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A wide variety of peronal enhancement technology exists. Note, however, that the human body can only take so much abuse before it begins to decay and die - Cyberware drains a living being's inherent magical essence in accordance with how invasive it is. Magically active people are affected the worse - implantation is known to cause loss of magical powers.

Wired/Boosted Reflexes:
An invasive procedure that involves upgrading the subject's neural pathways with superconductive components and microsubprocessors to significantly increase reaction time.
To others, it appears the subject reacts at two-or three times the normal rate.
(These implants are widely used by sportsmen and special forces soldiers. They are hard to find on the streets)

Smartgun Link
A modification that links a subjects weapon - through either a datajack plug or palm induction pads - to his brain, enabling vastly improved targeting, neural control of his weapon (ie - you can fire, swith fire mode or eject a spent clip at a thought) and instant knowledge of the weapon's status.

The datajack is a neural connector installed in the head. It's possibly the most widely used piece of Cyberware in the world.
Datajacks enable anyone to 'jack in' to The Matrix- the global information network that replaced the defunct Net after the mysterious crash virus of 2029. However, to use the Matrix, a Cyberdeck is also needed, to carry the user's programs and store data.

Also common is the replacement of a subject's eyes with electronic replacements. A wide variety are available - from cosmetic enhancements (cat eyes, white eyes, etc) To eyes that offer glare compensation, magnification, Thermograhic vision, Night vision, even Ultrsound vision.

Rigger Gear - See vehicles.

Hand Razors
Minature razor-sharp blades inserted ona retractable mount under the subject's fingernails. They can be extended with a simple thought, and tough only cause minor wounds, a single slash can be lethal in the right place. Someon'e throat, for instance.

A replacement arm can be either organic-looking or an obvious replacement. Organic imitation cyber arms will perform just like a normal arm, while full cyberarms offer increased strength and are armoured.
Both cyber arms can incorporate cyberware without further damage to the subject's essence, including hand razors and cyberguns.
(note: cloned replacement organic arms are also available for someone suffering limb-loss)

Cyber Guns
Light Pistols, Heavy pistols, shot pistols and machine pistols are available in miniaturised versions that can be fitted to a cyberarm. They generally carry around ten rounds (3 for shotgun, 15 for MP) and can be reloaded via an obvious clip-port in the arm.

The Matrix:

The global information network. A worldwide grid of flashing electrical pulses, where data is exchanged constantly at the speed of thought, and users fly at amazing speeds on the electron trails. Millions of nuyen exist here solely as information, and the corps guard it well with IC (Intrusion countermeasuers - ICE) which can be lethal to deckers - this is known as BLACK ICE (note the capital letters).
Everything here is stylised, and appearances are very often deceptive.
The Matrix can be accessed from any telecom port, if the user has a datajack (a neural connector installed in your head) and a cyberdeck. From there, you leave your meat body unconsious while mentally you go into the cyberspace, able to travel anywhere at extreme feeds (assuming the network isn't lagging).
Generally, ICE is placed on the access nodes to systems, the IO ports, Slave Nodes (which control physical objects linked to the matrix, ie. security systems, 3DTVs, espresso machines), Datastores and (very heavily) the CPU of a system.
You appear in the Matrix as a Persona which is stored on your cyberdeck. This can be changed to any appearance the user sould want, and the graphics are almost flawless, almost equalling real-life (but not quite). Appearances can be deceptive.

Software Programs:

Does what it says on the chip. This can be used to crash ICE, Databases and CPUs, but also causes lethal damage to other deckers. It is available in a variety of ratings. The highest rating of attack program will cost millions of nuyen, and is thus not available to the street decker.

A program for fooling ICE. This attempts to supply a system with false access codes. Again, the better the rating, the more chance of success the program has.

Like Deception, but more effective. However, if you 'Sleaze' a system, you can only pass through it without affecting it, IE: Crashing the ICE, CPU, security systems, Downloading the data, etc.

A cybercombat aid, that reflects programs backat their users for a limited time.

Another combat utility: It slows everything in a system down - including you. Useful as a delaying tactic.

Transys 'VirtualOctopus' System:
An ultra high-tech program, rumoured to be the closest thing possible toi an AI without actual sentient thought.
The VirtualOctopus is an expert system costing over a billion Nuyen. It is capable of controlling and regulating building the size of the Transys Arcology in Glasgow - A huge self-sufficient habitat/manufacturing plant housing and supporting over 100,000 inhabitants. It is doubtful whether this structure could survive without 'Octopus' control. The program also serves for security. The Transys building is the most impenetrable net in the world to Deckers. Unconfirmed reports suggest the Octopus (with it's 800,000 virtual program 'arms') actually 'eats' or absorbs the memories and skills of the deckers it encounters.

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