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Silvia's head hurt like hell once more.
Draco? What was that vision? Probably another one of those mana-waves. I really wonder what's causing them...


Cut to aerial view of London crowds under spotlight

"At the initial outbreak of violence in Central London, the police presence was utterly overwhelmed. Anti-magic extremists gathered to the North of New Trafalagar square, while a body of Church of Light Fanatics, who authorities now believe to have orchestrated the whole affair, took the square itself. There are wild reports of bloodletting and abhorrent rituals taking place, but the Royal College of Magicians and the Royal Army Thaumaturgic Corps have established an astral seclusion zone around the area, though it is not known how viable this zone is with the astral interference that provoked the anti-magic groups still in effect."

Cut to masked, heavy-set human, suffering from effects of tear gas
"We pure blood humans have been takin' this crap for too long, okay? So a few days agos, I gets some Matrix-mail telling this bloody comets going to screw up their magic, right? Sos me an' the lads thought we'd crack some heads. But the blood. THE BLOOD!"

Cut to full-armoured riot cops launching canisters with mini-grenade launchers, police APCs spraying hardening riot-foam at the crowds. Huge clouds of gas wreath the streets, people fall to the ground choking. Shot of asphyxiated mouth-foaming corpse.

"With their magical arsenal somewhat clipped, the police in charge of riot control were forced to take desperate measures, deploying gaseous neutralising dispersal agents on a large scale, causing some fatalities."

Cut to Men in black seen zip-lining from black IWS Kommandos with no markings, setting up two-man shooter and spotter sniper teams on the rofftops of old London

Armed police and Army personnel have been flown to the rooftops of several large buildings with sniper rifles. For the last hour, they have been picking targets, singling out ringleaders, despite protestations from onlookers."

Cut to young, masked elf in a 'Free Mexico!' T-shirt
"Stop them! They can't just kill people for rioting!"
(reply from reporter cut out)
"What? They're just up there" points, "Picking off random members of the crowd. STOP THEM!"

As camera films, another young Ork is shot right through the chest by a large calibre explosive sniper-rifle round, falling to the ground under the press.

Cut to reporter - Young, nervous, smart suit, Oxford tie.
"It seems the violence is far from over. As yet the various groups of protestors have resisted all attempts to break them up. However, the rioting is being constrained, and the hour of morning draws near. This is-"

Riot police charge the reporter and camera crew


"NO! Y-y-your making a -"


Cut to Newsroom
"Ahem, sorry, it seems Vinat won't be bringing you the rest of his report. To other news:"

Shot of huge flash in the night sky.

"Tensions are still running high, after an explosion said to be on a nuclear scale was perceived in Low-Earth orbit over the Eastern UCAS.
Because this explosion destroyed or jammed all communication satellites in the vicinity, several 3DTV and Matrix relays have gone off the air, leaving the rest of the world in doubt as to what is happening in that part of ther world.
The Neo-Soviet Union and Imperial Japan, as the world's superpowers, have been remarkably constrained on their part, despite them both going to a high alert level. Sources in both countries say that only Corporate pressure and the destablizing effect of the near-worldwide rioting have prevented them reachin full alert level."

Shot of Senior NeoSU officer and I-Marine General shaking hands in front of reporters
"Representatives of those two powers are currently meeting in Vladivostok.
Spokesmen have denied that any talk of 'Invasion' of North America is 'ridiculous', though an 'aid convoy' may be sent, depending on how bad the situation turns out to be."

Shot of the Church of the Undying Light symbol on the space-man's necklace.

"The Church of the Undying Light is currently seeing a movement among the Corporate Council to render all of its members personan non grata, due to its perceived involvement with the recent incident.
The MUNDI has been silent on the matter, perhaps due to its large-scale movement in Geneva.

This is Helen Mortenson reporting for the BBC."


He heard policemen and the riot still going on outside.

Shadow watched Crystal and the two others with her do and talk out what they were going to do.

He then looked straight at Crystal.

He saw her turn his way and shout:
"We've got to get - HEY! Who's that!?"

Shadow jumped out of the shadows, catching Cy and Slayer off guard.

He caught them both in the back of the neck hard, knocking them out.

Shadow then took Crystal, his arms were wrapped around her waist and keeping her still.

He ran out of the night club and towards the chopper in the alley towards the back of the night club.


Cynthia Stormcrow paced the marble floor of her office, in the Eternal Cathedral, Washington DC.

The room was built to resemble an arcane chamber, brimming with magic, such as in the human legends, but Cynthia knew even the least magically-tuned gobbo would have more magical power than this lifeless stone.

And Cynthia was annoyed. The Church had been getting some flak for years, but suddenly, everything had spiralled out of proportion. Church of Light missionaries were dissapearing, and being massacred all over the world, in the violence caused by that infernal comet. Not to mention whatever the frag was going on in Geneva.

And Church of Light doctrine had said that the comet was a blessed sign. How it had betrayed them. What had she, the Grand High Priestess of the Church of Light, done wrong? How could she have called such damnation upon them?

On the softscreen PC on her desk, the names of the priests and priestesses of the Church were displayed. Those that were confirmed dead were in red, those that were in contact green, and those that were missing were grey.

Fully 1/3 of the list was grey. This wasn't suprising, as the majority of the priesthood operated alone, but she did expect most of them to report in, due to the huge anti-church sentiment wracking the globe.

Cynthia thought for a moment, and decided on a course of action. There were many students of the church in training in their various convents and abbeys. Although not full indoctrinated into the Church, these keen and numerous recruits would be suitable to hopefully find the missing higher-ranking staff. She'd have to leave the more expendable ones to find their own way back into the fold, if they could.

From the recruits, each 'retrieval' team would have to consist of three, to spread them out enough.

A magic-user. A cyber-eunuch guard, and another recruit for each team. That should give them enough expertise for some of them to come back alive.

Cynthia threw back her long, grey hair from her middle-aged but beautiful face, and called up a list of the highest-ranks missing.

The last name on the list was a mid-ranked Priestess called Sarah Westwind.


"Hey chrome... I don't have a job for ya, though... damnit, where am I supposed to be right now..."

Over at another part of the "bar", two people were talking.
"Yah, that Lady Zero is overrated, but she is hot though." The person right next to the man talking slapped him in the face.

"DAMNIT!!!" yelled Crash" that's where I'm supposed to be! Lady Zero is doing a show! TIME"
As Crash yelled "time", a 3D clock appeared showing the local time. "FRAG! It's already started!!!"

Crash dissappeared, and in his place for a second or two flashed *User Zero Cool has logged off*

Running towards his car, he got in... thought for a second about buying a new car, and drove off to Lady Zero's show.


Crash's descision to try and get to the Camden/Pizza Slut ballroom wasn't great. Infact, it was practically suicide.

The streets of britsprawl were chaos. Crash had barely started up the small, battered car, when several trolls realised that the complex mag-lock was deactivated, and tried to steal it. Luckily, Crash's foot found the acellerator, before the trolls found their guns.

Crash decided that he'd better try and stay on the main roads, but not the famous ones that might be full of rioters. This was tricky, as Britsprawl was one of the world's biggest tourist attractions, and most of the main roads were famous, either for a bizzare landmark, or for some terrible accident that had occured on them.

The roads were chock-a-block with traffic, as well. Huge dwarf-driven haulers, numerous small cars like Crash's, and even a couple of ancient, petrol-driven vehicles (now converted to run on water) clogged the roads. No-one could riot here, there simply wasn't enough room.

Crash took the new roadway under the half-destroyed Tower Bridge across the river. However, the traffic here was worse, and it ground slowly to a halt. Crash swore, and picked up the vidphone, half-meaning to call Crystal and find out if the gig was still even on now. Instead, he jammed the inbuilt MP5 system on the car on, and listening to the soothing voice of Lady Zero herself.

Crash leant back, and took his hands of the steering wheel. At that moment, a dwarf crashed through the windshield of the car, shattering glass, and collapsing into the other front seat, unconcious. She - Crash could tell, as, suprisingly, she didn't have either a beard or stubble - looked vaguely oriental, and was dressed all in black. She must have fallen from quite a great height, and managed not to impale herself on one of the numerous knives he could see on her person.


Cy fell to his knees, the hit to the back of his neck making him see stars. His vision swam - When he recovered he was on the floor.

Slayer was a tougher man to bring down, but the blow stunned him momentarily. he whirled, but Shadow was lightning quick, keeping Crystal between him and Slayer.

"Damn you, Shadow - What are you doing?"

Crystal felt a gun jammed into the small of her back, through the thin black fabric of her dress. She was hardly wearing fighting clothes. She still held her Ultra-Power, but her gun-arm was pinned, pointing down at the floor.

Shadow was dragging her back, iresistably. In her high heels, Crystal couldn't et purchase on the ground to throw him off - In a moment they would be out the back.

Crystal could hear the 'chopper landing.

One chance - He must want me alive, to get me into that chopper. Lets see how badly...

She pulled the trigger. The gun roared.

The bullet went down - Right through Shadow's foot, blowing off three toes. The quiet 'runner gunted in pain, falling back momentarily.

Crystal knocked his Magnum arm away, whirling around and slamming his jaw up into his face with an open-handed punch. Something cracked - Probably a tooth. Crystal grimaced at the sound.


Crash's wristphone beeped as a message was recorded, from Lady Zero's wristphone.

"Crash - Don't know if you can hear me. The city's gone crazy! Riots everywhere, army men dropping out of the sky, those weird Church people. Dammit - Um, I keep getting these pounding headaches. Excuse me." *sound of painkiller patch being applied* "Ah, This slimy Grexon guy who was at the gig bundled me into his car, for protection. We're at Grexon HQ now... I'll see if I can get a lift to your place."

Of course, Crash had other things to worry about right now, looking at the Dwarf that had shattered his kevlarplex canopy. The car might as well be a convetible now, with no canopy to keep out the freezing, damp London smog.


Zizz had been out on the town when the riots started.

Luckily, in the posh celebrity-bar he'd been in, surrounded by aspiring young sim-actresss, porn-sim stars and other C-list celebrities. Though everyone wa strapped by the switiling violence outside, and resentful, no-one who was going to start anything major.

There were dozens of people from corporate society and 3DTV - Lana Alienova from the BBC, Shunwang Ben Exec Hei Fong Li, Lei Fang Jones, the Welsh-Oriental singer, Tatyana Dolvich, official Neo-Soviet Union actress of the people...

Suddenly, Steve Hanks, latest in a long line of gawky looking UCAS actors fell to the floor, clutching his head, screaming in agony.

"Make room! make room!" His minder shouted. "Any doctors here?"

"Yah. Me. Outta my way." Said a gruff Dwarf, with the tradition-breaking habit of trimming his huge beard into a goatee.

Zizz overheard the Dwarf talking, examining the young man.

"Weird." The Dwarf thought aloud. "Its almost like what happens when a human goblinizes into a Dwarf or Troll, but that happens at puberty. This man is 25 years old!"

Someone overheard. Someone panicking, because of the riots, concerned for their own safety above all others. Rumours were spread - A goblinization! Orks, Goblins and Trolls weren't especially like among celebrity circles. They just weren't nice to look at. They were shunned and excluded wherever possible.

There was a large movement of the assembled people, towards the door.

"I'm sorry, Ladies, Gents." The doorman grunted. "I have instructions not to let anyone out until the fighting is under control."

"What! Don't you know who I am?" Screamed Lilith Elizabeth Hunter, a 27 year old 3DTV Soap actress. "Let me out at once! I'm not satying cooped up here! Not with that... That FREAK!"

"Sorry ma'am," The guard repeated. "I can't let you out, without an armed escort."

Lilith's eyes wandered over - over to Zizz, who just happened to be standing nearby.

Her eyes asked the question, motioning over to the door, and the doormen.

Zizz was unarmed, but he was sure the doormen would hand him a piece...

But he looked back at Lilith - The woman was known as an A-class bitch. But she was rich...


Sorrow walked past a Cadre, he instantly stood at attention. This had been going on all the time he'd been walking down the empty corridors. He was going to see Silvia again, but instead of playing "hide and seek" with the Cadre he'd took a different approach.

"Mr. Polt sir!" said one Cadre as he passed, his Polt illusion was working well. He made his way down to the prison cell where the half dragon was being held. He got rid of all the Cadre that had flocked around him and opened the door.

"Now..." The necromancer began, dropping the curtain of the illusion to reveal his true self. "Let's talk."

He sat on the almost rock hard bed next to Silvia, looking around the small room. To be fair, there wasn't much to look at.

"So..." Silvia began, unknowingly mocking the Necromancers tone. "What do you want? Are you here to free me?"

"Not quite, well I don't know." he put his head in his hands. "I need your help. I need you to do something for me."
The necromancer rose to his feet.
"I've been having.....visions. Visions of terrible things. My brain is tearing it's self apart and my body is a mess. Something....Something inside of's doing things. I don't know what is happening, but I need to find out."
He looked directly at Silvia "Thats where you come in. Both Mr. Damocles and myself are going to let in a pest, but he knows much. When he gets here I want you to gather information from him. Information on Dragons, the comet Halley and" he paused, as if he was in fear of something "Deamons."

He sat back down on the bed, he gave Silvia some time to take it all in.

"Why should I help you?" she asked. "You kidnapped me, got me locked up in here and now want me to help you without promise of escape?" Her head still hurt, and the necromancer wasn't making it any better.
"I do not promise you escape, because I can't promise anything. Yet if I could find out what is wrong with me I will have a much better chance of helping you." He lifted himself up again " I must go now, no time for questions. You'll know the pest when you see him."

With that the necromancer swung out the door, leaving Silvia alone... again.



"Right, I don't think we're getting anymore messages from HQ," Ery said to his troops, turning from the ruined comm unit.

"Sir, what was that?" one of the Elves inquired. He was younger than the others, and nervous. Ery wondered if he had seen something. Moments, before something had darted out of the garbage littering the streets, and bitten the comm operator. Startled, the soldier had knocked over the tripod, effectively wrecking their communications.

"Probably just a rat Private." Ery said reassuringly. Probably a Daemon, there's enough of them out here. Frag, five minutes into the city and I've already got a wounded man.

"Let's move out!"

The band of soldiers resumed their march, two of the stronger Elves carrying the wounded comm operator whose ankle wound couldn't seem to stop bleeding. Every street they walked on was littered with bodies of Humans, Elves, Trolls, and more. Yet no Daemons were found, dead or alive. They're here, I know they are, Ery thought. But where?

An LMG sounded several blocks away and every Elf in the company turned to the source. With a whispered command, they moved stealthily towards the battle in the streets.

Another explosion from ahead, this time with an answering roar or pain. As the roar died off, another shriek came from behind them. Silence. A series of bird-like noises several blocks East. Silence. Then, a chilling experience. Daemonic sounds rose from all directions of the city, echoing the voices of thousands of beings. A huge tremour shook the ground as a tremendous roar rent the air and drowned out the other Daemons.

"Oh God...." whispered the comm operator.


Xecktos lay in the darkness. It stank of some kind of fried food here, but he could hardly see anything. The alley, in a part of Orkessa largely uninterupted by the rioting, was quiet, the only sounds the babble of voices inside some kind of diner.

His breathing came long, slow, and painfully. He could hardly move without screaming.

Xecktos was a cyber zombie - a human supported almost entirely on cyberwear. His crushed and damaged body was ecased so much in metal and wires that he could not survive much longer. Already, his face and skin had taken on a shade of grey that could not ever be healthy.

And he'd failed Lora. She was out there, somewhere, and now he was going to die. Die, cold and alone, in some godforsaken Greenskin country.

The stalwart Elf assassin felt a salty tear run down his face. He was going to die. Even driving that fragging Tanker into that fragging building hadn't done anything to help. Lora was still in danger, he knew it in his heart. And he couldn't save her. He'd even killed that damned Ork, Jol, in the inferno. He couldn't do anything right.

Xecktos, a vessel of despair and pain, passed out, drifting into an uneasy sleep.

He didn't notice the rough, but kind hands grasping him, lifting him up, and carrying him inside the diner.


Jol screamed. He'd been screaming alot recently.

Deep in the cellars, somewhere deep beneath an inconspicuous building in Orkessa, Jol was being tortured.

His torturers numbered five, and they were all greenskins, four of them orks. These were the ones actually torturing him, and the fourth, a horribly scarred goblin the others referred to simply as 'Pain', perched on a tall wooden stall, and watched, occasionally barking orders, and making notes.

As if Jol wasn't in enough pain already. He'd almost been burned to death, dammit. And now, they wanted some insane story out of him, that he didn't even know about. He'd driven his tanker into the Orkislavian Parliament? He couldn't remember anything about it. All he had was a vague recollection of that Elf..... Xeckos, wasn't it?...... giving him something to help him sleep on the road.

What the frag was happening?

The goblin, and four burly orks laughed raucously. One of the orks held something that looked, out of the corner of Jol's forced-open eyes, like a firebrand.

Jol screamed again, as the Speshul Seckuritee Forze began their next torture. None of them really cared if he gave a confession or not - in their minds, he was going to die anyway, in as horrible way as possible.


Shadow kept running with her in the back alley, heard a couple of words and his name inside but didn't stop.

He kept running, seeing the Crystal was struggling, he loosened his grip a little, not wanting to hurt her.

Shadow heard a gun shot and his foot was in immense pain, he fell back a bit and quickly got up, ignoring the pain.

He was going to reach for his magnum but felt it being knocked away.

He got up but was punched in the upper jaw, almost feeling it bust.

Shadow wasn't going to give up that easily, so he swung downward into her stomach, landing the punch hard.

He looked at her as she began to fall over and her eyes closed.

Shadow caught her and ran and jumped into the chopper, signaling the pilot to take off.

Soon they were in the air and on the way to the rendevous point.

He sat down with Crystal in his arms, a man took a look at his foot and said it would need some healing time but Shadow ignored him.


Zizz nodded at Lilith,
"Hey, give me a gun" I whispered to the nearest guard
"You're going out there? I really suggest you do-"
"Just gimme the gun" he smiled. The guard chucked his semi-automatic Glock 12. Zizz headed towards the door.
"Hey, c'mon, where do you want to go?" he asked Lilith
"Just get me the frag away from this city" she snarled.
Zizz pushed open the door and stuck the gun out in front of him.
"Follow close behind me!" he yelled back.
Great idea Zizz, just escort some bitch out into the middle of the most chaotic riot you've ever seen!




Two waves of chanting hit Zizz at the same time, one from the left, one from the right.

There was a loud 'SLAM' from the door behind him. A solitary eye stared from the peephole, before it was closed, abandoning Zizz and Lilith to the rest of the world.

To the left, dozens of humans with rags tied around their faces slapped metal bars in their hands rhythmically to their chanting.


Zizz glimpsed banners here and there - Freedom party UK, Mothers Against Metahumans, Anti-Astral Society (known as The AAS-holes) - All major anti-magical or anti-metahuman groups.
There seemed to be discipline behind their movements - Like this was all rehearsed. They moved in a semblance of formation, they had order to their chants.

To the right were mainly Orks and towering Trolls (If there were any Dwarves, they were too short to be seen).
They weren't as disciplined as the humans, but made up for it in sheer brutality, all being at around seven feet tall at least (apart from the Dwarves).

They had some banners too - An effigy of a Man's ripped-off torso and head, wearing a T-shirt with 'Humie' written across it in blood impaled on a pole.

Zizz took a close look - It wasn't an effigy.

A Royal Police helicopter hovered overhead, soaking the whole area in blinding white, dispersing mini-canisters spewing gas. Immediately Zizz felt his eyes running and face stinging, and understodd why the humans were all masked (the Orks and Trolls didn't seem too bothered).

While he pondered which way to go, a figure suddenly jumped out in front of him and Lilith on the steps.

"LILITH!" The middle-aged man screamed. He wore an orange jumpsuit. Crazy spiky grey hair wavered in the breeze, blood dribbled from his shattered nose and running eyes"I'VE BEEN WAITING HERE FO-"

Lilith grabbed Zizz' arm roughly. the Glock twelve barked and the stalker was thrown backwards with he back of his head missing, his body landing on top of the Ork mobs.

"Knew he'd be waiting for me. So, where do we go?"
Lilit shouted. She had to shout to be heard.


The MUNDI battleline on the edge of Geneva was rough, but it looked like it was just about working. From what was visible from the gunship, the Daemons weren't pressing the defenses very much any more. Although the kilometre or so infront of the defenses was littered with corpses (Daemon, human, and metahuman), Darsha could see that bloodied but unbeaten MUNDI troops seemed to have held it.

The small group of survivors inside the gunship were cheering. Since they had fled from the behemoth out there, Darsha's crew had collected 21 soldiers from the rubble of Geneva. 21 who had survived an absolute hell.

At least she'd got some of them out. Maybe, with these, they could get some cohesive account of what had happened in Geneva.


She had been kept in a dark room all night, alone with her thoughts. Not that she had much to think about. The cadre had done nothing for her, they hadn't even given her any clothes, but she didn't care. She probably didn't even know what clothes were at this stage, but if they were given to her she'd most likely know what to do with them.

The large metal swung open, rays of light poured into the darkened room. The light hurt her eyes. She could make out a cadre standing in the doorway.
"Time to get moving" he said, taking her by the hand and leading her a long like a child. Her body was so cold, each step she took was like walking on ice. But she didn't care, it was life. Or at least how she knew it.

She was led down the long corridors of the compound, her unused legs in great pain. After walking down what seemed like miles of corridors, the cadre stopped in front of a door. Polt's office.

"In here!" he said pushing her though the door.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" came the voice of an enraged Polt. "You-you try and damage her!"
"her?" was the single word that ran though her brain, so used to being called "it".
"I am sorry Master Polt, It-it was a mistake!" Said the cadre, in fear of Polt's insane rage.
"MISTAKE!" Polt yelled at the top of his voice, two more cadre running in at the sound to do his bidding. "MISTAKE! I'LL SHOW YOU A MISTAKE!" Polt took a vase off his desk, using his cyber arm he threw it at the lone cadre. The vase shattered into a million pieces on impact with his face. He fell to the floor, blood pouring though the gaps in the hand that covered his damaged face. Two more cadre dragged him away and Polt sat down, as if nothing had ever happened.

"Come in my dear." he said to her calmly with a twisted smile on his face. She walked in, unshaken by the events that had unfolded before her. "Stop there right there." Polt got up out of his chair and ran over to her, he inspected her, looking over every part of her body.
"Experiment number 180624, correct?" he asked her.
"Yes sir!" Said the remaining cadre at the doorway.
"WHAT!" Yelled Polt, enraged again. "Are you telling me she can not speak for herself?"
"It has yet to do so, Sir." said the cadre, trying to avoid the same fate as the other.
"it?IT!" Polt's face was almost red with rage. "You dare call my this beautiful creature IT?" The cadre could see Polt's hand going for the nearest object.
"It was meant with all due respect sir." the cadre was shaking now, what to say? What to say?
"Now you dare to mock her? YOU a lowly fool dare to mock this heavenly creature?" Polt's cyber arm shot out for the nearest thing it could reach, a large book entitled "Abstract Gardening" and threw it at the cadre, it bonced off of his armoured chest plate, Winding him. Polt then continued to shout "Mocking her" over and over while throwing various objects at the cadre.

Eventually he fell to the floor and was dragged away by more cadre.
"Now..." said a much more calmer Polt "Physically you are fine, you wings worked out better then I thought and the eyes can soon be covered by contact lenses. You are ready for usage, yet I know not where to use you." Polt started to flex his cyber fingers, as if he was thinking hard.
"I have no choice but to use you, my angel, angel from above, one who does not deserve the treatment she has been given or the lowly tasks I am to set." He paused, she didn't know why. She didn't know madness. "You my love will be given lowly worker jobs until I can give you something more worth while."
She stood looking at him for a few minutes. He wanted her to talk, but she didn't know how. She thought back to the two cadre, she didn't know if she wanted the same thing done to her, maybe it was a sign on affection? She'd better say something anyway.
"W-w.......Why?" It was the first thing she could think of, she didn't know how he'd accept it, but she almost broke down in tears.

"W....w....why?" he stuttered though bouts of crying "WHY? WHY? Noooo! NOOO! Defective! Defective" Why.....Why must my angel torment me like a devil! Why! Defective!"

Two Cadre came to take her out, leaving the weeping mad man behind.


"what the frag?" said crash, not paying attention to the vidphone... one half, the computer code half, said kick her out, but the other half, his willingness to help, won over...

under the dwarf, a small pool of blood was forming

*computer half* "GODDAMNIT first someone pisses on my car seats, then someone else bleeds on em!"
*helping half* "GODDAMNIT! WHERE THE FRAG IS MY MEDKIT?!?she might be able to survive... if i giver her care now and get her to a hospital later, she might live.... if i rush her to the hospital without care, the chance of survival drops dramatically..."

noticing a few major cuts, mainly where big chunks of glass got the dwarf, crash bandaged her up, remembering the painkiller, just in case she suddenly woke up and thought he was harming her( i have a question... how did the dwarf come through my window and damage my kelvar canopy at the SAME TIME?i'm going with the glass... my canopy should still be intact, unles she's uber fat and crashed through my window AND bounced around, damaging my canopy) "there, now for the smaller wounds" said crash, bandageing up the rest of the cuts... slowly, Crash helped the dwarf sit up. "She should be ok now."


The dwarf opened one oriental eye, and looked around. Crash watched her, still stationary in the traffic jam. She really was quite attractive, for a dwarf, having no facial hair, and somewhat squashed, but beautifully formed, oriental features, and jet-black hair.

"Wha.. where am I?"
"You're in my car, that's what! Where the frag did you come from!"
"Apologies. I must have slipped."
"Slipped! You smashed the whole fragging windscreen!"
"Again, my humblest apologies. My name is BladeFan. Pleased to make your aquaintance."
"I'm Crash. Crash Overdrive", Crash pronounced, calmed by the Dwarf's own calm manner. "Why were you on the bridge?"
"Ah. Secret business. Very secret. Cannot tell one such as you."
The Dwarf looked around again, and spotted Crash's cyberdeck.
"Yes...." Crash was uneasy at revealing his not-entirely legit profession.
"Excellent. I am assassin. Runner, like you. I have job, good job for you. Pays well."
"Okay.... what kind of job."
"I am on contract. Kidnap a 'Matthew Zizzler' for angry ex-girlfriend. Good profit - three million nuyen. Split half if you help"

The traffic began to crawl slowly, giving Crash a milisecond to think this over. One and half million nuyen was a hell of a lot... some crazy bitch this 'Zizzler's ex must be, and maybe this wasn't what Crash wanted to get mixed up in.


Korum ran through the streets of Lyon, looking for the place where WESforce set up its temporal HQ, when he sensed something.

Shamans? Lots of shamans... and powerful ones! But this is the place all our ally spirits fled from!

He ran towards the place of the power he had felt.

Five shamans were standing there in a dark alley, in tie and suit, just like him. The symbols on the chest pockets were clearly visible.
A cat claw, an eagle silhouette, a horseshoe, a mantis... and a shark tooth.

A shark shaman? Hmm... you don't seem much of these. And he doesn't seem to be so comfortable in the suit. But why are they broadasting such powerful astral waves?
Korum frowned.

The Mantis shaman, that had been looking at him for a while, smiled.
"We have found new powers, in new allies." she said.
"You're a mind reader?" Korum replied.
"Heh... no. It wasn't hard to guess your thoughts. You're probably here for the same thing we are... to ally with the Iotui. But that's not all we found to ally with... some of the alien spirits that came out of the Rift are have given us new powers."
"What?! That's dangerous!" Korum yelled at them.
"We have to use whatever we find." the Mantis shaman replied. "Where were you heading?"

"WESforce HQ. We can't fight them alone, and they can't fight them without the knowledge of what the Manitou's really are."
"Good idea... We'll join you. But before we go to Geneva I advise you to meditate for a while, to seek spirits to ally with. You're no good to anyone without any powers."

The six shamans left the alley, looking for a convergence of Hermetic magic to guide them to the WESforce HQ.

What will we do if the Iotui don't trust us? We need some kind of negotiator...

David Shinz. The cat-boy that left the shamanic community to follow his dream of becoming a negotiator. Someone that doesn't believe in violence, although pleople always connect him to it because he looks like a hunter.

His looks will make the Iotui respect and trust him, and his wisdom can persuade them to actively turn against their former slavers.
But how can I possibly reach him? They said he disappeared in Orkistonia. Maybe, with the help of the new spirits...

The shamans had found the spot. A lot of mages were there, on one spot. It had to be the WESforce HQ.

As they walked towards the place, new thoughts raced through Korum's mind.
Teleportation... no, only the most powerful of the Greater Dragons could perform a powerful spell like that in such a short time. Maybe with the help of the new, powerful spirits of the rift? Probably not enough, even with the combined powers of all six shamans. Not even considering what would happen if the spirits betrayed us while performing the spell. A trip to Orkistonia maybe? But how? Hijacking a plane? No, that's madness... about half of MUNDI's heavy armed forces is here.

None of the thoughts provided him with an answer.


"Thanks for everything, Firan, Kirenu."
They stood at a back door of the big park. Kirenu had made a cloak for him; a big grey piece of cloth on which she craftfully attached a button wth thread and needle. She had been working on it for a few hours. He would need it, to hide his now even stranger looks. Firan had joked about the grey color by remarking that it would be a great 'urban camouflage' in the ugly concrete city.
He could be correct though... David thought as he ran through the streets. The riots had calmed down in this part of the city. The police got much more efficient now that they had daylight again.

But he had to go to the city center. He had seen non-greenskins there. A group of humans, or maybe elves. They were probably strangers here, just like him... and like him, they would try to leave Orkisonia as soon as possible.


Silvia finally managed to create order in the chaotic 'stolen thoughts' of Polt.
We're in a bio facility.
She always thought of it as 'we'. For some reason she always included Sorrow in that. He seemed trapped too, somehow. Unable to leave, or at least without her.

A bio facility? No, the bio-facility. The one where Kaim lived close to... the one Hurricane wanted to go to, for some reason. Well let's hope she didn't forget about that...

She heard footsteps in the corridor again, and quickly hid the MP5 player with the Storage spell. Her powers were coming back again, slowly... and she felt more certain of herself after the strange vision of Draco she got.
That was not the boy that got knocked unconcious by a single kick from Damocles... he's much powerful now. That look in his eyes... as if he felt sick of losing, of failing...
She smiled.
"Go, Draco." she whispered.

Then, the door opened. Polt came in; the real Polt this time, with three Cadre guards. Definitely not Sorrow.

Uh oh...

"YOU!" Polt yelled at her. "You have the knowledge I need... you can FLY!" You must complete her... make her perfect... "

"Sorry." Silvia replied. "I can barely fly myself. You kinda interrupted my training by taking me here."

"NOOOO!!! You are a half-dragon..." Plot nearly begged. "The perfect mix between the lower races and the great dragons! They even told me you were fertile... You can't be... no..."
Polt's desperate look turned to sudden anger.
"DEFECTIVE!!! Why must EVERYTHING be defective?! Defective... defective..."
He ran out of the cell, screaming. The three Cadres followed, and closed the door.

What was that all about? Silvia wondered.


"Captain Parker. What is your view on the Geneva emergency?"

Samuel Parker, a stocky half dwarf, stood up and looked at the Corporation Security Counsel with his one good eye. Clearing his throat he replied in a clipped voice.

"Sir, intercepted comms from rival corps imply that there is a substantial aggressive force in Geneva that has superior physical and astral strength to any forces deployed against them. I suspect that the buclear bomb that was detonated there mere weeks ago is related to this incident. Find who triggered the bomb and we find the puppet master who's pulling the strings of this 'mysterious' force in Geneva."

Parker knew that this was false. However, revealing the source of his information was a bad idea. Noone must know of Pharis, the daemon inside his head. Pharis knew many things about the recent events in the world. Pharis had come to Sam during his coma, they had bonded together during those weeks of apparent unconsciousness. Pharis had given Samuel knowledge, superior perception and Samuel had given Pharis a body to live in. Samuel thought he was getting the better half of the deal. Pharis knew it was getting the better half of the deal.

"Recommendations Captain Parker?"

Samuel paused a moment as if perusing the matter, the truth was he and Pharis had planned this out days ago. This was just an act.

"Sir, I recommend that we allow our rivals to waste themselves upon the Geneva crisis while we wait till they are spent and then takeover Britsprawl for ourselves. The Geneva crisis will not spill over into Britsprawl, we have nothing to fear."

At least, that's what Pharis had told Samuel to recommend. Pharis, being a daemon, was actually an agent for the daemon swarm. Pharis' purpose was to ensure that the corporations did not unite and make a concerted effort at repelling the daemon invaders. Both Samuel and Pharis contemplated the maxim:

"Divide and conquer"

Yet they were amused for different reasons...

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