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Jol chugged along in his rig. He Turned onto an exit going towards the AET hospital. He picked to his reciever.

"Yar, dis be captain Jol. Went to hospital to talk to victom, who was wisked off into da ER. Now in transit to AET hospital to try to talk to da only witness. Captain Jol over."

It would still be about 20 minutes before Jol got there, mainly because of his Lard filled rig.


The motorbike stopped his chase. Somehow, Ery had disappeared from the Atlus satellite. Overmind couldn't held the satellite hack for so long. He had to quit.
He wondered what the others were doing.

Suddenly, a burst transmission was received by his phone. The message was blurry and scrambled, but Dragon could hear "Watch out","Buclear", "Target", and "Geneva". he stared at the screen. Shit. That was far even more than a simple problem. A buclear detonation in Geneva was more likely a catastrophe of great scale. He finally got out of the trance, and reached to see the logo of the anonymous informer. A lotus. It was Mist Lotus. And if Jade's sister wanted to give this message to him, that was surely true. So Dragon started a new race against time. To warn people.
The first one was Illidia. She inmediatly ran into the airport and fled to London, whith the credstick he had given to her.

Wolf was also shocked. He knew that he needed to evacuate the hospital, where he was working by now. Not an easy job. A running doctor crashed into him. Wolf, still stunned, saw the inscription on the chest. "Doctor Turin..."

Ash,Chance and Crash were about to leave, but a new call appeared in the phone. Dragon. They picked up the phone, and anxiously, Dragon told them the situation. They all look eachother before starting to yell and quarrel.
Dragon stopped the quarrel. He was going to met them, in a few minutes.


"Frag!" said Crash. "Ok, well, you guys will have to man the medkit. if I start spa...."

*Ring, Ring* Firearm Picked up the phone and gave it to Crash.

"mmhm....yah, okay, cya. *click* Some maniac is going to launch a Buclear bomb at geneva."

"What do you mean Buclear bomb?!?" said Chance.
"I mean a bomb that will wipe out all of geneva in one largish explosion, that's what I fraggin mean!"
"Well" interupted Ash, pulling out her flamethrower. "I think we've listend to ENOUGH of what you have to say!"

"SHUT UP!!!" yelled Firearm. "Listen, I know that Crash here knows Crystal, and any friend of Crystal is a friend of him, and if you all don't shut up, I'll blow ya all to hell"

nobody talked for about 10 minuites...

"we'll be meeting Dragon outside now.... so, let's head down"


Crystal decided she was tired of playing 'The Waiting Game'.

Crammed into an-air duct way too small for her, she had listening to the three guards underneath her for what seemed like hours. After Ery - Fragging corp traitor, remind me to get some detcord to wrap around his neck when I see him next - Had managed to take her hostage momentarily, he'd left her just as everything went to hell.

The Ork's head had exploded - Old Corp trick, for sure Crystal thought - Ery had bugged out and The three guards had come in. Crystal had just managed to get out of the way up here in the nick of time.

The gaurds were hanging around, speaking Spanish to each other.

Time to take a more direct approach...

Fisrt, she loosened the grill of the air vent. Just enough to swing open to drop a small object out. Then she removed a cylindrical object from her bag of tricks.

Finally, she took a small transmitter from her wrist and flipped out the aerial.

"Lights out, fraggers." Click!

The charges she'd set on the power lines earlier went off all in succession. A large portion of the compound was blacke dout instantly, the flow from the fusion reactors severed.


Raven by now was driving at breakneck speed, fishtailing throughout the darkening evening compound. Whent he lights blacked out, t was as if someone had dropped a big black blanked over the cab."

"Aaaghh! Aggh!! FRAG!!" He lost control almost instantaneously, rounding a corner, clipping a parked hovercraft and skidding sideways into a plastreel wall with a sickly *crunch!*


As soon as the lights had fallen, the guards below had flipped on Night-vision goggles. Bad for them, because Crystal had immediately dropped the cylindrical Flash-grenade from her vent.


She rolled sideways and dropped, landing on her feet next to the now-blinded, screaming gaurds, blood dripping from under their NVGs. She tripped the nearest one - he fell into his comrades.
Crystal wasted no time in getting back to where she had left Raven and his van - On the way the nerve-shattering skid and crunch of tangled metal alerted her to his new position.

She ran along - notiing that she couldn't find anyone else from the team on the way. She tight-beamed a sbort message to them, telling them she was going for Zwergmann, Crash had revealed where he was now.

Have to leave Ery for later. Damn it!

She found Raven's van backing up from the wall it had crashed sideways into. She sprinted up just as he got moving, ripping open the side door. By now the van was going 30mph plus. Using the door handle as leverage she swung herself up, over and down into the passenger seat, next to a very shocked Raven. She spoke quickly...

"Get ne to the truck out the front. You can have everyone else's cut. GO! NOW!"

Raven tried to open his mouth to argue, but Crystal had some aerofoil grenades out, ready to be armed. Raven deemed it best not to argue with that.

The van rounded another corner, this time at 55.

The big truck was clearly visible - there were four guards around it, firing at an unseen enemy. Four others were lyting on the floor, very still...

Crystal kicked her door open again and stood out on the running board.

The van flashed past. As it did, two of Crystal's aerofoil grenades struck guardsmen full-on in the chest, blowing them backwards, killed or severly injured. One other man was caught in the double-blast. The last man came to rest underneath the van with a loud 'crackling' noise.

Raven flet sick. Not at the horrible way to die, but two of the men had started firing at the last moment. Bulletholes peppered his windscreen.

"Right! Stop next to the truck!" Crystal barked.

Raven did so, muttering a silent curse.

The van skidded sideways. Crystal was down and running before it stopped. Breathless, she noticed the truck's door was open. The guards she'd just taken out - some of who still lay screaming, unnoticed on the floor - had been firing at something in the back.

Allow me, my departed comrades. She thought savagely. In a moment, still running, she had another flash grenade in her hand in a moment. She popped the firer and lobbed it into the back of a truck.

*FWOOMMP!* again, but this time there was a muffled scream. an Elven scream.

She looked in the back.

I don't belieeeeeve this...

Ery was there. He had been in the process of doing something to dead Zwergmann. He was blinded now, temporarily.

"Hey, Ery!" She said, tripping him to the floor. He squealed.
"Did you MISS me?" She screamed, putting him up against the wall. She unched him. And again. And again, and agian, then kneed him in the balls, kicked him against the wall - because she kept hitting him like this, he wasn't able to get up enough concentration to cast any kind of spell. Finally she grabbed him and threw him out the back of the door - he fell to the ground painfully.

"Now, Zwergamnn..." She grabbed one of his cold, dead hands. A Browning Ultra-Power appeared in her other hand. She fired, two, three times. Zwergmann's severd hand came free. She stuffed it into a pouch for safe keeping. As a going away present, she stuffed a napalm grenade down hois trousers, and ran.

An instant later, his corpse was immolated. Now, the last remnant of Zwergamnn DNA was hers - and thus, very valuable.

There was a screech of tyres. Crystal looked up - in time to see Rave tear-ass out, over the xit ramp and a guard. An Aztech panzer - all-too familiar sounding now - took off after him. It would catch him in a few seconds.

"Stupid slag... see you in the next life..."

Now she had to find another way out of here.

She ran to the truck's cab, and climbed in, wondering where Ash and Chance were. She called them.


Ohfragohfragohfrag..." Raven mumbled frantically, seeing the Lobo panzer filling up his rear-view mirror.


A Kamov-KA-72 Hollowpoint in Daisaka colours hovered diligently just utsdie Aztech territory, waitingh for kust such an occasion. Captain Jinjiro Fukumoto of the Daisaka Air Corps saw the little van speeding away from Aztech below him.

"This is D-7. Let the van go. Hes insignificant."

Fukumoto was more interested in the Aztech panzer following the van.

Well, now, using military weapons outside corp territory, you Aztech cop-killing bastards?

Technically, what he was about to do was against orders.

"Frag orders." He grinned, mentally triggering the launch for a Mitsubishi Great-Dragon anti-panzer guided weapon.


The runner team descended upon the streets, where a hover bike had recently stopped. A man got out of the bike. He was wearing a black outfit, and a huge rifle. It was an experimental Laser Rifle, very hard to find and manage, yet very accurate and effective.
FireArm mumbled about Dragon and a hippy moron, but suddenly Dragon cutted him out. The coldness of his voice still shattered the runners. "As you don't know me in person, let me introduce myself. My name is Dragon. And I am a legend amongst the runners."
Ash cut him. "Are you the guy who is rumored to have defeated a dragon?"
The others gazed at her. Dragon finally answered.
"I am. But that's not trued. I did slayed a dragon, but it was a Greater Dragon."
The others didn't know if run away or laugh about the invention.
"But this is not time for stories. We need to get out of the city. As I have told you, in a few days, this city will be reduced to ashes by a buclear attack. So, if you want to do something, do it quickly!
Besides, I need to track down some allies of my last run, and warn them too... so...even if you don't like it, I'll go with you!"
The others barely nodded, still figuring out who was this guy that once had been with Crystal.


"OK, but what about Xecktos? he's in the hospital probably, and i don't know what the hell is happening to Lora..." said Crash "but, I'll try to send a V-Mail to Crystal telling her to meet us at thr hospital... if we're not all together, like it or not, in 2 days we'll have to leave to get clear completely of the blast zone..."

"OK," Firearm said. "I need to get back to my appartment to grab my weaponry, since we have a few days... I'll meet you at the hospital."


Chance and Ash had taken leave of Crash and Dragon, promising to be back in a short while as they attempted to scout the Aztech compound for any sign of Crystal and the others still trapped inside.

Both of them arrived in visual sight of the main gate just in time to see hell break loose... Raven's van tearing out of the place at a hell for leather pace, a Aztech Panzer rapidly gaining on them, towers of flames and smoke roiling up from the compound, and a Daisaka police drone craft in the process of launching an anti-Panzer missile.

"Holy frag! Looks like we just started a war here!" Chance whistled as the Daisaka rocket landed just short of the Panzer, blasting the massive vehicle over to go sliding along the tarmac on its side, trailing a long roostertail of sparks and smoke.

Raven's van nearly rocketed past the duo's hiding spot without stopping... Crystal had to threaten him before he would stop. Chance said a silent goodbye to his scrambler... At least both his and Ash's equipment were worn on their load-bearing gear. The loss of the bike was secondary to their weapons and equipment.

The van continued hightailing to where Crash and Dragon waited, Chance and Ash staying in the back with their gun muzzles covering the rear as the van rocketed on.


Tank had escaped. With the healing salve, designed for weak humans and elves allowing him an unexpectedly quick recovery due to his orkish makeup, he'd managed to overpower a guard checming on him after the blackout, and recover the gaurd's Aztechnology Portable Flak Cannon. With this, he'd taken a few shots at the other guards, and had been suprised at the casualties he'd caused with it in the confusion, even though he was firing it with his left hand. Seing as he still was wounded, he'd not been able to stand up to the others, and fled away into the darkness, just before he'd heard the screaching of what looked alot like Raven's van appear in the darkness, and Crystal get out entering his former prison, and blowing up Zwergmann's body, before speeding off with Raven at the approach of an Aztechnology Panzer.

They'd left him behind.

Tank grunted angrily, and looked around. Stoopid fragging humies, he thought. They'd abandoned him in the middle of fragging Aztechnology. And they were in trouble, too. Hope the fragging guards fragged them good.

He thought a moment, looked around again, and noticed the huge form of another Aztechnology Panzer. This one had obviously seen him.

Fragging humies. Leavin' poor Tank alone here. If he had his suit, Tank could take on the fragging panzer, but it was in the back of that fraggin stuntie-lover Raven's fragging truck.

Tank discarded the Flak gun, and with his good hand, tore the manhole cover away from the sewer entrance below him. With one suprisingly agile movement, he dropped into the darkness below, just as the Panzer opened fire.


Mary found the locker quickly. It smelt of sweat, and she had to rummage behind seveal lewd magazines before she found what she had been sent to look for. A bottle of what was probably Extro-pop had leaked from the above locker, and both the electronic check and the card key were sticky and smelt of alcahol. She hastily slammed the locker, with an expression of disgust.


Curim howled in frustration. There were Aztech guards everywhere, and he couldn't find any of the others. It was as if they'd all upped and ran - he hadn't seen anyone since Ery had ran from him.

Growling in frustration, he considered making a run for it. But he'd have to time it well, and avoid the guards as best he could.

The troll muttered some arcane words, and twisted his staff dramatically. His skin shimmered, shone with light for a moment, and settled, to a mottled grey, much like the concrete walls of the corridors.

He stepped out of his hiding place, and began to move down the corridor. Even his robes had taken on the colour of the area around him. As long as no guards came close, or had thermo-vision, they wouldn't spot him.

Now, to find the others, or a way out of here. he thought, setting off down a corridor.

Five minutes later, the Troll stopped, and sniffed the air. He could smell charred flesh somewhere nearbly. Just then, the whole building shook, as some huge vehicle moved past outside.


He moved to a doorway to outside, and opened it. He was near the gates. Scanning the area, he caught sight of Raven's van.

At least there was someone else here he recognised.

But there were Panzers chasing it.


"Thanks raven... MHA HA HA HAAAA!"
A second hover bike appeared, ridden by a woman. The Aztech sniper. She was laughing as she shot ramdom burst of a submachine gun she was carrying. She evily laughed. She had found Crystal. But also the main target, Dragon.

"Now, my sweet honey, feel the wrath of Death Scyte!"
Mac was surprised. Someone had sent an assasin to kill him. But Who?.

Raven continued the pressure upon the accelerator upon seeing the mad laughing woman on the bike fire wantonly into the air. He wasn't a fragging mercenary or soldier, dammit! Clearing the scene of confrontation by about fifty meters, he finally relented to Crystal's curses and threats and found a place to take cover. His van skidded as he spun it into a hard turn, scraping to a stop in a side alley away from the confrontation.

Chance, Ash and Crystal scrambled out. They could hear gunfire from the battle between Dragon and the mad sniper now... Two superhumans locked in combat. The three mere mortals (Raven was busy alternating between sobbing at his shot-up truck and cursing the runners) advanced back towards the gunbattle cautiously... fully aware of their vulnerabilities as opposed to the dragon-killing BWG duking it out with the madwoman.


Curim began to move, breaking into a run. But the others were too far away - he could now just see what appeared to be Chance, Ash and Crystal. He glanced around, and spotted a discarded Aztechnology Hoverbike. Without a second thought, he ran over to it, and quickly examined the controls. He hadn't ridden a bike in years, and hoped he could manage this new-style hover one.


Jol pulled up to the side of the hospital just as he did before. He popped out of his rig. Lit a fresh cigar, and waddled into the building. He came up to the woman at the fron counter.

"Why hello sir how can we help you?" The woman asked. Jol puffed out some smoke.

"Me be lookin' for a woman." Jol muttered.
"A woman here at the hospital or just one in genral?" The woman said sarcastically. Jol was to dense to catch on.

"A woman came in here to visit a person here." Jol Said grinning his yellow teeth.

"Can you give me the name of the patient she came here to see?" Jol puffed some more some at this question.

"Nope, all me know is it was a woman, and an elf with pointy ears." The woman behind the counter dropped her shoulders and sighed.

"Sir, with that discription all I can give you is a woman that came in here a little while ago to see an elf woman named Lora, she took something form one of the lockers and left." Jol grinned in anger. He had just missed the girl. FRAG IT ALL he thought.

He waddled like a bat out of hell back into his rig, and drove off.

"Yar, if I go back to da otha hospital and wait for her she'll return i'm sure of it. Jol you're too smart for words, aye."


The gunfire scattered everywhere as the two opponents were measuring thier forces.
"Model 2, I thought you were destroyed... In the lab raid."
"You know, I am harder than average!... And you still owe me a dance, dear!"
The two pulled dual pistols. Mac was using two Blazers, and Eva used two Myths. The gunfight seemed equal. Dragon ducked Eva's shots, and with an action roll, used the boxes as shelters. Eva jumped in a backflip behind a vehicle when Mac tried to aim at her. That was sure an equal fight. Something radical was needed. Something like a jump. Unfortunately, the two jumped at the same time, and aimed eachother, but they failed. They ended up in a close combat fight. The rest of the runners could only watch the fight and hope that losts bullets would not harm them.
Eva's speed matched Mac's strenght.
"Hope you like this dance, whore!"
"I am sorry I have to kill you, you're a good dancer..Haw Haw Haw!"
Eventually, Eva knocked Mac, and threw several shurikens, that actually hit Dragon. But he simply arised again, grabbed the shurikens, and threw them back. Eva groaned "This is not way to treat a lady...!"
This time Eva was the one who flew aside. "What do you want exactly?" Said Mac.
"Your death, as I was hired for that. I hope you could be a good guy." She licked her lips. " A good guy...!"
Eventually Mac and Eva fainted. But they recovered and continued to fight. Both two putted out guns and aimed at the heads.
"This is quite... equal... But don't worry... I shall give a proper burial... I like the death..."
"You shall never win. And if you win, you will have no time to enjoy. A buclear bomb is about to be launched towards here."
"You must be joking... It can't be! Bastard! Fragging liar! He told me that i would have enough time to kill you!"
Seeing that Eva had dropped off her guard, Mac slipped down and kicked her into the ground. He then tied her hands.
"Oh, please, put it tighter, fragpants, I am enjoying this very much...!" said the madwoman.
"Stop, bitch! You are going with me. You are going to reveal who's the guy who wants me dead!".

A panzer sound. Frag. Mac , still holding Eva, started to run, trying to catch the fleeing runners. In the way, he took out his phone.
He called Wolf and told him he had to search for someone called Doctor Turin and take her safely out of the city.
"We can't catch them... So we are going into the sewers, walk, bitch!" the assasin said scruffly. He made a signal to the rest of the "team", and he headed for the nearest sewer entrance.
"You know how to treat a woman... don't you?" laughed Eva.
A big splash was heard. the two were in the sewers.


Shadow laughed as he looked at the personnel run around like madmen trying to figure out what was going on. He spotted the drone airframes that were needing to be destroyed.

He quickly ran over to the prototypes and looked at them, he then went over to them and setted the charges to blow in five minutes.

After doing this, he punched in a quick dial number on his wrist cell phone watch, then a face appeared on it in a matter of moments.

The Purple-quiffed, tanned person was sort of angry at him. This person was known as 'Jimmy LeFixit'. The man was the guy that hired Shadow.

Shadow said "It is done, give me a pick up point."

He wanted ¥10,000 credstick, and very quickly.

Jimmy's digitized face paused, the then said simply:
"Jagged Nails club. 12:00, midnight, There's a band playing. Meet me backstage." And the connection terminated.

The place was now arranged and set.

Now to get outta this dump. Shadow thought.

Outside the main door, IWS Uniformed men with SMGs, wearing peaked caps and Armour vests in corp colours crowded, trying to get in. Shadow looked around - The silo had a gantry that ran to the top.

Shadow looked up and around the port as he spotted beams going horizontally across the cieling. He then had an idea on how to get to the gantry that ran across and had a door at the end for him to escape.

He ran over to some supply crates and ripped one open to find a grappling gun, he then aimed it up and fired it and saw it fly swiftly through the air and latch onto the railing.

Shadow then pushed a red button on the side as it brang him up and he ran and kicked down the door, just as the corps come in.

He then ran from the place as fast as he could.

A few minutes later, the place went up in an massive and loud explosion.

Shadow then headed towards the meeting place, as night began to fall...


"Panzers... and a fragging lot of Aztech troops." Chance was muttering as he watched through his combo nightvision/bionoculars. The Aztech corp troops were in full mobilization... The soldier could see panzers, ground troops... even the occasional drones. A missile raced skywards, blasting a wing clean off the Daisaka drone that had knocked over the first Panzer. The plane fell from the blue, tumbling into the city.

He looked back towards the city and spotted more black dots in the sky. Daisaka police drones, their wings and hardpoints loaded to the gills with missiles and rockets. The growing scream of sirens told of more police cars racing towards the Corporate intrusion into the city.

"Great. Fellow runners, it looks like we have just triggered a full-scale war between Daisaka cops and Aztechnology. What's more, it appears that we have a binuclear warhead coming down on us in a few days. There is but one solution to all this... Let's get the frag out of the way!"


Lying stunned in the Aztech compound, Ery rolled over and shook his fists in frustration.

"Well, if its WAR that want, WAR is what they get!"

With that thought in his head, he acivated his wristphone and started to speak rapidly into it.


Miles away, the first few AET troops began to run to their Panzers and troop carriers. Their orders were to hunt down and kill a particular group of runners. But unknown to them, the AET troops were just about to run smack into an oncoming battle between Daisaka and Aztechnology.

Three great corporations readied themselves for open warfare as the remaining runners (which had caused all the havoc in the first place) resorted to one of the only safe ways to the city airport... through the sewer systems, which happened to link up with the underground metro tunnels that led to Geneva Airport.

But before they escaped, Chance resolved to help evacuate Turin and the wounded elves from the city. Going by the logic that the badly-hurt elves would be needing more manpower to move them, Chance, Ash, and Crystal (Raven chose to stay around with his van a while longer to extract Tank's armour from the mess) started a underground trek towards the hospital together with Crash and his gun-mad buddy Firearm. The sewers here were larger in diameter and equipped with gas vents, preventing a lethal (and unpleasant) build-up of flammable gas in the atmosphere.

The BWG Dragon forged on ahead, carrying that madwoman sniper on his shoulder. Chance did not know whether he could trust the supersoldier fully.

From his own experience, he knew that the truly elite never bragged about it. Dragon's attempt to impress Ash with his "dragon-killing" exploits had riled Chance. The girl was naive... It didn't help for the BWG to mess with her mind.

Chance was just as concerned with Crystal... Like himself, the demowoman was looking rather beat-up. She was constantly glancing backwards as they ran along the tunnel towards the hospital, guided by Dragon running ahead of them. Dyen was missing, along with Curim and Ery. Xecktos and Lora were wounded.

Chance continued his run, hoping to find Turin at the hospital instead of asleep in her home. Knowing the doctor, he guessed that it was likely for her to be visiting the wounded elves.

It was part of her personality to be compassionate... something which Chance figured to be a virtue that was becoming rarer in the dark days of the present.


"Fragging metal suit!"

Raven swore as he pulled Tank's armour from his van. Once again he was left alone to look after the left overs of this poorly planned operation. Raven dragged the armour over to the manhole the runners had disappeared down twenty minutes ago. The friction between tarmac and metal made an ear piercing scream, which attracted attention. Attention Raven didn't want. Three Aztechnology guards peeked around the corner, expecting a Daisaka Panzer roaring down the street (that's the amount of noise the armour was making!). They found Raven bent over a manhole grunting and groaning as he dragged something.

"Halt citizen! What are you doing? Are you a Daisaka spy? Hands up....higher....yeah you don't move an inch pal...or we kill you."

Raven really was sick of being apprehended by security forces every fragging ten minutes. This was gonna be the last time! He would make sure of it! He had complied with the soldier's orders, his hands in the air.

"What's that you're dragging?" The soldier commanded. Raven replied with the truth:

"It's the advanced, metal armour of an orcish friend of mine whom is currently missing the back half of his head but makes more sense conversationally now then before."

The soldier didn't believe what he was hearing. He told his two companions to pick up the armour and inspect it. One of the soldiers exclaimed in spanish after a moments inspection. All three soldiers were now looking over armour astonished not only that Raven was right but that the technology within the suit was amazing even to their uneducated eyes! Raven knew they had temporarily forgotten him, he made his move.

Little known to anyone but himself Raven had a small pistol. This pistol was overloaded on extras, it had a silencer a laser sight and was gold plated. Raven had christened his pistol "The Negotiator". There were times when talking his way out of situations was impossible, that's when he'd resort to violence. It was one of those times. Raven drew his pistol, quietly cocked it , lined up his first shot and fired. A quiet "phit" sound emanated from the pistol, the first soldier groaned as the air in his lungs leaked out and he hit the ground. The two other soldiers quickly realised what had happened and turned to fire upon Raven, but they were taken by surprise. A second man fell, never to move again. Raven fired a third shot that hit the last soldier in the shoulder, suddenly jerking his assault rifle up and convulsively pulling the trigger. It wasn't even an intentional action but it hit Raven in the chest and he flew back a few metres. In his anger Raven ignored the pain and intended to kill the third soldier before he himself died. His arm weakly raised to aim for the soldiers chest, the pistol's laser sight dotted the mans breast, Raven quietly whispered:

"An eye for an eye." He fired. The last soldier was dead. Now that his opponents were disposed of Raven could rest. Only for a moment of course, then he'd seek medical help. his runner friends would come at the sound of gunfire, wouldn't they? No, he had tricked them, betrayed them. He'd sold out to Eva, lost the trust of his friends for a measly 1000 nuyen. He didn't have the right to live. A fitting end indeed. He thought of Crystal, he realised that he did love her, that having betrayed the woman of his dreams he deserved death. His eyes closed. There was an angel, a blue haired angel......

Trekking down the sewer Crystal tensed with the sound of gunfire, an assault rifle had fired a short burst. They'd been found out and would be gunned down in the confines of the sewer! Chance looked up and listened. After a moments silence he said:

"That was topside, we're in no trouble."

Crystal relaxed. Only for a moment.


She began running back the way she came, desperately scrambling up the ladder to the surface. She gasped at what she saw. Four men lying on the ground, three were coated in blood. The fourth....the fourth was Raven! She ran over to him! Was he alive? Could he be saved?! She checked for a pulse. He was still alive, his pulse was still strong no major artery was hit. She checked him for entry wounds. She couldn't find one. Perplexed she got up on her feet, she'd carry him to the van and drive him to a doctor. As she stood up the rest of the crew had caught up and were watching solemnly.

Raven's eyes opened slightly as he heard Crystal speak, he didn't make out what she said. He reached out towards her and said quietly but dramatically:

"I'm sorry my love, I hath betrayed thee. Thus my fate is deserved."

Ash felt something inside her, it clenched her throat tight. A great misery enveloped her. This poor man was dying before her eyes. 'And after all the mean things I said about him. How does Crystal feel? How would I feel if that was Chance?' She thought.

Chance had seen friends die before. That didn't make it easier, only harder. His face was set in stone, impassive and without emotion.

Crystal asked Raven:

"Where does it hurt?"

Weakly Raven replied:

"The bastard only got one shot in, right in the chest. That's all it takes......" His voiced trailed off.

"Oh what, you mean this bullet?" Crystal revealed a mangled lump of metal in her palm.

"You idiot, the mithril jackets you're wearing stopped the bullet cold. You big faker! The worst injury you've got is a kick in the gut!"

With that Crystal kicked Raven's belly hard. He winced and then recovered, exclaiming:

"You mean I'm not dead? It's a miracle!" Raven had recovered from his melancoly act quickly.

"Here, get up" Crystal offered him a hand. Then took in what Raven had said on his false death bed.

"" Crystal stammered. 'Raven loves me, he really loves me!' She thought. Then the second comment he had made struck home!

"Betrayed me? How the frag did you betray me?!" With that she kicked Raven's legs out from under him and stood on his chest.

"You'd better cough up some answers or you will have a bullet in your chest!"

'FRAGFRAGFRAGFRAGFRAGFRAGFRAG' Raven's mind chastised him over and over. 'That's right smart guy, reveal your love for a girl you don't know when you aint dying and then reveal you sold out to that weird bitch for only 1000 coulda got more nuyen too.....jackass...' There really was no wriggling out of this mess Raven realised. Crystal had looked so cute when she was thinking about the love stuff, then she had to ruin the effect by remembering his other words. Crystal had, no doubt, won the global award for fastest transition from lovesick puppy to openly violent psychopath! His eyes searched for some ecape from the upcoming pain and humilation. Unfortunately, in the drama of the moment Raven had dropped his pistol out of reach so he was trapped! 'Nothing to do but spill the beans' he mentally sighed.

"Well it was like this. An orc guard came up and befriended me and.........(and on and on and on...)


It was cold inside the sewers, and all Tank had on was a thin Aztechnology worker's uniform. The celing dripped as he plodded onwards, lost in the vast maze below the city. His head hurt, and he was beginning to see things, lights, and other people in the sewers with him. He didn't believe they were real. That way, he ran into the group of real people with lights, not realising about them until he was almost on top of them.


46th street was just as crowded with frantic people as 45th, 44th, and 43rd had been. (GM note - European streets don't generally have numbered names, it's a US thing, I think) Apparently there was a running battle in the corp district between Aztechnology and Daisaka. Mary hoped the others were ok, but knew there was little she could do for them. She pushed through the crowds, drifting towards the Kilso Bank, it's huge building easily visible, despite the hoardes of people.

Once inside, she qued for almost an hour to make a withdrawl. There was a sense of panic settling over the city, and security guards stood inside every building, while the vast majority of actual money in places like these banks were being removed by airlift, the chance of looting becoming almost inevitable, such was the mood of the city. Luckily, all Mary had to do was make a transfer for Xecktos to her account - she didn't like doing it, but she definately couldn't pay for the surgery alone.

She transferred the nuyens as soon as she could, avoided a fight between an irate troll and dwarf, and quickly left.


In her lair, deep within the Ural Mountains, the Greater Dragon Tyadoron, CEO of Vladistok Waste Integrated, recieved some worrying news. A young spy, one of her own brood, in the employ of N'zar, a age-old rival of his own, had uncovered a plot. The fool was planning to binuclear bomb Geneva, for no apparent locial reason. Tyadoron had always known that the Zarite lineage was defective, but she hadn't expected any of their spawned to act anything like this. Tyadoron herself had a large facility in Geneva, and held shares in many smaller Corps operating soley in the city. This would not be a loss she could take lightly. Something had to be done.

Tyadoron closed her eyes, and pondered her options.

Half an hour later, she opened them. She hissed brisk and prescise orders to Fremot, a lesser subordinate in her chambers, and flexed her wings.

There was only one thing to do.

The hosts of Vladistok would ride to prevent this. In some minds, this would be an action to do good for the world.

In Tyadorons, it was merely a question of profit.


"Okay, so we're heading to the hospital to do what again?" Firearm asked.


The screen flashed. The greater Dragon N'zar appeared. Apparently he was talking over the whole world with the Megacorps.

Tyarodon, even being one of his own breed, looked rather suprised.
"Cancel your orders of attacking me, Tyarodon. Geneva will be reduced to ashes, yet I warned all of the dragon Megacorps operatives to escape safely. Do not fear. You shall not lose in the deal."
"You and your wacky ideas, Zarite! I've always known that you and your breed were mad."
"You, proud one, you have no idea of what you are actually talking. Pay attention to this!"
A huge, dragon sized scepter, showed up in the screen.
"It can't be... The Emperor's Sceptre! That means..."
"Yes, we are truly the Quetzacoatl's breed. We only changed our name for business purposes. Now the royal breed wants all of you in our side. Obey me or suffer the curse of the ones who oppose us!"
Tyarondon quickly retreated. It couldn't be that that moron was related to the royal bloodline. But the Quetzcoatl's curse was the most feared thing by the dragons.
"Well, almost all of our brethen are gathered. We shall soon march into a world fully dominated by dragons!"
Tyarodon reconsiderated her options. After all a dragon monopolized market meant more benefits to her.


"Doctor Turin!" A voice screamed, but the doctor didn't stop.
She finally stopped as an accuratte shot cutted a hair ripple.
A man approached to her, holding a revolver "I am sorry about this. But i needed to stop you. You need to know this. In few hours, this city will be destroyed. We need to get out of here!"
"How can i trust you?"
"Because, my comrade, a friend of mine trusted on you, and saved his life with that decision. Dragon is his name. Oh!, I almost forgot. I am doctor Nicholas Alexeiv, 'Wolf'."
Mary stood amazed. She had never met such a great medic like him. His healing and surgery skills were really appreciated by the patients and amongst the whole medic community.


The blue-haired Elf finished putting his 'special clothes' back into the secret drawer in his battered, grimy office. He glanced around the room, spotting once more the file on the 'Crystal' woman.

Well, just time to sort her out before I have to get ready for the ID Zero gig at the 'nails tonight. I hope Lady Zero notices me. She must realise I love her...

"To work, then." The Elf muttered. In the darkening light outside, the a glint caught his black cyberyes as he moved across the room, down to the vid-phone in the street below to dial the number...

He began.

"Frag you bitch! You're gonna die! We'll teach you not to mess with us! I'm gonna-"

He was cut off. A woman's voice - obviously automated, sparg from the speaker, and a blue-haired pretty young woman's face appeared on the screen It seemed to have been recorded in some kind of nightclub toilet.

"I can't take you fragging call now. Called back later you fragger."

Click. Beeep!

"Drek it all!" The Elf told himself. "A fragging answer service?"

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