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Xecktos awoke to find we was alive and well in a hospital bed. He tried to move but he was restrained quite well, as not to upset the spinal fracture. He could move his one good arm still and could move his neck slightly.

He found mary sitting across the room form him. Xecktos Placed his hand over his face. Mary was suprised he was making such a recovery, of course the elf did alot of strange things.(:p)

" Whats going on Miss Turin?" Xecktos asked and a light voice. Mary walked over to him. He might not remember what had happened, so best start from the begining.

"Well.... after you gaged me and took me from my flat, you feel of a roof of a car. Then you got run over by a super tanker. You were badly hurt. They bandaged you up and stopped the bleeding. They will start rebuilding you tomorrow." Xecktos looked away form Mary.

" How much is it going to cost?" Xecktos asked. Mary bit her lower lip.

" 10,000 to get you back to as normal as you'll be, but dont worry we'll get the money for you." Mary returned. Xecktos sighed.

" Go across town, to the hospital there. Go see an elf woman named Lora, she my lover. In the dirt of a plant you'll find a keycard. The key card opens a locker in the recpetion area, number 147. Inside you'll find my things. I have a electronic check for 1500 and a bank card key for the Kilso bank on 46th steet. In the account is 6000 nuen i collected over the past couple of years. I guess i'll just have to find some other way to get money for a new set of lungs for Lora." Mary nodded, she best get going.

Mary began leaving the room.

" Miss turin..." Xecktos muttered, Mary spun around. " Do be careful If anything happens to you form all of this that i have done I wont be able to live with myself."


Crash looked at the others.
"That's it guys... my intercom is shot and my PDA is empty on power... we'll just have to hoof it."

Puff, puff, puff.

Jol, that fat orc smoked his cigar. He grinned his yellow teeth.

He was going up on the hospital. A small car drove if front of his Super tanker full of "LORDO'S LARD". Jol slammed on the brakes, and and laid down on his over obessive horn.

" BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" The car luckly made it out of the way.

" Aye, da world full of stupid people." Jol found the only space big enough to fit his Super Tanker. He pulled up and parked his Tanker in front of the emergency hoover craft entrance. Jol hopped out and waddled into the building.

He Flashed his badge at the front counter. He pulled the cigar out of his mouth.

" I be lookn' for an elf." The man at the counter raised an eyebrow.

" Well sure we currently have 23 elves here, could you give a name or specfics?" Jol pondered for a minute, ah!

" It be a male with pointy ears, um taller dun me most likely." The man rolled is eyes.

" Well sir thats a start, a male elf. Do you know why he came here?" Jol pondered some more.

" He got ran over, by a super tanker, aye." The man behind the counter looked relieved.
" Ah, yes the nameless elf. Room 118, but i doubt he he'll be able to talk his wounds are pretty bad. Please dont do anything rash that might jeapordy, or else his medical expense will have to come out of your pocket. Perhap you should talk to the girl who came in with him.

Jol Grinned and popped the cigar in his mouth. He began to waddle towards the elevators, until Mary came out and ran into him. She knocked Jol to the floor. He bounced on his fat once before coming to a rest.

" Excuse me sir." Mary said. She began off again. Jol stumbled up.

"Aye hold it little lady." Mary stopped. " Me be Captain Jol, Do you know anything about an elf that came in here, being runned over by a tanker?" He Grinned, trying to be friendly.

" Um... yes... he's in room 118, sorry i'm kind of in a hurry, he's awake and talking perhaps you should go talk to yourself." Mary tried to leave again.

"not so fast little lady, were ye be goin', you're da only witness me got, i need to know where to find you if need be."

" I'm going across town to the other hospital to vist his lover, to give her the said news, now sir can i please go?!" Mary say the fat orc nod, and then she bolted through the doors.


Jol was walking down the hallway, reading room numbers.

" Let me see here, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116...... " his counting was interputed by a siren.

" Code blue code blue, sever hemorage in room 118, get the occupant to the ER stat for full surgury. I repeat, sever hemorage in room 118, get the occupant to the ER stat for full surgury!" Jol angerly spit out his cigar but unto the clean floor and stomped it out.

He watched as doctors rushed in and wheeled the elf off and down into the ER.

" Yar, thats be fair not aye!" He waddled away back to the elevators.

"Ding!" The elevator doors opened. Jol got in and pressed the lobby button. A few other people were in the elevator.

Jol clinched his teeth. Then his face gave off a sign of relief. The other people in the elevator fainted.

"Ding!" the doors opened and Jol waddled out to his Super tanker, all thw while lighting a cigar.

He saw a Emergency Hoover craft was blocking a straight pull away. He climbed in and started the rig up. Jol backed out and drove away.

" Stupid jerk blocking my exit, what was so important he couldnt have found another parking space aye?"


Raven drove his overloaded van into the next facility, stopped, and his orcish cargo disembarked in combat formation. Grasnak's parting comment was:

"You careful no die Little Humie, evil runners kill you if they see you. Fighting is for strong Orcses like me."

Raven couldn't agree more. He checked the in the back of the van to see what damage the armoured guards had done while in transit. His precious and expensive equipment was ruined! Somehow even the secret compartment had been stomped in and its contents an unintelligible mess, even Ash's laser rifle was trashed. The only "souveneirs" left form the AET warehouse raid were the three mithril jackets under his own trench coat and Tank's armour also remained unscathed.. 'Orcs really are good at wrecking my life.' Raven reflected sadly and began shovelling the worthless crap out the back door with his hands.

"That's it!" Raven screamed at the top of his lungs. "I fragging quit this stupid Grud damned excuse for quick nuyen!!"

'This mission will cost me more than I get paid' He angrily thought. Raven began smashing the inside walls of the van with his fists, scraping them and drawing blood which was smeared on the wall and spread further with each subsequent punch. The pain shook Raven form his rage with a start and he howled a long and sorrowful wail as he ran around in to the vans cockpit and began starting the van up again, fully intending to race out of the complex! 'Frag you Chance! Frag you too Ash! Frag you Crash, you fragging decker! Frag! Frag you all!' He silently "fragged" each of the runners who had brought him into this mess. 'Yeah, frag you also Crystal!' He ended his mental "fragging" and gunned the engine. She had coerced him into coming on this suicide mission, used the lure of money and sexuality to trick him!

"I hate it when people do that! That's my game and noone beats me at it!"

The van started to move. Unknown to Raven, someone had heard his screaming, his thumping the van and finally his raw, emotional wail and had started moving as quickly as possible to find the source of the sound.


The Hover bike blazed through the streets of Geneva. The rider's face seemed worried. "Frag. I should have not worry about them."
Dragon whined and pressed the pedal. The hover bike accelerated in a sudden.
"Well. Those fraggers will have a big party. I carry my deadly SunShine rifle prototype. This should be enough to blow these tiny orc-heards into atoms!" Dragon stopped in a sudden. He needed to know where they were. He pulled out a Phone.
"Hello, old chap. How's the business there...Ok. I need a favour from you...Yes...Find these people..."
The laptop was connected with the phone and transmitted information. In a few moments, there was an information retrieval. Images from the Atlus Satellite System, with an error of about 1 inch in the whole Europe extension.
"Overmind, I owe you one!" shouted Mac. Obviously, his old goblin decker buddy had not been slowed down since the Six Stalkers had dissapeared.
"Now, Mr Ery... I can see you... Hehehe..." Marcus pointed in the laptop the current position of the fleeing traitor. The hot pursuit was about to began.


Eva had to flee due to the noise of Doc Turin's *ahem* attempt of self defence. She wanted to kept her hunt in secret. But she was without a reliable source of knowledge. She ran away through the city. She eventually stopped. Someone yelled "Crystal" loud. Maybe he could be a valuable source of information.

Raven gasped. A female assasin popped out of nowhere, and was aiming her rifle at him. His eyes went almost straight when he looked more carefully the well-built body of the assasin slut that was staring in front of him.
"Answer me! Who are you and what relation have you with Crystal!" She repeated, still aiming her sniper rifle at the head.
"Listen, dear. We have to ways, the good way, and the messy way...Wich way do you choose?"
Raven radically shouted. "How much are you going to pay if I tell you the whole story?".
Eva groaned, and then offered him a credstick. "if you lie to me, the next thing you will tell will be your last will."


A lesser dragon entered the room.
"Lord, the first stage is about to conclude."
A deep voice, a voice filled with coldness and manipulation spoke.
"Fine enough. Prepare the launching platform of the Buclear bomb. Target it at Geneva."
Buclear bombs were truly the masterpieces of the war technology. They combined astral energies and nuclear reactions to create a terryfing explosion not matched by any weapon of the world. These artifacts can devastate entiry cities with a single unit, and even distorsionate astral space and nullify all the magic sources in the impact zone in a long amount of time.
The voice laughed."I, N'zar, Greater Dragon, will make the dragons arise again!"


"Crash, how much longer do we have to go?" said Ash. The cold, damp sewers were really getting to him. "Just a few more yards, and we should be just under the apartment complex" said Crash
As soon as they got there, they went into Chrash's apartment, and one by one, got showered and a clean change of clothes.
"Man, these clothes just aren't my style" said Chance, making faces

"Look, would you rather be back in Azetech with guards surrounding you, outside on the streets naked, or in clothing safely in an apartment?" barked crash back.


N'zar knew that the bomb required at least a week or so to be armed. Enough time for the assasin that he had hired to kill his enemy. That "target" was the only lesser race member that was feared with dragons. He knew that the proof of the combat of the target with the dragon, was denied, and even there were wrong rumours suggesting that the dragon the target killed was a low level kind. But that were false. He knew who was the target. He knew that the dragon that was killed,was a greater dragon. His brother was slayed by the human called "Marcus".
And now, he would take his revenge, even if he had to wipe out the cities of the world.
But that was not only the reason of the bomb launch at Geneva...


Chance gathered Ash and Crash around him.

"Listen. We have to make decisions now. First of all, a status report." He paused and began to write on a old-fashioned military-style paper notepad.

"Crystal: Last time I saw her, she was being borne away by Ery. I don't know if she has succeeded in getting away. But knowing her, I vote yes. However, she is still stuck within the Aztech compound."
"Ery: Slimy fragger is missing. May or may not be with Crystal."
"Tank: Last time I saw him, he was either unconscious or dead in a pile of packing crates."
"Dragon: Unknown. That guy may be our only hope against that crazy sniper that shot Lora."
"Curim: Last seen in Aztech compound. Status unknown."
"Raven: We last saw him in his van along with the rest of the bugged AET stuff near Aztechnology."
"Xecktos: From what you told me, Crash, he's comatose in a hospital."
"Lora: Another bed-ridden Elf. Shucks."
"Mary: Last time we saw her, she was headed home to rest."
"Dyen: Unknown. Probably in Aztechnology vicinity."

Chance ended his report and looked at both his companions.

"Logic suggests that we should get back to Aztechnology, if only to help extract Crystal, Curim, Raven and Dyen. If possible, I'll like to pick up Tank as well... He attacked us first, thats for sure... But I suspect that he may be under Ery's influence at that time. It sure doesn't seem like his normal self, and Ork's aren't the best actors."

"Frag it!" Crash shook his head. "More trouble, and this time, we are going to walk right into it! Again!"


*Beep, Beep Beep bee SMACK!*
Firearm was lying down in bed, trying for once to get a good night's sleep. his alarm kept beeping him though. then it dawned on him, he was being called on by Crash. Grabbing his jeans, leather jacket, shades, permitts, sawed off barell shotgun, and Uzi, he headed off to crashes' appartment. He saw two other guys there, but was stopped from blowing them to hell because Crash introduced them. You never introduce the enemy, only scream and duck and hope not to get shot. Crash told Firearm about their plan to go to Aztechnology, but Crash would have to hack back into the Azetechnology mainframe. Luckilly, he had created while waiting for Firearm a distraction program for those blasted guards.
"That moment will haunt my life..." said Crash.

"So what are we waiting for?" said Firearm. "Hack in and plant another access chip."

"Easier said than done. The ice knows about me, he knows my scent. We need a novice that I can direct... he doesn't mind those much, apparently, cause he went for turin first... be on your guard. If ya spaz out, hurry and disconnect. We'll be there with a medkit... if you can't we'll yank ya... umm... anybody here have hacking skills besides me?"


"Nope." Chance replied.

"We are all gun-people here. No knowledge about hacking. Looks like you're alone... Or should we try to track down Doc Turin first? She'll probably be asleep in her appartment, I think."


AET International Hospital loomed over her, crystalline, beautiful and strangely imposing. She drew the raincoat around her, and stepped through the revolving doors, into a warm waiting room that gave her goose-pimples.

She asked the woman at the desk for a woman called Lora. Curse Xecktos, why didn't he tell her her surname?

There were three women in hospital fitting the name. The fact that she was elvish whittled it down to one.

"Ward 24b, second floor"

Mary took the elevator, with an alcahol-smelling Dwarf.

The ward was easy to find. So was the only occupant, an unconcious but beautiful female elf, on a breathing aid.

Mary searched the soil around a tall tropical palm next to the bed. She found a slightly dirty keycard. How Xecktos had managed to hide it there was probably an unanswerable question.

Now for locker 147.

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