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Crystal didn't remember how she'd gotten back to her apartment. She had sat in her electricar for an age, pondering. Her eyes stung, and for once it had nothing to do with the Brit-sprawl air quality.

Chance and Ash had been invaluable comrades-in-arms, but she truly understood their need to move on.

Things seemed to have settled down some now, anyway.

They'd managed to pick up payment from one of The Puppet Master's drones, in the form of the Cyberdeck that Crash no longer wanted or needed. She'd kept it. Mary might like it.

Crash... Haven't seen him since the club.

Crystal decided she could afford some time off. Check out some simflicks, go see a band or two, stock up on guns and grenades. She'd heard through a Matrix Merc-ring Chance had gotten her hooked up with about some juicy new gear hitting the streets: Mono-frag grenades, Tesla grenades in aerofoil form.

She dried her eyes and put a message through to Mary's wristcom inbox.

"Heya. Got some time to talk now, things seem to have cooled a bit. How's it going in Ork land? Talk when you've got some time. I've got a few toys you might be interested in. Laters, Crystal :p "

She sat for a moment, rain pastering her car's canopy leaving residue on the corroded surface, watching the BBC 3DTV cast on her in-car system, before drying her eyes and driving off for a rendezvous with Zizz.


BBC News Update: New probe launch confirmed.

Cut to scenes from an orbital station under tight security. Official observers watch astonished as a rocket pulls away from the station, before igniting and beginning its journey towards Halley's comet, which can be seen on long-range magnification against the black of space.

"Official observers - And those who susbscribed to the live Matrix feeds - Watched in amazement today as yet another Comet probe was launched. Today's was the Zaibatsu conglomeration's probe, Kamikaze. Althouh there are many other competitors in the probe race, Kamikaze is given a good chance of winning by many experts, due to the orbital nature of its launch. Because It ws launched from an orbital platform, much weight which would have been used to exit the Earth's atmosphere has instead been used for extra telemtry systems and maneuvering thrust."

Cut to scenes of a larger, less fragile-looking probe apparently badly damaged. IWS is stencilled in big letters, along with 'Halliday's Reach'

"The launch follows the unfortunate accident that befell IWS' probe, Halliday's Reach as it strayed into an LG Systems experimental space-weapon testing range. LG Systems apologised profulsely for the almost catastrophic accident, and the Zurich-Orbital Corporate Court has upheld their decision not to press charges. IWS is unhappy with the result, but still say their probe can reach Halley for the comet's second pass, as it was saved from complete destruction by the foresight of its engineers, who sacrificed spped for armour plate. This is Y'adonis L'Hammerhand reporting, from Ziabatsu Yokozuma station.

Cut to scenes of a devastated stately building. Rubble and desolation lie everywhere, as well as many mutilated Ork and Troll corpses and injured. Fires burn merrily through out the ruins. Shabbily-dressed Ork rescue personnel sit around smoking narcosticks and grinning at the cameras.

"Orkislavian rescue crews continue searching through the ruins of their devastated capital building after the massive explosion that devastated it last night. Although the Orkislavian Premier escaped unharmed, he is said to have purged several members of his cabinet, allegating that they planned the explosion as part of a coup.
Orkislavian security forces reported seeing a huge transport vehicle driving into the building just before the explosion. One passenger on board was reportedly Elven, promptine the Orkislavian premier to blame the Tirs. However, as he is also blaming the UK, the UCAS, the CAS, the Neo-SU and IWS, it is a moot point.
Flaxine McJanadaren reporting."

On Aztech channel 5...

Shots of the Aztechnology probe, Relámpago, triumphantly powering through space, and cheering Aztlaners on the ground waving flags.

"Great citizens of Aztlan and Aztechnology worldwide, hear our call! Support the world's most audacious spaceborne engineering triumph and subscribe to the live matrix feeds from our glorious bolt of Relámpago as she powers into the lead over the shoddy compettion. Show the world the triumph of the glorious people of Aztlan!"

Sponsored by Aztechnology Bio-food. More natural than the real thing! Grown in 100% sealed conditions.


Raven, Fardel, Dorodo and an escort of guards walked up to a large door.
The door was easily twice the height of any of the orc guards, made purely of a silver looking metal it looked impenetrable and expensive.

"You wait 'ere till master sez you cans enter."

The Orc Sargeant went through the door while his squad watched the three 'slavers' through squinted, suspicious eyes. After a few minutes under the scrutiny of the orc guards the sargeant returned and motioned them in.

"First I gotta search the newcomers."

Raven, having given his pistol to Fardel earlier, was unarmed. Dorodo, also, had no weapons. Fardel, being a somewhat trusted servant, was given the benefit of the doubt and let in promptly.
They entered a long hall, it was decorated with the spoils of a tyrant. In special transparent, sealed chambers were the heads of those who had obviously displeased the master. Frozen forever in expressions of terror, eyes unblinking and staring. Raven noticed that while there were these reminders of the master's cruelty there were also signs that the master was a fun loving guy. There were about twenty scantly dressed women dancing and attending to the prone centaur at the other end of the hall. There were elven, human, orcish and even dwarven women. Well, at least what Raven assumed were dwarven women, they always looked similar to dwarven men. The slaves seemed complacent even happy! Raven concluded they were doped up on pheromones at the moment. 'Could one be addicted to pheromones after long exposure?' Raven thought. 'Best not hang around then, just to be safe.' The centaur looked up at the delicate elf slave as she lovingly placed a purple grape on his tongue. The centaur chewed thoughtfully as he turned to look at the three visitors. In an articulate and somewhat high pitched voice the centaur spoke:

"Welcome travellers. Make yourselves comfortable."

With that he tapped some of the attending slaves and pointed towards the visitors. The harem girls walked up to them and started pampering them. Raven tried not to get too comfortable. 'If Crystal could see me I'd be a dead man.'
Fardel took a large goblet and drained it, motioning for another.

"So, still playing emperor of Rome then?"

Fardel mocked the centaur. Swallowing the succulent grape the centaur replied.

"Give me a fiddle and Rome shall burn."

Raven didn't understand the exchange, he'd have to look into this 'Rome' and 'fiddle' later.


Tank and Badjimmy were locked in a room. It was barely 3 metres square, serving only as a holding cell while TheBinman, having been selected first, was in the room next door, being allocated a job.
This place was professional.

"What you thinking, Tank?" Badjimmy looked at the ork, who was pulling adsently at a pipe on the wall. The huge being's strength was beginning to bend the metal.

"Merde. Tank does not want to be a slave"
"Me neither, mon ami," Badjimmy said, grinning, as he removed the hold-out pistol. "This should come in handy, when the time is right". Badjimmy then replaced the pistol, carefully not touching anything with his injured hand.

Tank grinned too.


Mary, Silvia and Hurricane were told to select costumes from the numerous sets hanging from bars along the walls of the large room. The upper reaches of the chamber were filled with smokey scents, not displeasurable but enough to make something that would stick with the women for a while. The room's other occupants, Humans, Elves, even Trolls, Dwarves and Goblinoids, all appeared to be in various states of dress (or undress), obviously preparing to entertain the centaur, wherever he was.

Mary looked carefully for the least revealing appareal she could find, brushing quickly past numerous corsets, bras, and briefs. Eventually she settled for a shape-clingiing, but tasteful silken full-length dress, quite a contrast from the majority of the other dancers, but likely to cope with some of the more conservative guest's tastes. Mary turned back to check on the others. She gasped as she saw what Sarah had chosen - could she have chosen anything more revealing? The very thin cloth of the silken bra and skirt left almost nothing to the imagination. Mary almost went red.
"Hey, it's part of the disguise, remember, sister?" was Sarah's reply.

Mary could see Silvia stil rummaging in the clothes.


Damocles could see something. There was an exit to the vent.

He moved forewards, and pushed the gate open, then tumbled out. Sorrow followed, gasping for air.

"Where are we?"
"Tunnel. Same one"

Damocles pointed to the floor, where the van's tracks indicated it had pulled over to a platform, then moved on.

"Someone got out here."
"I can see that! Was it the Dragon, or the slaver?"
Damocles sniffed the air.

"Dragon. Slaver stay in van"

"Ok. The dragon's more important. We follow her."

Damocles immediately moved across to another grating, and opened it. Sorrow groaned.


The darkness floated in a thin, invisible haze that shrinked the passerby´s hearts. N´zar, despite being disguised, irradiated too much power to be unnoticed. He continued with his walk, not disturbed by anyone.
"This hunt will end soon... my dear hybrid..." He said, closing his eyes.

Silvia, you are too worthy for me to let you go. Resistance is useless. I am coming...
The voice started to talk again in Silvia´s head.
All attempts to avoid me will be punished.

Draco felt a conmottion in the Astral space.
"What happens, dragon?" asked Slayer, while he was driving the motorbike that carried the two to the heart of Orkistonia.
"A really strong being is close... Another Greater Dragon..."


Damocles crawled along the next ventilation shaft, Sorrow following. This shaft widened, and would allow Sorrow to squeeze alongside if he was so enclined. It had also began to smell faintly of incense.

"Where are we?"

Damocles only grunted in reply.


Silvia removed herself from the pile of clothes. She was holding a long green dress. It was quite tight, but if fit perfectly. The green wasn't that different from the green skin of her dragon form. Mary noticed it somehow made Silvia's green-yellow dragon eyes look less strange... which was probably a good thing. Silvia said something under her breath about what Sarah was (or wasn't) wearing, but neither elf, nor half-elf heard it.

"Ok," began Mary. "We need to find Remini. My guess is that she's part of the harem, and there can't be that many trolls"

"I guess some of them aren't here - if you looked, the list the grey-skinned elf was holding had at least fifty names on it - and there are barely fifteen in this room, including us".
Hurricane had a point.


Silvia's dress was supposed to be quite revealing... but she didn't care. After all she was only 17; she didn't have that much to reveal anyway.

Silvia heard the voice in her head again.
N'zar again... why can't you leave me alone, sleghead?
I don't care how all-powerful you are, stop messing with my head.

Why are you after me anyway?
You're just jealous, aren't you? Jealous because us half-dragons are the only creatures with a natural shapeshift ability... it takes normal dragons more than ten minutes to change to a humanoid shape, while we can do it in seconds.

The voice didn't reply, but Silvia could feel its anger.

Listen dude. I'm sick of this. Either you simply come and meet me or you leave me alone. But I won't be intimidated.

"Hehe... be careful what you wish for, Halfbreed." the voice in her head replied.

Mary noticed Silvia looked angry.
"Silvia? What's wrong?"

"Nothing... nothing yet, anyway." Silvia replied. "But if you see a dragon crashing in here it'll probably be N'zar. He's been telepatically annoying me ever since that PanzerFaust attack."


"N'zar! That's not good"
"I know! But what can I do?"
"Isn't there any way you can block him out or something?"
"Not that I know of"

Just then, the door at the other end of the room opened, and a Centaur stepped in. This one was larger than the slavemaster, and had bristly black fur. He conversed quickly with Uvina, and left again. Mary felt lucky he didn't decide to spray pheromones - or perhaps there were rules about that when the harem were present.

The harem mistress called out. It was time to change shifts in the audiance chamber. She made her way past two shaven dwarf females to Mary, Silvia and Sarah.
"You will go on with this group. We will see how you perform and may perhaps train you, regroup you, or get rid of you depending on your performance. This performance will dictate how much your slaver gets paid"


The voice again, but this time different.
"Why are you smiling, Draco?"
"Uh, nothing Slayer, I just remembered something." He lied.


NewsEye special report: Merseysprawl skyroad disaster.

Cut to reconstruction of a roadtrain flaming and falling off a 1000ft high suspended roadway.

The IWS and Merseysprawl Transport Police inquest into the Skyroad disaster yesterday has concluded that driver action was to fault for the incident where an IWS armed roadtrain went wildly out of control, causing eight commuter vehicles to crash, three of them falling from the edge of the 100ft high road, along with the roadtrain, which also apparently shot down an IWS helicopter that was escorting it.

Cut to a massive troop of lawyers leaving the Old Bailey, stoneyfaced, in single file to an IWS Rolls Royce Phaeton limo

Due to the nature of the cause of the disaster, IWS Lawyers stated hat they are unable to pay compensation to the families of the dead - Including one opposition MP - And have been cleared of any liability.

Cut to a suited man who's face is unnaturally impassive and emotionless

IWS spokesman Pietr Jennings was quick to stamp out the rumours that the road train was carrying 'experimental weaponry' which may have been a target for criminal activity. The wreckage has since been flown to an undisclosed IWS facility.

This is Harmony Justice reporting, for Newseye News.

Feeling down in the dumps? Partner of unspecified gender left you? Lost your Corporate citizenship? Don't delay! Try PsychoCandy narcosticks today! From Blanka Amalgamated foodstuffs, a division of Zaibatsu Conglomerates.


Zizz lay in a humid red-tinged flat under one of the sleaziest areas of Soho, Britsprawl. The cramped under-flat was decked out in red PVC and Synthleather wherever he looked.Sleazy music wafted down from the strip-club overhead, and the air was thick with incense.

Miss Lucifer came through into Zizz's room, wearing her tight red suit, sashaying along like she meant it. Her cyber tail stroked along up Zizz' inside leg. Zizz tried to move his arm - It was bound to a railing, and he lay on a mattress with some very dodgy-looking stains.

He desperately tried to remember how he'd gotten here: He'd come back from the job in Merseysprawl, agreed to meet Crystal at the pub where that Pearson guy worked. Miss Lucifer had been there. Her tail?

Now he was here.

The woman spoke with an unbelievably trashy CAS accent that was virtually dripping sleaze.
"Time to decide, Zizz, if you want to be in heaven?" She licked her lips, making them shine in the red light. "Or hell?"


Crash loved Lady Zero... He really did. But ever since his experience with jacking into the Matrix without a cyberdeck, he couldn't help thinking she was distracting him from something he really had to do.

He remembered the voice.
He remembered Transys Arcology.

It was as if something big was going on there. Something no-one knew about yet, not him, not the people there, not the Corporation themselves...

But if anyone knew the answer, and how it related to him, he had a feeling he could find out there.

"I'm going to be working with Sir Anthony Taylor, you know." Lady Zero said softly into the young man's shoulder.


"One of the highest-paid actors in the world. A real heart-throb. He's a bit old for me, but hey, it'll be good for me."


"Of course, Identity Zero will be doing the soundtrack?"


Eventually Crash was alone. Lady Zero had to go away for some reason or other, probably to do with the simflick she was starring in. She'd offered Crash a walk-on part in the sim, but he'd refused.

He went to the Telecom in Lady Zero's flat.

There was a message for him. His Aunt again. She'd been acting real weird lately. The 'com had been playing up, too. She talked about rain, when in the picture Crash could see brilliant sunlight. She seemed to freeze every now and then for some reason.

And then she started talking about going into space, and a Comet probe that was supposedly going to be launched by Vladistor in Orkislavia...

NewsEye Special Report! Another Comet Probe disaster!

"Aztechnology's probe Relámpago has reportedly suffered a fatal mishap to one of it's thrusters, which will cause it to go wildly off-course, missing Halley's comet entirely. Its not yet known how bad the damage is, or how it occurred, but Aztechnology will now certainly lose the Comet race. Worse still, the corporation stands to lose millions of Nuyen in lost revenues due to the cancellation of it's live matrix feed. More news as and when it occurs."

NewsEye: When the news pipe is overflowing, we lap it up!


Draco! Finally! I didn't know you could do telepathy...

Well it isn't much more difficult than the mind reading... only the distance makes it harder.

Draco... N'zar is after me. He's been speaking to me for a few days now. I first thought it was him again when you contacted me.
Anyway... can we continue this conversation later? I really can't be distracted now... and it must be exhausting for you to do this.

It is... but it's worth it. Where are you?

Amongst the rest of Mawrose Delori's slaves... but don't worry, I'll manage. Bye.
I really can't be distracted now Draco. Sorry.

Silvia shielded off her mind to break the telepathic connection. This was one of her psychic abilities, but it wasn't nearly strong enough to block N'zar.
She smiled.

"Uh... perform? What kind of performance?" Mary asked the harem mistress.
"Don't worry... you'll do fine." Uvina replied. "But that girl really needs to focus... she seems to be daydreaming all the time."
She walked with them to the rest of the group. "Come on. I'll show you."


Crystal wasn't really surprised when Zizz failed to show at the meet. In fact, she had been surprised the Wing-Man hadn't ditched her company at earliest opportunity to get back to the life he knew - That of a professional athlete, earning a salary that made even early 21st Century footballers seem like maggots.

She sipped delicately at a Neon Wilderness. The Electric Blue and Violet drink shifted through green to luminous yellow and back as she put it back on the table. Over at the bar, Pearson winked at her. She smiled wistfully back.

Her eyes closed. She felt... Tired. Tired of the life she'd chosen for herself. For the first time since she'd left her Father's imprisoning embrace, she felt some kind of regret at the Corporate lifestyle she'd eschewed.

A safe, secure house.

Hot and cold running nuyen.

Bodyguards, security,

Fame, instead of minor infame.

A husband...

Actually, I'm doing pretty well without that last one.

Some wage-slaves were speaking animatedly behind her. She let the voices drift over her.

"I'm telling you, The Queen's up to something. Notice the extra security ever since that assassination attempt?"

"Nothing special."

"Maybe not, but I heard the Queen's more than capable of tackling any assassin herself. They say she's a sorceress. They say she's immortal..."

"Nah, bollocks. She's just got a superiority complex. You only have to look at the uniforms the royals wear... That reminds me, you noticed how many people are wearing those Church of the Undying Light robes these days?"

"Yeah. Comet will be appearing in a week or two. Wonder what those whackos will do..."

Crystal would have carried on listening to the men, when her wristphone beeped.

It was Crash, with a proposal...


Flying over the Atlantic in just over an hour, Semi-ballistic Azt68 from Tenochtitlàn touched down in the smog-filled hell-hole around Heathrow airport.

First passenger off was Sir Anthony Taylor, sim star extroadinaire, with the latest victim of his dashing good looks hangign off his arm: Lei-Fang Jones, the Welsh-Oriental starlet making the most waves in the music industry since Sharper Than Light's astounding debut.

While those two stepped into a media storm, several passengers behind, another man disembarked.
He was a big man, athletic and agile. Something about his physique suggested perfection - The sureness of step, the finely toned muscles.
Something else about him suggested he was younger than he looked. He had a datajack, outfittled to carry several different skill-chips at once.

The man ignored the media and 3DTV men, making his way to the robocab ports, where he ordered a ride to London's West-End.

Later, he disembarked, walking until he reached a district he'd been told about. Then he waited.

The man's conditioned mind enabled him to wait for hours on end with no sign of imaptience whatsoever. He was on a mission: Nothing else mattered, not the cold, rain or smog.


Next morning, the local screamsheets were emblazoned with news of yet another murder, this one different from any in the last six months.
The victim, one ex-Aztechnology employee, Hector Peligro, found dead, his eyes, nose, ears and fingertips removed. Cause of death: disembowellment.

A message had been left by the body, suprisingly neat writing in blood, on a grey board wall.

"The Dragon has returned."


Delori's conversation with Fardel had given Raven time to take in the Audiance hall. It was large, and by the looks of it, purpose built, so that the associates entering at the far end were suitable shocked. There were four entrances - the one they had entered by opposite the Crimelord, two mid-way along the long walls, guarded by Trolls, and a smaller one behind the Centaur, guarded by members of his kin.

"So, Slaver" Delori said, turning to Raven. "Are you suitably impressed?"
"Um.... yes", replied Raven, hoping that it was the right response. Delori smiled, and continued;
"Tonight, you and Fardel will dine with him, and we shall discuss payment proper. Those damn European Human Rights groups keep blocking my imports, and I haven't had a new shipment with Elves in it for a long time. You shall be rewarded hansomely for them, but considerably less so for the Orks. I have many Orks. For now, you shall enjoy my court until evening."
Great thought Raven. I don't want to be here anyu longer than I have to. I hope they've found Remini

Suddenly, the music dropped, and the numerous dancing girls began to move off. The slowest - and, Raven noticed, shyest of them, a light-blue skinned troll was caught by the troll guard as they moved off. At Delori's instructions. she was dragged off the other way.

"What gonna happen to her?" Raven asked his mentor
"She'll get punished, I guess", North replied. "She performed rubbish today, and knows i. Remini's always like that, seems to get worse every now and then just to show she's not here for our pleasure. I never have check what the guards actually do, but they normally come back alive. Now, about..."
"Wait a second - what did you say her name was?"
"The troll? Remini. Why'd you want to know?"
"Oh, no reason"

The music started up again, as the next group of girls were moved on. Raven scanned them, and his worst fears were realised.

Mary, Silvia and Hurricane were being led on, amoung the others.

"Hey, Fardel..." Raven said suddenly. "How can I get some, uh, quality time with one of the girls?"
"Get her attention. If she wants you, she'll come for you, and they'll let you in one of the booths for a while." He gestured at a row of partitioned chambers on the left hand wall. "Not all girls are up for it, though, and only the Centaurs have their special, uh, advantages
"Ok", said Raven, and began to try and catch Mary's eye. He had to inform her that he'd found Remini, and try and get out of here.


Fardel North watched his student get up, and go over to a slave girl, and lead her into one of the booths. Raven must have developed quite an appetite - they'd only been in her barely half an hour, although Fardel knew how boring the long road trip must have been for him. Still, wasn't that blonde half-elf one of the ones Raven had bought in? Fardel couldn't remember. He'd have to keep an eye on them.


Badjimmy considered himself a ladies man.

Sure, he had his little obsession, but he firmly knew where his interests lay. That was, at least, when he wasn't drunk.

He could tell there were women nearby.

This place, whatever it was, was saturated with the scent of women. In his alcoholised state, Badjimmy was maddened by the raging pheromones in the air.
Badjimmy'd heard about people with tailored pheromones, to make them more attractive to prospective partners. This was different. This was natural, somehow, and all the more potent.

I have to find out where they're coming from... I can't take the... arousal...

"Tank, can you break down this door?"


Damocles dropped out of the shaft. The room was the same one that Sarah, Mary and Silvia had been in only moments of before, now empty of harem girls as the troop that used this dressing room was performing.

Sorrow dropped out after him. He looked around, noting the costumes, couches, and perfume.

"In the name of sanity......where are we? Some kind of paradise! But where are the women!"

Damocles grunted, and made a move to the door.

Just then, the cover to the ventilation shaft swung back. It smashed metallically against the wall.

The sound of hooves began to move down the corridor, running, clip clop, clip clop. A Centaur.

Dark Sorrow swore. Now they were in trouble.


Tank looked at Badjimmy, and considered his options.

He could sit here, and wait, or he could break the door down, and have some fun.

Tank took option two. Taking his hands off the pipe, he hurled himself at the door. It splintered, and collapsed into the hallway.

The Centaur yelling at The Binman in the next room opened the door, and stepped outside on cloven hooves, looking down the corridor. He took in the huge Ork scrambling up from the wreckage of the door, but was too late to notice Badjimmy step out, a tiny gun in his hands.

"Right! Wheres da women?"

Women? What women? Did he mean the harem? Of course he....

At that point, The Binman, holding a pipe similar to the one Tank had been playing with, smashed the Centaur over the head. Equine body and human torso dropped to the floor, unconcious.

"Jimmy, bud!", grinned The Binman. "I woz wonderin' when da party was gonna start!"

Badjimmy was already checking the doors. The first was empty, and the second was a male slave quarters. Badjimmy took one look, and made to close the door.

When you're a slave, made to work 20 hours a day under backbreaking conditions, when an armed man in slave uniform opens the door to your quarters from the one-way handle, and is brandishing a gun, and the body of the slavemaster is lying in the corridor behind him, your first thoughts are normally rebellion!

Twenty slaves rushed for the door at once.


Hive and his two cohorts had left the guards in pools of blood, as they made their way up the tunnel on foot. Petty criminals wouldn't bother them, they just needed to grab the half-dragon and get out.


"Merde, frag and zut! Hold this door!" Badjimmy yelled, as he bolted past the Binman, vaulting the fallen centaur, just ahead of the mass of the great unwashed.

"What he say?" Binman looked up at Tank, who stared back, eyes glazing over.

Just then the mass of frantic slaves hit them. The two Orks may have been rocks in a whitewater, as the slaves surged around them. Tank had to beat a few senseless, but the smaller Binman had to fight not to get pushed with them.

"Where pansy elf go?"


Badjimmy had legged it down the corridor, his small pistol still in his hand. He barrelled around a corner - A centaur had shouted something at him. He skidded to a halt on the velvety carpet, scrambled to his feet and ran the other way.

The centaur galloped after him. The beast/man would reach him in a few seconds, unless...

A door...

Badjimmy broke sideways, snapping open another door.

He slammed it behind him. By the frantic shouts, screaming and bestial grunts, he imagined the slaves had found the centaur that was chasing him.

Trapped in the room, Badjimmy looked around. He was in more slave quarters, but these seemed unoccupied.

He took another look around. He realised he was in female slave quarters... Discarded clothes were everywhere, corsets, fishnet tights, metal bikinis, high heeled boots, feather boas. Enough tarty clothes to start your own vice city...

A drop of sweat rolled down his delicate-featured face.


Sorrow panicked, the hooves were closing in fast. In desperation he grabbed Damocles from behind and cast an illusion over both of them.
The Centaur ran past them. He was ugly, even for a Centaur. Foul beast men, scum of the Earth. No discernible brain, just pure animal instinct......that said, they did have good taste in women. Looking around at some of the costumes, Sorrow would have exploded in delight if they would have had bodies within them.
The Centaur stopped at the vent, inspected it, started looking around for clues of a brake in. Sorrow was just about to kill him with Illusion when he realized Damocles had snuck away.
The ork moved silently, not even his breath could be heard. He snuck right up behind the Centaur without him even moving a tail hair. Once the Bio Assassin was close enough Sorrow, who had just gone back into daydreaming about all the woman he could have had at his disposal, heard Damocles' fist impact with the Centaur and a slight thud as his body hit the floor below.
Sorrow snapped out of his dreaming for a moment.
"Damocles, hide that body in the vent and make sure it's shut this time, we need no more distractions" he then looked at the clothes again and then back to the Bio Ork, he knew he couldn't keep casting illusions every time they were caught. He was starting to feel the curse of his humanity, tiredness.
"Well my friend, I don not know if you are capable of dislike. But if you are, you will not like this" he paused for a moment, watching Damocles shove the body into the vent, incredibly strong as Damocles was it must have been a challenge even for him.
"I have a plan, a plan that will wrap this pathetic little errant up once and for al


Three minutes later, Damocles was wearing a Black two-peice. Sorrow faded away into illusion, and concentrated on making Damocles look female - not an easy task. The sounds of running continued outside - something was happening, by the sounds of it, and they needed it fit in. Sorrow knew he could make HIMSELF look like a Centaur, but he knew Damocles would need some kind of help if Sorrow was to try and hide them both.


Tank watched the slaves move away. They looked like they were having fun, and probably looking for weapons, too. Oh well.

They'd better find the others before this place went up in flames. Both Tank and The Binman were armed with sections of piping torn from the walls - not much, but better than nothing.

Just where was BadJimmy?


"Rigtho. We need to enter there right now. And it´s filled with guards."
Both Draco and Slayer checked the map. No doubt on that.
The runners were inside the complex. And it was crammed up with guards.
"I´ve got an idea... These guards will run away from someone like me, so I show myself and..."said Draco.
"Not so far. You will probably force them to take our friends as hostages. We need a disguise."replied Slayer.
"What disguise?"
"Don´t you want to become a bitch for one day?" Slayer grinned.
"My shapeshift is NOT for that!" Draco became furious.
"Well, have you got a better suggestion?"
Draco stopped yelling.
"OK. But I will deny any proof on doing this!"
And he shapshifted into a really gorgueous looking elf bitch.
"Perfect." Slayer replied."Now my turn."
He pulled out sunglasses and a police crest.
"Meet Inspector Terrance from MUNDI!" he laughed.


The bulky centaur groaned. What stuff had his boss done to have a MUNDI cop
after him? He looked at the two figures again.


You call yourself a Necromancer? I pity you...
Sorrow heard the voice. A deep and dark voice. Inside his head.
Whoever you think you are, it´s better not to mess with my business. Leave the mission and get lost.
He repeated himself"Bummer. It´s only my imagination."
I am behind you. I can read your thoughts.
Sorrow´s heart almost stopped when he saw the dark figure of a wandered behind him.

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