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Jyl nods very slowly. "Bob's right about you people. You're all off of your rocker."

he then shrugs and looks back down at Siliva and her companion, Mary who was pointing at him. Raising an eyebrow, he calls down again. "Hey, Bob doesn't like people who point. Charlie likes them though, but only as a meal, that's a big problem with Charlie. But I really don't care."


The sky was split with the thunder of the Daisaka gunship as it crested the building opposite the Jagged Nails. A loud amplified voice boomed out.

"Daisaka Secuirty! Freeze! You are all in violation of curfew! Remain where you are and drop any weapons! Ground units are en route to your position!"

Dragon, Mary, Jyl Crash and Silvia whirled around as two sppeding APCs full of Daisaka troops rounded the corner. One trained its turret machinegun (loaded with non-lethal gel-stun ammo) while the troops inside aimed autoshotguns out of the firing ports. The other APC disgorged eight Daisaka men in full security armour.

"I suggest you all get on the floor, slags!" The Sergeant said.


"Control here: Car 365 has stopped responding. I'm reading two bad life readings from the officers. Proceed to Guberstrasse. Treat Car 365 as a hostile target, repeat: Hostile target, over.."

"This is patrol wing Delta responding. Message received and understood, over." Said Captain Shibata. Her Kamov KA72 and escorting rotordrones wheeled around to the new destination, arriving within seconds.

"Reading Car 365's transponder signal, Captain." The Gunner said.

"Gunship Delta to drones" Proceed and attack target! Gunner, track that car!"


Bullets rattled off the car's frame like wildfire. Eva tried to look behind her, but was momentarily blinded by the chopper's spotlight glaring in the rear-view camera. Worse still, drones were getting closer and more accurate. The car swerved as a supposedly bulletproof wheel blew out.

Frag, gotta lose this damn Rent-a-cop-car!

She was just turning off into the vicinity of the Central Business District of Geneva when a new burst of SMG fire ripped through the car. Eva was hit in the arrm and chest. She lost control of the car, and blacked out...

When she came too, she was smothered with something. She couldn't breathe.

Relax. Safety foam... It probably saved me...

She managed to break out of the spongy foam - Her car had crashed into some kind of building. Nearby, steps led down to a subway vacuum-assisted train station.

Perfect. She thought. Now to find that Mac asshole...

She stepped out of the car - One Daisaka rotordrone was waiting for her. Without thinking, Eva put her hands in front of her face and ran.

A burst of gunfire raked her legs. She dived for the stairs, hit them hard and rolled all the way down, leaving a trail of blood.


Crystals vidphone rang.

She tried to ignore it. It was late - 2:00am in the morning, she'd only just got home.

It rang again.

"Go away."

It rang again.

"Frag you.

It rang again.

"WHAT? She screamed, darting out of bed (an unseen figure lay there, unmoving).


"You're fragging kidding? YOU AREN'T? Drek it! Get after her! I'll call someone!"

Cylinder Head had been wandering around in his car on Autonav when the call came through on his wristphone.

Five minutes later he was speeding on the way to the airfield, making some calls of his own, wiping away tears and dreaming of the biggest gun he could find...


Badjimmy had just gotten home and stripped off his clothes, changing into more suitable ones for the night. Before he did, as always, he cranked up his crap, obsolete matrix-capable computer (over 1,000 times slower than a cyberdeck) and checked the ID0 matrix site.

The latest post, oddly, was by Dexter Flange himself. It didn't seem to make any sense - It had a description of two characters and contained the words ' Lady Zero kidnapped'.

Badjimmy threw on his trenchcoat, pulled on some boots, grabbed his Ultra-Power heavy pistol and slammed the door to his office as he went out. He also knew some 'phone numbers.


"Officer, I will listen to you." Crash said. "I just would also like you to know that we had heard nothing about a curfew. Clubs play the music at blaring sounds, you know? What we do know is that Lady Zero has been kidnapped... that is all. But can you explain why this curfew was put into place?"


Lady Zero was bound tightly and left in a dark room.

Her kidnappers hadn't bothered covering their identities - This told Lady Zero one thing.

They're going to kill me.

They hadn't even searched her - She stil had her wristphone on. If she could just reach it - She knew roughly where the house was...


The cop looked at Crash and snarled. He wasn't an Ork, but the expression still fitted him perfectly. Mary, Silvia and Jyl turned to watch. Mary gasped when she recognised the boy.
"Shaddup Frag-runt!"
The cop strode up the crash, and punched him in the stomach. Crash groaned, and fell sideways. The cop looked at him.
"When I say there's a curfew, there's a curfew!". He kicked Crash's prone form.
"Any of you drek-heads want to try something? Huh?", he called down the alleyway. "Got a problem with Daisaka?"
It appeared no-one had.
The 'cops entered Jagged Nails. Crash managed to crawl away, towards the others, the machine guns trained on them all the time.
"Crash! Are you ok?" The decker noticed Mary sounded overly concerned.
"Yeah, I'll live". He groaned again, but put on a brave face. "I'll get those fraggers next time. Lousy corp-shit!"
"Yeah, right, Crash, go on believing". Even Tank would have understood the sarcasm in Mary's voice.

Silvia, the half-elf, signalled to the pair, who turned to her.

"Save the hugs for later... I suggest we get out of here... now!"

The three half-elves and Crash, slowly crawled into an adjacent alley, got up, and started running. Mac remained crouched behind a crate.

"Sleg!" Silvia, Mary noticed, had used a dragon swear word. Odd. "More 'cops"

They turned, saw the cops, and ducked into an alcove, with a long ladder leading upwards. They almost cut their breathing, as three rent-a-cops dashed past, but didn't notice them. The cops reached the corner of the alleys, and looked around in the darkness, surrounded by trash from the concert -empty gluco-beer bottles, used tickets, condoms, discarded clothing -.

Then, Mary's wrist-phone started beeping urgently.


"Whaddaya got, Makarov?" The sergeant asked his Mage. The female ork - clad in lighter armour with fetishes and power focuses on a belt said:

"The three in the van are from that band. Y'know, Identity Zero? Apparently some slags ran off with their singer. Kidnapping, looks like. I put them through the truth spell. Story checks out. Got some descriptions too. One of the suspects was a sixteen year old with a Cyberarm."

The Sarge had just seen a sixteen year old with a cyberarm...

"Frag it! Virens, get that kid for me! And Makarov, go astral, search for auras of depression, desperation, that kind of stuff associated with kidnapping."

And then the sarge radioed in to control.

The sarge waited for an unmarked car to show up. A scabby ork in a Trenchcoat got out. He had a partner Dwarf. They walked up to the sarge and flashed their Daisaka badges. Detectives.

"Detective Grashnak, that's Detective Thorensson. Wha's da deal here, Sergeant? I wuz havin' a nice nap. If ya's know what ah means." The Ork said.

"Well, apart from what I told you on the radio, we received a report that some woman was arrested here earlier. Turns out she's escaped, killed two of our boys on the way, too. I was just about to go into the club and check the camera footage."

Both Detectives shook their heads.

"As if a war isn't bad enough, eh, Thorensson? Fragging 'runners. Will they ever learn?"

"I guess not, Grashnak."

Inside the club, Makarov helped get some good info from the Troll bouncer. The big guy shook with rage when he heard of the deaths of the two rent-a-cops.
As for the cameras, the club manager - A pale Elf - was only too happy to let them use the tapes. The Sarge and the Detectives found some good clues.

"Its the woman with the gun - Who's that throwing the glass at her? Get a hardcopy of them both. Get the blue-hair bitch, too - she has a gang scar. So does the Silver-hair guy with the rigger jacks."

By the time the rent-a-cops had taken their pictures, neamed them to HQ and put all their evidence together, they had a list of 'suspects wanted for questioning' with pictures for each, and through the miracle of modern technology, the APB and information was sent out to every Cop's helmet display, every car computer, every helicopter, drone and drone-rigger in a matter of seconds.

'Blue-haired woman'
'Silver-Haired guy' (Cylinder Head)
'Kid with cyberarm'
'Elf wearing robes' (Xecktos)
'Tough bitch' (Eva)
'Stealthy guy' (Shadow)
'Doctor Mary Turin'.

The detectives brought up Turin's profile.

"Well now, 'Doctor' " Thorensson said to himself. "I guess you strayed a bit far coming here, eh? And she's the only one with an official identity the crime computer recognizes. Get control to put her house under surveillance! We'll see what she knows!"

The Chase was on...


Dragon managed to slip away quietly - The Chopper went chasing the crazy guy on the roof, and the riot rent-a's were preoccupied now with arresting the other drunks. He went slinking off after Mary, Crash and the other girl...


Shadow was surprised whe his phone beeped. He'd been cleaning his gun. Xecktos was nowhere to be seen. Shadow wondered if Xecktos had betrayed him.

"Speak." Shadow said. It was a faceless man, speaking in an Ork-type voice.

"Jimmy told me to tell you to bring the singer-slitch to AET airport Warehouse 5. There you will wait until morning, day after tomorrow, and someone will pick her up in a tilt-wing." End.

Shadow whistled. Warehouse Five, AET Airport? He would have to find some way of getting an AET uniform and security pass. Also, it was a long way across town - He'd need a car, too. He'd need to Keep Lady Zero from being recognized. Come to think of her, time to check up on her...


Lady Zero had found a rusted radiator and used it to cut her bonds. It had taken half an hour in the dark, but it had worked. Now, she had broken a chair. As the door to her room opened, she prepared to bring it down on the head of whoever walked through...


Badjimmy was desperate. He loved Lady Zero. Loved her. Seeing her play tonight had made his very year. But he couldn't find her alone!

He needed Shadowrunners.

The only Shadowrunners he knew were: 'Chance', 'Ash', Turin', 'Crystal Trigger' and 'CrashOverride'. - The very 'Runners he'd been hired to make the 'phone calls against by Jimmy Lefixit, for unknown reasons.

The first he called was Turin.

"I'll keep this short. If you want a job, meet me at the 'Rifle Volunteer' pub in half an hour."

He left the same message on all their 'phones. He took his voice modualtor off - It would have made all the messages (from a callbox with no pic display of course) sound like a womans'...


Ery was woken with a call at 4:00am in the morning.

"What are these feckin' gobshites up to now?" The Irish elf muttered. What was it? ore Aztechnology attacks? Not bloody likely. Aztech were just about finished in Geneva...

"What?" He snarled, rubbing sleep from his eyes. A box of sleeping pills fell off his bedside table.

Jimmy Lefixit's unwelcome face appeared.

"It is done, boss. Target will be available for collection day after tomorrow, at the arranged pick up point. But-"

Well what do you want? a figgin' medal? Ery wanted to say. But he said
"But what? My time is money, Mr Lefixit. Especially my sleeping time..."

"Well, I think Daisaka are getting a bit close to my operatives. Can you do something about them?"


"Frag!" Mary slammed the off button on her wrist phone, and heard the sound of running footsteps. The cops.

Silvia was already halfway up the ladder leading skywards, Crash and the other half-elf just after her. Mary grabbed a rung, and hauled herself up after them quickly.

Suddenly, she heard Silvia whisper down.
"There are cops on the roof too. We're in some big sleg here..."
Once again, Mary thought.
"What now?" That was Crash's voice, but how he'd managed to talk after the cops had only had him a few minutes before, Mary didn't know.
"In here". Silvia, again, and then a creaking sound.
Mary could see the cops below, looking for the cause of the noise.
Mary moved up the ladder, and saw that a window on the building had been forced open. The metal was mangled and twisted - it looked like something had physically ripped the window open - the lock on the inside had been forced by something powerful.

Mary scrambled through the window after Crash. They were inside a run-down office block - something small, not corp property. An expensive-looking cyberdeck was in one corner, which Crash was eying up eagerly.

"Ok, how do we get out of here? And more to the point, who the frag forced that window? That can't have been one of us."

"I did".

Mary's eyes flicked to the half-elf girl, but, before further information could be obtained, the previously taciturn and silent half-elf, Jyl, gave a slight cry, and flung himself against the window they'd entered by, which swung outwards, hitting the rent-a-cop outside with a crash, and knocking him off the ladder, falling into the alley below.

The strange character finally spoke.
"I suggest we go. Now"

Crash was at the door, trying desperately to open it, but it was locked. Jyl again threw himself, this time against the door, and it crashed open into a corridor, broken clean off it's hinges. The half-elf grinned.
"It's all how you fall, ladies", he said, still smirking, and getting up from the floor as Mary, Silvia, and a shocked looking Crash followed him out into a deserted corridor, whitewashed and bare, apart from the odd syth-plant potted beside doors.

"We need to help Lady Zero..." Crash sounded plaintive now.

"We need to help ourselves first, boy". This was Jyl. "here are cops after us, if you hadn't noticed!"

Another rent-a-cop was climbing in through the forced window now, yelling something;
"Stop! You're under a-fragging-rest, drek heads! You can't run from Daisaka!"
He fumbled with his gun, and sent a shower of bullets speeding towards where the four had been only minutes before.

The male half-elf lead the way down the corridor, catching sight of the inside of each room as he ran. He was trained fighter, obviously had been in a situation like this before, and was looking for something.

Suddenly, he stopped, quickly swung open a large door.

"In here!"

Jyl pelted into a stairwell leading downwards into darkness. The others followed, away from the yells of Daisaka rent-a-cops behind them.


Wondering where the heck he was, Crash tried to ask Jyl, but decided not to, as the cops would probably hear him. They have gunships...but gunships can't go underground... people can, people with many deadly or paralyzing weaponry... and all Crash had to protect himself with was his arm, a tazer, and a bolt gun with all of it's ammo and some mithril armor...but if Ery betrayed them, for all he know, the first pull on his trigger wold be his last. he hurriedly followed the rest, trying to make the least ammount of sound possible.


Daisaka rent-a-cops piled down the stairs after them. Luckily, they were sloppy. No way as accuarate as the Aztech soldiers she'd got into a firefight with before. That was probably why they hadn't hit them yet.

Jyl and Silvia dashed off the bottom of the flight of stairs. Crash slipped, but managed to catch hold of a bannister, and steady himself. Mary grabbed his arm, and pulled him foreward, off the stairs, through the swinging doors that Jyl and Silvia had exited through, and across an imitation-stone hallway.

The ground floor had glass-panels looking out to the street beyond. No Daisaka vans outside - yet. There might be a chance of escape.


Shadow whistled and said to himself, Warehouse Five, AET Airport..Shadow would have to find some way of getting an AET uniform and security pass.

It was a long way across town and he would need a car, and a way to keep Lady Zero from being recognized.

Shadow then came near the room and heard noises and opened the door very slowly. He then entered and felt something hit his back hard.

He fell to the ground put then kicked himself back up and kicked the door closed. Shadow then looked at Lady Zero..."Nice try..." he laughed.

Shadow then ran over, but got some resistance from her, but overpowered her easily and put steel bands around her arms and sat her down in another room.

He then kept a close eye on her and was trying to figure out how to the the AET Uniforms and security passes.

Shadow took a glance down at her wrists and noitced a wristwatch, just like his, he then went over and took it off and put it in his pocket.

He then went and searched her and found nothing else on her.


Lady Zero looked at her tormentor with tearful eyes.

"You're going to kill me aren't you? Why are you doing this to me?" She cried. She couldn't move. Why didn't the bastard just kill her?


Unless he was going to rape her, too...

She prepared herself for the worst.


Outside the Jagged Nails, the Daisaka rent-a-cops called off the search for the suspects who's gone up the building.

Their job done, one APC full of curfew-breakers pulled away, back to the station. The detectives, the sergeant and the mage got into the second wheeled APC and drove off with the rest of the Daisaka men, with the gunship following it's patrol route once more. The pilot sent the images his cameras had picked up to control - The images were blurry, however, and couldn't be used for recognition purposes as they only showed backs.

"I oughta have shot the fraggers. I've been dying to use this new IWS rotary laser..." The gunner said, flying off into the night...


Shadow looked at Lady Zero with his Prussian Blue eyes.

"I am not going to kill you..." said Shadow to her.

He walked over to her and sat down next to her, and he took his hand and gently brushed the tears away.

Shadow said to her, "I am not going to harm you in anyway, I promise you. Just do as I say and you won't get hurt."


"damn des crazy peoples, getting poor Jol running around in a frenzy aye!" The Rent-a-cop, Jol, was driving around is his rig. He pulled up to a rent-a-cop parking lot. He parked the rig, and got out. A very tall troll was meeting him there.

"Captian Jol repoting sir!" Jol saluted. The Troll grinned.
"Very go'd Jol, come witha me, in me tank, we have big job to do, many deadly peoples out tonight. We's got ta find dem's." The Troll pulled out a key, and walked out to his tank. Jol waddled with him. The got in the hulking tank and sped off.


Xecktos walked into the room, quietly. He walked on the balls of his toes. He made not a sound to alert Shadow of his presence. He creeped up behind Shadow. Then with out warning and a swift punch with his cybernetic arm to the back of Shadow's head, he was out like a light.

"Sorry kid, hope you dont die over this." Xecktos whispered. he then came up now to Lady Zero, who couldnt tell if he was a friend or foe. Xecktos helped her up.

"Who are you? " She asked fearfully. Xecktos smiled warmly
"A friend, now come on!" Xecktos Grabbed Lady Zero by her arms and led her out of the building.

Xecktos pressed is left temple. Underneath the skin was a button which turned un a map system of geneva in his left cyber eye. The map had one flashing orange dot on it. It was a homing becon for his sword, which had a transmitter in the bottom of the hilt. Hopefully the rest of his stuff was there.

"Now listen Lady Zero, you have to stay with me until the coast is clear. I can protect you. Just as soon as i get my weapons."


...there's only one way for me to escape... thought crash ...i must take off my robo arm... as soon as we get away... they've probably put out an APB already, so, there is realy only one way to somewhat hide my identity... the robo arm must come off!

Running with the group, he followed them to an old abandoned guarage...

"hey, anybody here have a backpack or a place to store something big in?"


Shadow was sitting in the room and was talking to Lady Zero.

He looked at her and seen her head turn and he then turned and saw Xecktos for a moment then was out cold.

He woke up what seemed to be an hour later, then got up. Shadow looked around and saw Xecktos to be nowere seen.

He then ran out and punched a few numbers in his wrist-watch. "This is Shadow" he said to Jimmy.

"Xecktos betrayed me... and he took Lady Zero, What should I do now?" said Shadow to Jimmy.


"ok, I'm gonna make a call to an old friend..."

*Bring Bring* Hello, Xecktos... did you hear what happened at the jagged nails club earlier? where are you?

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