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RPG Chapter 1: A Life of Shadow
"The dark, Geneva rain kept all the secrets of the nightime folks, the Shadowrunners."


Crystal sat in her flat, alone, apart from the ordnance laid out on her table and the small 3DTV in the corner. Her IWS submachinegun had taken a lot of wear and tear a few days ago, and was being cleaned and repaired.
Next to it were laid an impressive array of grenades and home-made bombs.
Crystal was arming up.
Somehow she had to kill Zwergmann with in the next three days, or 'Mr Johnson' from IWS woud 1) Not pay her the ¥45,000 owed to the team and 2) Likely get very annoyed and send in the IWS strike teams to remove the 'loose end'.
Also she had more important reasons for wanting him dead.
Like Revenge.
She owed Ranger - the Dwarf Dog shaman who'd ended up toppling from the top of the Aztechnology Tower. She owed Cylinder Head - somehwere in a filthy street hospital, fighting for his life.
She also, deep down, felt she owed Doctor Mary Turin and the Mysterious Dragon man, though she didn't have a clue what had happened to them, and would never admit to their faces, anyway.
The last she had seen of them both was after dropping them both off behind the Pizza Slut in Cy's stolen car.

She sighed, and went to lay down on her two-room apartment's filthy mattress, listening to the blandly handsome newscaster on the 3DTV.

"Aztechnology Corporation has strongly suggested they are close to tracking down the perpetrators of the ruthless terrorist atatck that claimed the lives of thirteen unarmed employees on their territory three days ago."
"The UCAS, and the whole of North America holds its breath as the national elections begin. Greater dragon Dunkelzahn of the Dunkelzahn independant party is believed to be in with a fighting chance."
"Also over in North America, Aztlan continue their effective push into Texas. CAS troops are reportedly hard-pressed to counter the combined Panzer/Magical attacks."
"In Great Britain, Queen Antoinette I has suceeded in ratifying a series of laws that restore the powers of the monarchy. Though certain MPs are up in arms, the general public mood is optimistic."
"This is NewsEye! Bringing you the facts you want to hear!"
"This broadcast brought to you in cooperation with Grexon PLC. Eat more soy-flakes!"

Crystal got up again, and headed for her Vidphone, keying in a number.


The man was resting at a small shack in the Pizza Slut. Madam C considered him too valuable to get fired. Sporadical visit of his workmates cheered him up, but he was in a sad mood. The wounds that had caught in the Panzer confrontation were severe, but they were healing quicker than he expected. In a day or two he could take up his job again. But what job? Runner or Barman? The decision was difficult. The man eventually was talking to himself alone.
"I can't kill more innocent people, Jade...I promised to you. But I also promised to bring death to the ones who killed you, Zwergman."The man seemed confused. He had been there, in the final place where Jade, the legendary shadowrunner, collapsed. Her last words, spitted from a quivering mouth full of blood, were reffering to him. That was quite a difficult decision. Both paths were nor good neither bad. He must choose, but what decision? What path Destiny had assigned to him?

The inner thoughts were broken by a knock on the door...


Far away in the shadow of a run down building dark shadowy men were going to exchange buissness.

A man wearing a black suit with a brief case entered the main hall of the old building. He came to a table, where he promptly laid down the brief case on an old table.

" So yourself elf, i have your payment!" He looked around fearfully, he saw in the one beam of light showing through the wall a head came rolling from the darkness.

The man took a step back, and pulled a gun. He took another step back, only to run into the chest of another person, or so it seemed. The man spun around, and pointed the gun at nothing.

"Damn elves!" he thought, he slowly turned around to find on the table the brief case gone, replace with the corspe of a man. The man put his gun away, and left the building quickly. The assassian had indeed finished his job.

Upon the roof of the building stood a elf, his hair blowing in the wind. He arms folded in his robes. His eyes narrowed on the running man.

In a quick reflex of elvish agiltiy, a throwing knife reflected the dull light of the moon, and found home between the 3rd and 4th vertabre of the running man. The Elf kicked the empty brief case that laid infront of his feet.

" Fool, did he really believe he could trick me? I Xecktos T'voir, The Silent Doom? An eye for an eye friend, i will not shed blood with out a price to be paid, and you choose to pay with your life. Perhaps in your next life you wont make such a folly again.

He then noticed a folly of his own, a light shone from a window not to far away. From his postion on the top of the building he saw a person talking on the phone. Xecktos pulled out his sword quickly, this person might have seen him kill that man, if so he couldnt risk getting caught by the police. A cloud passed over the sky darking the skies for a moment.

The moment had passed, the assassain had skulked away.


The night was broken by a long, agonised scream.

Chance was awake instantly, his right arm whipping up his pistol in a smooth movement as he snapped himself into a crouch beside his bed. His aim hovered at head-height on the battered wooden door of his Paradise Apartments flat.

Silence. Then a soft stride of footsteps to his apartment.

Easing out of his tension, he holstered his pistol. Ash had a distinctive walk that he could recognise even in his sleep. The door opened and she stepped in, gingerly handling a package wrapped in black fireproof cloth with a gloved grasp. Chance noticed with alarm that one of her hands had been exposed.

"Trouble?" He asked as he stepped forwards to help her with the groceries. His fingers brushed hers, but he did not fear for his safety--Ash's fiery touch only activated upon her mental will. Her "pryo-aura" was another matter, but Chance just happened to be one of the few fate-chosen "Nullifyers" of it. Ash walked to the kitchen and soaped her hand, drying it by flicking off the water and blowing gently on her fingers. She carefully replaced her glove, fastening its metal clasps.

"A drug pusher I think... He tried to accost me in the alley, but I managed to convince him to hold off long enough for me to remove a glove to fulfil his 'need'." She paused. "He's missing a part of his anatomy now. Unconscious as well."

Chance examined her face for bruises. "He didn't..."
"No. He flamed instantly."
"Not your fault, Ash. Need me to put him out of his misery?"
"No... I don't know. He has suffered enough, hasn't he? Just leave him be, Chance."
The soldier sighed and forced himself to release his anger. It wouldn't do to agitate Ash. He didn't want her next grocery trip to result in a charred 7-11... the ammo from the twin Vulcan security autocannon mounted in the doorway of the store would be sure to cause havoc in the slums if it cooked off.

Still, he resolved to get rid of the pusher in the morning as he helped Ash unpack the groceries. A baked potato released its scent among the other uncooked spuds... Ash's aura had claimed another vegetable victim. Well, at least it saved the cost of electricity needed to cook it.

A croaky electronic rattle disturbed his thoughts... The phone was ringing.


Shadow had been walking through the halls, of a dark abandoned warehouse in the city. He had heard there had been an military ops center, so he went and checked it out.

He went and kicked a nearby room door down and looked out at the city below, this was a rather big warehouse. It consisted of about 15 stories high.

Shadow looked below as the cars and people walked by, a policemen suddenly emerged, as he had a gun put behind his head.

Policeman: "Put your hands above your head!" Shadow slowly did this and then turned to the man in the vest. He was then taken into custody, but then suddenly resisted, as the police thought he had killed Zwergman. Shadow knocked out the guards in the interrogation room, then pulled a Grenade from his pouch, pulled the pin, threw it and then dove behind the table.

The grenade exploded, creating a medium size hole in the wall, he quickly ran out, and heard the police coming after him.

Shadow quickly ran as fast as he could...and kept on running.


Another day, another headache.

Light broke into the apartment, filtering through the windows, and casting long shadows. Doctor Mary Turin rolled over in bed, trying to hide her face in the darkness.

This was one hell of a hangover. How long had she been asleep?

She sat up, wiping sleep from her eyes with her left hand, and looked around the apartment. She couldn't remember getting in last night. She looked at what she was wearing - still her raincoat curled around her.

Suddenly, she noticed holes in it.

Bullet holes.

Holy frag. She'd been in some sort of fight.

She turned and placed her feet on the floor, and it all came back, like some kind of horrible nightmare.

Crystal. Dragon. Cylinder-head. Ranger.


She collapsed back onto the bed.

What the hell had she got into?

Mary got off the bed, and stumbled into the shower, next-door, in the small bathroom. She stripped off, and washed herself down, getting rid of the blood and grime of yesterday.

She fumbled for her glases on the cabinet, and realised that she'd lost them during the fight. Lucky she had a spare pair, then.

Cyberdeck. Where was the cyberdeck?

Frag. She'd lost that as well, but knew she hadn't dropped it during the fight. That would be hell to replace - it had all her work on it due to be transmitted to Nina back in Oxford.

Mary rummaged through her pockets, and pulled out the Colt45, some half-chewed bubble-gum, two notepads, a pencil, and a couple of scraps of paper.

Luckily, her eyes alighted on one of these.

Crystal had scribbled the address of some place in one of the cheap greenskin districts on it. Perhaps this was where she was staying, she couldn't remember.

There was only one way to find out. Mary shouldered her bag, and made for the door, pausing only to flick of the 3DTV, just as the news was coming on.

"Aztechnology Corporation has strongly suggested they are close to tracking down the perpetrators of the ruthless terrorist atatck that claimed the lives of thirteen unarmed employ-"

She grabbed a sandwich from the meal-o-tech, and slammed the door. She had to get that Cyberdeck back, and hoped against hope that Crystal had it.

She got into the lift, clean and unsmelling, unlike some in the more seedy parts of the city, and pressed for the ground floor.

At that moment, the vidphone in her apartment started ringing. But she was too far away to hear it, and her comlink was switched off in her pocket.


Shadow continues to run from the police as he looks behind him a police car is about to ride up on him. He swiftly dives into a nearby alleyway as the police car zoomed past.

"Man...that was a close call.." he mumbled, then got up and began to run down the alleyway as the police car headed him off, he looked back and he was blocked off from both sides.

"They just don't know when to give...up.." He smirked and laughed, then pulled out his 9mm and began firing on the police, they returned fire back.

Shadow then ran straight at the police car, that was near the entrance, he fired 6 rounds off, 3 each hitting the 2 policemen, Shadow then got in and pushed the gas down hard.

He sped away as fast as he could, the other police car was up on him again, he took a grenade out of his pouch, then punched the police car, so his spedometer was about 80 M.P.H. and he threw it out the widow, let it bounce once, and then shot it.

The police car blew up in a flash, Shadow laughed evily and kept driving. He drove to his apartment and parked the car, and then ran up there quickly, locked the door, and went into his room.


Sat medatiating in a room splattered with blood.

It was an old elven healing trick.

Xecktos had recieved a gunshot wound. nothing serious, just his upper right shoulder.

The person in the room had indeed seen him kill the man, He entered the room, swiftly as the wind, there were six men inside he had not seen. Xecktos quickly stabbed an EMP knife into the wall. The lights went out.

With a flash of elven aglity and swordsmanship two men went down. With two quick flicks of the wrist, down two more. Shots rang out, One buzzed his ear, the other plunged into his flesh. He
was glad he wasnt wearing his stealth suit.

His temples pounded with rage. With a fury of steal and rage all the rest that remained, were now pieces on the ground. Xecktos was drenched in blood. His breathing heavy

Xecktos had made a calls to the families and left a message on thier machines telling them he had kill thier beloved men.

The lead man, the man on the phone. He was Don Zix, a gangster warlord. He had once again unknowingly helped the world which had wronged him.

The wound had stopped bleeding and scabbed over. Xecktos unpacked his stealth suit and put it on.

With insant he blended prefectly into his enviroment. All you could see was a slight distorsion when he moved.

"I might find work, i need money. " Xecktos thought as he ran down the streets of the city unseen.


In his apartment room in the slums, Crash was slumped over his computer trying to hack into the Government computer system to see what was going on lately with the war on terrorism. He knew this was illegal, but hey, he was a hacker, it was his life. He hadn't been caught...yet. Just then, a poppup appeard. *Go to the underground garage, come alone.* Puzzled by this message, things started to flash in his mind. The Rent-A-Cops... Gunships...a bounty hunter... anything could be possible. Uploading some energy from the MATRIX into his robo arm, he grabbed his cloak, and went downstairs, to the garage. He would be ready. The power of the matrix was with him. Deciding not to chance it, he took the front exit and crept slowly towards the garage... where somebody was waiting...


It was raining outside. Thick, sticky Genevan rain. Mary drew the raincoat around her, and tried to retain as much warmth as possible. She hailed a Taxi in the street. It drew up, and a door moved back along runners. She got in.

"Where to maam?" - The gruff, Dwarven driver looked like her knew the streets well.

Mary got out the scrap of paper. The words, slightly damp now from the rain, were still just legible.

"Redkul Court"

"You sure you want to go there maam? Not a good place for a pretty 'lil lady like yourself to hang out. That's the Orkish district, maam, nasty band of thugs around there."

"I can take care of myself, I think. I'm thougher than I look".
Mary knew she didn't sound at all convincing, but to her suprise, the driver mumbled a brief "suit yerself", and pulled out into the road.

The trip took about half an hour. Mary spent most of it inwardly cursing herself for being so foolhardy.

"Ork district, maam. You still sure?"

Mary knew the driver's concerns - she had them herself as well - but she REALLY needed to find that cyberdeck.

"Yes please. 227 Redkul Court, remember?"

"Yes maam"

They moved on, only briefly interrupted by two police cars chasing what appeared to be an Ork on a motorbike in the driving rain.

"Here maam. That'll be ¥10, maam"

"Here." Mary handed over the coins she owed the driver.

"You want me to wait here incase you change your mind?"

"No thank you."

Mary stepped out. Redkul Court, fully 50 storeys high, loomed above her. She shivered with fear and aprehension, before hustling up the stairs to the main entrance. A slightly-worried looking human teenage, with brown hair and what looked like a robotic arm concealed under a coat brushed past her.

She paused, and turned to him.

"Excuse me, what floor is number 227 on?"

That pale young man paused, before replying.

"Not sure. Want me to come check with you? It can be mighty rough in there"

Why did everyone think she'd get hurt? Did she look that vulnerable?

"No thank you. I'll be fine."

She moved up the steps, and, after entering the elevator, guessed that there would be about 50 rooms per floor, keyed in floor 5.

The hacker behind her turned. Could his meeting wait? That woman, barely older than himself, with well-brushed hair, glasses, and well-dressed enough to get into the kind of restaurant that would serve most of the (Orkish) denizens of Bloodkul court for it's main course, was asking for trouble walking into here.

"Wait!" He yelled, but she'd already gone up on the escalator. He followed the lights, and saw it halt at floor five. Without a thought to his meeting, he took the stairs two at a time after her/

In the underground garage, the Rent-a-thugs hired by Hemlock Corporation wondered why the hacker they had been sent to kill, the guy who had brought down their entire network only days before, hadn't turned up. Not being the brightest Orks (although even that probably wouldn't have sufficed), they decided to wait it out - after all, he must surely come down here some times?

Mary stepped out of the elevator, with room 220 facing her. That was good. She only had to find the 7th next room, so she began to walk down the corridor. 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226 (with a pornographic picture of what was probably a dwarf stapled to the door), and room 227. She took a deep breath, and knocked. Crash tore out of the stairwell at about the same time.

Crystal opened the door, and looked slightly shocked, seing Doc Turin outside, in here, one of the most dangerous 'blocks in the whole city - Just an hour after she'd called her on the vid-phone.


Doc Turin stepped into the room and shed her dripping coat. She surveyed Crystal's room with awe that anyone could live in such a run-down apartment. Her host noticed her wayward gaze and caught her eye, "Missing something?"

"Why, yes actually. I was wondering..." The doc didn't get any further as she was interrupted by a loud knock on the door.

"My, aren't I popular today," smirked Crystal as she opened the door once more.

Filling the frame was the form of a huge Ork decked out in full battle gear with a shotgun pointing inadvertantly towards her face. He grunted and a whisp of foul air filled Crystal's nostrils. A small voice from behind the Ork spoke out nervously and caught her attention.

"Excuse me Tank, oh my there were far too many people back there, why do they all come to the city anyways-- oh hello...Miss Fiennes?" A short Elf pried his way from behind the monstrous Ork's leg. Crystal's eyes narrowed at the use of her true name. The Elf obviously caught this and became more nervous. "Oh exc-c-c-cuse me madame." he stuttered quickly. "And p-p-please excuse Tank, my bodyguard. He was brought up on the s-s-streets amidst the violence of warring gangs. He knows only v-v-violence."

"Why are you here Elf? Are you here for a reason or just to flaunt your knowedge of my past?" Her pistol flashed anonymously by her side. In the hall, Doc Turin gasped at her arrogance.

The short Elf piped up once more, "As it hap-p-p-pens, I represent the interests of Arm-Eirann-Tir, who feel that Aztlan is infringing on their clients. How would you like another shot at Zwergman?"


A jolt seemed to blast Mac's mind. The path was finally clear. Illidia had been kidnapped. At least, that was the whore told him.
He knew the name before she handed the note. Zwergmann. Tricky fragger. He had kidnapped her, in order to make Mac vulnerable. But he was not vulnerable. His decision was chosen. Once again, the Dragon was in action. Because of the people who denied him a normal life. Because of his dead master, Jade. Because of his friend, Illidia.

Mac pulled out a heavy iron ring, and a hidden trap and room appeared under the bed. He descended upon the dark.
Piece by piece, the gear that was wearing last time was rebuilt. The Headgear was still working like a charm, the breathener was fine, and the NVG/thermal googles still worked properly. He putted his LEV(limb enhaced vest). Finally, the guns trunk opened.
Two immaculated, shining guns were held in his hands. His trusty Silver Blazers. Dragon had reawakened, and this time was for personal reasons.

After putting on several other accesories, he finally opened his Laptop, and contacted with the persons months ago had left."Dragon is awaken and ready".

Crystal heard the notice by vid phone. An anonymous person had traslated Cylinder head to a Private hospital, and paid his treatment.


"Darn! I knew that I should not have called so many people to the party at the same time!" Crystal muttered as she got up to unlock the door again. It took her some time... tripping over the Ork along the way, and nearly knocking the doctor over as she shouldered past the various occupants in her room.

Chance stood there with a raised eyebrow. Beside him, Ash flashed a brilliant grin, bobbing her head enthusiastically in greeting.
"I see that your penchant for big parties hasn't exactly worn off, hasn't it?" The recon soldier smiled as he shook Crystal's hand. Ash offered hers and the blue-haired woman accepted, abeit with some trepidation... she had heard of the latter's fearsome reputation.
"Permission to enter the apartment, Ma'am?" Chance threw a mock salute and dodged a playful punch as Crystal let the two newcomers in. The recon soldier owed his first job to the demolitions woman, and that one resulted in him meeting his soulmate Ash. As a result, he had promised Crystal that he would try his best to help her out whenever he could. Both Chance and Ash had rushed down pronto upon hearing the message on his vidphone.

The duo wore their armour and load-bearing equipment. However, Chance had brought along only his sidearm... The two had overheard a wild gunbattle in the streets about half and hour before and reluctantly decided to leave their heavy arms at home. The news wasn't certain, but the recon trooper guessed that it was either a mercenary or assassin being engaged by police forces. It had resulted in multiple police roadblocks that had required some lengthy detours in the side-alleyways to bypass... something that did not please either of the pair.

Ash stopped short upon seeing Doctor Turin.

"Doc! Damn am I glad to see you!" she gushed as the Doc hurriedly adjusted her spectacles to take in the newcomer. In the background, Crystal yelped as a spark leapt from her room heater onto her bare arm. Another dismaying pop signalled an exploding egg stashed somewhere in the demolition expert's kitchen. She thanked fate for the presence of Chance to counter Ash's emotions... Crystal did not fancy her explosives store being left to the redhead's tender mercies.

Doc Turin had been the person who had successfully deduced Ash's condition and given her the reasons for her double-edged gifts... In short, the doctor had made her life possible, something that Ash swore never to forget. The redhead embraced the doctor in a hug, the latter blushing embarrassedly at all the attention.

Chance eased Ash to a rather battered looking chair and perched on its arm beside her, giving cautious but polite nods to the other members in the room.

"So, Crystal, care to tell us what all this is about?"


Peering out from behind a corner, Crash noticed a few Rent-A-Cops. They were orks, and they didn't look too bright either. Could the woman he met on the elevator have something to do with this? Apparently, just then, the orks started to go to the front door. Deciding it would be best to take them out without bloodshed, he armed his robo-arm Tazer. To the orks, he would probably look just like an old beggar. That's when he would make his move. Hopefully, they didn't have any articles of clothing to get a scent. that was the thing ork rent-a-cops were good for, scent tracking. the other was brute force. Crash hoped to avoid both these possibilities...


Crystal looked over her 'guests'

Chance and Ash - they were good for it, she had worked for them before.
Doc Turin - Crystal's respect for her grew, seeing how she had come all the way here on her lonesome.
A huge Ork in bulky armour with a shotgun, blocking a short Elf as he was trying to explain something.
She was just beginning to concentrate, when they heard Yet another knock at the door.

"Frag it!" She said, moving to the door, squeezing past the big ork. The door opened. "Sorry Chance, I'll talk in a bit."

Corp-Cops - Daisaka security, the uniform said - The slags that had the contract to police uptown.
Not here though: This was officially a no-go area for the rent-a-cops. No cops patrolled here, although they did patrol the outskirts of the district. Keep all the scum bottled in one part of town, that was the policy.

These weren't cops, Crystal saw that much instantly. Good uniforms, though.
The first Ork smiled a big, toothy grin. The disgusting breath that passed his yellow tusks would have made Crystal gag, if she wasn't holding her breath.

Crystal smiled back.

Both Ork's grins dissolved when they saw just how many were in the small apartment - and how outclassed they were. One of them dropped his gun just as Tank - a whole head taller - pushed past and grabbed the sucker. Crystal moved in, pressing Her (actually, Cylinder Head's) Ultra-Power into his neck, where it would do damage (not against his thick, bony armoired head).

The silence was only broken by Crystal saying:
"I've got an idea. I've got a friend who could do something with these two slags, and we could better discuss our matters in private. Doc, be so kind as to 'phone Pizza Slut, will you? We'll all get there by car in half an hour."

Mary groaned, but at least she had managed to retrieve her precious 'deck, half hidden under a mound of dodgy magazines.

Tank, Chance and the others manhandled the fake-guards down the corridor. Maybe Dragon could help interrogate them, see who they were working for, but she'd be surprised if it was anyone but Zwergmann.

After locking the door, Crystal spotted the kid with the cyberarm in the corner.

"He's a decker." Mary noticed, astutely.

"Really?" Crystal said. "Hey kid, you want a job? Come with us. Hope you got a car."


Crystal had dropped both the Ork's shotguns in her miniscule apartment, before she locked the door.

She went down the stairs, keeping close to Turin, knowing what a dump this place was. Eventually all of them were down, heading to the parking garage.


Looking at Crystal, Crash said: "Hmm... I don't know. What's the catch? I have a car... rigged, or course. Bulletproof. It's pretty sweet, goes 0-100 in 2 seconds. also, armed with rear and front machineguns, the rent-a-cops never see em."

Apparently, something was bugging Crash... nobody knew what, though.


Great. Mary'd just got dragged into it again. All because she'd forgotten the friggin' 'deck the day before. Now she was in the car of some kid who she'd met only a few minutes before, heading BACK to Pizza Slut.

The huge ork, who'm she'd identified now as Tank, grunted something. It didn't sound english. She was sandwiched between this walking battleship, and the tiny elf, who she assumed was a tree shaman from the leaf-shaped pendant around his neck.

The elf alongside replied. "No, Tank. I..I know you're hungry. We'll be at Pizza Slut soon"

The Ork grunted, and appeared to smile, showing two huge rows of dirty teeth, and spewing foreward a wave of rotting breath. Ick. Mary squirmed slightly closer to the elf, who suddenly noticed her ears, slightly pointed from her mother.

"You are an elf?"

"Nope. Halfbreed."

"I see. Tir-Eire-Fin, Tir Tairngire or eastern?

"Irish. My mother was born there before the corporations took over."

"I see. I myself am Ery Tashin. Pleased to make your aqaintance."

The car stopped outside Pizza Slut. Everyone got out, the hacker hastily employing some half-baked security lock. Mary noticed that the Elf had stolen one of her notepads.


"So, what are we doing here again?" said crash with a shiver.


Crystal got out of her car, too, round the back of the Pizza Slut.
Chance manhandled one of the Orks out - The ork now had a bag tied over his head, and his armoured uniform had been removed.

"Heh heh. Don't make these slags like they use too, eh, Crystal?" He laughed, kcking the Ork lightly in the leg. He fell like a ton of bricks.
"GET THE FRAG UP!" He screamed, like a Sergeant Major. The ever-present ,ilitary aspect to the man, shining through.
The Ork would-be hitman scrambled up.
Ash dragged out the other squirming ork. Chance had had to hold her back from roasting the fragger.

Dragon came out of the loading bay in the back of the building.
"Neon-hair. Get my message about Cylinder?"

"Yeah... yeah, thanks. Hoping to hear from him soon." She said, trailing off and staring at the floor.

The Dragon - in the Pizza Hut they called him 'Mac', apparently - Remained respectfully silent. After a moment, he said-

"So, these the fragging morons you said were playing rent-a-cop games with ya?"

"Yeah. We need to find who sent 'em."

"Leave it to me. I know a few tricks." He said, grabbing both the Orks by the necks with ease, and disappearing into the Pizza Slut and down the stairs to the basement.

"SO! YOU THINK YOU ARE SOME KIND A COPS DO YA! YOU KNOW WHAT I DO TO COPS?" Dragon Yelled. There came the sound of an Ork screaming just as the door closed, cutting the sound off completely.

Crystal shook her head, and went into the dining area to find the others.

The young kid, Crash, he said his name was, was all but buried in the huge chest of an Ork tart. He had wondered what he was doing here, but had other things on his mind now.
Tank was luike a kid in a soy-candy store.
Mary hung near the exit, looking like she was going to bolt.
Some soy-pizza was brought over by a hairy dwarf tart. It was left untouched.

Meanwhile, Crystal sought out the half-elf corporate guy.

"Sorry, you were saying earlier..?"

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