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The DragonPaw corporation men were staring at the briefing.
"affirmative. Van with some of dragon related kind approaching."
"roger, Wilson. The boss N'zar asked to kidnap a dragon that comes from London, no matter where he travels."
"Are you craze, Mitch? We are not match for that."
"You were told to use the control necklace, guys. It won't be so hard to put it in. Just lure it."
"And if it fails."
"For god's sake! You have a fragging panzerfaust tank! Even dragons can have troubles with that."
"Righto. Waiting in ambush."


The man with the light pistol had the advantage, of course... In the confines of the stairwell, his short-barrelled weapon could be brought to bear faster than Chance's longer assault rifle.

Chance saw the single bloom of the man's pistol...

Part of him thought, Idiot... Always double-tap with a pistol. Especially against armoured targets. Single rounds just don't do the job well enough. The other part, of course, thought...

Oh frag!

The pistol round thudded into his chestplate, the impact felt right through to his solar plexus. Light pistol, yes. But at five yards? He felt as if he had been kicked by a horse. Chance staggered backwards against the stairway wall, his momentum catching Firearm as he ran up the stairs. His rifle slipped, and its butt found itself in Firearm's face. The gun-elf tumbled down the stairs, screaming an obscenity as he did so. His Uzi didn't go off... the old-style weapon having its manual safety attached to the back of the pistol grip so that it could not misfire when dropped.

Meanwhile, the man framed against the top of the stairwell advanced...

He isn't a soldier! A professional would finish me with a headshot before he steps forward... Chance thought.

The voice that came next confirmed his dawning suspicions.

"OH FRAG! Chance! Sorry! Oh frag! Oh FRAG!" Zizz looked shocked, staring from his smoking pistol to Chance. For a moment, he thought that he had accidently killed the soldier... Oh frag... Once Ash gets to me, I'm literally toast!!! But then he saw the soldier's left gloved hand come away from a dent in the armour after picking off the flattened light-pistol bullet. Chance was ok... saved by his chestplate.

The next thing Zizz knew, he was being thrown down the stairwell as Chance tumbled down after him... The soldier had spotted hostiles taking aim at Zizz's back and yanked the athelete down with him. Bulletholes tattooed the palce where Chance had been. The soldier paused and yanked the pin from a grenade, cooked off the frag for two seconds, before flipping the device upstairs. There was an almighty crash and a wave of dust that obscured both Chance as Zizz as they scrambled out of the stairwell. From the still extremely-lively curses and yells upstairs, Chance hadn't managed to kill anyone... but the grenade had probably made them think twice.

An answering grenade from the upstairs came tumbling down to rest at Chance's feet, the soldier rapidly tipping it further down the stairwell with a bat from his rifle... Another boom resounded, followed by more yelling, this time from below. Both men didn't pause to admire their handiwork, grabbing the partially stunned Firearm and running over to Crystal just as yet another grenade exploded.

Chance was about to take off when he suddenly froze and sprinted back towards the scene of the last explosion... He was certain that he had heard Ash scream immediately after the blast...


A few factors saved Ash... Among them was the fact that no less than three enemy soldiers had been between her and the blast, the fact that the soldier she had barrelled into had lost his balance at the turn of the landing, and the material of the stairwell walls.

Having hit him at waist height as she came charging up, the soldier that she had rammed into fell backwards... right on top of her. The momentum of his heavy armour and the curve of the stairwell pitched both of them down the flight of stairs as the grenade went off at a higher level behind the bodies of the lead guards... causing most of the fragments to wing over them.

The material of the stairwell walls now played a part... As Ash had seen earlier further down the stairs, the walls had been badly pockmarked by fragments, meaning that they weren't made of material that would encourage ricochets. In fact, most of the lethal fragments buried themselves in walls, floors and enemy body armour... and stayed there.

Of course, nothing protected Ash from the noise and blast effects.


"Come on!" Crystal hollered as Chance hobbled up to them supporting the limping form of Ash. Firearm and Zizz were throwing out gunfire to both sides of the retreating duo... Chance finally succeeding in reaching top of the stairwell. Suspecting that the duo had run into trouble, Crystal had come back to help them out.

Both were in a bad way... Ash bled from burst eardrums and was totally deafened. Chance had found her under the mangled and dying corpses of DocWagon guards, pinned under their armoured forms. He didn't get her clear in time... another foursome of guards had charged upstairs as Chance pulled her out. Fierce automatic gunfire dropped the first three, the force of DU-tipped slugs throwing the front guards backwards among the ones in the back. The last one got off a round, a single bullet that had struck Chance in the fleshy part of the thigh, where his armour did not protect.

It wasn't an incapacitating bone-hit, but from then onwards, it was adrenaline that kept him going... Grabbing Ash's flamethrower, laying down a screen of fire to prevent anyone else from running up, then retreating up the stairwell with the incoherent and badly stunned Ash, all that had taken much out of him.

Chance was still capable of fighting, but not for long. Enough to get them out if Cylinder came in on time and Crash kept any enemies on the landing zone heads-down and cowering with machine-gun fire.

Crystal threw her arm across Ash, relieving the exhausted soldier and allowing him to use his two-handed weapon properly. She kept her weapon readied and grasped single-handed.

"Firearm! Covering fire!" Crystal hollered as they pulled back to the roof stairwell...

"Gladly!" Firearm shrilled... His dual Uzis spitting out dozens of rounds. Upon running the mags dry, he shoved both back into his holsters and drew double pistols, keeping up the fire as they pulled out.


The van had covered a long distance now, and the 'Road to Hell' was now a 6-lane dirt track. The number of other vehicles had diminished gradually, and as they edged closer across the curve of the globe towards Orkslavia, the most common vehicles seen were agricultural equipment, and the occasional Bulk Nutrition truck. At one point, Raven's van had become stuck in a huge river of mud that origianated from a river, that had burst it's banks and made it hard for anyhting apart from huge tired, tracked, or hover vehicles to cross. Everyone had got out to push apart from Hurricane.

Eventually, they reached the borders of Orkslavia. The smell of manure had been filtering through the window, making Hurricane, Mary, Silvia, Badjimmy and Raven feel slightly queasy. The greenskins didn't seem to mind it, though, and Tank almost seemed to enjoy it. Mary hoped that the rest of the country wouldn't smell quite so bad as this, although at least they had almost reached their destination.

The custom's post was a shambles. Situated in the middle of the road, anyone who thought of simply driving off the road and into the fields around to bypass it could easily enter the country illegally. However, Raven thought best to make this as legitimate as possible - just in case.

The van slowed down to a halt, and a medium-sized Ork in a battered uniform lolloped out of the customs building.

"Anythin' to declare?"
"Nope, officer."
"I said, nethin' to declare!" The Ork screamed in Raven's face, bad breath hitting him like a pungent hurricane.
"Oh, you mean...." said Raven, and pulled out a box of Cigars from under his seat, a bottle of 'Jinru's Finest Liquor' and a 100 nuyen credstick.
"Here you go officer. Have a nice day."

"Yu too." The ork had already ripped open the box of cigars, scattering them everywhere. One had found it's way to his mouth, and he lit it up. The van moved off.

"I really wanted to save them," said Raven in a melancholy voice.

Mary opened her cyberdeck, and pulled up a map of Orkslavia in the cramped van.
"Ok. Looks like we're still going to have to go north, until we reach the village where we think Curim lived. That's another day's travel."

Everyone groaned.


Yet more guards were at top of the stairwell to the roof structure. Two were in the heavy security armour that the other guards had been wearing, and another man wore only a heavy vest over his grey and gold security uniform.

Crystal and Ash had gone first - Crystal was ready, with her IWS SMG 70 in one hand and tucked under her arm. She raked a ten-round burst across all three men. The first two were moderately injured with explosive-fragmetation bullets impacting against their lower abdomen, while the third, lighter-armoured man was seriously injured in the neck.

Then the two that were capable returned fire A burst caught Crystal's armour jacket. It absorbe most of the hits to her shoulder, but the guards rounds split into fractions that embedded painfully in her face. The second man fired a busrt down at Ash, but his injured arm and the recoil threw him off, even in such a short distance.


Down in the corridor still, Firearm exchanged pistiol fire with some orderlies. A man came charging forward, hurdling a fallen gurney, screaming at the top of his voice.

Brave, but don't give up your day job. Firearm grinned, pumping out two heavy shots with each pistol. The man was hit once, still running, and then again, crumpling into a heap and falling end over end into a spare bed, barely breathing.


Cylinder Head landed on the roof.

On top of the giant Ice Cream cone were two structures - One hut from which the stairwell and elevators emerged, and one control building with a radar and sensor installation on top. Cy could imaging what was happening behind the polarized glass.

"That's not an RAF aircraft!" He mock-whined in the nasal voice of the DocWagon air-traffic controller.

"Crash, give 'em a burst to keep their heads down!"


The next morning, Shadow got up in his hotel and started to pack all his gear in a black leather suit case.

A couple hours later it is 3:30 PM in the afternoon. Shadow decided to check out of the hotel.
He walked down the stairs and bumped into a guy in a trenchcoat.

Shadow glimpses him for a couple of seconds, and then continued to walk out the hotel doors.
He walked out to his car, put the suitcase in the passenger side and drove off to the airport.

When he arrived at the airport he walked up and through the airport doors, and slipped past the security guards for the baggage checks.

Lukas swiftly jumped out to the airfield and sneaked onto his plane by hiding in the cargo hold, while bags were being thrown in.


"ETA 10 minutes." replied a bald dwarf manipulating the scout drone of the DragonPaw panzerfaust. Being as twice as big as any heayvy tank, this dounle barreled monster could even blow in two a tough Hover panzer. The Titan siege missiles, and the barrelled gattling offered both a cover from air than from nasty infantry forces.
"Move the tank." Scruffly said the elf commander, while smoking.
A goblin driver manipulated the hover system. Due to his weight and road condition, he could not use the threads system to move.
"Let the show begin." Shouted the human gunner, while aiming the dual 120mm cannon barrels to the van approaching.
Dorodo yelled as two depleted uranium 120mm rounds travelled towards him.
"Remember. We want the dragon thing alive." Shouted the elf.
"And do not worry about others. There's no way people in Orkistonia can catch our tank. Their firepower may be heavy, but moves slow."


Zizz was starting to hurt terribly.

Sure, his wounds hadn't hurt much minutes ago... but they did with a vengence now. He looked down, seeing the red of blood seeping through the bandages on his waist and legs.

He didn't know why the DocWagon guards were attacking them... afterall, he was paying them, wasn't he? But of course, that didn't matter much now, not with all four of them wounded and stranded at the bottom of a bullet-filled stairway.


Chance hammered out another burst upstairs as one of the two remaining wounded DocWagon guards attempted to peep over the edge. The head was hastily withdrawn. The soldier thanked whoever was watching out for him up there for not giving the DocWagon guards grenades to toss down on them... Security troops didn't need explosives anyway.

His weapon arm was still working, but he knew that blood loss was starting to drain his strength. Half-sitting, half-lying against the floor, he could feel the cold beginning to seep in... He forced himself awake, staring at Crystal and Ash, both of whom were looking just as battered.

Crystal's pretty face was a mask of blood. She was still bravely standing guard, but lobbing a grenade up to clear the stairs was beyond her ability... Not with the guards upstairs tossing the occasional wild burst down their way. Ash was rocking her head as she sat against the wall, her face ashen as blood continued to seep down the sides of her neck... deafened, she had also lost much of her sense of balance. Her flamethrower was useless anyway at such an angle... shooting up meant killing them all with splashed fire.

Firearm slid into the little room at the bottom of the stairs, ending up beside Chance. He was still putting on a brave front, but the soldier could see the spreading bloodstains on his longcoat... The elf had done his job to perfection, causing so many casualties among their chasers that the DocWagon guards had elected to pull back instead. But he had paid the price too.

With shaking lips, Firearm grinned a bloodless grin at Chance.

"It was a helluva fight, wasn't it?"

The elf pulled himself around and braced himself against Chance, both men now back to back as they used each other for support. The blood of all four runners mingled on the floor.

What have I done? I have failed them... Again, I have failed my friends. Ash, Ash... I'm sorry Chance fought back despair, as the four runners prepared for their last moments of life.


Zizz had seen all of this, seen the grim determination and brotherhood of those who trusted their lives with each other and were willing to fight till death for their buddies. These people were Shadowrunners... people who were supposedly scum of the earth.

But now he saw in each of their bloodstained faces what true comradeship really meant.

True teamwork... and the idea popped into his head.

"Crystal, toss a grenade at me now. Armed!" Zizz hissed urgently to the wounded girl. She looked at him as if he was mad, perplexity written over her bloodied face.

"Toss it! Trust me!" Crystal looked like she was about to disagree, but suddenly changed her expression as Zizz did something really unexpected.

He pulled out the paper-cup holder for a holed water-cooler standing in the corner. The metal tube was fat, but it would serve its purpose. He gave a grim nod to Crystal as she armed and lobbed the ticking grenade at him... one of her most powerful high-explosive versions.

Zizz was an athelete... and like a large number of sportsmen, he indulged in many different sports besides his extreme flying / skydiving. Among these sports was the ancient game of...


Zizz batted the grenade perfectly, sending the ticking explosive flying right up the stair well at the two guards. One chose to raise his head right then...

The resultant explosion sprayed slick crimson over the walls... But the Shadowrunners were already moving, infused with new strength from the injection of hope...

There might still be a chance of getting out alive!


The plane to London took off. For about 6 hours, Shadow sat on the same spot in the cargo hold, adjusting his weapons.

He felt the plane jolt as its wheels touched the ground, and after a few minutes they came to a complete stop.

About 15 minutes later, some luggage crewmen came up and opened the back baggage slot up. Shadow quickly jumped out and ran off. The airport security had no time to react.

Shadow reached a hotel called Starry Inn. He got a key and walked up to his room with the suitcase and sat down on the bed.

Wondering if his old boss would still be in business, he punches 7 digits on his vidphone and waited for it to ring.


The 'phone rang. It rang a total of seven times before it was answered.
An eery yet familiar 'voice' answered the 'phone. At the start it seemed incomprehensible babble, but after a moment, Shadow's hearing adjusted.
The message was made up of a combination of voices cut from songs by recording artists, wired together so they formed sentences of a kind - Shadow heard some Identity Zero in there, along with Sharper than Light, Lei-Fang Jones, Darwin's Bastards, Spiritwalker and Atomic Kiva, but he only recognised half the voices behind the mix-mash of the music - Electroslam, Synth-pop, Hyperthrash and Neo-Wave.

"And what now- WHO calling me, calling mee- IS IT? This time of day, baby/Oh yeah..."

"You know me, DJ." Shadow answered. "I'm back in town."

A pause.

Shadow imagined whoever 'DJ Doppelgänger' was (for no-one had ever seen his/her face) uploading the next bizarrely put-together sentence.

"MY FRIEND! MY FRIEND!/and I know we'll meet again/I'm gonna take you down, baby/TO THE-/club HATE!/yeah BABY!"
The next words might have been from the speaking clock-"eight o'clock pm/yeah!"

"Club Hate, 8'o clcok. I get you. Bye."

He hung up.

While in the hotel, he punched the 3DTV on.



Scene of a huge ball of blinfding white light enveloping a city.

"Geneva is now completely covered by the magical vortex. Speculation suggests that the phenomenon has halted at the edge of the city. I am afraid we cannot tell you more on that story, as our reporter was barred from the sight by Daisaka air patrols. Daisaka seem to have assumed complete control of the Geneva Free-Enterprise Zone, as it exists. More on that story later."

Scenes of businessmen entering press conference as crowds of Comet fanatics wave placards and throw soy-chips at them, then some mock-ups of a spindly fragile-looking chrome space vehicle.

"Digital Guardian Corporation have formally announced their intention to join the race to launch a probe to Halley's comet as it approaches Earth. Their probe, named 'Valykrie, joins IWS, Zaibatsu, OCU, AET and Aztechnology probes in the race to be the first to reach the comet. For more on this story, go to the DGC Matrix host."

"I'm Flaxine McJanadaren. This is the BBC."


The centaur had came again a few days later. Someone had said they'd seen Remini at home, and betrayed her position by accident. This time, the gangster had brought a huge troll with him, to break down the door.

Remini had hid herself in the cellar of the small house, amoung the numerous bottles and kegs of wine (Curim had been fond of good wine with his meals). It had smelt dark and damp, and, although the nose-plugs had kept her from the Centaur's pheromones, the Ork thugs had eventually found her, and bundled her into the back of a black hover-limo.

Right now, she was sandwiched between two of these, in transit to the estate of Mawrose Delori.


Tyadoron watched the news with interest.
So... there were going to be other attempts to reach this comet. This made things a little more complicated.

Tyadoron had banked on Vladistok being the only corporation to send a probe to the shuttle -and to further this, had not announced any plans herself, hoping to make her mission much less conspicous. As it was, everything had changed now.

Tyadoron knew it was necissary to lauch a manned probe. Any actions taken to - if necissary - deal with the comet - would have to be done on split second descisions. There wouldn't be a chance to send a second team. She had already aquired the services of a veteran ex-CASSA Astronaught to head the mission, and had a list of about twenty hopefulls to fill the other three crew slots. However, due to the new competition, she would have to arm her probe - the other corporations wouldn't have any qualms in attempting to shoot down her probe with their own to prevent her reaching the comet first. And arming the probe meant she would need someone capable of using the weapons.

For all she knew, this could escalate into the first war fought in space in the entire history of the world.


Xecktos wiped the sweat from his face...

"What is it that you want me to do?" The other line laughed.
"Every good choice elf! You'll find out when you get to orkslavia, once you cross the city boarder, we'll call you again. Oh and dont even think about getting your brother to help you." The line then hung up.

Xecktos clinched his upper lip, then punched this metal arm through the passenger window. Jol looked at him, but said nothing.

WHY?! WHY?! Here i am tired beaten and dying, wanting nothing more then to die in peace, and they want to kill me love, and now they tell me my brother is alive! I can't die now... I can't... DAMN THIS FRAGGING WORLD! DAMN IT TO BLOODY HELL!!


The elf smacked the gunner.
"Idiot, that almost blew up the van!. We need it alive!"
A voice from a speaker shouted.
"You, over there! Don't move a muscle, or we will blow you up!"

The pilot saw a huge blip on the radar.
"We got trouble."
"What kind?" asked Draco.
"An hostile Panzerfaust."
Behemoth dropped the coffee glass.

Five armoured men left the tank, and quickly headed the van.
"Target identified."
"Man it is really injuried."
Both two gangers took Silvia out.
The commander spat the cigarette and headed towards the newly captured dragon.
The maneuver was so quick that no one realized what happened.
But they could do nothing but hope the tank would blew em up.
After a glowing, Silvia's wounds were fully recovered. The commander was also a skilled magician.
"Bob, the necklace."
"Here sir."
Silvia did not understand what was that all about.
The necklace firmly was held in her neck. Soon she shapeshifted into human.
"What the sleg?"
"You can't fool us, Draco. Even with your powers blocked with the Control Necklace, you have been able to shapeshift into an elf woman"
"What the!? I am not Draco! I am not even a full dragon! I am Silvia, a half-Dragon!"
The commander seemed really angry.
"Idiots! We have wasted a necklace! Uh... Wait a sec... You can be of some use. You shall come with us!"
"I would never go with us, scum!"
A bald dwarf headed towards, and speaking in a poor draconian he said.
"Bitch, you have no option. You are out of the range of the cannons, but you don't have your powers either, and we can kill you easily".

Something else was heard. A growl from a very angry dragon. Draco. He saw everything.


Xecktos wasn't surprised, when just after the border crossing (Which let the Ork Jol through without a thought after he passed them some of his home-brew) when his wristphone rang.

It was the CAS-man's harsh voice again - He spoke like he'd smoked one too many Marlboro Novas.

"Right you stupid gruddamn Elf! Drive that big fraggin' rig straight to the Capital!"


"SO! DAT'S WOT DERE UP TO, EH?" The Orkislavian army officer grunted.

They'd been tailing this vehicle ever since it had been teleported in. The Ork captain didn't kniow how, but disgustingly, as the machine had appeared, dead human flesh had been seen falling away from the hull - The bodies of at least 20 people.

"Fraggin' hermetic magic." The Ork's second-in-command, a bear-shaman, said. He picked up his staff and stood up. "Dey mus' 'av yoozed dat flesh as a livin' ancho' to telly-port dat tank 'ere."

The shaman spat in disgust. So did the captain, and so did every Ork in the 25-Ork platoon.

"Alroight lads! Jimmy Frag-nuts, get on da telly-communicata! Get us sum air-support! Shaman Kropolov, cover us usin' da powa!"

The Orks readied their weapons - Soviet AK97s, some AK98s with grenadelaunchers, and three anti-tank missile launchers.



The Dracocorp tank crewmen were caught off-guard, out of their vehicle.

The bestial roar of the Ork soldiers was terrifying.

"Get in the tank! Get in the panzerfaust, NOW!"

Automatic fire filled the air - The Orks cared nothing for fire discipline, firing wildly as they moved. One Ork tripped up on a bush - His gun fell and put a three-round burst through his comrade's leg.

"GRR! I'll put ya eyes out fo' dat!" He said, then carried on, limping.

The Dwarf crewman was struggling to fit through his hatch - A spell slammed into him, turning him into a human torch. He screamed as his own burning flesh filled his nostrils.


"Bear gives me the power..." The shaman sang, dancing, chanting, taking on the aspect of bear as he focused his totem's nature-given energies for another spell...


The Ork platoon, running ever-closer, was almost at the Tank when the surviving crew eventually got in...

Silvia, seeing her chance, made a break for it, back to the van - Where Huricane was performing the chant of her own totem...


A tank could be beaten, but a dragon in full rampage... was other thing.

The Orks retreated in sight of the new menace.

Draco, out of himself, spat a huge stream of fire, torching two of the gunners.
"You SCUM! You shall taste the wrath of a Greater Dragon! Acquaburn!"
Other fella was dissipathed in hot steam that came from a crack of the ground.
Barely thinking, the elf pointed a gun at the Hostage and firing it at her leg. Silvia tripped in the ground.
"I know what are you up, fragging Draco. So calm down, and the milady would not be hurt."
Draco landed and turned into human.
"good kid...Now Draco, you will go with us. And you will wear this nullifying necklace."
"Who was the one who had ordered such a thing."
"N'zar, our Lord. Now, Leader of the FireTongue Brood, come with us!"
Draco shattered with fear and laugh alike. N'zar did not know that his sister was alive. But N'zar was one of the things that Greater Dragons feared.
After a while he nodded.
"Forgive me, but I have to refuse."
"What?! Bob! Kill the hostage!"
With Ligthnig speed Draco took the shot with his body, and protected Silvia. The shot was a mere pain, but it hurted.
"Now, you shall taste my full wrath!"
A crack opened into the ground, trapping the tank, and engulfing the other soldiers.
A fireball hit Draco. Silvia was attacking him, with magic that wasn't hers. She looked pale, and out of conciousness.
A word come out of his mouth.
"Mind Control"
N'zar was mind-controlling her through the necklace.


As the Ork's charged over the hill, to ambush the PanzerFaust, the Dwarf guard on the door turned to look, his mouth dropping open in amazement.

This gave Tank the time to knock him out. His body dropped to the floor with a muffled thud.
"Wot now?"
"We can't leave yet", said Mary. "They still have Silvia"
"Gueez nouz'll 'ave ta fix dat, den", said Tank, grinning, as he began to strap on his armour.
Mary sighed loudly, as the Ork dropped out of the van. She didn't even know who they were fighting now.

The huge PanzerFaust had already taken some hits from the Orks attacking it, several large dirty blasts visible on it's side from Ork-launched grenades. The massive tank was yet to retaliate - it's large flight engines unable to cope with turning the tank on the spot, and it's turret gunner having departed the vehicle.

Tank saw his friend attacking Draco - and nailed the latter with a blast from his assualt cannon, misjudging the situation. Hurricane whistled something, and became a swirling vortex of water and wind, and began to plough towards the tank, spraying water everywhere.

Raven slammed his foot onto the pedal, and the van began to move off, Badjimmy and the Binman taking shots through the wide open back door at the Panzerfaust.


"Stop the fire, idiotic scum!" shouted Draco.
"If the nuclear motor of that thing blows up, you will be sorry!" he insisted.

The tank answered the attack with all the weaponry it had.
Depleted Uranium 120 mm rounds, 20mm bullets and Thor Missiles flew alike over the orcish heads.

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