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NewsEye Report: Breaking News.


Cut to Dervin Nicklebix, Vladistok/Hyrkan Bullenek National Space Centre, Orkislavia.

"In one of the most daring and incomprehensible terrorist attacks in history, the Vladistok Aerospace Comet Probe, Artemis was attacked earlier this night by an unidentified group, who somehow managed to infiltrate the most secure sight in this entire country, bypassing both Vladostok security and units of the Orkislavian Armed Forces. Early reports indicate that substantial damage has been done to the probe, and several members of the engineering crew are confirmed dead, as well as at least one of the hijackers. This is Dervin Nicklebix, Eastern Orkislavia."

Update. Shown over confused pictures of armed men running around, fiery trails in the nightsky, and news reporters being brutalised by Ork soldiers.

"Automated news update commences."

The following recording has been received by a group claiming the unmanned probe was actually designed to carry passengers, and that they managed to gain entry to the probe. We must stress that any content is liable to be at the extremes of untruth.

Female elf appears, speaking tino a small camera, wearing a spacesuit.

"My brothers and sisters! This is a glorious day for metahumanity!
Let our brethren worldwide rejoice, for metahumanity's salvation is at hand! We, the Church of the Undying Light are fulfilling our name and out duty this very moment. We have taken this vehicle for our own, that those who seek to extinguish the light would have kept from your wretched eyes. Do not be deceived, the forces of dark planned to send men to the blessed comet, bearer of light, for their own purposes.
Not so, for we have cast down the unbeleivers. Join us on our Live Matrix cast!
Long Live the Light! Long Live-"

Feed terminated. Vladistok Aerospace confirm Probe Artemis destroyed by act of sabotage without launch. Rumours that the probe was to be manned have been denied. We thank you for your co-operation.

"Great Spirit! I knew those Church of Light Fraggers were up to something. We oughta show 'em some-""



Sarah dashed the other way, the tide of migrating slave girls tugging at her. She could see Dorodo struggling, and decided it would be best to stay with him. Silvia had dissapeared, and there were sounds of a fight down one of the side corridors.

"Here, shorty!" she grabbed Dorodo's arm, and pulled him out of the crowd, huddling into an alcove. "We don't need to get stuck with them right now, I just need to find something wooden to focus my magic through, and I can protect us"
Dorodo squeaked in reply, and leapt back as a huge troll charged after the rest of the harem.

"Right. Let's get moving and find....." Hurricane made a groaning noise "......Silvia and the others". Dorodo dashed out infront of her, and surveyed the corridor. He then darted into a room, and returned with a table leg.

"You needed one of these?"
"I guess that will do." Sarah took the table leg, experimentally pointed it at the wall, and a stream of water gushed from the end.
"That'll do"

Elf and goblin jumped as a rumbling boom echoed down the corridor. Somewhere nearby, someone had either used a very large weapon, or knocked the celing in.

"Shit. What was that," whispered Sarah. She began to walk slowly down the corridor, Dorodo drawing the pistol Raven had given him as part of his disguise and following. They soon came to a large door, with muffled sounds coming from the other side.

"Let's try in here. That doesn't sound like fighting to me"
Sarah pointed the table leg at the door, stood back, and whispered a word. Reaching onto the manaplane, she plucked a lightning bolt, and prepared to hurl it against the door, breaking it down.

At that moment, the first astral ripple touched the manasphere.
Electricity erupted from the makeshift staff, hurling Sarah backwards. The door caved in in a shower of bolts, and electricity played across the woman, as she struggled to control the power coursing through the staff. Something BAD was happening.

"Shit!" Sarah dropped the wood, and Dorodo uncovered his eyes. The crackling subsided, revealing the scene inside the throneroom.


The huge troll circled slowly, his eyes on the enemies by the dias.

"I SED WARE'Z DELORI!" It's voice boomed. No reply.

Fardel North stepped foreward. "I don't know, but if you'll put down your weapons....."

"NOWUN'S FRAGGING PUTTIN DOWN NO FRAGGIN WEAPONS, SLAGGER!" screamed the Troll, now becoming quite red faced, and spraying the ground around Fardel with bullets that ricocheted of whatever was under the red carpet. Fardel backed down, and whispered to Raven.

"I don't think they're gonna send the elevator back. They've left us here to die like rats..."
Raven nodded solomnly, and North continued.
"Delori knows he can replace us, and won't bother risking the slaves getting on the elevator. We're going to have to escape on our own, or die trying."
Raven nodded again.

Fardel turned back to the huge crowd of slaves, which were looking menacingly on.
"Delori's in his chambers! It's the left staircase."

The troll looked at North, and grinned toothily.
"Good. Now we'z can kill yous."

Fardel gulped, and the mob exploded in hails of gunfire.

"Get behind the dias!" North, Raven, Mary and two troll guards made it. The slaves charged down the room, screaming.

"How are we going to..." Mary began to ask Raven, yelling in the din and innacurate gunfire.
"We're not! As soon as someone goes down, grab a gun and help me take some of these fraggers with us!"

The huge troll leapt onto the dias, roaring. Machinegun bullets rippled through it, doing nothing.

"holy shit......" began Fardel. He then took a round from a particularly accurate slave in the face, blowing away the left side of his chin in a bloody explosion. His jaw dropped. Literally.

Raven leapt backwards, trying to avoid the gunfire centred on the two troll bodyguards. He dragged Mary, who was screaming.

The troll smashed down, throwing away it's assualt cannon. Raven could see blood on it's hands. It roared again.

Just then, the locked escape door behind them blasted open, Sarah's unleashed powers smashing through.

"Down!" Screamed Raven, pulling Mary after him.

The troll took the magic lightening full in the chest. He blasted half of the way down the hall.


Ooh... man I got a headache
Silvia noticed the Ork that was holding her was no longer running. He stood still and looked at Sorrow and Draco, both lying on the floor with a painful grin on their face.

What happened?! Hey... why is it so hard to shapeshift?

When the firefight between Draco and N'zar began she had shapeshifted to a complete minidragon (the "light" version, without tail or wings) to protect herself against the heat. But now she seemed to have problems shifting back. Her magical potential had decreased a lot, and her natural shapeshift ability was very hard to use without the help of her dragon magic to speed things up.

Draco slowly stood up.
"Let the girl GO!"

Silvia heard Damocles whisper to himself: "I must complete the mission. I must go... must go..."
However, he didn't move. He seemed somehow confused by the prone figure of Sorrow.
"Sorrow. Get up. We have to go..." he said with his monotonous voice.
But Silvia heard what seemed to be a bit of compassion in it... the Bio-Ork seemed to care more about his partner than he realised.

Sorrow slowly got up.
Silvia saw the Ork was only paying attention to the Necromancer... and took her chance. In one quick movement she put her claws in the Orks's muscles, pulled herself loose and ran towards Draco.

"Draco! You call that a rescue?!"
"You should have ran the other way, Silvia... this corridor is blocked, and my magic is gone."


"Yes, I do know remember what happened long time ago!"
The powers that had thought he had lost, were returning with such intensity that he could not upstand his human form.
The rubble exploded in a dark light. The feathers of the Quetzacoatl covered now his entire body. He was becoming again the being that was supposed to be. His magic power of a Greater Dragon had been substituted by the Maelstrom powers of his father, the God Quetzacoatl.
Draco felt really sick. He felt a really inmense power, not comparable with anything.
N'zar's voice. Somehow different.
The entire complex started to collapse, as if a gigantic hand grasped it.
"We are in trouble, really in trouble... My powers somehow, have dissapeared, and that fragging N'zar has been powered up somehow!" thought Draco so loud that everyone could heard it.


Sorrow was quick off the mark. He lifted himself from the floor and he instantly made it seem like there was a cage around the half dragon.
"Damocles!" the necromancer yelled "Deal with the dragon.", Damocles knew what was called for, he ran up to Draco and placed his foot firmly into Draco's stomach. Sending him sprawling into the nearest wall.

"Pity" Sorrow thought to himself "I could have used his help and got rid of him later"
He looked over to Damocles, who seemed to be standing around, waiting for orders.
"Grab the She Dragon and get moving! We don't have a lot of time, we have N'zar on one side and that fool on the other." Sorrow was panicking now, things had not gone according to plan. Yet he had thrown away any plan since Sakhar's attack on him.

"Can you get us out of here without the assistance of an air vent?" Sorrow asked the ork, to which Damocles just grunted. "In the name of sanity, that is not helping me!" Sorrow was now yelling at the Bio Ork, this was not the time!
"Follow" Damocles stated as he picked up Silvia, who still thought she was trapped. Sorrow then heard the sound that sent a shiver down his spine, the blood curdling scream of N'zar.
"Hurry, follow" Damocles said, but this time it actually did sound like there was a hint of panic in his voice.
"Ok, just let me clear one thing up."
He went over to the unconscious Draco, cutting his right arm to add to his collection of blood.
"This should keep him at bat" he thought to himself, he then noticed that he was moving.
"Soon sort that" he raised his staff and smacked the injured dragon right between the eyes, he then ran after Damocles, hoping that this would be the last interruption to the mission.


"Where are you going, scum?"
Slayer appeared from the rear part. Unable to cast magic, he pulled out a gun and fired at Damocles feet. The high caliber bullet pierced the thick skin, and the bio ork tripped off.
"leave the lady alone, scumbags!"


Damocles fell, rolling over. Silvia tumbled out of his arms. The hard floor rose to meet him.

Dark Sorrow placed one hand into his pocket. Damocles was stirring, but the girl was out cold. Keep the new guy talking....

"Who the hell are you..."
"They called me Slayer. Now move, scumbag. I might just let you live...."
Damocles was slowly inching along the ground towards Silvia.

"Ok, ok. Let me just help me comrade up...."

Sorrow bent foreward, freeing the tiny bag from his belt. This was one of the few illusionary aides he carried. But it would help.

"Hey! No, scumbag! One more step and..."
Sorrow whipped upright, hurling the bag of glimmerdust into Slayer's face. The sparkling power stung his eyes, and Slayer reared back, clawing at his face.

Damocles moved to his feet, growling.

"Grab the girl!" yelled Sorrow, throwing more dust into the air, which expanded into a huge cloud, restricting vision. "We need to escape!"


Sakhar had been in the roof of Mawrose's place for quite awhile, he knew Sorrow was in here and intended on finding him. He was trying to find an entrance when it happened, a greater dragon burst though the roof of the compound, one unlike he had ever seen, and an evil one at that.
He hid from view, loaded up his crossbow and waited. He wanted to confirm his suspsions of the evilness of this dragon before chraging in. But the word "N'zar" did spring to his mind...


Raven was surprised, even relieved that Sarah had chosen this moment to interevene. Wiping Fardel's blood from his face he yelled over the rattling of machine guns.

"Nice entrance baby! Wanna do an encore?"

Arms outstretched, summoning another torrent of water Sarah yelled.

"Gotta give the people what they want!"

The rebellious slaves were knocked off their feet and washed out of the room. Dorodo laughed gleefully as he tried to keep his feet dry by hopping from one foot to another. As Raven and Mary arose from the dias they wringed their clothes of as much water as they could. Blood and water mixed to form a solution of a translucent pink colour. The 'Negotiator' floated from under Fardel's corpse. Raven bent down and picked it up.

"Thanks for taking care of it Fardel!"

Raven shook off the excess water and holstered his favorite pistol. He turned to ask if Mary was ok, he blushed as he saw her.
The immense soaking had made her harem disguise cling to her figure, it was somewhat revealing. Stammering and averting his gaze Raven babbled an apology and turned away. Facing away from Mary he asked whether she was injured. Mary replied in the negative. Dorodo was intrigued, Sarah slapped the curious gobbo and called him a pervert. Sarah took command and ordered everyone to move out. Leading the water sodden crew like an aquatic queen Sarah strode out of the hall.


Tank had seen Binman go down like a sack of crap from the Centaur's blow. He tried to slap him back to consiousness, but ecided he'd better stop when his hefty hands left the smaller ork bleeding and in an even worse condition hat he was before.

"No help'n dat dum frag. I gott'a fin' umiez..." The barrel-chested giant mumbled, stomping around the corridor in the direction the slaves had gone.

The moment he'd left, Badjimmy came out of his hidey-hole. He was completely disguised as a woman, all but indistinguishable from one of the sorry sex-slaves who had lived around here. Already drunk and unhinged by the violence, and the agony of his butchered hand, he was too far gone to see the absurdity of the situation.

He stepped out, high heels sinking into the carpet next to the bodies. Only there were two more bodies now - The fragger Ork who'd traumatised him and the Centaur.

Pulling the tiny streetline special 'lemon squeezer' pistol from his kimono, he shoved the muzzle into the downed centaur's eye, squeezed the trigger.


He didn't know why he did it. He just saw red. Maybe it was the pheromones. They made him feel... Inferior...

"Ughk... Lady... Help uzz..." The Binman choked up some blood.

Badjimmy walked over. The Ork's bloodshot eyes widened in disbelief.

"You... Your EYES!" Then he relaxed, laughed.
"Ha, always figgered yo wuz a bt weird. Help me up."



Badjimmy's tiny gun bucked again, a bullet impacting expertly at the Ork's left eye, ricocheting into his meagre braincase.

The Binman was trashed. He lay with an air of finality.

Badjimmy felt a savage smile spread across his face.
Fragging trogg scum! That's what you get! You mess with Jimmy, eh? Mais non, I kill you! Comprends pas?.
With an unexpected rage, he started laying into the stiffenting corpse, until he was out of breath, the knuckles he had left bruised.

He heaved, vomited on the corpse. The room swirled.

"Merde. Another drink!"

He ran, colliding with walls several times. It sounded like the world was caving in, walls shaking...

Nah. Just the drink.

He seemed to be getting closer to the sounds of fighting, and kept the hold-out pistol in his wavering hand. Somehow he knew he would find a drink soon.

A burst of automatic gunfire. He found himself at the side-door to the throneroom, watching the carnage unfolding. He spotted Mary and Raven, the slaves, their master (whose face had just been decimated) and the Trolls.

He was just about to charge into the room, when the deluge of water swept through...


N'zar was out of himself. Even now that he had seen the battered form of Draco. He was his rival, but also one of his own brood. Letting a human leave him very battered could not be forgiven.
"All of you! You will die!!!"
Shockwaves spreaded along the compound. The demigod powers were paying off, and rubbles shattered once again.
"Aww no. We can't get out alive of this!" Sorrow yelled.
Then a light shone. Another teleport.A man, nay a dragon disguised as man in white clothes. Roszondas.
"Brother... What are you doing? Do not be silly. You will kill yourself if you continue using your demigod powers like that!"
N'zar seemed to calm down. He tried to look not drained, but he spat some blood. Obviously, he had overdone himself.
"I can't believe you defend these little mortals after what they have done... but it's your problem. Now... Outa my way!"
"Don't be silly, Zarites... We can't fight in here. It is not the moment."
At that point, N'zar received a call from his battered cellphone.
"Boss, we have captured another fertile female half dragon, just like you wanted."
N'zar smiled.
"I have nothing left with you now. But remember. We will meet again in the future!"
And then, using all of his remnant powers, he teleported out.

After grabbing Draco, Roszondas left out for Japan, to heal him in there. He used the teleport, too. Obviously, N'zar was not the only who still had his powers.

"Urgh! Can't see..."Slayer yelled after saying a few obscenities.
"I have only thing to do... CONTRA!"
Unavertised by everyone, the contra spell actually worked. The clouds dissipated soon. Slayer spat a bit of blood, due to the drain of the spell.
"How did you do that?" Sorrow asked.
"Maelstrom magic is unaffected by the Haley comet. In fact Maelstrom is reinforced in this situation."
He drinked a Mag vial from the med kit.
"And now, will you leave her alone or do I have to hurt you?"


Sakhar couldn't believe what he was seeing, he thought he was going to die after the stunt that demigod dragon had pulled. The shock wave had almost knocked him off the edge of the roof, and as soon as he managed to climb back up, the dragon was gone.
"Oh well, that one will have to wait for another day" he said to himself quietly, dragon or no dragon. Sorrow was down there somewhere......


"Powerful as you are, we have a mission." Sorrow said bravely "I don't have time for this, I need to get this girl out of here fast, now get out of our way or we will make you!" Sorrow's grip on his staff tightened. He didn't know if an illusion would work, He couldn't afford to waste anymore of his illusionary aids and he didn't know if Damocles could take him down.
"So be it, you had your chance." he grabbed the Necromancers staff "Maybe you'll change your mind after a lesson in pain"
A shockwave went though Sorrow's staff, he tried his best to keep hold but it was no good, he was in agony.
"W-what the hell is this?" were his final thought before he was thrown across the room, hitting the nearest wall.
"Now would the ork like to try?" Slayer said turning to Damocles "Or have you learned from your friends mistakes?"
Damocles looked at his partner across the room and saw red. His emotionless was lost in a sea of anger, he charged Slayer, not caring that he still had Silvia on his back, punching the magic user in the face.
Slayer did fall on the floor from the force of the blow, but he eventually got up. Spitting out more blood.
"Impressive" he said to the Ork. "But unfortunately for you, I still stand."
"But not for long!" The voice came from the roof. Sakhar was standing on the edge of the hole watching the whole fight "The Necromancer is mine! Take the ork, but leave Dark Sorrow to me."
"Oh you can have him...." started Slayer. "When I am finished with him."
"Then you leave me no choice" Sakhar leveled his crossbow at Slayer and send a bolt flying into his leg. Slayer stumbled in pain, It was already too late when he realized that the demon hunter had dived from the roof on top of him.
"Damocles!" the now awake Sorrow yelled "RUN!"
Damocles turned around and ran as fast as he could, picking the necromancer up on the way. Once out of sight Damocles turned to run though a doorway. Not knowing if his powers would work, Sorrow used his last bit of energy to make it look it was a dead end.
"I think we should get in the air vents again to avoid riots and all powerful beings chasing after us" Sorrow surgested
"Thought Sorrow hate vents" Damocles said
Sorrow laughed "Well, it seems safer that way"
"Much safer indeed..."


Sakhar had been knocked out by the fall, but he knew he'd ensured that it would be him and ONLY him that brings Dark Sorrow to justice.


With a slight pain Slayer raised his eyebrown.
"A crossbow jolt? What do you think I am? A deer?"
As soon as he broke the Jolt and pullet it out of his leg,he pulled out his gun.
"Wake up, scum! We have to talk!"
Sakhar was thrown back with a martial arts kick.
He woke up, just to see that a 50 caliber gun was pointing at his face.


Slayer smiled. Not only the necromancer was tricky. In the middle of the confusion, he had put a transmitter in the necklace of Damocles. Hardly noticeable, and even less in these rush situations. Now he could track them down... Slowly...


Hive's commlink crackled.

"Pull out of the facility. Situation compromised."

With no idea, the grunts torched another car in the vehicle lot, then procecceded to rig a car to escape. They did.


Sakhar wasn't too shocked to see a gun pointed in this face, it was a dangerous move after all. But he was more then willing to risk death to destroy Sorrow.
He was a bit winded, but could still negotiate something. He grabbed hold of the gun barrel.
"You won't be needing this" He said flatly to the figure standing over him, he put his full force into throwing the gun across the room "We might be able to do a little business, if your soul is pure enough." Methdos climbed to his feet, he looked Slayer in the eye.
"What kind of business?" he asked the golden armoured warrior.
"From my observations I understand you want the girl." started the young warrior "I have no personal interest in the girl, but I want to bring that Necromancer to justice for the suffering he's caused myself and my village. Sorrow might be too much of an slippery eel for you to deal with alone, but I can help you." he stopped to take a breath, he'd been badly winded "I will travel with you to rid the earth of the menace, if you will allow me too."
"You make a fine offer, I may just let you live for it, but I need no help from an inexperienced fool like yourself." he kicked Sakhar again, sending him tumbling across the room "And this time stay down!" Slayer picked up his gun. "And this is for the crossbow!" he shot the warrior in both legs and left.
Sakhar was too tied to notice the pain. He collapsed in a heap on the floor struggling for breath. His armour had took most of the impact, but he wouldn't be walking for a while.
"Why was I so stupid!" he thought in anger " Why couldn't I have let him finish Sorrow off? Why couldn't I just let him end this for me!"
But deep down he knew the answer, he wanted to make Sorrow suffer for what he did to the village of mages, for his barbaric acts of slaughter, for his slimily form being able to walk the earth taking more innocent lives and most of all, for ruining his own chances of becoming the greatest healer the land had ever seen, trading it all in for the dark arts. It was an insult!
Sakhar couldn't be left with these angry thoughts, he tried to get up but he couldn't.
"Damn that fool!" he muttered "How dare he get in the way of what is my rightful destiny." Sakhar tried once more to get up, but the pain was too intense.
Sorrow had won this round, and Sakhar hoped he'd be alive to see another...


"Have you got rid of all of your hatred?" Slayer raised an eyebrown.
Sakhar groaned.
"Ok, fine. Stay down there. while I am healing you..."
Healing him? What kind of joke was that?
But it was not a joke. Sakhar felt refreshed again. The crossbow injury that Slayer sustained...was healed too.
Slayer gasped again, and drank another vial.
"I have overdone myself." he said to Sakhar.
Sakhar rose up,as Slayer lowered the weapon.
"You needed to understand. Hatred is not power. Power is to save lifes, just as I had done... If you continued with your revenge you would end up the same way as Sorrow."
Sakhar kicked a small rubble
"...And we lost Sorrow..."
"Don't be so sure."
He grinned. The GPS showed a dot moving through the tunnels.
"I've been able to put a transmitter in the ork... Wherever they go, you can track them down down."
"...But this is not a free help- In exchange, you may protect the girl."
Slayer looked at Sakhar with clear, shallow eyes.
"Now you have a true sense of justice. Do not let Sorrow destroy more, and undo what damage he has done."
Slayer replied again.
"You shall thank me in the future..."

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