based in Norway, and many other scandinavian countries specialises in selling low-cost, neutral-looking houseware to the average middle-class family/clan/tribes in the 'developed' (read non-Orkish) world. Crystal's father works for this Corp.

Vladistor Waste Integrated
Based in Russia, this is the world's largest garbage-disposal corporation, working with other corps, and not possessing much military might itself (compared to other corporations, - it still possesses enough armed forces to control a small country.) The dragon Vyronir is the CEO of this corp, and is one of the few to see the benefits of working with other corporations.

Western Etherspace Society
Western Etherspace Society is the most magically-active corp, being the only who deal solely in magical weapons, objects, and spells. They dominate much of the world market for these goods, are staffered mainly by elves and dwarves (no greenskins) and even have their own elite mage-army - the WESforce.

LG systems
LG systems are the largest space-based corps, owning much of the moon, and 75% of LaGrange point space - hence the name.

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