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RPG: the current political situation

Yes, the US has gone. North America is now dominated by the various Native American Nations who use their magical superiority to keep power. Canada had only a fraction of her land left, and was economically forced into union with the US (though no-one wanted to, and there is still tension). However, those darn southeners were pissed-off enough to secede again -Behold! The new Confederation of American States in the south, rivalling the Northern UCAS.
In the beginning of the story the UCAS is in the middle of election season: current leader for the presidency is the Great Dragon Dunkelzahn, a very public-spirited dragon who is by far the most widely-spotted dragon in the world. Other Great Dragons are furious at his insolent breach of aeons-old protocols.

The Native American Nations Are struggling with their new-found land and resources, as well as the fact that, although they have the vast majority of land-mass in North America (everyhing North of Winnipeg, everything West of Minnesota) they simply do not have the population to use it all. This does suit the various Shamanic councils' drive for living in harmony with the land, however.

California Free State Did not so much as gain independance from the old US, but was voted to be 'kicked out' of the union due to their policies against pollution and economic reform which was seen by the US public as 'Unamerican'.
Ever since, Japanese influence has grown at an exponential rate. free California is now a Japanese (corporate) colony, in all but name. Whole divisions of the Imperial Japanese Marines (I-Marines) are stationed there.

Britain Is the same dump it is now, only the green party is in power (there have been around 3 nuclear reactor explosions and 150,000 deaths from pollution in the last half century). Secret druidic movements hold the real power, the wildmen from Scotland and Wales serve nature while the scummy English druids serve 's.
The Royal Family was split five years ago by a dramatic schism: King George VII announced his abdication and has not been seen in public since. Rumours abound that he goblinized into a troll and was 'euthanized' rather than allow such a monster to rule the country, but these are unconfirmed.
Whatever the reason, The Country (and what is left of the Commonwealth) is ruled by Queen Antoinette I, who had never been seen in public before. She is young, beautiful but unearthly pale, as well as breathtakingly intelligent. She has revolutionised royal garb, bringing in baroque black and silver military-uniform style standards of dress for Royal family members. She herself wears long dark embellished robes that give her the air of an evil sorceress from tales of yore.
Her life is kept under close guard by her servants. No-one knows if she has any amorous relationships, and she is a major shareholder in several MegaCorps. Wild rumours fly around that she is either an alien, an ancient Immortal elf or even a dragon. She is believed to be a mage, but no-one can say for sure how powerful.
The Elves in Ireland are said to be keeping a close eye on her. The feeling is mutual.

United German States Germany has split into fractions following the Euro-Wars (when the Neo-Soviet Union destroyed most of Europe, but were forced to withdraw to fight the Islamic Jihad in the 2030's). Berlin is a city of complete anarchy, while the rest of the small nations bicker and fight among themselves, the Great Dragon Lofwyr and his Saeder-Krupp corporation holds the real power.

United Netherlands Following the catastrophic pollution and flooding of the North Sea, much of Belgium has been annexed by France (scummers), while the rest have joined with the Royal United Netherlands for mutual support, with help from Proteus corporation, who are building huge arkoblocks on the North Sea to help re- settlement - at a price.
Many other corps are taking interest in rebuilding an artificial steel floating city on the site of flooded Rotterdam, proving that the area is on the road to recovery.

Neo-Soviet Union Although the Soviet's last bid for world domination in the 2030's ended in the costly stalemate of the Euro-Wars (fought by them and the Western European nations in Germany), the Soviets managed to rally and defeat the Jihad threatening it's borders (at the expense of the Balkan states) and is still a major economic and military power. Because of it's Communist government, the NeoSU is antagonistic with the Megacorps. The Corps are in fact the NSU's main opponent in the world now, overtaking the forme US and Western Europe as the main threat to it's existence. To fight the corps at their own game, the NSU government formed a 'National Corporation', to promote it's interests worldwide, in the same way as the Megacorps. As ever, Soviet Military gear is hard-wearing, cheap and reliable, if maybe not bleeding edge.
The Soviets make heavy use of Siberian Ice magic in their forces.

Aztlan Formerly known as Mexico, this aggressive ex-NAN nation is wholly controlled by Aztechnology Corporation, renowned for high tech weapons and illegal use of blood sacrifice in their powerful magic.
Aztlan have begun a small-scale invasion of Southern Texas, with Lobo Panzer airborne battalions sweeping all before them. The cash-strapped CAS is being slow to respond. Texas, furious at losing 'sacred' territory, is calling for independance from the CAS as a result. the UCAS is sitting on its hands until after the election.

Southern Africa :
The various states in the south of the african continent have slowly degenerated into a shambles of tiny warlord-ships. Many of these are populated by Orcs, who ravage much of the continent to the southern sahara. These orcs practice unrefined magics, and have many shamans. They are rules over by a society of warlords, the greatest of whom goes by the name of Morgob 'edbite.

Egypt :
The cults armies of the pharoahs have risen again, with Neo-pyramidic structures rising from the desert. These hold strange powers, and while often deserted, many congregations of North-africans are arriving to worship them more and more, as the increasing numbers rise from the sands. The Neo-Pharoahs are currently in a grudging alliance with the Muslim league, against the Orcs to the south, but neither likes the other at all,

Eastern Europe :
The eastern European mountains once again ring with the hammers of the Dwarves. Many small dwarf holds have emerged in the craggy peaks, and increasing battles with the goblins, who also live in the area, have been sighted.

China :
With the Japanese expansionism has taken much of the former chinese state. However, Chinese scientists still hold out on their few moon bases, and plot their revenge against the agressors.

South America :
Little is known in south america, apart from a growing sense of unease from travellers to the region. Some dark power is stirring, something ancient and terrible. Strange lights have been seen in the sky, and beings looking somewhat like astronaughts have been sighted.

Ireland :

Ireland has become a completely elven nation, the many elves of the area rising up and taking control. All non- elves are unwelcome in the area, but humans are treated a little more kindly. A general de-urbanisation has occured on the island, with the huge cities slowly dissapearing in favour of scattered villages and beautiful elven structures.

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