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Shadow ran at a swift and nice pace down the sidewalk through the night. He then heard screaming noises at him, "Stop and freeze!"

It was the police and military personnel after him. Shadow thought to himself, "I have to get rid of these guys...before I get to the rendezvous meeting place...".

He then stopped, and turned around looking at the oncoming enemies, Shadow then smirked and laughed.

At that moment, police and military vehicles surrounded him.

Lukas then reached into his pocket slowly and pulled out a couple of small marble and round silver marbles.

A man stepped forward, "Drop your weapons...or we will fire"

Shadow smirked and threw the marbles down as they exploded into a cloud of smoke. He then took out 2 grendades, pulled there pins, dropped them and ran as fast as he could out of there.

Moments later, an explosion was heard and followed by drowned out screams. Shadow glanced and saw the vehicles had been blown up and the military and police were dead.

He turned the corner and ran for 6 blocks straight. He made it to the Jagged Nails club, with an half an hour to spare.

Shadow will wait inside until the time comes...


"Great, this is just GREAT! because of everything happening, I'm going to miss Identity Zero at the Jagged Nails Club!" moaned Crash.

"In a day or so, there won't be a Jagged Nails Club, or mayber Identity Zero for that matter" said chance......

"WAIT! I.Z. doesn't know about the Buclear threat! We've gotta warn them!!!" Yelled Crash

A few feet above, a supertanker carring lard heard a muffled yell...

"Oh great, I really hope I didn't run over another person today...."


Tyadoron closed her eyes once more, and let her mind free. In this way, she found she could much more easily cope with the numerous issues of the world, before resolving them.

Zarites - the royal brood - how? The Royals had been destroyed, wiped out to the last. How could they have survived? It was impossible. They couldn't have.

Anyway, to the matter at hand.

The damned N'zar is insane. And he plans to eliminate every other species. He must be stopped.

As the matriarch of the Jiroran breed, Tyadoron was in a position of power. Alone amoung the dragon clans to have a female as leader, the Jirors were different. Although the others may have banded behind N'zar as one, Tyadoron had already decided that she would not. Had none of them actually thought about the implications of a world devoid of the lower forms of life? There was no way it could be changed back to what it had in the begginning, when dragons soared in the volcanic skies of a primal world. That was gone now. And Tyadoron seemed to be the only one living in the future.

She opened one lazy eye, and saw the lesser dragon, Goroterin, enter the vast chamber. She was a cunning one, and Tyadoron knew that the silver-scaled youngling held plans to ascend to matriarchship of the clan. Not that the others of Tyadoron's myriad broods did not, of course, but Goroterin was somehow.... different. Perhaps she could be employed well in the coming conflict.

Tyadoron blinked again. Like all dragons, she did things somewhat slowly - apart from fighting.

How to prevent Geneva.....

Suddenly, she had it. N'zar would not risk launching the buclear warhead - the numerous anti-missile batteries installed all over Europe by the paranoid America of the 2010s would be able to shoot it down easily, despite lying in numerous different people's hands. He would have to bring it into Geneva some other way.

That was where the key lay.

Despite the fact that the more inventive inhabitants of Geneva would inevitably have left the city, Tyadoron's main asset there would still be able to be acessed.


Somewhere in her network she would find some runners so suididal (they'd think of it as bravery), that they might be able to prevent the warhead from being used.

She blinked again, and swatted at a dwarven slave scrubbing her tail.

"Gorotyrin. Switch on the vidzcrean. We has a call to make."


But the dragon's line was filled with another call.
"N'zar I don't care..." but Tyarodon stopped yelling when he saw that the caller was other dragon.
"Tyarodon, my old friend, we need to talk."
"Roszondas... How... What... Are you really? We all thought that you were dead!"
"No, I was nearly dead, but some of the lesser races helped me."
"I can't believe that one of the last Queatzcoatl's is still alive... And even now that Zarites brood is the royal one..."
"The Royal brood died when my brother Zarites tried to assasinate me. I could only cast a brood degradation curse upon them, but N'zar is still powerful enough to use the Curse. Fortunately, i cannot be harmed by that."
"What do you suggest, my lord?"
"Follow N'zar apparently in his crazy crusade. I'll take care of the rest..."
Still Tyarodon was not fully satisfied.
"You may know that in Geneva there is a man, A MAN!, who was able to defeat one of our brood, Salamander, N'zar's brother."
Tyarodon felt much relieved by now. She could find that man, and order him to hinder N'zar's progress.


"The great master wants to talk to you".
Mist Lotus answered the call. She entered the pavillion of the ruler of the Black Dragon ninjas, the Greater Dragon Roszondas.


The realisation hit her.

"WHAT is going to happen to this city?"

"Buclear bombing. This place will be ash by next thursday."

Holy Frag

"Are you serious? If this is some fragging prank I'll kill you"
"Yes. I am. You have to trust me"
"Trust you? I've only just met you!"
"Look, lady, I'm sorry about this, but...."
His hand whipped up. Her hand caught it. The man looked shocked - he'd obviously expected her to be helpless, but the single day as a runner had taught her alot. One thing was to look out, and avoid trouble at all costs.

"I'd prefer not to be assaulted, Doctor", she spoke, smiling at him forcibly.
"I really am sorry about this", said the man, as he, with his other hand, brought a cloth, soaked in chloroform, up to her face.

He carefully dropped her into his waiting car, and got his keycard out, ready to move off.


Crystal's ears still rang with the sound of her own shouting and ranting. She kneeled over poor, stunned Raven, wondering where the hell he stood with the woman now. And then...

And then...

A bulky, battered shambling form ambled out of the darkness. It was burnt, bleeding, wearing a painfully tight Aztechnology uniform (from the Jaguar logo on the chest) ripped at the seams and appeared to have a hole in its head. It collapsed half way to Raven's van.

"Tank!" Chance exclaimed, jogging over, weapon levelled. He knelt down next to him. "He's got a pulse! We should get him to a Doc."

"Could say the same thing about half the team" Crystal mumbled. Again...

"I'm still kicking. Got a fair few Aztech drek-heads behind me who aren't, on account a me." A new voice said. A somewhat shorter figure appeared from the darkness, clad in tobacco smoke. It was Dven, smoking a pipe and carrying a SMG tucked under his arm. He had a small light rocket launcher on his back from somewhere.
"Run's hosed. We should get back to where we left our vehicles at the telecom point. You know, when the sniper attacked us?"

Crystal pulled Zwergmann's CDH from her grenade bag, wrapped in plastic.

"Run's not hosed, chummers. We need to arrange a new meet with the IWS Johnson."

There was a stunned silence.

"Well what?" Crystal shouted. "The Pizza Slut is gone?"

"Its not that." Ash said. "Where the hell did you find Zwergmann, and where's Ery?"

"Its long story. I agree with Dven. Lets get moving."

Crystal chanced to look at the messages on her wristphone. There were many, from Chance and Ash, Crash and Mary and some unknown call-box number. She dealt with the ones that mattered first.

"Mary, are you okay? Are you well enough to meet up yet? I got the proof of death. We need to meet the IWS guy, and are you free to come to the Jagged Nails tonight?" Identity Zero were meeting at the 'nails. Cylinder Head was bound to be there, and Crystal wanted to meet him.

Then Crystal dialled Crash:
"Crash! Where the frag are you? if you're still in Aztech, get out now! If not, meet me at the Jagged Nails at midnight!"

She waited anxiously for the reply, as Raven gazed on in confusion. He heard two words: Jagged Nails.

He had a vision of Crystal in a slinky black dress, dolled up for the night, jewellery, high heels, everything.
I've gotta be there... He realised. He made his plans. His van's engine was ticking over...


Lady Zero zipped herself ito the tight silver jumpsuit she'd be wearing tonight. It was getting on for eight PM, it was dark outside... The streets were dark, full and foreboding.
She was afriad of those streets. They were a far cry from the secure Grexon corp. habitats she was used to... but being in the band she had to make sacrifices if she wanted to succeed.

The rest of the band were fixing up their gear, complex electronics and cyber-implants to use with their instruments.

The manager, known only as Jimmy (Claudia had no way of knowing his common street name, 'Jimmy Lefixit', a notorious fixer) was on the vidphone in a private room, talking to the one known as 'Shadow'. Later on, Jimmy would call a few others in, too, making sure the band members didn't overhear...


Shadow hung around a bar across from the Jagged Nails club. The club wouldn't open until 10pm, and he had a few hours to kill.
He was in 'The Downturn'. The bartender, a Dwarf, made him buy a drink or leave, so Shadow got himself a narco-beer. It was disgusting, obviously watered-down.
He hoped it was only water...

A Shadow was cast over him.

"You're sitting in our seat, fragging breeder." An ork said. He was seven feet tall, sporting hand razors and a holstered heavy revolver. Behind him a shifty looking smaller Ork fingerd a light pistol, and the bartender was ready to reach for a weapon under the bar.

Lets see how the new boy handles these two punks... The barkeep thought. Could do me a favour the get rid of these two...


Crash eventually decided to meet Crystal at the Jagged Nails later, but first he would rendezvouz earlier without Cryatal realising - He would wait at his abandoned car and hope it was still there and in one piece. He would confront Crystal about his pay.

"Drek it!" He realised, after coming off the 'phone. "I forget to tell her about the Bi-nuke strike!"

He was about to call again, when another call came through.

"Crash you fragging kid! I'm gonna kill you! HEH HEH HEH! I'm gonna rip your head off and use it for a mop on my.."

"Who is this?" Crash screamed - but the caller had already hung up, and the picture had been blanked out..


Jean Majeur - AKA Badjimmy - Hung up the set in the public call box.

He prepared to get ready to go to the Jagged Nails.


Mac kicked again Eva.
"Hurry up, psycho-slut!"
"I can't climb the lader with my hands tied!" replied the assasin.
The two finally opened a sewer. It was on the back part of a night club or somehow.
A signpost over a door said "Jagged Nails Club. Staff entrance"
Mac stood a bit trying to figure out where they were. He received a call. Wolf. He had secured Doctor Turin, but she didn't cooperate. Due to the call, Mac had lowered his guard enough time to allow Eva to cut the ties and escape through the door.
"Shit! If i allow that Psycho run amok, there shall be a carnage... She may even take hostages to force me to lower my weapons and kill me!"
Mac, although a bit bruised after the encounter, ran through the door.


N'zar smiled. His plan was achieving form. And now the final step. There was no need of launching platform. He would launch the bomb by himself. Nobody would expect that, and nobody would stop a Greater Dragon, unless there were Greater Dragons, but that was merely a supposition. No Greater Dragon would risk its life for a city.


"Unnnn... my head." Xecktos awoke. he sat straight up.
Xecktos cupped his fore has in is right hand, only it wasnt his right hand.

Xecktos looked down at his arm, it once was flesh and bone, but no it was made of cold metal. Xecktos moved his arm around and kept curling the fingers. Other then the fact it was metal it worked just like a real arm.

Xecktos glanced down and saw more metal a metal strip down the center of his chest between the ribs. Xecktos looked around his room. In a chair next to the wall sat Jol, the fat orc fell asleep, still with a burt out cigar in his mouth.

Mary probably wasnt back yet. That didnt matter, Xecktos only hoped she did return, though Mary didnt seem like the woman who would do such a thing there was always the chance.

Xecktos crawled out of bed and went to the bath room. He looked in the mirror. He was shocked to see what he found. Some of his face was covered in metal! all of the right side of his face, just shy of his mouth and nose was all metal.

Xecktos looke at his back. Up his spine were small metal bumps all the way up his back.

Xecktos ran out to the door way and got the patient chart hanging on the wall.

Patient number 7904-1032
First wound summury: Right arm broken in several places. Spinal fractor. Rib cage crushed, punctured lung.

1/10 payment recieved.

had a severe hemorage at 8:31 P.M. Pre-payment full surgey preformed.

Replaced right arm, rib cage, spine, and lung with Cybernetic parts. Found right side of frontal skull was badly fractured. Replaced also with cybernetic parts. Unless patient wants fake skin placed over cybernetic parts, it will not be done.

placed shock chip in patient so they may not leave floor until full payment is recieved.

Patient is now recovering form surgery.

Xecktos dropped the chart on the floor.

"What the frag have they done to me?!"


Foridiran, lesser dragon, alighted upon a Vladistok Corporation Helipad in the outskirts of Geneva. It wasn't that he had to land in a helipad, but in the pre-apocalyptic atmosphere, it was the largest open space the Corp had been able to find, to accomodate his large wingspan. Above him, his subordinate dragons, 6 in total, circled in the smoggy Genevan air. After he'd folded in his wings, and moved away, they would land too.

He pondourously moved past assembled human guards, brushing them out of the way. He was large for a lesser dragon, fully 20 metres long. There were some greater dragons who were smaller than him (although not many). He blinked, and wondered whether he could stand up to one in a fight?

Time would tell, he thought, and smirked slightly.


Wolf bundled Mary out of the car at her flat. She had just regained consciousness, and was a little bleary eyed still. He pressed a card into her hand, got back in, and drove off.

Mary suddenly realised where she was, and looked at the card.


Mary took a moment to take in the card. It wasn't in Crystal's handwriting, instead in a larger, open wording. It was in capitals, too - was someone trying to hide their handwriting? Was this the other Doctors? Was he serious about a buclear strike?

She's better get in - it was starting to rain - and get changed, go back and check on Xecktos, and decided whether to go to this gig. She knew Crystal had mentioned it before, but she hadn't had any contact with her - had they managed to get Zwergmann?

She opened the door to her flat, and gasped in shcok at the broken window. Obviously Xecktos had taken the easy way out - or had someone broken in? She looked around, and nothing seemed missing. Then she noticed the message on her vidphone.


Wolf really wanted to speak face to face with Dragon again, but time was short...His car drived like mad to the airport. He needed to flee urgently.


A bulky orc approached Mac.
"Zoo jere dyou are... Mr Zpeeezialis-t. We really neeeded joor jelp."
A voice said:"Put him the Runner suit. He will appear soon..."
Mac did not understand fully the situation, but he figured that the organizators had mistook him for someone else, as he had entered through the staff door.


Curim's watch beeped.


He'd be there.


Mary closed the shutters on the window, and locked them tightly. She didn't want any more visitors today.

She looked at her watch. 4.30pm.

Better get changed, go cross town and check on Xecktos. Then, if there's time, get something to eat somewhere, and go to Jagged Nails. Hopefully it was Crystal who summoned me there.

She pulled out a change of clothes from her drawer, and slipped them on, chucking a dirty and bloodstained T-shirt into the auto-wash. Then she tied her hair back into a loose bun. It had been getting in her face all day.

Time to go. Again.


Shadow peered at his watch and saw it was 9:30 PM. He thought to himself, "I might as well hang around here until the club opens at 10:00"

He heard the bartender say that he'd better buy a drink or he would have to leave. So Shadow bought a narco-beer. It tasted really terrible, even thought they loaded it down with water.

Shadow then noticed a huge shadow cast over him, and saw a little shadow appear next to him.

"You're sitting in our seat, fragging breeder." An ork said. He was seven feet tall, sporting hand razors and a holstered heavy revolver. Behind him a shifty looking smaller Ork fingered a light pistol. The bartender was ready to reach for a weapon under the bar.

The barkeeper looked at Shadow. "Could do me a favour the get rid of these two?"

Shadow nodded to the barkeeper and turned to the two orcs. He grinned with a smirk on his face and then jumped up and kicked the tall orc in the stomach, sending him to the ground.

The little orc saw what happened and tried to tackle Shadow, but Shadow quickly stepped out of the way and saw the little guy crash to the ground.

Shadow then turned and saw the big orc get up. He pulled out his gun, shot the big holstered revolver out of his hand, then he took a chair and slammed the orc across the face, knocking him out cold.

Then, he turned to the little orc and sees he is about to shoot him. He punches the orc in the face and sends him down to the ground out cold as the other orc is.

Shadow turned to the barkeeper. "What shall I do with these...worthless bodies?"

He looked down at his watch again. 10:00 PM.


Crystal hopped out of the van and instinctively hit the ground. Although it ws dark, bright blue/white ligt flooded the streets and their glare shielded the tops of the run-down tenement buildings from view.

Wish we had a magic user to astral-scout for that fragging sniper. She thought. But there had been no time. The best she could do was scan around with her thermographic goggles.

No-one on top of the buildings. A few heat sources in the windows... but seeing as I've not been shot yet, their probably just local slags.

"Fragging hands up!" Chance shouted. He'd gone around the other side of the van."

"Whoah! Easy bud!" Came the voice of the nauseatingly surviving decker, Crash. He came put of the darkness with his hands up. His hiding skills hadn't been enough for Chance's trained eyes. "Just here to get my car! Alright? Put the gun down!"

Chance did so. After a moment.

Dven's hovercraft car was intact. It was securely locked, but some slag had gone around with a knife, skashing the air-cushion and scoring the paintjob.

"S'alright." Dven grinned. "Only adds character. Anyways I'm takin' me new taxi now, aye. You rookies maybe ain't so bad after all. Call me when you get your hoops in the drek again."

And in a blaze of pipe-fumes and hover-roar, he was gone ino the night.

Chance wasn't so lucky - His scrambler was gone. He kept his anger locked away, seeming completely passive to everyone else there. Crystal realised that that was the right thing to do - Maybe Chance had a way of finding the bike again. Flipping out now wouldn't help any way.

"Woo-hoo!" Crash yipped. His car was still there! And it seemed okay! "Frag ya later, chummers!" He shouted, flipping up the canopy and jumping into his seat.

All of a sudden his trousers felt damp.

Some fragger had pissed all over the seat.

"Ohhh... Fu-"

A moment later, the Van and Crash's car drove off again. Crash still hadn't told Crystal about the binuke threat: He was pissed off about the car.


Shadow made to talk to the barkeep, but just as he did, a rough, knarled Ork hand grabbed his jacket-

"I ain't finished YET, breeder!"

He had a knife, and thrust it-


The soft clicking of well worn, well traveled boots on asphalt quietly came forth from a darkened alley. The soft billowing of a cape moving created by the wind of walking sounds with the boots. Stepping from the shadows of the alley onto the sidewalk and into the glow of a streetlight, Jyl took in his surroundings with little interest. His green eyes were slightly bloodshot from lack of sleep. The black hair, despite it falling to his shoulder blades, looked like it hadn't had a comb or a brush to it in years.

Popping his neck, Jyl turned to his right and walked down the sidewalk, uncaring if anyone saw him or not. He was hungry and didn't care if the food was blood or actual human food. His eyes, showing their wildness, darted in every direction looking for that meal.

Somewhere close, he didn't care where, came the sound of Crash's and Van's car leaving. His hunger was the only thing on his mind at the time.

"Well Charlie, looks like another day without food."

Charlie growled and Jyl looked down at his stomach. "I know, I'm just as hungry as you, but until we find something to eat, we're both just going to have to endure it."

A cat meowed from an alley as Jyl passes and he grins slightly. Darting into the alley, the sound of a cat fighting for it's life is quickly muted. Jyl returned to the sidewalk and his walking, absently wiping the blood running down one side of his mouth. "Are you happy now Charlie? Good."


Roszondas gazed at the female elf ninja. Mist Lotus answered with her own gaze while the old Greater Dragon was telling the old legend.
"Six hollows in the stone of the sin.
Six different types of warriors.
Six members of a team.
One with the knowledge of technology.
One with the stealth of ghosts.
One with the art of healing.
One with the strenght of fists.
One with the mystic of magic.
And one with the determination of leadership.
Upon all six, the Seventh warrior.
The hole that has been tored out of sin.
The one created, not born,
from the hands of the other six.
The seventh member, the layer of creation,
wich shall shine as legends of the past,
while crafting a future."
As the old dragon ended, a tear dropped out of his eyes.
"My dear subdit. You may know why the Six Stalkers had been crafted. Why they achieved the rank of legends, and why they were dissolved."
"I must go now, my Lord, with the stealth of ghosts... and find the others" Mist Lotus answered. She knew that her Six Stalkers team had been dissolved since her sister Jade died. Without leadership, the other spreaded upon the world. The shaman dwarf, HammerWing, was now in a Magic University as teacher; OverMind, the goblin, the layer of technology, was working in a Megacorp's intercomm node;Wolf, the man, dedicated to his beloved profession: Medicine; and Behemoth, the orc, had retired himself into a remote paradise.
But there was someone else. The one who had been taught in the arts of the Six, the Stalker apprentice, Dragon.
Roszondas finally said. "The time of war has come, and we need to retrieve all the six holes we had lost... We need their help upon these times of doom..."
Mist Lotus faded out silently. She was a high trained elf ninja, of the Black Dragon ninjas. She would not fail.


Grumbling, Crash started up the car... he was pissed. He decided that he would head over to the jagged Nails club. he pulled out his driving licence and shoved the piece of plastic and metal into a slot, and It popped out *access approved* flashed the LED screen. Nowadays, to prevent minors from going into clubs, they had installed multipe checkpoints. one for the parking lot, one for the doors, and one for the bar. Crash had easilly created his own, fake, yet believable driving licence. He thought he heard a rustling, somewhere in the bushes, or trees, or roof... but it was nothing... he slipped his driving licence into the door checkpoint...

Meanwhile, Firearm was in the van with the rest. they had stopped suddenly, and with a "FRAG IT!" he fell down on his back. Crash dod not want Firearm in his car, as there are basically no places to hide excess weaponry, except the glove compartment, which could only hold his pistol, nothing more. The arrived (after a few stops) at the enterance to the club...


Shadow was talking to the barkeeper when something grabbed onto his jacket.

He turned around and saw the ork grab his jacket. The Ork said "I ain't finished YET, breeder!"

Shadow saw the knife... too late. He felt pain shoot in his arm and through his body. He looked at the ork with a red evil glare. "Your going to pay for this..."

He took out his gun and shot the orc 4 times in the head. He saw him fall to the floor. Dead. Then he took the heavy revolver and the holster along with it. "This should do nicely..."

He pulled the knife out of his arm and tightly wrapped up the wounded arm with some bandages the barkeeper gave him.

Shadow then noticed the other, smaller ork, and shot him 2 times in the head with the revolver.

Then, he continued to talk to the barkeeper.


"Crystal, I'm taking Ash back to our apartments for a change of clothing." Chance indicated the hideous get-up that Crash had seen fit to dress the couple up in and looked pained. "We'll meet you at the Jagged Nails tonight."

Crystal nodded... The soldier looked distinctly uncomfortable in the glaringly bright clothing. Ash was worse off... She had to use her fire entinguisher five times already after spotting smoke rising from her borrowed clothes. She wondered if Crash would mind the slightly-bbq'ed gear. She hope that he didn't.

The couple left the party at a steady jog, keeping to the side-streets and alleys. The fight between the three corporations had petered off into an uneasy stand-off... Chance reasoned that it was probably the buclear threat that was keeping everybody from each others' throats.

His ears pricked up at a familiar sound as he prowled down one of the many back-alleys of Geneva... His scrambler.

The couple crept up towards the sound, hearing the harsh chattering of a group of goblins. The soldier carefully eased his head around the corner, spying the little gang arguing and jostling each other as they rolled the cycle back to their hideout.

Chance's eyes narrowed... The entire gang spotted heavy tattoos... the leader sporting a huge nose ring.

If there was anything that made him more irritated than tattoos and body ornaments, then it certainly didn't exist. Dirty, stinking degenerates... Chance thought as he ensured that the silencer on his rifle was properly fitted.

The first burst dropped the leader, three DU-tipped rounds literally blowing its head off its skinny shoulders. The goblins spun, and what appeared to be the second in command snarled... the last sound he would ever make as another double-tap cut him in two.

Goblins weren't known for their courage... The rest promptly turned tail and fled.

Half and hour later, the couple were back at Chance's pad with their scrambler intact and in new urban-black fatigues (Ash wore a spare set of fireproof clothes and her regular chainmail armour). Knowing that Geneva was in danger of being nuked, they spared some time clearing out their meagre valuables, loading them into backpacks for immediate evacuation use. Both indulged in caffeine pills, pushing back the exhaustion of two days of continuous operations with chemical means.

Chance refueled the scrambler, and with Ash riding pillion, the couple headed back towards the Jagged Nails nightclub.


Jyl continued on down another block without a word. Tilting his head slightly, he began to speak again. "So Bob, what do Eric and his brother say as to what's going on around here?"

Jyl nodded slightly. "So there's goblins running due to gunshots, and a pissed off dude driving mad. People nowadays are so off their rockers."

Sighing and shoving his hands into his pockets, Jyl walked on as the goblins run down the middle of the street. Turning around and watching them as he walked backwards, he nodded slightly. "Yes Bob, I see them too. Just because you get to sit up there and not have to do all the walking doesn't mean that you can just gripe and point out things that I can see just as well as you can."

Turning around and walking forwards, he shakes his head. "No, I don't care if Eric and his brother say that a car is coming. I'm going to continue walking. I don't care if your tired, you don't have to do the walking, just sit up there and talk, like you always do."

Jyl stopped a few minutes later and looked at an abandoned warehouse. Walking in, he looked around. "Bob, your questions are starting to annoy me. But yes, this is where we'll stay when ol' Shiney awakens"

Turning around and leaving, he wandered the streets aimlessly, enjoying the night breeze and cloudless sky.


Crystal herself wanted to change her clothes. She got Raven to park around the block from her flat (not to keen on him knowing Exactly where it is yet) and popped up to her room.

Travelling up the stairs, a drunk Ork hassled her. She ignored him. Her room seemed to be safe - the door was closed.

As always, she drew her Ultra-Power as she entered. In the darkness, nothing appeared on her thermographic goggles.

She snapped the lights on, breathing a sigh of relief, and slumped down on her bed.

There was a piece of paper next to her.

The hairs on the back of her neck rose sharply.

Scrawled on the paper in terrible writing (no-one writes well, these days...too many computers, Crystal mused.) was one sentence.

'Be seeing you. Eva.

She stared at it for a good while. She looked around - The flat was empty, the one small window was firmly shut...


Raven had gone back to his flat to get changed into his 'going-out clothes, dropping the others off on the way, to meet up at the 'Nails.
He was humming something to himself, he didn't see the guy run out into the road until it was too late...


The guy, whoever it was, was knocked on his arse a good 20feet away.

Raven skidded to a halt. He was speechless.


Jyl got up, slowly, wiping yet more blood from his face - some his own, from his mashed ribs...

"Charlie is NOT happy!"


Crystal arrived at a bar, as she had arranged.

'The Rifle Volunteer' - a pub firmly in IWS Territory. Hanging from the front was a stirring picture of a young man in Khakii uniform single-handedly charging a German machinegun position.

Jeez, I can't believe nation-states once commanded such respect from people to do crap like that. Definitley wouldn't happen these days... She shook her head.

The meet was simple - she met the IWS Johnson and a goon. She gave him the Zwerg hand, he gave her the credsticks.

"A pleasure, Ms Crystal."

"Wish I could say the same." She growled, stalking off without another word. She got in her little car and drove to the Nail's.


Shadow heard the whine of Daisaka sirens on the way to the bar.
The barkeep looked around to make sure no-one was looking, and pressed something into Shadow's hand. A¥500 credstick, and a contact number.

"Nice one, man." He said. "But get out of here quick! Go across the road, call me later. I'll take care of the cops and the bodies. GO!"

Shadow did just that, narrowly avoiding the cops.
He looke at the club across from him. A sign said:

"No weapons. No Cyberware."


Crash was stopped at the entrance to the club, by a huge Troll bouncer, after slotting his CREDSTICK (contains drivers licence, passport, credit card etc all in one) into the port.

"Not zo fas' shorty." The Trogg grumbled. "Ya rely think dat wood fool uz?"

Crash had a sinking feeling. He fidgeted, his hand came across a loose 50 Nuyen cash credstick. He held it up, shakily.

"Gud." The Trogg grinned, revealing several broken, beer-stained tusks. "Ya unnerstan' moi langwich."

He grabbed the credstick and made it disappear.
Then he stopped Crash again.

"Duhhh, da boss says no weps, no cybrr. Plz give yr weps to uz."

After deliberating whether he wanted to be smashed in the face or not, Crash did so. They gave him a ticket to get his gun back afterwards, and also deactivated his arm with a restraining bolt.

With his cyberarm dangling limp and his trousers with an ominous stain, Crash felt like a complete jerk. Luckily it was pretty dark in the club:

On the outside, it didn't look anything special: Just a dirty little hole in an alley with a neon sign of NAils cutting up an anonymous face.
On the inside, it looked a lot bigger. And better, but not much. His feet stuck to the beer-sponge of a carpet, surly bouncers glared at him, there was smoke in the air. It was early days yet, and few people were in - A few ID0 fans, some robogoths (black hair, black clothes, black spiky bands, black eye make-up...most of them were white apart from two...who were black:p), and some obviously out-of-place teenage girls.

The whole place was cobalt blue, the flashy lights weren't on yet. But it was already deafening in there: The support band was on. Crash didn't catch the name, but they were really heavy and made up for the fact they couldn't play their instruments by playing REALLY loud. Tey didn't seem to mind playing to an audience of about twenty people.

Crash went for a drink at the bar. He wasn't much of a drinker, so he settled for a soycoke.

"¥10." The Ork barkeep growled.

"¥10? JESYS WEPT!" Crash excalimed. Fragging rip-off nightclubs!

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