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Strangely, personal weapons technology doesn't seem to have advanced much in 70 years. Most weapons these days still fire chemically-propelled slugs, but more and more weapons are Smartgun-rigged, use caseless ammo and computer-controlled recoil compensation along with polymer casing and caseless ammunition to improve relability, accuracy and ease of use.
Directed-Energy weapons and railguns are available, but are strictly government and corporate military use only.

Most rifles and smg's are bull-pup configuration, caseless and made from polymers. I say 'most', not all...There are still many 'antique' rifles, like M16s, AK74s, even a few SA-80s (still grudgingly in servive with the British army )
Energy weapons are not fully-developed yet, so are bulky and delicate.

Sample Guns:

Light Pistol - Beretta 92F - A typical light pistol that has been around for decades.
Light damage. 15 round clip, semi-automatic. Cost: 300

Heavy Pistol - Browning Ultra-Power - A workhorse military pistol, hard-wearing and reliable with great stopping power.
Medium damage. 10 round clip. Semi-automatic. Laser sight built in. Cost 650

SMG - IWS SMG70 - A bullpup configuration SMG, available with built-in silencer for 100 extra., laser sight 150 extra.
Sub-Medium damage. 30 round clip. Burst-fire/full auto. 700

Shotgun - Enfield AS7 Assault Shotgun - A hefty weapon that can take a fifty-round drum magazine in place of its usual magazine. Punishing recoil - favoured by Orks and Trolls.
Serious damage. 20 (50) round clip. Semi-Auto/burst fire. 1,500

Assault Rifle - Soviet AK97 - An old but reliable no-frills assault rifle, often available on the streets. AK98 with under-barrel Grenade launcher is 500 extra.
Medium damage, 35 round clip (5 grenades), Semi-Auto/Burst-Fire/Full-auto. 900

LMG - AET Lancer LMG - Lightweight man-portable machinegun, for advancing troops to fire readily.
Serious damage, 200ammo hopper. Full-auto. 2,000

Laser - IWS MP Battle Laser - Protoype military laser weapon, bulky, worn with a load-bearing harness. Military issue only.
Serious damage (medium to vehicles), semi-auto, 60battery(x6 on harness) Semi-auto/strafe. 250,000

Assault Cannon - IWS Cobra Assault Cannon - A heavy man-portable single shot anti-tank rifle. Over 5 feet long. Fires hi-ex shells.
Deadly damage (serious to vehicles), single shot, 10 round clip, 100,000.

Heavy weaponry:

Daisaka ARM-60 light machinegun - Basically an assault rifle with a bipod, longer barrel and a 60-round drum instead of a magazine. They cost around 8,000 nuyen. Normally one is supplied to every Threat-Response team in an APC.

Or: Daisaka 'Kenshiro' Medium anti-armour weapon - a one-shot disposable rocket launcher, about powerful enough to blow up an APC, damage a Panzer or Gunship or de-track a light tank.

Of course, you need a security licence (bought only by Govt/Corp registered security forces) to buy one from them...

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