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Crystal sighed. She knew Xecktos was being heartfelt, but...this just wasn't the right time.
Nevertheless, the words got to her.
The guy really did have a strong sense of honour. Crystal had nothing to compare with tha, she was just...herself.

"Look, Xecktos, I'm sorry about Lora. I didn't mind her, really. I wouldn't mind... I mean..."
No, that came out wrong. Start again.
"I'm sure shes okay, but I don't take shit from anyone. If she survives, if shes okay, I'll try and make it up to her."
I hope she's okay. Crystal thought, though she wouldn't tell anyone, I like the girl, Lora. Is 'like' the right word?

"Anyway. We have work to do. We'll talk about it more once we have that slag, Zwergmann."

Fifteen minutes later, Crystal had enough charges in place to cause a decent-sized short-term power outage.
She called all of the team in turn, to tell them this, then she and Xecktos returned to the surface.


Xecktos knew Cyrstal didnt really except his pledge, but he was going to keep an keen eye out for her safety anyways.

Xecktos Recalled the last thing he did before he left for the compund.

He returned to Lora's bedside until the the plan was ready to go through, and he would go off and fight with the rest of them on thier mission. Afterwards of course he would return here. Until he was needed again.

Lora was in a coma, and was on a breathing machine of course. He held her hand and kissed her forehead. He whispered sweet words into her ear.

Better to get ready for what ever now then later. He closed Lora's door and changed into his stealth suit. He left the off, so he wouldnt blend into the surrounding.

Xecktos Kissed Lora's forehead again. He then gathered up his things and left. He went and saw Mary. Poor girl, he thought, she shouldnt have gotten such a beating. He should have been sent in her place.

Then, he found Crystal and waited for what was to come.

Xecktos looked at his blade as he walked next to Cyrstal. He swirled around a few times before returning it to his steath. Xecktos had to find other work, so he could find some lungs for Lora. What ever the job was, even if it went against his allies,


"AHA" thought crash, as he found a janitor closet with a port connection inside. once he accessed it, he located all the security guards/bots partolling the area, and informed everybody the positions. If a big group of guards came near, crash would have seen it. without ICE, he felt safe in the closet, which had been emptied of it's contents earlier... seeing that Xecktos was in moral trouble, Crash informed him that after the job was done, he could hack into the bank and grab a few bucks and give em to Xecktos for the lung transplant surgery thingie (crash doesn't really know a lot about hospital stuff, can you tell?) deciding to relax, grab a bucket of virtual popcorn and just sit back, crash did exactly that...he watched the maps and stuff,noticig a power outage and a few fires..."hmm..must have been crystal" just then, he noticed a high concentration of guards heading towards the unlikely group. He sent them a warning, cause he didn't want their life to pass them by (and he called out a warning, don't ever let life pass you by :p )


Crystal heard Crash's message, then she called him back:

"Crash, have you located our 'target' yet, or found out what's happened to him?"

While she was waiting for a reply, she thought about Crash's odd - but poignant - message: Don't ever let life pass you by..
"Good idea. I'll have to tell that to Zwergmann before I kill him."

"What?" Xecktos said, behind her.

"Nothin'. Come on, lets find the others."

They jogged around one of the Aztechnology power bulidings,. Two guards spotted them and waved. Crystal waved back.

So far so good...

Crash sifted through the building records quickly with the aid of a turbo-search installed on his cyberdeck. He found out that Zwergmann was getting ready to leave the building onboard some kind of truck. He 'phoned the description and number plate of the truck back to Crystal.

Crystal relayed this information to the others.

Ery, Tank, Chance and Ash happened to be standing near the front edge of the building.

They could see a truck like Crash had described: An Eight wheeler General Metro Loadhauler. The number plates matched up.

Eight Aztechnology guards - One of whom was a Mage; Ery saw him with his astral perception - stood around while two men loaded something oblong-shaped into the back of the truck.


In the Van, Raven was getting agitated.

The others had just gone off and left him, all alone, with the van.
He was bored, he wanted to find some valuables, plus the semell of the blood in the back was getting to him.
Crystal had given him a 'phone number.

Might come in handy. Raven mused.

He jumped down from the van.

I'll just take a quick look around...What could possibly go wrong? He thought, whistling a junty tuen, taking a strolla round the vast pyramid.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" Someone said.
An Ork guard levelled an Assault Rifle at him.


" appears that he is going to....huh?" said crash
it appears that the crate is going to a place I've never heard of. Ery, I'll flash you the message, possibly elvish. I can't read it, and it'll take minutes to decode; minutes we don't have.


The black hover-limo sat unnoticed at the side of the street, a good 100 metres away from where the group had stopped. It was jet black all over and completely unmarked.

The few occupants looked out at watched the events unfold. When Doc Turin's body began writhing and spewing blood, Ery smiled. Everything was going according to plan.

He expertly fingered the command code for Tank's chip. The helpless oaf lumbered forward and ripped the cyberdeck from the Doctor and picked her up. Ery leaned forward.

A moment later, Turin was awake and in relatively good form. "Frag it!", Ery shouted threw his datapad at the window and cursed. No signs from Crash, which meant he had probably overcome the ICE in the Aztech defenses. "Double frag!" His plans were not going as well as he would have liked. The friends were grouping around each other and talking now that the danger had passed.

"Cursed Ork couldn't do his job properly, and now Aztech's security is slipping up." A loud shot brought his head up in time to see an unknown Elf woman collapse to the ground from a sniper's shot. "Intriguing..." Ery stepped out of the car to join Chance and the others. They certainly could use a shaman for what they were about to do.

Moments later, he sat in a magic-induced sleep, projecting his astral self into the compound to guide the others. He'd certainly guide Crash...a pity Turin wasn't in there with him.


The sleek object was finally secured and the transporter moved off. Obviously it's Zwergmann's coffin, assumed Ery. Ery could sense something within the "coffin", it wasn't brimming with the colour of life one sees in the astral plane but neither was it the monotoned grey of nonliving objects, whatever was in there was alive at one point but certainly wasn't now. A corpse. Ery's "sources" had predicted this would happen. At least some things go to plan.

Having sent the Coffin's destination to Ery Crash decided to wander around the Aztechnology cyberworld.
Crash's bored, random meanderings within the Aztechnology mainframes lead him to some interesting information. It wasn't an immediate life threatener to him of his friends but certainly worth mentioning later when everyone had time to think logically. He probed deeper but kept an eye on proceedings in the main compound. He still had to watch out for his friends.

The Orc guard loomed imposing and unshakable in front of Raven.
The assault rifle was an low quality, poorly maintained Pre-Corp model. Still, it no doubt could still throw screaming metal death at the twitch of an itchy finger. Raven didn't fancy that the orcish guard had the enormous self control to resist killing him for an extended period of time. 'Gotta be smooth, cool, non-threatening' thought Raven as he pulled his most toothy grin at the orc.

"Hey there buddy, pal, compadre! What's the problem chummer? You think that a little ole 'armless humie like me would ever dare trespass on your sacred hunting ground?"

Raven continued the charade, appealing to the superiority complex almost every orc in existance had.

"I'm no evil runner looking to ruin your life, frag no! You and me, we're chums. I aint ever gonna do anything to make you angry, now would I?"

The orc was confused, the humie was talking to him as if they were friends! The humie was speaking rather quickly too, Grasnak (that's the orc) couldn't get in any words himself except for "errrr", "ummm" and "durrr". Well, if the humie said they were friends then he was probably right, Grasnak didn't have the greatest of memories, all humies looked alike to him; small, weak and very, very squashable! Grasnak returned Raven's smile and slapped him on the back, knocking the wind out of Raven.

"I 'member now! You Grasnak's good friend 'Little humie'! Grasnak like you. Grasnak bored with protecting stupid ass-tekno-loggy secret factory. Little Humie want have fun with friend Grasnak?"

How could Raven say no? Of course he couldn't!


Tank missed his armour. He felt naked without it, despite the Aztechnology maintenance 'tech uniform he was wearing. They wouldn't even let him carry a gun.

He fumbled with a box of tools, pretending to be looking for something. He mustn't fail the others this time.... after before.

Above all, he had a headache. It felt as if something was boring into his skull.

Tank picked up a large, round globe, used as a light source in dark areas by these workers. He tossed it into the air, and caught it in the other hand. He laughed, deep and slow.

He threw it into the air again.

And again.

Then he dropped it, and it bounced once, twice on the floor, and roller away. Tank followed it, but was unable to catch it with his huge, flailing arms.

It rolled around a corner, and came to a stop.

Tank followed it, and picked it up, then looked around. Ery was infront of him, looking strange, and staring directly at him.

"Masta? Ereey?"

No response.

Tank took a step closer, and tried again.


Ery focused all his attention on Crash, tracking his every minute movement. He carefully manipulated the astral space around him to conceal his identity and usage.

Every so closely now

One by one, the pins holding the huge airfan in the closet above Crash's head unscrewed themselves, and dropped to the floor around the unsuspecting decker.

Once they were done, Ery would have eliminated BOTH of the deckers, as it crashed down onto the - he thought for a moment - ironically named Crash's head.

Suddenly, his barriers broke down, as Tank's huge hand landed on his shoulder.


"Tank, you idiot! You......"

"Wot did I do wrong now?" Tank looked hurt. Ery smiled wickedly. His plans would have to change - and incriminate Tank.

"But I woz...."

He brought out a small datalink, and once again keyed in the code.

Tank stopped what he was doing, turned around suddenly, and headed away. Towards the closet where Crash was hiding.


Doctor Mary Turin lay on her bed. She'd just showered, and with whatever Xecktos had done, she felt quite a bit better, altough still weak.

She silenced the virtual-cat, and flicked on the 3DTV. Let's find the news, and get in touch with the REAL world.


Mary noticed she had a message on her wristphone.

Apparently it had been there for some time. The date stamp said it had been sent while she was on her fateful declking run into the Aztech mainframe. She hadn't checked it, for obvious reasons.

She had a look at it now, while the 3DTV blared away.

"Aztechnology Corporation has threatened to take Daisaka security Serices inc. to the Zurich-Orbital Corporate court over what it calls the 'Savage, unprovoked smear campaign' Daisaka have apparently been carrying out. Said smear campaign revolves around Daisaka's allegations that Aztechnology personnel were involved in an attack on Daisaka personnel in the streets of Geneva.
Aztechnology is said to be pushing for an out-of-court settlement."

Mary listened to the message:
"Cancel your run, Turin! We know where you live, bitch! We're gonna get you tomorrow! better not trun around, Turin! We're watching you!"Click.

What? Was all Mary could think. The caller had been an unidentified male, the picture blank.
Who the hell? Why?


"Hehehehe! I'm too good!" The Elf told himself, taking another swig of Jack Dangers' kugelblende 50.

He put Turin's dossier down and looked out of his cracked, dirt-ridden office window before picking up the next file.

An old man shuffled up the street. A small electric car drove up to the man, a couple of kids jumped out, dragged him in and made off.

"Christ. This neighbourhood..." He was muttering. He shook his head in disgust.
As soon as I get my next big score, I'll be fine. All fine and peachy. Zut alors!

He looked at the next dossier: 'Crystal'. Real name unknown.

"We'll see about that, eh?"


Xecktos looked watched Ery closely, he knew he was up to something. He just didnt know what.

Xecktos Flung out his arm to catch Ery as he walked by. It worked. Xecktos Grabbed the Data disk for Ery's hand.

" Allow me, master; as the ork so kindly calls you." Ery opened his Jaw is what was this elf up to? what ever it was he was going to be the next to die.

Xecktos opened the door. Crash gave alittle scream. Xecktos looked around and saw the screws on the floor. He clinched his teeth.

Xecktos, being the crafty of started spastically grabbing Crash in several places, looking for his data disks. He found then and pulled one out.

"Are you okay, it me Xecktos your buddy!" Ery knew Xecktos was on to something from his unusual choice of words.

Xecktos merely gave Crash is own data disk back.

" Here Ery wanted you to have this." both crash and Ery bought the quich switch.

Xecktos held onto the other disk in his robes, perhaps Mary would like to see its contents.


Ery fumed - that friggin assassin, always meddling. It was time for him to do something himself, and get the Tank disc back. That friggen elf had no right.... and he knew that anyone else on the team would stand up to him, seing the elf had stolen his disc.

Ery reached into the astral plane, feeling for something. His eyes followed Xectos as he stalked away.

He found it.

A tiny creeper emerged from one of the packing crates just infront of Xecktos. The assassin didn't notice it stretch across, and fasten onto a pipe on the other side.

The assassin tripped, and fell heavily, despite his training. Ery rushed up behind him, and, with a heavy hydrospanner from his toolkit, hit him hard around the head. The elf didn't respond. He was knocked unconcious.

"Masta?" Tank was back, freed from Ery's control, and knowing nothing of it. "Wot hap-"

Before the slow ork could full comprehend the situation, Ery had to control (which contained the disc), and had flicked it on, sending Tank pondorously back towards Crash. Whatever they thought had got Crash they'd assume had been the same thing that had knocked out Xecktos.

The creeper folded away, and was gone.

Ery moved away. Let someone else find Xecktos, he thought. Don't look suspicious. Kill him off later, when we find a suitable punishment. Something to suit him.

Ery grinned, and went back to his supposed work.


Mary was shocked, and sat in silence for several minutes. Then she got up, and picked up the cyberdeck. She checked it was still working - it was - after the ICE attack, it could have been burnt out.

She went to her drawer, and pulled out a cable. It hadn't been used for a while, but it would probably work still. She plugged one end into the 'deck, and the other end into the port on the wristphone.

She cancelled the matrix connection. Incase that ICE had her 'deck adress, she didn't want it tracking her until she got a new one.

Ok. Bring up the diagnostics on the call.

This guy was good. Most of the stuff was hidden, obviously covered up somehow. Only the one thing this mysterious caller couldn't hide was the location of the public call-terminal used to make the call. Or rather it's number.


Mary picked up the wristphone, and unplugged it.

She rang enquireys. The elven voice on the phone briskly gave her the street the terminal was on.

Verandas Avenue.

That was in the slums. Not a good place to be.

Ok. What now? Do you go? You're injured, but you're also scared. Really scared. Which comes first? Finding this caller, or recovering? Are you willing to risk your life again, by trying to track him down? This time you won't even have any runners to back you up.

Mary thought for a moment, then went over the the vidphone, and sent a message. It was to Crystal, short, and to the point. Hopefully the girl would get the message. She was bright.

Mary wasn't a particularly brave person. Nor was she a good fighter. But she was curious, although terrified. And she was getting dragged back into a web that she was desperately fighting to escape.

She lay back on the bed, switched off the virtual-cat, and fell asleep.


"Those lil' runners were quite exciting... and I won't let them escape... I have them tracked down... They were the last ones who met Dragon... So I will have to 'ask them kindly'..."
Eva smiled. Obviously , she had got control over the situation. Not too easy, if she was trying to track one of the best runners in the world. N'zar would get furious and... Well an angry Greater Dragon was not an a pleasant wiev. After all, he paid her well.

"Yo, hot babe! Wanna play with me?" Eva stared at the street punk that had approached her. Obviously she was really beatiful, as those punks rarely approach a person with a huge sniper rifle.
Beatiful and deadly. Like many guns. The punk screamed as Eva shaved off his hair with a shuriken.
"Elf scum..."she said to herself.
She continued to walk. Death Scyte was her nickname. And it was justified. She was as deadly as Dragon, if a bit more bloody...

"Next Targets are... Doctor Turin and Wendy AKA Crystal Trigger.
And that guy, Ery, also... I bet AET has something to tell me..."
She walked away in the night. "Death" and "Beatiful" were the words she had heard most.

"No, Illidia... No playtime tonight..."cheered Dragon. Illidia felt as her life was made anew. Now she lived in a luxury flat.

The dark, Geneva rain kept all the secrets of the nightime folks, the Shadowrunners.


Xecktos Began to come too. Hi head pounding, It was quite obvious to him as to what happened to him. He felt over his body, and found the data disk.

He had no time to run after Ery, who was probably long gone. He had to find mary and give her the dish she was in trouble. With Ery turning, or so it seemed. Mary's life may once again be in danger.

Xecktos, with head still throbbing pulled up the hood of his stealth suit. His body seemed to disappear as he blended into the backround.

Off he ran towards Mary's flat. The ran gave an added bonus to his hidden body, which was like heat comeing off a car, you could she vague outlines of his body, but you could clearly see through it.


Xecktos found Mary's flat well enough, and after picking the locks on the door, invited himself in.

Mary laid in her bed asleep. Xecktos still in his stealth suit pulled up a char and sat in it.

He would remain here unseen until Mary awoke.

Xecktos thoughts were engulfed in battle, Whats was Ery up to, was Crystal safe, and most of all the comatous Lora.


If there was ever an operation in Chance's history that was more screwed up than the one he was currently in...

At the moment, various members of the strike team were either injured or missing, he had scarcely any idea how far along the mission was, and worse still, he didn't know where he fit in himself.

Crystal... he didn't know where she was. Leaderless, Chance and Ash chose to stick to their previous orders and continued on their covert patrol route, prowling around the corridors where Crash had found himself a jacking in point.

Chance's ears pricked up at a soft crash. The soldier had the recon skills gathered from a lifetime of covert observation in enemy-held areas. He cocked his head to the side, mouth slightly open and breath held to pick up the slightest sounds. Beside him, Ash had automatically frozen and was carefully looking around her, flamerthrower raised. (She had left the bulky laser rifle in Raven's van, crudely disguising her flamer's tank as a antibug treatment spraytank.)

There was someone moving in Crash's vicinity... Someone or something big.

Chance and Ash moved to the area, their weapons raised and readied. The soldier had pulled his rifle from the toolkit and screwed on his suppressor, the assault rifle now capable of almost-silent gunfire. Ash had unclasped a glove, exposing her most-lethal melee weapons. The other hand held the flamer ready. The two of them spread out with the surgical precision of long-term familiarity with each other.

They turned the corner... Chance's eyes picking out several details at once.

Crash still sitting in his utility closet, deep in decker-trance, a corner of his lip curled up in a half-smile as he mumbled dreamy nonsensical language in a sing-song lilt...

Crystal stepping out of a corridor, her attention focused on her vidphone, glancing up and spotting the couple, before returning her view to the tiny screen and walking briskly towards them...

Tank's broad back advancing with shambling stealth towards the cupboard where Crash sat, deep in decker-trance. Holding a wrench. Chance had seen soldiers handling melee weapons for much of his life... the manner that Tank held the wrench was not that of someone looking to use it in an engineering role...

Ery stepping in from a corridor opposite Crystal facing towards Chance and Ash, catching sight of them as he swept his gaze back and forth across his surroundings... The soldier recognised a certain look in the Elf's surprised face.
There was wariness, expected in these hostile surroundings... but there was something else in it.

Shock... Ery seemed shocked to see them.

Chance's index finger rested lightly on his rifle's trigger, the lethal touch of doom only a mere nerve impulse away.


Tank turned, and looked at the two humans slowly. The whites of his eyes were showing. He growled, long and low and threateningly. Then, slowly, his muscles taut and face grimaced into a mask of unnatural fury.

"Ok, easy, big guy. Put the wrench down. No-body will get hurt"

The Ork carried on slowly advancing.

Out of the corner of Ash's eye, she saw Ery begin to back into the shadows.

"Stop there, Ery! She flicked a tounge of flame up in her palm, to emphasise her point".

Ery stopped.
Tank carried on.

"Tank. Stop. I'm not warning you again." Chance's voice wavered slightly. The ork continued advancing.

Suddenly, several things happened at once.

A wall of flame rose up infront of Tank, blocking his path. It didn't even register in Tank's face, and no sweat began to form.

Ery, with typical Elf agility, sidestepped across, behind Crystal, who didn't look up, until it was too late. A hunting knife appeared in his hands, and as he stepped past, it flicked up, to rest neatly below Crystal's chin.

Behind him, a creeper appeared from nowhere, and flicked the outside lock on Crash's cupboard, effectively locking him inside.

"Gentlepersons", Ery began, looking flustered but still managing to scowl. "It appears we have a standoff".

Tank stood immobile.

Ery, using Crystal as a shield, sidestepped into the passageway.

Then Tank stepped THROUGH the flames.


Xectos did not feel right. Something, or someone not very friendly, was in the surroundings.

The thermal goggles revealed that Dr Turin was not alone. Frag. She had to kill or at least knock off the other person before she could "visit" Mary. Eva fastly typed in the LG laptop, searching for information. She also took a photo of the unknown visitor.
In the roof of the nearby building, she glared at the information offered by ULR (Unnoficial List of Runners). Apparently the guy was an elf assasin called Silent Doom. That was great. She had never seen an elf assasin crying in pain.:evil:

"Well, At least that guy is as fast as me, travelling throughout the city. He managed to stay where the other bitch fell, and then visit doc Turin"

Eva slide through the rope, silently, and reached the building where Mary's flat was located. Fun was about to begin. But her main target was not Doc Turin, so she had to not cause too much bloodshell.


Dragon felt in a deep sleep. He dreamed with his runs in the past. He remembered the slaying of the Greater Dragon, the collapse of its magic in itself. But he also remembered Zwergmann's betrayal, and Jade's death. The path of the will was cleared through the dream. When he awoke at midnight, he only remembered two scenes. Jade saying "Promise not to kill anyone in the name of anyone but yourself and your ideals.". That was Jade's last will. The other scene cleared even more his thoughts. It was Zwergmann who spoke. "Listen, comrade. You are very trusty. You MUST keep this promise. Promise me that you WILL kill me if I die in my own greed.". That night, Dragon felt very pleased. He had done the right things his heart demanded.

A call woke him up in the middle of the night. Chance. It appeared that there was some trouble. Something involving Crystal and a traitor.


Ery looked surprised at Chance, wich had just made a telephone call.
"Fragging cheater. We have bought you a ticket for hell. Dragon agreed to help."


Tank's momentum carried him onwards, through the flames. Chance flicked his eyes - and rifle - towards the Ork, who didn't flinch at all.

"Tank!" He yelled "Stop or I shoot!"

Ery suddenly stepped into the corridor Crystal had emerged from. The girl didn't make a sound.

"Ery!" Ash's saw him move. He was running, somehow using Tank to cover his escape.

Crash's eyes flicked up, and at that moment, Tank increased speed, barrelling into the two humans. Ash dodged, flinging herself away, but Crash was bourne under the huge Ork. He squeezed the trigger on the Assault rifle, but the shots from the falling human were wild, only ploughing into Tank's arm.
The Ork didn't even cry out, although the wrench slipped from his wounded arm. Chance rolled back, and kicked hard despite his lack of skills in close-combat, sending even the huge Ork away from him. Ash flared up, fire running over her whole body in anguish, before she brought down both hands in firey comets upon the Ork's back, scorching him badly.

Suddenly, the Ork howled in pain, and reared up, grasping at his head. Chance, having lost the assault rifle, followed, and swung a punch, missing, but causing the Ork to move backwards silghtly. Ash leapt in, infront of her partner, engulfed in a pillar of flame strong enough to send the huge Ork flying into a pile of packing crates.

Then the tiny implant in the back of Tank's head exploded.


Ery kicked the legs away from the girl, and made a run for it, calling up a huge stem to block the passageway temporarily behind him. There was no use taking the girl now, they'd stop to help her, and he could escape. That fragging assassin had ruined everything. Everything. Now he'd lost his bodyguard, and alot of expensive gear to those bloody runners.

Ery rounded the corner, and ran straight into the huge bulk of Curim.


Xecktos still sat, he was getting tired of waiting perhaps he could find out what was on the disk himself. He pulled out the disk.... CARDBOARD!? Ery had taken the disk and replaced it with a piece of cardboard! Then what was going on... with.... OH FRAG!!!!!

Xecktos had to try to get back to everyone as fast as possible, but he could leave mary here. What to do. Quickly Xecktos Grabbed a bag on a chair opened and shoved a large amount of items for Mary's table into, item she might need. He tied the bag around his waist.

Only one thing left for him to bring... Mary herself.

Xecktos riped several lengths of cloth of one of Mary's blankets. He tied her legs together and her hands together, all with out her waking. Now came the tricky part. He slowly tried to gag her with one of the pieces of cloth.

The brushing of the cloth against her lips woke her.

" WHAT THE FR....." now Xecktos had to be forceful with the gag. He tied it as tight as he possibly could.

Now still in full stealth suit, Xecktos Carried Mary out of her flat over his shoulder. He ran out into the street.

The quickest way to get back was to go on the top of car. So thats what he did. He leaped onto on coming traffic. Mary of course flailing and screaming as much as possible.

Xecktos would just merely jump for car to car on his way there, and pray he didn't drop Mary.

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