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Shadow watched his quarry silently from a darkened corner. No-one would see him from his current location, as a rotation light-ball threw blinding neon-beams in every direction, which was, of course, why he was there. The beams, using the same technology used in 3DTV sets, threw semi-3D shapes around the room, spinning neon triangles, hate-filled smily faces, golden hammers and sickles...

More characters had come in to talk to Crystal - A hardbitten man in military green - He definitely had the look of a soldier about him, no mistake. With him was a beautiful elven woman, who moved forward to speak to Crystal.

What are they planning? He asked himself. If they think they'll just be able to walk out of here without answering back to the Puppetmaster, they'll have another thing coming...

Just then a young girl walked in front of Shadow. She had bright red hair - really red, not ginger - And wore skintight silver trousers with a combat-style waistcoat that showed off her belly-button piercing.

"Hey, you're cute. Wanna trance with me?" She asked, offering an optical chip.


Illidia continued to speak with Crystal
"Did you know that Dragon's main base of operations before he got retired was located in London?"
Crystal, half surprised, half intringued, neared her face towards Illidia's one.
"what do you mean exactly?"
The book slammed in the table, Loudly.
Crystal examined it. A book handwritten by Dragon! That guy, even after his death was a bag full of surprised.
She went pale when she saw a name.
Jason Fiennes. Her father.
What was the connection of these two men?
Crystal continued to look through the handwritten book,intrigued.
After a few minutes, she exclaimed"Holy Frag, Illidia, this is a manual on how to be a good runner!"
Illidia simply leaned towards her.
"There's something more. Warehouse 34. We shall go and see what he had hid in there! He knew that he needed a sucessor, so he could have hidden something important for us!"


Crystal examined the book.

Between its scrawled notes, some pages bloodstained, some singed, she saw it did indeed contain a good deal of truth.

But then, she remembered her father's name...

"Frag it! How can I trust something that has anything to do with that son of a bitch!" She snarled. She bared her teeth at Illidia. "What does Fiennes have to do with this?"

Before Illidia could answer, Crystal's racing mind had already jumped to the next question - This one aimed more at Chance (as well as Zizz and Crash, though both were too preoccupied to really answer).

"What'll we do about this Puppet Master slag?"


"We have to do the Puppet-Master's job first." Chance replied simply.

"Look," the soldier leaned forward "Illidia's information is important. But the warehouse isn't going to run away. We can always head for it immediately after we receive the mission to see if there's anything useful Dragon left for us. The Puppet-Master, on the other hand, will give us a whole lot of problems if we walk out on him now."

Ash spoke up. "I agree with Chance... Our previous scrape nearly ended up in total disaster. I vote that we take one thing at a time with the whole team intact."


So, it was Crystal who ended up going in to the meeting room once more, this time with Chance.

"You have brought an accomplice. Very well, it is likely you will need him for this job." The drone said.

"I have been contracted to undertake a task of great importance. Take this chip: It contains all the data you will need to know. Let me tell you, this represents a great deal of invested capital on my behalf, and I nor my associates shall not be happy should something go awry with the proceedings."

A voice in Crystal's mind screamed out to tell her to shout at the drone to get to the point. Luckily the analytical business-like part of her mind overrode that voice.

"We understand the risks." She found herself saying.

"Good." Said the drone. "You are to go to Merseysprawl, where IWS Corporation are importing a Vanzer prototype from the OCU. I wish that this prototype never reaches its destination. Destroy it, and destroy all data relating to it. A simple task. Is it understood?"

Chance had been looking over the data on the chip:

"One OCU Vanzer prototype - Codenamed Fâit Accompli', travelling by way of the merchant ship Naga, due to arrive at Merseysprawl dock 17 at 0400 on the 17th, where it will be met by an armed convoy with a road-train truck for transport to IWS' facility at Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire."

Chance realised that the ship would arrive at 4:00 This morning. and that Salisbury plain, once a British forces firing range, was now IWS' chief weapons testing site...

It was now 10:00pm. They would have to find a good way to Merseysprawl if they were to make it there on time, but would they be able to equip themselves properly first?


A short while later, both Chance and Crystal returned to the rest of the gang. Now they sat at their table discussing plans. Ash had managed to sweet-talk one of the club bouncers into getting her a interactive tourist map of Britsprawl... it now lay on their table alongside drinks as they searched it for Merseyside, Wiltshire and London. It was old, the information badly back-dated, but it was the best they had.

In the background, both Shadow and Redwing watched unobstructively...

"Getting there won't be a problem, Crystal... According to the adverts, Brit-Rail can get us there in 2 hours. Double the time for the typical snafus, and we'll be there in 4, with two hours left to set up the attack.

But I'll rather have Cy bring us over in his Aerobus... Here's why." Chance pointed to "Hereford".

"That's where the SAS headquarters is located. There are only a few left after the majority have departed for to help Dunzelkahn, but they are crack government commando troops... you won't want to mess with them. Using Cy's Aerobus means that we can get out of there fast after the hit goes in. Sides, Mikey hasn't asked for that machine-gun back... we could use that kind of heavy firepower on this mission."

He zoomed in on the Merseysprawl map. Again outdated, but still useful.


"Dock 17's near Ellesmere Port... Thankfully not in the middle of Liverpool. Since Wiltshire's in the south, the train's going to go down the "Chester and North Wales" route you see at the bottom.
We can either hit the target with an air-delivered assault when its still on the ship inside Liverpool Bay, or we can ambush it on the railway track.

The first gives us the advantage of isolation... The Bay is toxic. This means that anyone who wants to rescue the ship would have to come in by air. Disadvantage? We gotta find the correct ship in the first place and Cy's tilt-wing would be our only ticket out, unless we can capture any helicopters on the vessel.

The second is a nice sit-and-wait-for-the-bang ambush routine... Crystal can rig up command-detonated demolition charges on the rail and we'll have a high-speed trainwreck faster than you can say "Boom". Afterthat, we'll just drop in and mop-up the survivors. The bad part? We take too long, we'll have enemy reinforcements coming by both land and air."

"I wish that the damned ship was coming in a bit later. That way, we'll be able to get whatever gear Dragon has left for us before we do this mission." Ash said to Illidia. The elf shrugged, since the warehouse was in London, it might still be possible to retrieve any equipment before the mission.

"Yeah... Equipment wise, we're operating on a rather slim margin. We'll need explosives for both the first or second option. Either to scuttle the ship, or wreck the train. I don't know if there's enough time to make a call to Mikey... He might have someone for us to hire or equipment to rent. If we can get a sniper, that would be great. Of course, I'm also wishing for a man-portable surface to air missile to keep any enemy reinforcements away... but I don't think that's going to drop from the sky." Chance grinned ruefully.

Crystal noticed that throughout the entire briefing, Chance never mentioned the use of magic... The soldier was purposely ignoring that point. She wondered if it was wise... Magic users could be useful sometimes.

Chance did a final once-over of the plan in his mind... then suddenly came up with a better idea.

"Wait... Let's do this instead. Crystal, with me and Ash as escort, will ride the Brit-Rail to Merseysprawl and travel to the railway track south of Ellesmere port. There, we'll rig up demolition charges for a backup plan in case the inital assault on the ship fails for whatever reason.
Meanwhile, Illidia brings the rest of the team to Warehouse 34 here in London to load up on the good stuff Dragon left us. Immediately after, Cy would take this team from London to Ellesmere port, pick up Crystal's demo team, and deliver an air-assault on the ship before it reaches port.

This way, we would still manage to retrieve Dragon's equipment, attack with a whole team, and have not one, but two chances at taking out that Vanzer either on the ship or on the train."


The warehouse doors screamed.
The dim light surrounded the inner part of the building.
Illidia turned the lights on.
And the surprises revealed.
"Holy Christ!" Cy yelled. "Look at that babe! A genuine Aston Martin X25! A really expensive sports car!"
"It can't be!" Shadow looked at the weird weapon mounted in the rear part of the car." An assault pulse Rifle! That is unebeliable. They're supposed to not exist".
Still, something withdrew attention over the members. A huge computer, still on, showing his contacts on the Vid Screen, and the last conversation.
Illidia recognized half the names. The other half were know by the others. They were wealthy people of all classes that requested Dragon's services.
The computer flashed, and gave a message:
"Message from Jason Fiennes. Received 5 months ago."
"Stimated friend. If you can hear this, please answer. I want to request a mission. My last mission. I've lost my daughter. No, this time is different. I am getting old, pal. I need to see my daughter once again before i breathe my last. Not for bring her with me, only talk about... talk as father and daughter."
The message continued.
"I know you've had your hard times, specially dealing with the dragon i told you to. It was a mistake of mine, but you did not fall under my mistake. You were able to live through. I beg you, answer me! I know the loss of your master due to a treason of Hammerwing's brother, Zwergmann, was a hard hit for you. But get over it. For our friendship. You are not only a hired runner to me."
Cylinder grabbed a disc.
"Better store it, maybe Crystal will find something useful".


Silvia had grown tired of the annoying shackles, and shifted her wrists to make the dragon scales protect them.

"Silvia... don't." Mary said.
"Aw come on... why not?"

Raven looked over his shoulder and noticed what Mary was talking about.
"They'll notice something's wrong." he said.
"Indeed." Mary replied. "Our wrists will all look red when we get out of this. And have some solidarity there, will you?"
"Okay then..."
Silvia shifted her wrists back.

Blegh... well at least I didn't have to leave my clothes behind like the others. I can simply make them re-appear after this is all over.


While Shadow was examining the car with its mounted weapon, Cylinder Head saw his chance, sidling slyly up behind Illidia.

"I, um, really appreciate you helping us like this... Maybe, maybe we can, um, you know..." He flicked his eyes to a secluded corner of the warehouse where a mattress had been used as a makeshift bed by its owner not so long ago...


Shadow looked at the woman with the red hair, and then shook his head.

He whispered: "Sorry...I don't do that stuff..", and looked out over at the man in the military uniform, with the women and the other companions.

Shadow smirked and then walked a little further in the shadows along the wall, keeping out of sight.

He then saw the red haired girl had followed him and tried to shake her off.

Shadow then said: "Make it fast..." He kept his eyes on the man and women, and slipped the red haired girl a couple of creds and then walked off into the shadows further.

Shadow wondered what were they up to....

He kept his distance and made his way around, keeping the crew in sight and giving them each a good look.

Shadow then gave a glance behind him to make sure the girl was gone...and she was.


The girl went to hang with a group of her friends. She looked honestly sad, obviously thinking she could have gotten Shadow to try her chip.

The 'runners had been talking to each other, and gone back into the room to speak with Shadow's boss. Apparently they had offered agreement.

Shortly after, Shadow received a short message on his wristphone:

They have agreed to do the job. Follow them, make sure they carry it out. If they try anything stupid, kill them. I will pay you double rates for any of them you kill, but the mission is paramount. If you need any more help, I have some others you may like to contact:
Mako - 0778887 554477699
Pietr - 08896697 438645368
Regards, PM.


Lukas watched them for a few more minutes and saw them go back into the room before...

He then looked down at his wristphone and noticed he got the messege that they had agreed.

Shadow then looked and nodded at his instructions and memorized the numbers into his head.

Shadow then saw the runners walk out of the bar, he then follows them out silently and quietly.


The 'runners were splitting into two groups - Cylinder Head and Illidia were travelling to the warehouse, while Chance and Crystal were going somewhere else.

"We could use a hand at the warehouse, mate." Cy called to him. "Heard they've got some good stuff there. You want a lift?" Cy called out. Shadow, felt annoyed, pretty sure he'd managed to remain unseen, but then he realised, he would probably have to make himself known to the 'runners sooner or later...

Chance and Crystal had gone a different way. Shadow had seen them walk off in the direction of a robocab terminal.


As the 'runners left, the bouncers - who'd handed them back their pistols, breathed a sigh of relief in unison.

"Glad to see the back of those fragger..." The Human said. His elven partner nodded, then looked at the girl who had wandered out, following Shadow. She had bright red hair...

"Hope she knows what she's getting into." The Elf said. "Nothing gets in the way of Lukas and a job..."


Shadow noticed they were calling to him, but he ignored them.

He then heard footsteps and turned around quickly, with his 9 MM out and pointing towards the figure.

Lukas stared at the girl for a few moments and walked a few more feet away from her..

He mumbles under his breath: "Take one more step...and you will pay with your life..."

Lukas stood there in the darkness, looking at the other shadowrunners head off in the different direction.


The girl, screaming and in tears, ran away, quickly swallowed up by the night. Her sobs echoed through the dark streets for a while.

Shadow briefly wondered if she would be safe on the streets this time of night, as he holstered his 9mm.

She had left something on the ground as she ran - another chip, no doubt intended as a gift for Shadow. But whether it was another BTL or actually something useful, Shadow couldn't tell from just looking at it, until he plugged it into something.


Cylinder Head stared at the scene with disbelief.

Fragging hell, remind me not to slot this guy off...


Shadow looks out at the girl as she goes screaming down the streets and in the night.

He holstered his 9 MM swiftly and turns back to his 2 companions.

He also noticed that a man was staring at him, Shadow glances at the man, he then smirks.


Clambering into Cy's LandRover, Riff avoided the bits and pieces of junk and engine parts to sit down next to Illidia. She was beautiful, but seemed wary of him - With good reason, seeing how he'd just pulled gun on a teenage girl who'd been trying to give him something.

"Ready to go?" Cy asked.


"By the way, Chance, these road-rail networks are different from the railways of Brit-Rail. It's more like a huge interconnected road-lorry system which resembles a rail train, but uses conventional motorways." Crystal pointed out as the trio sat in a robocab headed for the London Brit-Rail system.

A quick drop at Mary's flat had all three of them geared up with all their weapons and armour. Firearm had woken from unconsciousness briefly to mumble something about "pink angels at the door wearing purple underwear..." before slumping back into his bathtub with whiskey bottles bobbing merrily around him. Chance hoped that Cy would remember to pick up the elf after the warehouse trip... Firearm could be incredibly useful and quick-thinking in a firefight, which happened to be the only time when he wasn't comatose with drink.

"Conventional tarmac motorways? Glad you told me that... Hmmm... We'll still be able to rig up hidden off-road directional charges. Placing the charges on the road itself is too risky, leaves them prone to discovery or damage." Chance replied as he brought up mental plans of how they could set the chrages.

Chance called up Mikey immediately after the conversation with Crystal. The black ork seemed pleased at how the DocWagon raid had gone... especially since the majority of the Hunrunners had been destroyed in the battle, leaving him top ganger of London. He had also ceased his play-dumb act, regarding Chance as a reliable person who could keep his word.

"So, you want directional charges? I don't think you can afford proper military hardware... but I can sell you blocks of military-grade plastic explosives, metal funnels, a few boxes of ball bearings, a handphone with a vibrator ringer as the detonator, and some det-cord. A soldier like you or a demolitions expert like that blue-haired friend of yours should be able to rig up improvised directionals from them. Y1000 gets you enough bang to blow an entire road-rail train to dust, down an aircraft, or sink a fragging ship." Mikey said.

"Done. We'll do the sale behind London Brit-Rail station. Great doing business with you, Mikey."

"You're a good one, soldier-boy. Just don't forget that machine-gun I left in that silver-hair's tilt-wing (Mikey pronouced "tilt" in a vaguely obscene way). Consider it a rent-free loan from a friend to another. I still want it back after you are done, eh? Hurhurhur..."

Ah damn... Thought he forgot about it. Chance thought to himself.

"No problem Mikey. Thanks, I owe you one for that."


Chance paid for the cost of the explosives, although Crystal resolved to use the pay from this job to settle the bills after the mission was done.

The seedy alleyways behind the Brit-Rail station were ruled by gangers and druggies, the police having worked out an unofficial deal with the leaders there... Keep the gangers and druggies out of the station, and the alleyways are yours.

The gangers quickly realised that this arrangement was rather good... The rail brought a constant stream of fresh income sources and business partners, provided a status symbol (rather than having a gang headquarters located in some leaky dump of a slum), and was a good high-traffic place to carry out sale of "second-hand"goods.

So truce worked... Not a policeman was in sight as the deal was made. There were quite a few hungry eyes in their direction, especially since both Ash and Crystal were highly attractive young women and their equipment was powerful and valuable... but those eyes were hastily averted when Mikey's dealer met up with the trio.

No one crosses Mikey... at least, no one still alive.

Getting onto the train was no problem either... The porters had quickly realised that it was far better to close one eye and allow luggage to pass through uninspected rather than be waylaid on the way home.
Nobody wanted to bomb the Brit-Rail lines anyway... The Gangs of London Council had declared the London station off-limits to attack, since a large proportion of gang income and dealings arrived from other places in Brit-sprawl by rail, given the higher costs of air travel.

In fact, the trio had more problems with the ice-cream tubs they brought aboard... Ash had to use her charm and ability to win over the hearts of people to allow the porters to let them through. Crystal and Chance knew how to improvise directional mines from the containers, but all three agreed that it was a waste to dump the ice-cream...

As the high-speed train started the mag-lev journey to Liverpool, Ash washed out an ice-cream tub and checked her watch, hoping that Cylinder's team would not be delayed... She didn't fancy being left out in the bad British weather waiting for a late Aerobus pickup.

They had a date with a Vanzer that they couldn't afford to miss.


With the train hurtling eerily silently through the dead of night, Crystal mulled over the data they had onchip. It seemed incomplete somehow. There were many things she wanted to know more about, not least how well guarded the Road train would be, how hard this Vanzer was going to be to kill.
She turned to Chance:

"We could do with some Matrix backup. Maybe Crash could hack the IWS operations log or something, or the personnel records to check how many uniformed men they have on this operation..."

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