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Korum was roughly pulled out off the trance when the airplane started shaking.
"Uh? What's happening?!"

One of the WESmages rushed out of the cockpit.
"We're under attack! A whole swarm... thousands of them! I can't fend them off alone!"

The Shamans rushed to the cockpit. The windscreen was filled with little black things... too small to identify, but powerful enough to destroy anything.

"Mana burn!" the Horse shaman shouted. The little things went up in flames, as all of their life force turned against them. The Mana burn was probably one of te most powerful spells they could use against Daemons. Unfortunately it was a very exhausting spell, as the area effect destroyed some of the caster's mana too. And the Horse Shaman was the only member of their group that could perform it.
The window was cleared... for a few seconds. More came... and kept coming.

The pilot panicked. "They're everywhere! The engines are failing! DO SOMETHING!!"

About ten seconds later, there was fire all around the plane. Inside a radius of about 500 meters, all of the small things were destroyed. The fire disappeared as suddenly as it appeared.
The Shamans sighed. Their collective powers, channeled through the Horse shaman, had fended them off... for now.

"Frag!" the pilot yelled. "Left engine is failing! We're gonna make a crash landing!"

"Try to stay as far away from Geneva as possible!" the old WESmage said. "NOO! TO THE RIGHT!!!".

"I can't! Left engine stopped working!!"

"Oh frag..."
Before the people in the cockpit, Geneva appeared, in all its unholy glory... the big dome of fire still raging on, and throwing more alien spirits into this world.
On the streets, they could see all kind of beings; lesser daemons, zombies, imps... and they were heading right for it.


A white flash appeared around the door of the crashed plane, destroying everything demon-based around it. The door opened, and Korum, Mako and the eagle shaman stepped out to secure the area around the crash site. The horse shaman was too exhausted, and the Mantis shaman, Reia, was taking care of one of the WESmages that hit his head badly during the crash landing.

But thanks to the flying skills of the pilot, and a powerful levitation spell from the old WESmage, they had landed safely.

If you can call 'surrounded by daemons and zombies' safe...


If Red Knight had had a face, he would have been smiling.

The invasion was going well. With his cohorts, the Daemon lord's minions had turned the majority of Generva into utter chaos. Elves, humans, dwarves, trolls, and even one of those accursed Dragons had perished. Many of the lesser daemons had been able to posess dead bodies, allowing the daemonic ranks to swell with Zombies. One of his favoured servants, it was rumoured, had even taken the body of the fallen Dragon...

Now, all he had to do, was keep the vortex open until the comet next returned, in 6 months time.


"Now, please, the patient needs rest. Get out of here!"
Wolf shouted. A chorus of voices yelled.
"I said, get out of here! Will you threaten the life of her just for a little piece of news?"
He was firmly pointing at the exit.
One of those pesky reporters approached Wolf.
"Mr Alexeiv,will you explain the situation of..."
Wolf looked really furious.
"Listen, smart asses. If you don't leave this room and let me do my work, I will call the security goons!"


"Ancient...Daemon...Dark... Dragon... Vortex... Revived..."
The voice awoke Roszondas. It sounded much like his fallen sister, Leviathan.
"It must be my imagination..."
He simply said, and continued with his rest. Dark Dragon... A legend as old as the creation. And it had been defeated by Quetzacoatl...


Draco licked his mouth seeing the food. It sure looked delicious.
A feast that could only be imaginated at dragon size.
But... what the hell was doing Lady Varos in his left????
"It is a tradition of us. Honorable guests always have to have company of our brethen."
Draco blushed a little.
He could swear that Mawroth chuckled while he was seeing the couple down there.


Shadow sat in his cell looking around and examining it closely.

He noticed the window made of the hardest glass invented so far..he already tried touching the bars, but was shocked.

He walked along the cells lining and knocked his fist against the wall with a medium force hit on the wall. They were hard as concrete or steel..

Shadow looked at the guards as they passed by, timing each one for his shifts and lunch breaks.

He sat down on his bed, with his back towards them and realized they hadn't taken his watch away.

Shadow looked at the time and examined his watch, miraculously it hadn't been damaged in the crash or gunfights.

He then sat there, thinking about how he would get out, and he would find a way.


It was now getting dark. They had spent the day discussing plans, after Behemoth had left with his sword, and without the hole in the floor.

Charlie had pledged to help the runners, free of charge, despite Mary's objections. He didn't want Linith to get sucked in, however.

Wirecat watched proceedings quietly, from the corner. He wasn't sure whether to get involved, or to arrest them, or to simply walk out. He almost, strangely, felt as if he owed something to these dirty criminals.

The plan was made. They would take Raven's van to outside the Biotech compound. Mary would test the defenses by decking in, and also try and find out something about the state of mind of, according to Linith, the notoriously quick-tempered scientist, Polt, who, according to Silvia's message, had sent someone to kidnap her. After that, they would decide on the best appropriate plan.

Suddenly, Tank asked what 'dat cat bloke' would be doing.


NewsEye Breaking News

North America on alert, Tensions hold

"A collective sigh of relief was breathed by the UCAS government and its security forces alike tonight, as the Comet appeared, without the bloodthirsty scenes witenessed across Europe, Asia, and possbily Africa, if there was media covergae in the major population centres there."

Cut to New York - Rioting, gunfire, fires
"Of course, the exception to the rule, again, was poor, devastated New York. With no UCAS military units to support the local security forces, rioting quickly fgot out of hand. Large fires were reported to gave gutted one of the major high-rises there, possibly the old Empire State Building, a midget compared to the GM Tower next door. President Gibbons has pledged a detachment of UCAS 4th Mechanized Attack Brigade to help quell the rioting. Opposing Senators say its not enough."

More 'Comet Mutants'
"Since the first rumours were reported half an hour ago, our smartframes have reported literally dozens of similar reports of 'Comet Mutations', or 'Abhorrent Goblinzations'. What we can tell you now is that these mutations are not - I repeat not - anything to do with whether or not a human will or will not goblinize, but rather something else entirely. Scientists and magical theroeticians have ruled out the mutations causing a 'new metavariant' of the human race."


Shadow was alone, watching the time tick away on his watch. He pondered the vents that had led to his arrest again and again, thinking of ways he could have avoided this situation. This cold, dark cell (The tiny window would let in only a tiny amount of grey British sky, but it was nightime).

A gaurd walked paste the small transplex slit in the heavy plasteel door, glancing in with close-set piggy eyes. A sneer, then he walked on.

An hour passed. Shadow's eye fell heavier.

He slept.


He jumped to his feet, his arms still bound. They ached terribly, cramp developing.

The piggy-eyed screw towered over him.

"You got a visitor, pretty boy."

Shadow was led groggily out of his cell, across a gantry - The main wing of the prison, with dozens of cells like his - down some slippery stone steps into the dark basement of the prison.

His leg was shooting agony up his leg. He couldn't help but limp, wondering if the leg was permanently damaged.

He was taken to a simple, but darke interrogation room. The light was barely enough to see a mirrored wall and a imple plastic table and three chairs.


The guard left Shadow there.

Ten minutes later in the freezing cold room, listening to water drip from the ceiling, Shadow was finally joined by two others.

One bald Elf in a smart Saville Row Tweed suit, who removed a homburg hat as he came in, one wide-eyed drippy-looking human in a plain corp-style suit.

The Elf spoke, smoothly, but not unkindly.

"Sorry I took so long."

He and his silent accomplice took a seat once the heavy door was secured ehind them and the screw left the room again.

"So, Mr Shadow." The Elf, who had a wise air about him, said, looking into a data reader in his hand. "If you would be so kind, please tell us everything you know about your employer, the one known as 'DJ Doppelgänger', or 'The Puppet Master'. But first, would you like a drink?" The Elf turned his malevolebnt gaze on his accomplice, who whimpered.
"Make some tea, Ludenz."

The accomplice broke out a case, which contained a teapot and some mugs.


"Wolf... What's WRONG with me?" A cough. Crystal was still ill and incoherent from the tranquilisiers drip-feeding into her arm, slurring her words. "My spine..Kills."

Wolf was unsure as to what to say. His bedised manner was often questioned by firends and enemies alike. In the end he settled for...


"You have a tail."

Crystal stopped breathing.

"Its grown quite fast. I've no idea why, until I take a DNA sample from you and analyse it completely. You know, you're in danger of becoming quite famous."

"A... tail..."

"Yes, kind of like a lion's tail, with a little tuft of blue hair on the end. It looks kind of cute."


Badjimmy edged closer to Raven during all the negotiations. If he could whip out his gun in one fluid motion, pull the trigger, no-one would be able to do a thing.


His hand grasped empty air, where his Browning Ultra-Power had once been tucked behind his overcoat.

"Ah, FRAG!"

"What?" Mary turned, annoyed, to look at him, those intelligent eyes boring into his soul, oblivious to what the Elf had just tried to do.


Badjimmy bolted for the door.


Shadow sat and looked at the elf like man and his accomplice.

"Why would you want to know?" he said in a cold heartless voice.

"I have never seen the man/women anyway.." he continued to say in the same tone.

While he was looking at the elf, waiting for a response, he movd his hands, trying to free them.

"Who are the way?" said Shadow, he looked at the accomplice with the elf man.

Shadow sat and continued to do this.


Shadow got shocked painfully by the stun-vest, more than the last time.

The Elf said "I wouldn't do that If I were you. However, if you promise to be good, I'll have Ludenz here undo it for you."

Ludenz whimpered, as he was boiling the kettle.

"Oh do SHUT UP Ludenz! Honestly, I don't know why I suffer to keep you as my aide."

The Elf steepled his fingers, looking Shadow straight in the eyes.

"Who I am, Mr Yuy, is not important right now, but I tell you it is in your best ineterests to tell us what you know about your... employer. What did you deliver to Fiennes tonight?"


He felt the shock and the pain but ignored it. He didn't want the two men to notice.

Shadow looked at the man and nodded at him.

He said to him, "I delivered a suitcase to was an heavy suitcase and had a huge lock on it and some device"

He continued, "I was told not to open it... by the person that gave it to me.."

Shadow nodded his head in that is all he knew.

"Please have your... servant... undo this..." he looked at the accomplice as he said it.


Ludenz looked at his boss, who nodded, and came walking over to Shadow with the boiling kettle in his hand. When he was halfway there, the Elf started speaking again.

"Who gave you the suitcase?"


Shadow nodded and looked at him.

"I got the suitcase from a mysterious person... I met that person in the basement of a hotel" he said to the man.
"As soon as I got my orders...I left and headed for the... destination and rendevous point..." he continued to say.


"And who was this person? Hmm?"

Ludenz was poised, with the boiling kettle.


Chance, Ash, Ery and their MUNDI comrades waited with baited breath as the pacifier gunship lowered itself to the hospital rooftop, lower and lower?

It was quiet, too quiet. The zombies eemed to have ceased their attacks after the devastation the MUNDI men, with Chance and Ash had turned on them. Not before time, too.

Ywlan Riverwing, the AET man with the laser, was one of five surviving AET men, the rest all carried AET Lance Light Machineguns taken from their comrades. Riverwing was sweating profusely, and had thrown his helmet off. He?d had armour ripped from his arm, and had several cuts to his face from bullet fragments.

"Right, we?ll-"

What Chance had been saying was cut short by a strangled yell from one of the MUNDI special forces.


Suddenly, the Pacifier dropped like a stone from the sky.

Ery, Chance and Ash dived down the stairwell, with the AET troops. The impact of the gunship shook the building, smashing won through the roof in a shower of fractured construction-plas panels and sparks. Huge cliouds of dust were thrown into the air, followed by smoke and fumes as acid from the Heli's batteries spilled out, starting fires down in the hospital.

When they recovered, two AET men and one MUNDI trooper were missing.

"What the frag happened?" Riverwing screamed.

It was one of the MUNDI men who replied:
"Something in the cockpit... One of those fraggers... Close quarters..."

No-one needed to say any more.

Ery took a deep breath, glancing about from the rooftop. His arm, was in constant pain - Chance had fallen on top of him as they dived down the stais. It may be broken, but magic could shore it up, for now.

Gunfire. Screaming.

The Dealánch transport.

Using some oil-lense binoculars, Ery could see the distant forms of zombies swarming up to the grounded transport aircraft. There was smoke. Fire, Screaming.

"Please, someone tell me we have another encrypted radio?" Riverwing asked, plaintively. No-one answered.

Ery checked his wrist phone. No signal. It made sense - All satellite signals to the area were being jammed by MUNDI, to stop news of the Daemons getting out.

Nearest known MUNDI HQ was 8 miles from here.

There had to be another way to send for help...


Mako made as if to sniff the air. Really, he was astrally perceiving.

Dozens of small shapes danced through the air, in a concentric circle from where Geneva and the rift lay. Now and then a green lattice of energy flared up around the rift. Someone was trying to cast an astral barrier around it. It wasn't powerful enough.

Then he saw, in the distance...


This whole land reeks of death and decay. It's... unearthly. More is at work here than natural magic. It's a-l-i-e-n...

He laughed at the words in his mind, at how cliche'd he sounded.

"What's so fragging funny?" The Horse shaman, with long limbs and a proud gait, asked. Mako made no comment. He went back into the downed aircraft.

"The fraggers are out there..." He looked at everyone in the hold with his red-rimmed eyes, at the wounded, then at the mantis shaman.

"I say we kill the dead meat and go hunting..."


Shadow looked at the man and answered, "I couldn't see the person, we were... both in the shadows... alone..."

He sat there looking at Ludenz, then back to the elven man.

"How...did you find me anyway?" Shadow said, still in his cold heartless tone.

Shadow glanced at his wristwatch/phone to see what time it was, but continued to listen to the man talk.


The Elf nodded at Ludenz, who shivered, then...

He tipped the kettle. Boiling water streamed onto Shadow's exposed arm. It burned, it caused agony the like Shadow'd never imagined before. It ran down his arm, burning, scalding all the way. Shadow screamed, straining against the stun-vest, which shocked him all the more.

He fell unconsious.

He woke. Icy water splashed him into consiousness.

"I...I'm sorry!" Ludenz moaned.

"Oh, shut up, Ludenz. Now, Mr Shadow, would you care to repeat what you just said? I'm afraid I didn't quite hear you."

Malice twinkled in the Elf's eyes.


Shadow fell to the floor as he held in the pain but let out a scream, but not in his full voice.

What seemed to be a few hours later he woke up with a cold splash of ice.

Shadow looked at the man with his Prussian Blue eyes, a mean cold stare.

"I said... How... did you find me anyway?" he continued to look at him.

He still resisted the pain.

Shadow looked around the room, still keeping an eye on the man and Ludenz.


"How did we find you? My dear boy, one does not fight an entire corporation and escape without notice. You were recorded on over 213 security cameras in the Grexon buildng, seen by 23 Grexon security men, an entire line of riot police."

His eyes darkened.

"And we have contacts with all of them. Now, will you describe who gave you the package? If you are unhelpful, well, I wouldn't want to have to scold you again, would I? Heh."

Ludenz punched Shadow. For such a weedy-looking guy, his punched were savage. A bone broke in Shadow's face. He noticed the servant was wearing ornate brass knuckles. Another punch. Shadow's nose was flattened to one side, broken. Another. Blood dripped from his lip.

The Elf looked at the mirror-wall as he spoke, pinching the bridge of his nose between thumb and forefinger.

"If it would help your memory, I might add that the package you delivered proved to be, ah, unhelpful to Fiennes. His chief package opener was sprayed with slow-acting acid. I'm told it took him a considerable amount of time to die."

"Now, anything coming to you?"


Shadow felt both blows against his face as it stung like being hit with a brick.

He felt his nose and knew it was broken, blood dripping down his chin and lip.

Shadow looked at the man and nodded to him acknowleding.

He slowly spoke, "I remember some things right now... when the person spoke it... seemed like it was a women's voice"

He continued, "When she... handed me the package... I nodded and listened to her instructions... then I went on my way.."

Shadow continued to talk, in his same tone of voice.

"I also... think that someone is out to kill him... plus he took a girl.. and he wanted to do something to her..." he said, looking at the man and Ludenz.


In his inebriated state Raven didn't really register Badjimmy's attempted murder until Badjimmy was out of the door.

"All that 'cause he wanted that booze huh?"

Raven slurred. Everyone else was showing concern and bewilderment over the spontaneous assault. Raven, however, knew that it probably wasn't personal. All Badjimmy wanted was the wine but Raven had needed it more so Badjimmy was jealous.


Soon conversation returned to the upcoming raid. Raven had regained some of his mental composure and alertness and was contributing to the plan any way he could.

"My van again huh? Always with my van! Well, don't expect me to drive her. My leg and all ya know? Whaddya mean you're going to drive her?! You fraggers always get her shot up, she's my pretty! It's my van! Only Raven drives Raven's van!"

Mary sighed and asked whether anyone had any more alcohol.

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