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Badjimmy had eventually stopped trying to drink the petrol from the bottle he was carrying. For one thing, he'd realised something was wrong after the third choking fit. Secondly, someone had kicked the bottle from his hand. It lay smashed on the cobbles some way off, behind a moving forest of legs.
He'd been kicked in the head, too. Or that could just have been his hangover.

He held the shattered neck of the bottle in his hand, staring dumbly.

His attention was drawn to a silver-haired man furiously firing a silenced gold-plated heavy pistol into the air, and then checking the gun, obviously frustrated.

"Hey! Thats-"

The rest of what he was saying was drowned out by the gun's deafening unsilenced blast. Bright muzzle flare left was filtered out automatically by Badjimmy's cybereyes.

The crowd immediately began to stampede.


Raven was busy talking to his colleagues, and didn't hear again.

The next time Badjimmy tried to speak, an amplified voice issued from the walker. Then Raven fired again, at the walker this time. Fragmets of cobblestone whizzed past Badjimmy, leaving a track across his cheek.

A machinegun on a pop-up mount rose from the machine's body, began its deadly chatter.


Even as the figures scrambled for cover, Badjimmy had gotten up, using his elven agility to grab one of the machine's legs (braced for firing) and swing himself up onto the machine's body.

The gun.

The weapon mount was exposed on a gimbal mount, not a mini-turret.

Badjimmy thrust a blade from the sleeve of his coat through the ammo-feed-housing. The gun shuddered and clanked, powered feed straining against the blockage.

The machine's body bucked like a wild thing. Badjimmy rolled backwards.

A hatch popped. Badjimmy found himself within striking distance, thrust his broken bottle-end at the exposed neck of the figure -


Shadow got to his car, popped the canopy and leapt into his seat. He threw the electricar into reverse.


He rear-ended a GM American Eagle - No doubt left there by one of the more wealthy people in the crowd.

"Warning! warning! Unauthroized access detected! Security system in operation!"

With a tremendous explosion the sportscar leapt into the air on a pillar of flame, wheels flying off, lanidng in scattered heaps of wreckage. A man ran, turned into a human torch, shedding bits of burning clothing and skin, lighting the darkened streets.

Shadow steered around the destruction, but his car was in a bad way. A wheel was buckled, the engine leaking acid from the electric fuel cell. It eventually came to a halt.

Through the cracked canopy, he found himself behind the Jagged Nails club, but the car was useless now.


As Shadow put the car into reverse, he heard a loud crash noise in back of him.

When he turn his head to look to the back, he realized that he hit a sportscar.

After this, he heard a loud sound that sounded computerized:
"Warning! warning! Unauthroized access detected! Security system in operation!"

Shadow then saw a tremendous explosion the sportscar leapt into the air on a pillar of flame, pieces of the car was flying all over.

Shadow steered around the destruction, but his car was in a bad way.

His car came to a stop he jumped out and saw the Jagged Nails Club, Shadow then looked at it and turned to go to the other club he needed to go to.


Shadow didn't know this area well, but he knew roughly how far the Camden Ballroom Pizza Slut was from the London Jagged Nailz - Half a kilometre.

But that was half a kilometre of furious rioting, murderous comet-obsessives and out and out violence.

A Land Rover 2046 flatbed pickup roared down the street, it was going to pass Shadow. On the back, over the canopy, where two twenty-something humans, with goggles and masks on. One had a shotgun, whuich he aimed at Shadow, the other held a gasping cop around the neck with both arms, dragging his legs on the road. The man was screaming, flailing wildly.


Sorrow was still creeping around in the pitch black corridors of the compound. He needed to see Damocles. He snuck past Polt's room, the man even ranted in his sleep!
He was going down to the lower part of the compound, to the place he had discovered a while back, the "test tube" room. A room full of cloning vats, or whatever they were. Hundreds of Polt's Experiments went on down there, and it was also where Damocles slept. If that was the correct term for it.
He once again had to play the old "Avoid the Cadre" game, this had been a great drain on his powers. And he still hadn't fully recovered from the incident before, What was that anyway?
What had caused him to see those things? What thing had such power over him? He doubted it was the comet, although it was something to take into consideration. N'zar was out of the question, the dragons in his visions looked all too weak to be of his doing. That reminded him, he had to see Polt about that pest.
Whatever it was, it wasn't worth discussing. He had to see Damocles. The strong organic stench hit him again. He had got used to the weaker smell of it in the main compound, but down here it almost made him sick.
He searched the tubes, looking for Damocles. All he saw were various undeveloped human beings, or what seemed like it. It was very hard to tell.
He looked into each one until he come across what looked to be a young woman. She had long dark hair and was quite tall. Sorrow stared at this woman, and he suddenly felt alone. As if no one would ever care for something as completely hideous as he was, as if he'd never even come within a mile of a woman like this had she not been sleeping.
Sorrow's self pity was soon interrupted. Two sets of heavy booted footsteps made there way down to the room. Cadre. Sorrow had no time to think, he did the only thing he could on such short notice, and he'd probably regret it later. He leaped into one of the open cloning vats, the glass door shutting as he entered.


"Who are you?"
The MUNDI commander was almost to have a nervous crisis.
"We are the Crusaders of the Catholic Empire, mister. We came to banquish daemons."
He looked at the great crowd. Men and metamen, elves and dwarfes, from all genres and countries had come. They were wearing shining armor, and the huge crowd was fearful in itself.
The had arrived at the surroundings of Geneva, attracted by the creatures that called "Daemons."

The pope, Marcus II, looked at the cardinal.
"Our warriors are ready. Give them an order."
He messed his beard, humbled a bit.
"May God guide our Steps. For over 7 centuries, Catholic people had not started a war because of their religion. But, we must do it."
The last sentence echoed in the Vatican.

"Let the crusade begin."

Coronel Jones cheered up the notice.
Catholic Empire Crusader army was one of the most fearful ground forces even made. They were zealots, and something, as if all of them had magic on their own, pushed them to win even the worst situations.


"Men, charge our blessed weapons! The night hour has come!"
Everyone answered with a cheer.
They were going into an almost certain death, but they did not fear. Not even wanted to go back.


NewsDEX! 28/7 coverage, all around the world! (28 hour coverage only available with time-lapse charms)

"Hi I'm Kiri DiBlanc, and this is newsDEX! Today's headlines are..."
"Halley's comet welcomed by crowds across the globe!"
"Mass rioting in London, Tokyo, New York and Paris, as well as many other major cities"
"Magical disturbances play havoc with world networks"
"War in Geneva : Just what are MUNDI concealing from us? Magical disturbances are wudespread in this area."
"Catholic Mobilizations - just WHAT are the Italians doing?"

Micheal Sole, Western Etherspace Chief Executive, chose option four. This looked interesting. He flicked a button, and the huge flatcreen changed to a picture of a MUNDI spokesman. He was earnestly telling NewsDEX reporters that nothing was wrong in Geneva. Micheal could see the sweat running off from his face.

This was very interesting, Micheal felt, switching the vidscreen to the small Western Aerospace Satellite that orbited above the Swiss city via a button on the control. Maybe an airial view would show more.

Micheal didn't like what he saw.


Flisted Nash popped out of the hatch, spinning around to see if he could spot what had happened to the gun. This movement saved the stubbled elf's life.

His assailant, a drunken member of his own species, thrust the bottle at where the exposed neck had been only seconds before. It connected with the carapace Vladistok body armour Flisted was wearing. The bottle splintered into trillions of tiny peices.

Flisted felt the impact, and spun around, one hand dropping for the gun holstered at his thigh. The elf that had somehow gotten onto the roof of the walker was cursing, holding a hand with only three fingers, which was now full of tiny glass spinters.

The driver found his gun, and brought it up, squeezing the trigger as he came in line for a shot.

It was the sudden jolt, as the autopilot brought down two armoured legs at once, that saved Badjimmy's life, as he plummeted backwards, back into the crowd.


Mary sprayed some sealant quickly onto Raven's shoulder - the bullet could be removed later. What was a problem was his leg.

There was a gaping wound along one side of the man's lower leg. It looked nasty, and Mary could hear the clanking of the walker, and the screams of the crowd.

"Shit", she muttered, tossing away the now-empty sealant can. She checked her pockets, and had none left, so she swore again, and asked Tank for a strip of the huge shirt he was wearing, that came almost down to his knees. The big ork ripped it easily, and handed Mary the cloth.

"Thanks." Mary began to tie the makeshift bandage around Raven's leg. They had to get him out of here, quickly.

"Tank! Sarah! Dorodo! Check if there are any doors out of this place! We can't risk it out here!"

The sound of feet running, and Tank banging on doors and yelling reached the crouching doctor's ears. She concentrated on tying the bandage.

Suddenly, a shadow fell across her. She looked up, half expecting to find an angry troll with a club.

It was a man, in his mid to late twenties, though his scarred and lined face made him look older. He was wearing a dirty uniform, and wearing a large backpack. Lanky black hair flopped out of a cap with a grubby union jack on it, and streaks of dirt ran down his face.

"Need a hand, maam?" The man dropped off his backpack, and rifled through one of the pockets. Mary noticed a gun, just poking out of a rolled up sleeping back attached to the backpack. Who was this guy?

"Here, maam, use this... or shall I... I have some field medic experiance..." The man held out a small can of sealant, surrounded by the other contents of the pocket, which obviously served as some kind of first-aid kit.

"Thanks, but I do too." Mary smiled, and sprayed the sealant over Raven's leg quickly.

"Could you help me move my friend? He'll get hurt here..."
"I'd be happy, maam. May I ask your name?"


Darsha combed the city with her four-man crew. Since two and three had gone, she's been careful to avoid anything that looked dangerous, and gotten the gunship's mage to put up a tempoary spell-lock around the ship. This had foiled a teleport attack such as had taken down Two already.

The blue blips that reprisented allies on her vidscreen were flickering off rapidly. The grunts the MUNDI beaurocrats had deployed into the hellish ruins were being simply slaughtered by whatever was down there.

She homed in on the nearest she could find. He was alive, whoever he was, and she hoped against hope that he would still be alive when the gunship reached him.


Sargent Nuiruk Uz-Burlom lay face down in the rubble, he'd barely survived the onslaught of the Daemons. His long fingered hand slowly moved to wipe his own blood from his forehead. He kept his head low, he didn't want to die.

The wound in his cheast was bleeding heavily, he didn't know how long it would be before he bled to death. He wanted to roll off the wound, but he was sure he'd be killed. The Daemons were ruthless.

He carefully watched the chaos around him. It was horrific, it was like no other combat zone he had ever seen! The so called Daemons were unlike anything he had ever seen in his life. He so wished his brother was here, he'd know how to stop these things. This was the only thing on the Sargent mind, that he was going to die without patching up his old feud with his family.

He watched as Daemons of all shapes and sizes ravenged the field of battle, an Impish one, fresh from killing another poor soul with his bow and arrow, led a march of lesser Daemons across the burning ruins of Geneva, in mockery of the brave MUNDI soldiers.

He continued to play dead on the broken stone, hoping none of these foul beasts would look at him twice. He couldn't die here.....not like this, not now. He had to keep holding on to the hope of rescue, he had to tie up lose ends......


Two Cadre made their way into the room Sorrow had stupidly locked himself in. He watched from the cloning vat as they made their way to the spot he had been standing in. One went to the side of the cloning vat where Sorrow had seen the young woman.

"Commencing Procedure." he said to the other Cadre as he pressed a small button on the side.
"I hope this works" said the other "Or we could be his next lab rats."

The seals of the Cloning Vat opened with a crack. The glass casing slowly lifting to reveal the contents, a strange mist filling the room. The water droplets that covered the inside of the glass slowly rolled down as it did so, dripping from the glass onto the head of a young woman.

She breathed in the cold air of the tube, the warmer air of the room blowing over her body. She began to breathe deeply, she could feel her lungs expanding with each breath. She slowly began to open her eyes.
"Slowly now" came a voice from her side, the very sound of it made her ears sting. "Take your time."
As her eyes fully opened, everything was a blur. She had to blink a few times to focus on her surroundings. As she did she could see rows and rows of cloning vats like the one she was half standing/half lying in. She wanted to see more, but her neck was stiff and it was painful to move.

"Is it ready to go?" Said some other unknown voice
"Body seems to be functioning normally." replied the first voice.
"Good" the 2nd one again "Lets get it to Polt, fast. I hate this place."
Two hands grabbed her arms and dragged her from the tube.
"Be careful!" one voice or the other yelled "We'll be killed if we damage it."
With the help of the two men at the side of her she stood, her bare feet starting to feel the coldness of the metallic floor as the rest of her body warmed.

Her body was starting to to become less rigid and she turned her head to see a man in strange clothes. she couldn't really make out what they were, her vision was still slightly out of focus.
"Get moving!" The man yelled at her.
"Moving.......walking." She searched her mind for what this meant, or how she even knew what this "Walking" word was. "Walking.....moving from one place to another by the movement of your legs,knees and feet." . She seemed capable of that.
She started to "walk", being led by the two Cadre. No idea how she got there, no idea where she was going. She just knew this was the only way.


NewsEye - Breaking News

Carnia Chambers Automated Virtual Report

"Chaos in Europe.

Mass rioting in London, Paris, Kronstadt and München. Heavy casualties reported in London.

Queen Antoinette remains silent. UK land forces mobilized. RAF air exlcusion zone in effect around Britsprawl .

Situation reported to be coming under control in Tokyo. Minimal casualties.

Unexplained disturbances on Geneva outskirts. MUNDI, Daisaka and Local Corporate military forces reportedly under full mobilization. Quarantine in effect. Several aircraft confirmed downed by forces unknown.

Family in Alsace reports attack by previously unknown type of spirit. Four dead, one in critical condition.

11 Dead in unexplained fire in Hanover.

North American Tension:

UCAS President Gibbons has responded to the European crisis by declaring curfew and deplying UCAS Armed Forces and National guard units around major cities, most notably in the Northern formely Canadian cities. Senators for New York and New Mexico have cited 'Favouritism, warning of potential mass rioting in their own states.

Jake Featherston appears on local television station, calling for internment of all metahuman and awakened persons, citing public safety.

Fresh fighting on CAS Aztlan Border.

NAN Chairman, Shaman Cat Dancing calls for "Peace and a clear head, as troubles await us that far out weigh human comprehension."


Sorrow saw the Cadre escort, although to his eyes it looked more like manhandling, the young woman out of the room. Sorrow wondered if he'd see her again, She looked familiar.

He stayed in the tube for a few hours, alone with his thoughts. And his thoughts were not pretty. Scenes of destruction, either caused by him or the thing that was pumping his brain with visions, filled his mind. Humanity, his past and this unknown presence all trying to rip his mind apart. How had it come to this? How had a mage, skilled in the art of healing and often referred to as an "Overall nice guy" turned into the grey skinned killing machine he was today?

Sorrow held no hope of getting out this mess. Maybe he'd starve to death and it would all be over. He then saw what looked like Damocles.

"DAMOCLES!" He shouted, banging on the glass. The ork stopped and gave him his trademark blank gaze. "Damocles, it's me! Get me out of here!"
The Ork walked over to the cloning vat and pushed a button on the side, the glass lifting up.

"Damocles..." Began the Necromancer, slightly out of breath for his experience. "I've been looking for you. I have a plan, and I need your help. We're letting in a pest"
The Necromancer smiled at the Bio Ork, and after discussing his plans with him, snuck back though the compound into his room.


Low Earth Orbit, GMT-8, 8.54

Retribution, a CAS NEOshuttle, finished it's maintenance mission on the CAS NightEye Orbital telescope. As a bonus, the four crewmen on board get to see the comet in all it's glory, from ourside the atmosphere.

The astronaughts are all male, and all human. One of them wears a Church of Light pendant around his neck. He is a convert, and wears this with pride.

The astronaught stares wonderingly into the night sky at the ball of dirty ice, which, to the millions down there on the little planet, was apparently causing havoc. Dangerous havoc.

Why wasn't it affecting them, out here? He knows that Martin, another crewman, is a trained shaman, and he has the mana potential to become a priest himself, and use magical powers.

What the young astronaut doesn't know, is the pendant around his neck, is designed to soak up mana.

Soak it up, until it is too much to hold.

At 9.05, the pendant releases this energy. A magical blast to rival a buclear bomb goes off in the shuttle. As it does not rely on oxygen to burn, the magical blast incinerates all four crew members, the ship itself, and the majority of the satellites providing communications for the CAS, Southern NAN, and Northern Atalazan.

It's a pity the moments leading up to this are being transmitted to Earth, via the ship's onboard camera.

Pointing the blame squarely at the Church of Light.


An APC trundled though the abandoned town east of Geneva which had served as a Daisaka staging area after the evacuation of the city.

From here the Energy Dome - The astral rift - Dominated the sky, as ever, pulsing ever brightly, spewing myriad more colours into the night sky.

The Security Master, an Ork, prodded his rigger driver into consiousness. The vehicle halted, brick crunching under armoured wheel.

"What?" The Elf said, rubbing her temple, just below the rigger jack. The skin there was inflamed and itchy.

"Dis here supposed ta be our base. Where it be?"

The rigger consulted here vehicle sensors.

She picked up a burning helicopter - One of the MUNDI machines, GM-Vladistor Pacifier gunships, in no state to fly. There were several ground vehicles - IWS Valkyrie wheeled APCs, like this one, with Daisaka ID transponders.

There! Heat signatures! Humanoid!

The rigger knew these were definitely human. No magical beings, like they were supposed to be looking for (The rigger snorted in derision - she hadn't seen any yet, having just been pulled off R&R in Frankfurt) would show up on technological devices like IR sensors. Dragons and paranimals would, but not astral natives, like spirits, unless they were physically manifest somehow. This also made vehicles immune to magical illusions and the like.

"Humans, sir. Twenty of them."

"Roight. Jenks, Hulik, check 'em out."

"Yezzir." Chorused the Dwarf and the human.

Jenks went first, joggin down the APC's opening rear ramp. He tried to muffle the clinking of his ammo pouches and arnmour plate. He backed up against the wall to a building, 'Stielmutter's Auto', and poked his IWS rifle around the corner.
The gun-camera in the smartlink relayed directly into his vision - The coast was clear.

He waved to Hulik. Your turn.

The Dwarf ambled along on his stubby legs, grumbling about 'skinny-arse humiez' as he passed Jenks, setting up his Light Machine Gun over a half wall.

Jenk's turn again.

He jogged down the street, hurdled a wall. He brought up his thermo goggles. Nothing. Turn around-

"FRAG! Oh, I mean, sorry sir." He said hurriedly, seeing the Daisaka uniform. "We've been sent to reinforce you. Name's Jenks, with the 21st light patrol - UGHKK!!"

The young man's voice and life were cut brutally short by a thumb pressed into his eye socket, and anotehr grasping hand which clamped around his throat. The unused IWS rifle clattered to the floor.

"Jenks!" Hissed Hulik.

His comrade had rounded the corner, and not reported in.

Then they came.

One man in Daisaka uniform, coated in fresh blood. One woman in civvies - Breach of the exclusion zone. She clearly had a gunshot wound to the head, Hulik could plainly see in the glare of the APC's lights. More figures came, some walking, others crawling. Most of them were in Daisaka uniform, with signs of grievous injuries.

"Zombies." Hulik sighed. He fired a long burst from his Lmg. The belt snaled from the hopper through the gun's action. Tracers whipped around the appraching, shuffling mob, smacking through chests firmed by rigour mortis, emptying brain-cases, clipping legs.

"ZOMBIES!" He screamed. He turned to run.
But these were no decaying corpses. These were the bodies of the feshly dead, inhabitated by new spirits, spiruits which had no other way of manifesting on the physical plane than the inhabitation of a body with no soul. And inhabit they would, like the body's rightful owner, until the body was too damaged to serve any purpose.

The mob caught the stumpy-legged Dwarf in no time. Death was agonizing, and longer necessary.

The Ork APC commander turned to his Rigger, businesslike, as Daisaka taught its officers.

"Wif-draw. NOW! I'll report to HQ."

(KeltosJon II)

The chaos in the plaza was even heightened by a large pale blue beam that slammed into a nearby office building. However, this blast was not magical in any way, contrary to the beliefs of those who seen it. The light caught more attention than the metal gargantuan which steadily moved closer to the masses of people.

The people closest to the source of the blast essentially stopped anything they were doing, and stared at the dark figure which moved across the street. It disappeared inside the burning building, and then came back out. It made its way to a nearby armored car, and proceeded to break into it.

By this time, the locals recovered from the awe, and began to rush the figure. Immediately they were being mowed down by automatic gunfire. Some survivors were crushed under the weight of the accelerating vehicle.

As it dissapeared in the distance, a voice was heard:
"Epona Rhi. Remember the name!"


Shadow looked around and noticed all the people in the streets.

He knew he was lost, but knew what direction to head in.

Shadow then noticed a Land Rover go by him.

He looked at it and saw two men.

Then he saw a man with a shotgun pointing it at him, he quickly pulled out his 9 MM and shot two rounds off, striking the two men quickly in the head.

Shadow then saw both men drop, he then went down a back alley as soon as he saw the two go down.

He went down an alley close by and saw the truck whiz past him and then come to an abrupt stop.

One man was dead on the truck floor, while the other screamed in pain and agony.

Shadow saw most of the mans face and flesh had been torn, and he saw the police man unconcious and his gun missing.

He then pulled out his magum and fired one round into the screaming man, to finish him off.

Shadow stood in the shadows, looking at the truck and the two dead men and one police officer.


The two men collapsed off the back of their vehicle, which roared on past Shadow, oblivious. It swerved at the mouth of the alley and careered out of sight.

The man with the shotgun wasn't moving, most probably dead.
The man who'd been throttling the cop was screaming in agony - Half his face blown off by the 9mm round. Exposed cheekbone could be seen.

Shadow saw the cop, too, was unconsious, with concussion. He carried a belt with a stun rod, and cuffs on his flourescent armoured jacket, but his gun was missing.

The man groaned.

He wasn't severly injured, but would surely die if left in the streets, where anyone could find him. The radio around his ear crackled.

Shadow wasn't far from the Pizza Slut, but the sounds of violence were louder - There was more shooting now, and at least three helicopter overhead.


Shadow went back through the alleyways in the shadows.

He quickly went past people and the riots were they were most heavily

Shadow soon realized he was near the Pizza Slut by seeing the sign out front.

In about five minutes he was in the Pizza Slut, his weapons were concealed.

He got in through the backway, quickly and steathily got past the security guard.

Shadow then went and stood in the shadows waiting for the man he was going to rendevous with...


Shadow quickly realised something was wrong in the Pizza Slut.

Power was out - A was the power for as far as he could see.
Inside the Pizza SLut was pitch dark, apart from the light coming in trhough the diouble front doors, which appeared to ahve been battered through by some sort of heavy truck. A big mob of terrifird club-goers and female restaurant staff in skimpy clothes fought to get out through the doors.

Not far off, Crystal, Cylinder Head, Illidia and an unidentified tall, maked man were debating what to do next.

There was no sign of Shadow's contact, Mr Fiennes. But then again, Shadow didn't know what Fiennes looked like, anyway.


After his fall from the walker, Badjimmy was cushioned by the crowd, saving him from breaking bones on the harsh cobbles.

His relief was shortlived, and someone grabbed him down for a pounding.

Blood dribbled from his mouth. He swung fists wildly.

His hands caught air; Abruptly he was facing a wall, knowing not how he'd gotten there at all, who or what had whisked him away from those beating him up.

He turned - The walker was still there, stomping through the crowd. BadJimmy yearned to take it on again.

If only I had a gun...

A blue-white flash made his head spin.


Debris screamed through the air. Someone ran into a building. BadJimmy oushed through the crowd, tripping twice, being elbowed in his swollen face for his troubles.

While his view was obscured, automatic gunfire rang out, behind it the deep-throated roar of a heavy engine.

"Epona Rhi, and don't you forget it!"

Badjimmy was pushed from the crowd as it shrank back in horror.
Headlights bore down on him...


Shadow looked aroun in the pitch black darkness and then looked at his watch.

He looked around and then headed towards a back room and down a hall.

Shadow then noticed a little light coming from a what to seem to be a hidden room.

He started to walk towards it, the two suitcases in his hands.

Shadow took a chance and knocked on it slightly.

His hand goes towards his 9 MM, he then hides in the shadows waiting for someone to open the door.


In the room he found an overturned table. A glass of scotch was shattered, the liquid staining the carpet.

A wristphone lay discarded on the floor - A message was stored in the RAM - The last message received.

Shadow pressed 'play'

"Fiennes, we got a hell of a situation here at HQ. Get your arse back to Grexon, stat. Security mowed down a group of looters, but we reckon a bunch of 'Runners broke in, and the're sniffing around you're department! You'll have to leave your rendezvous with your runaway girl for another night. And bring that fragging band back with you, too. Over and out."

The message was from a man named Wylberforce, an Exec at Grexon, a huge media corporation whose main building was half way across the city. The number was stored on the 'phone.


Ery had a message at his London Apartment.

"We're picking up disturbing reports from the Geneva site. Get to AET HQ for a full briefing. Brit-Sprawl's pretty chaotic right now - You'll have to find air-transport."


Shadow examined the wristphone and listened to the recording on it.

After he got done he took out a little cord and uploaded the number into his wristphone.

He gave it a dial and waited for a ring from Fiennes.

Still, Shadow held the suitcases, he turned to the door.


The call is answered, but not by Fiennes:

"Matt Wylberforce here, Grexon UK, how can I -

WHO THE HELL IS THIS? How'd you get this number?"

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