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Suddenly one of the Zombies below Wolf stopped, as if sniffing the air.
Wolf got the impression that these were not just mere bags of meat. For a second he got the impression of a more malign intelligence at work behind the rotting flesh...

Most of the zombies were naked, but one was newly-dead, a woman in her fifties wearing a white coat - Perhaps the hospital pathologist. One eye was missing, a large gouge in her neck.

She turned up to look at Wolf - although he didn't know how she could see in the pitch dark.

He'd heard of magicians having special magic senses - What were they called? Astral Perception? Did these undead bear it too?

Then he remembered - He wouldn't be able to see the zombies either - If it wasn't for his penlight.

He'd left it switched on.

The female zombie jumped up - Arm outstretched. The hand closed around the genitalia between Wolf's legs, squeezed, pulping the matter therein.

When Wolf fell to the ground, he was unconsious, but still screaming.


Crystal stayed in the broom cupoboard, listening to the shuffling footsteps, strangled breathing

Who's out there? They sound like they could really use a few ventilation holes.
Crystal thought about the ventilation holes she could make in someone - If she had her trusty IWS Smg on her.

Then: A blood-curdling scream. Something heavy fell to the floor with a bump. Crystal froze, terrified.

Something brushed her back.


She bolted from the cupboard, slamming into a group of about five people. She tripped over something on the ground - It was Wolf, she dimly realised. A zombie was taking a bite from his arm.


Her hair was grabbed and yanked back harshly. She screamed out and elbowed whoever was behind her in the face.
Her tail flicked under the legs of the figure behind her, tripping him - It was her tail that had brushed her back, startling her, while she was in the broom cupboard.

The female zombie in the white coat rose up to meet her.

Crystal felt for a weapon - Her hand closed around something in Wolf's coat pocket. She jabbed it full-force into the zombie-bitch's eye.

The air syringe-had gone onto 'suction' mode. It drained fluid from the zombie's head at an amazing rate, putting the creature down and out, twitching on the floor.

Arms grabbed Crsytal from all sides, but the bodies were decaying and weak. As best she could Crystal fended them off, dragging wounded Wolf down the corridor. He murmured something in a ridicuolously high voice.


Crystal spotted the .50 revolver an grabbed it, unloading it into the Zombie's faces, wrist straining with recoil-


Cylinder Head got Illidia into the back of a police APC.

Nice, new, clean, He thought. Might be good to keep it muyself after this. Have to disable the security and stuff though.

He jumped into the driver's compartment and sat in the armoured cabin.

He was not alone - In the seat next to him was the machine's original driver. A pale blonde girl was digging her teeth into his neck greedily.

She looked at him, smiling with blood.

The hatch to the rear of the vehicle opened - The snub-nose of a blazer poked out, digging into the zombie-girls eye socket.


"Stop fragging around with the jailbait, Cy." Illidia.

"Uh, yes ma'am." The Rigger unspooled the rigger-jacks, clicked them into the ports in his head -

Moments later, he was the APC. He felt the Perkins Engines Condor V-12 humming in his back. It roared with delight. He charged forward. Undead bodies crunched under his armoured wheels.

"YEAAH! I rule!"

"Good, now drive over to where we left Slayer."

Trying to carefully avoid running down the survivinng humans tin the park, he spotted the collapsed form of the mysterious man - next to a huge Cop-Troll with an autoshotgun.

"Save him!" Illidia screamed, blowing Cy's eardrums.

"ZOMBIE TROLL! Brace for impact!" Cy yelled, aiming at the Trogg, gunning the engine.


Chance stood watch over the WESMages for a tense fwe minutes, sweat trickling down inside his combat gear.

The atmosphere was unbearable here.

The sky was lightening, but the whole are was still shrouded in low, black cloud, giving it an apovalyptic feel, with the rubble and devastation around, the abandoned buildings, and the unearthly lght reflecting from the clouds from the magcial dome to the East.

However, the attacks seemed to have lessened after he and Ash had fragged the posessed mages, and now came the steady thuttering sound of a heavy helicopter.

From the clouds appeared a heavy Zaibatsu Oceanhahn medium utility helicopter. This one was painted in MUNDI urban camo blue on black, and was heavily armed, four gyro-mount miniguns pointing from the doors, configured for hot rescues.

An amplified voice rang out.


It hovered over the crashed plane, the downwash from the large 'copter kicking up dust, stones and bits of trash everywhere, making the Shamans and Mages cower into their cover.

The Street Spirit just stood there, muttering at the mess that was being made.

Suddenly, he screamed a warning to the Australian soldier next to him.

Before the startled eyes of those on the ground, the air near the helicopter shimmered. A bright patch of light swirled into being. The Magicians recognised the sight of a magical form manifsting on the physical plane.

But no-one was prepared for the sheer alieness of what appeared. A huge floating amoeba-like object - Swirling, globular in form, with a deep red ball suspended in the middle, like a nucleus.

"Oh oh, fraggers 're bringin' out the big guns now, eh?" Said the street spirit. Mako realised - This must be some kind of great form for the hijacker Daemons.

The huge - ten meter-wide - Daemon floated towards the helicopter, which was firing the miniguns.
Thousands of bullets thwipped through - to no appreciable effect.

Fools, thought Mako. Physical weapons do no good. Only pure, human will, and magic affect spirits.

As if on cue, a manabolt slammed into the spirit - There must have been a mage onboard.

Taken slightly aback, the thing conyinued its inexorable advance. The 'chopper tipped backwards, retreating.

The Australian guy fired a burst with his carbine, then a mini-grenade from his under-barrel launcher. To his dismay, the grenade just sailed through, without detonating.

The next thing he knew, he was face down on the ground. The zombies had waited for this, and charged the beleagured MUNDI men en masse.

Without their leader, and still reeling from the loss of their comrades, the WESMages were confued, usnure what to do.

"Get that thing!" The Mantis shaman screamed. "Soldier boys, get the Zombies!"


Dark Sorrow looked at his assembled force. Damocles, the bio-assassin, another mangled creation with a serial code he couldn't remember, the half-dragon, and an elf wearing a similar collar. The elf's skin looked regrown, as if he'd had some major bio-surgery recently. He must be one of Polt's prisoners, one that had been here since before Sorrow arrived.

Polt was saying something, but Sorrow didn't care what it was. he'd been cooped up too long here. He assumed they were meant to be taking the Daisaka Hauler van Polt was blabbering on about.

No time to find out about his team - that could come later, when they were on the move and away from the fragging scientist. Sorrow needed to get out from under his thumb - and quickly.


Wirecat sprung, a blur of motion rippling through the darkness. Those things - Zombies - around him, tumbled away, half-dried blood gushing from punctures in their body caused by the feline claws. Kill. Slay. Protect

"Shit!" thought Charlie aloud, turning and yelling at Mary to wake everyone up. What the hell was that half-feline fragger doing out there? Had he gone mad?

Now what were they meant to do? His thermo-goggles could tell that there was alot of stuff out there, probably hostile - but now Wirecat had dissapeared from sight he couldn't tell what was what.

The ex-britguard stepped outside, slamming the door. He withdrew a long combat knife from one boot, and heard the door open behind him. The gobline face of Dorodo peeped out.
"Whaz happnin out here?"
"Take this. Guard the others." Charlie dropped his gun into Dorodo's hands, which in any other circumsances would have looked humourous, due to the small goblin's size differance with the large gun.
"I've got to find that stupid cat!"

Charlie dissapeared into the night.


The eagle shaman screamed when a hand appeared from the rubble and grabbed his leg. A manabolt effectively fried the zombie's brain, but more kept crawling near him.
"Frag! Somebody, HE..."
The scream was cut off when a zombie grabbed his neck and bit.
The zombies left the body of the shaman alone, and went looking for other targets.

The dead Eagle Shaman's eyes opened. A white fire burned in them.

When the soldiers saw the body come back to life they began firing at it. But this was no normal zombie....
A white sphere expanded from the shaman zombie, stopping the bullets and destroying all undead in its path. After a few meters, the sphere faded away.

A rough voice came out of the dead shaman's mouth. The possessor obviously had trouble getting any sound out of the damaged throat.
"Don't fear me. We said we would protect you... and we will, as long as your bodies allow us to. Think for the group."

Korum looked back at the spirit that just saved him from a dozen attacking zombies.
It's the ally spirit! It posessed its former host to help us! Not that I'd like that to happen to me if I die.

His ally spirit disagreed.
As he said, Korum... think for the group. Save whatever can be saved to hold the zombies off as long as possible. Now... let's deal with that oversized amoeba.

The shaman zombie raised his hands, and a light started glowing between them. The other shamans followed his example, letting the Manitou's manifest through their bodies to destroy the demon.
Now, all they needed was time to gather enough energy to finish it off.

"Heh." The street spirit grinned. "Blow the alien fragger right back where he came from."

Ash immediately understood the situation, and created a wall of fire between the mages and the zombies. "Come on, Chance! We gotta protect them!" She looked at his face, invisible behind the helmet's faceplate. "There's nothing else to save us now..."


Wirecat slowly came back to sense, and realized what he was doing.
Oh frag... curse this fragging cat body... I must keep it under control...

He looked around for a place to take cover, and saw a tree.
Not high enough... they'll be able to climb it.

But he didn't have much choice. His left arm started hurting like hell under the strain of running on both hands and feet.

In a quick jump, he reached the tree, and his hand claws embedded the bark.
His feet, however, were slipping. He was wearing an old pair of shoes Charlie had given him.
His arm hurt too much to pull himself up, and his claws were slipping...

A zombie grabbed the foot, and pulled. Luckily, the shoe came off. David quickly hooked the foot claw in the tree and climbed up.

When he was high enough in the tree he took off the other shoe and aimed it at the zombie that started climbing up the tree. The undead creature fell down when the shoe hit its head.

This isn't too bad... I can take them one by one like this.

He ripped through the head of the next zombie that tried to reach him. Blood and brains splashed all over him when the cat claw penetrated the skull.
"Oh man... this is fragging gross."

Then, he heard Charlie scream.
Frag... he's coming after me. Oh no... if he comes here he's as good as dead!"


"Well Now I do realise why i had not used Split Jumps since a long time" thought Wolf. He was still recovering. His "parts" had been badly damaged, but nothing like a bath in the Tissue Regenation Machine to restore them.
While Crystal was still blowing zombie heads off, Wolf stirred, and reached organic sealant. That should be fine to patch the mess.
He sprayed it in the wound inside the pants. An itch, and then he felt more relieved.
He grabbed the other revolver and made a hole in a zombie´s face.
He talked again. His pitch had been restored.
"Wendy, let me take care of these. They are going to pay!"
He handed her the second revolver, and removed the jacket, revealing well built muscles.
He arose again. And started in a fist fight. Two zombies spined towards themselves, with their necks broken, by two high kicks.
He pulled the communicator.
"Open the fire ladder."
The rigger did it. A door slided open in a side of the room, not too far away from their position.
"Milady, you first."Wolf said.
"Is another trap?"
Crystal was doubtful about his intentions.
Wolf seemed a bit angry.
"Do you have any other options, Wendy Purpley?"
Purpley. Nick usually mocked her when she was young calling her Purpley... Crystal sticked the finger and got inside the ladder.
After Wolf had entered the ladder too he made sure no zombies were following them.
"Seal the basement."
He spoke through the intercom, just a while distracted by the waving movement of Crystal´s feminine butt...
Crystal seemed to realise it, as she gave him an angry look.
"And now, Nickie Nosey, where are we going?"
"To my private office, to get a transport to a safe place where both can be healed. My balls are a mess" said Nick, still surprised by how Crystal had remembered the insults both dedicated to eachother when they were young.


"Hmm... You are a thrilling dragon, Draco Firetongue. "You have got really bad charges... but you still say you are innocent, not revealing nothing about your version of the truth."
Mawroth walked by. Draco was inside a cage in the cellar.

"That Varos... Why she had to scream so high when I said "no".
Now everyone thinks that I am a perverted... when she was the one who started..."Draco was still in his inner thoughts. He could not tell Mawroth the truth... but he was innocent... What would he do now? He felt even more lost than ever...


"Starting Up!"
The ship took off. The dwarf mage maintained an ice spell on the damaged reactor. Surprisingly, it worked like a charm.
"Now, where we go?" Overmind asked.
"Hmm... I suggest Milano,Italy. The crusaders must have secured the airport. They were prepared for the worst." Behemoth replied.
"Can we trust the crusaders?" Eva asked.
"Oh, yes. They are fragging good! They are the best ground forces in the world ever! Each of them knows how to use weapons and a bit of magic, and they don´t need mages to perform spells. The kind of magic they use is terribly effective to the undead...somehow."
Mist Lotus faced Badjimmy. She looked very kind this time. Like she used to be... before the death of Jade.
"Take a look at you, big boy! You must have suffered..."


Mist Lotus moved towards BadJimmy

"St-Stay away!" The elf stammered.

"I'm only gonna patch you up a bit." Said the oriental Elf soothingly. And Badjimmy needed it. He had a bite from the Zombies. He hoped it wasn't infected.

Mist Lotus broke out an Aztechnology MediBrand semismart medkit, and tugged off BadJimmy's overcoat.

"(cough), you want to, maybe, get some privacy when you do that?" Behemoth grunted from his pilots seat.

"Would be good." Badjimmy agreed.

Mist Lotus was staring at Badjimmy under the coat.


The two moved into the rear hold of the Wraith Transport, and BadJimmy discarded the coat.

"Well, aren't you a sight, eh?" Mist Lotus purred.

"Its not what it...Um, Oh frag." Badjimmy was still wearing the whore's clothes from the pleasure palace. Stockings and suspenders, bikini top. The blue bushy wig fell from the inside of the coat.

"Put it on." Mist Lotus told him. It was not a request. Badjimmy did so, not wanting to argue.

Mist Lotus closed the door, and began using the medkit on Badjimmy, fitting the long wig.

"You know, you actually do pass pretty well as a woman."

Badjimmy didn't know what to say. Mist Lotus smiled, mischievously.

"I like you kid." The older woman told him. "You're dangerous. Like me."

"Well I-"

Badjimmy was cut off. Mist Lotus put a finger to his lips, then ripped off her combat jacket. Firm, oriental breasts were exposed underneath. She shook out her long, dark hair.

"Are you as dangerous as I think?" She purred, advancing on him. He fell to the cold steel deck of the plane. He was scared. He'd always been scared of women. And now one was after him...

Maybe it was the excitement of the battle passed. Maybe it was the Centaur pheromones on BadJimmy's underwear... But something between the two just clicked. They couldn't have been pulled apart by charging Rhinodons.

"I uh..." Don't fight it... "I'M Ready. Take me, Bitch!"

And then she was on him, tearing his panties off, kissing him full on, passionately, two deranged individuals finding solace in each other, smearing the make up across both their faces...

In the cockpit, Behemoth and Hammerwing flew on, oblivious...


"You owe me a beer. I told you." Overmind said to the others.
"Why, gobbo?" replied Hammerwing.
"She would do that again. Like before." Overmind rushed to reply.
Behemoth raised his eyebrow. "Certainly, I doubted she would be the same as before since the death of our leader... But I was wrong."

Eva sighed, and looked in other direction."Men... always like pigs... And Mist lotus is a slut..."


Chance swallowed hard, knowing that Ash was right... Only magic had a chance against that amoeba-thing. He imagined her eyes, hidden under the visor of her mirrored faceplate.

He couldn't fail her...

"You heard her boys! Tighten up and let them have it!" He yelled as he quickly strode over to where the Aussie had fallen. Zombie teeth had scored on his armour, but the fragface that had downed him was in turn getting its skull smashed by a full right from the enraged Aussie.

"Cheeky bastard!" Evans yelled as he slammed his heavy SAW across the zombie's head and knocked it clean off its neck.

"Mind the language, folks..." The British sniper replied offhandledly as he took out another undead being, aiming for those that were intelligent or lucky enough to find themselves hand weapons.

Chance threw himself down beside the two of them, Ash partnering with the chinese medic, the other MUNDI commandos watching each other's back as they poured on the fire. Yells of "Loading!" came again and again, as men and woman ran their magazines dry and shouted for covering fire from their partners.

The inital battle was going very well... zombies tall or short, male or female, fat or thin... all stood little chance against sleeting waves of depleted uranium and sabot ammo, literally blown backwards by the waves as the decimating fire cut across them. But as the battle wore on, ammo reserves dropped.

Chance ejected his last magazine from the SAR-125, the amazing weapon having fired off nearly five hundred rounds continuously so far, the barrel white-hot. Only the thermo-resistant alloys of the handguard and pistol grip allowed him to continue using the weapon so far. Drawing his pistol, he continued his fire, double-tapping the closest zombies. Around him, the yells of "Loading!" were being replaced with more ominous-sounding "I'm out!"

The Elf that had been manning the laser collapsed, the searing heat of his weapon having rendered his arm muscles charred and useless. Ash was beside him in a second, Wangfei, the medic hauling the badly wounded elf back into the battered wreck of the aircraft, spitting out the last few carbine rounds from her weapon as she did so.

Ash held her own searing-hot flamethrower against her side and left hand, bracing the laser with her other arm, taking the meaning of "shooting akimbo" to a higher level.... dealing out death two-handed with the sizzling hiss of laserfire and the annihilating whoosh of flamethrower blasts.

Chance emptied his pistol, then holstered the weapon and readied the one-shot rocket launcher over his shoulder. Aiming at the greatest mass of zombies, he pulled the trigger, the resulting explosion instantly wiping out a full score of zombies. Another rocket from the remaining launcher joined in, together with the final barrages of gunfire as the troops ran their magazines dry. Grenades, thrown baseball-style at zombies, flew in with powerful thwacks and booms. Ash's laser fused and spewed hot but harmless plasma over her hands, while her flamethrower quit.... its solid binary fuels finally exhausted.

There was a temporary pause in the fighting... over a hundred zombies having been felled by the final wave of rockets, grenades and gunfire. Then the gunship's miniguns, which had proved useless against the amoeba, joined in in laying down a curtain of lead between the zombies and men.

It was a temporary respite... but it gave Chance the time he needed to give a final order.

"Fix bayonets!"

Aussie affixed his with a grim nod... a 22nd century soldier doing something that millions of fighting troops had done before... readying himself for the charge. Beside him, Winston had resigned himself to subjecting his precision weapon to the rigours of bayonet fighting. Meanwhile, Ash retrieved a wickedly long katana from one of the fallen zombies, the weapon glowing blue-hot in her hands.

Chance looked towards the mages, Ery among them. One thing was clear... they needed more time. Flipping up his faceplate to face Ery, who seemed to be on the outer reaches of a trance, Chance mouthed the words "We'll deal with the zombies... You keep your end of the bargain and get that big fragger."

The corp officer nodded, still concentrating on combining his energies with the mages around him.

Chance noticed the contrail of yet another plane in the sky... It seemed to be of a rare type, something that he could not immediately identify. Perhaps one of the fancy craft the Church of Light was rumoured to have?

Time to buy us some time Chance thought grimly as over a hundred zombies gathered ahead readying for another suicidal charge... nearly ten to one against his dozen or so crack commandos. Easy odds at normal times, but terrible ones when everyone was out of ammo.

He slapped down his faceplate again.

There was no way the troopers could stand up against such a blow... there lacked the shields and depth of an old-style infantry phalanx. Chance laughed bitterly... Hi-tech soldiers of the future... and we're back to the same problems faced in the medieval era!

Only one way to have a chance then...

The zombies unleashed a udulating roar from decaying throats. Raising his bayonet-fitted SAR-125 above his head, Chance screamed an old-style battlecry, joined by the men and women around him.

And they charged the zombie attack head-on.


Ery was confused. He had no idea what to do.
Unlike the other Shamans he hadn't realized the presence of the Manitou's. As always, he simply used the mana the earth gave him.
"So much power..."

"Ery!" Ash yelled. "If you can't help them, help us, will you?!"
"Uh? Oh.. of course!"

Moments later, strangling vines assisted the MUNDI team to keep the zombies under control.


They felt it. All of them.

"This is it..." Korum though.

Five balls of white light released themselves from the hands of the Shamans, and flew towards the sixth one, still in the hands of the undead Eagle shaman.

When the white energy balls reached the sixth one, the Eagle shaman's body turned into a pillar of light, aimed at the Daemon.
Without a sound, the stream of light penetrated the red core inside the giant bubble. The six balls of destructive energy combined to one, followed the track, and crashed into the Daemon. The ball reached the red, pulsating center. The monster screamed; a high-pitch scream from another world.

A blinding flash followed, and then a huge manawave. All zombies were blown away, and it seemed even the street spirit had trouble staying on his feet; he had ducked for cover when the Daemon exploded.

Slowly, he got up. "Wow... Tha' was quite a cleanup! All the fraggers are gone!"

Ery checked the astral space. The spirit was right... there was nothing left. Within a radius of about a kilometer, everything was empty, and the afterglow of the mana-explosion killed anything that tried to enter... for now. They knew the managlow would only last for a few minutes; five if they were lucky. They had to move fast.

On the spot where the Eagle Shaman had been there was nothing left but a black, charred spot on the ground.


And suddenly there was nothing to fight anymore...

Chance spun around in surprise... the zombie that he had been targeting had abruptly vanished into thin air... Being unwakened and invulnerable to the effects of the manawave, nearby commandos were also looking around with a mixture of awe and confusion.
Ery was saying something, Chance momentarily too distracted to hear what he just said.

"I said, the mages have just gotten the big fragger. Magic isn't as useless as you might like to think of it."

Chance gave a grumpy half-nod... Just after such a draining experience on the battlefield, he just didn't feel like listening to a lecture by the corp officer.
Yes, yes... So the magic proved to be of some use afterall...
"Anyway, the helicopter is still up there... If you can signal the all-clear to it, we can get on board as soon as possible. The managlow will not last long."

Ery need not have reminded Chance... The mage on board the Oceanhahn had already detected the sudden destruction of the daemon and informed the rigger pilot to bring down his craft. Guided by two commandos, the big helicopter soon put down and started to load up the wounded from the MUNDI and AET teams.
Ash ordered four of the unwounded MUNDI troops to refill their ammo, doing so herself and collecting filled magazines for Chance. The Aussie and Brit were among them, already making wisecracks about the battle and of zombies in particular.
Chance joined her shortly afterwards, followed by the mages and Ery, the small group having scavenged what gear they needed from their own downed WESforce aircraft.

"Time to go people! We've stayed here long enough... The mages and shamans tell me that their magic isn't going to last forever."

"About bloody time sir." Evans grinned as he unfolded his bipod and mounted the helicopter, taking up position at the door beside a MUNDI minigunner. She was cute in the way he liked it... what little he could see of her face under the visor anyway. She gave him a little smile and his grin grew broader.

Nothing like a battle to stir up the libido the Aussie thought.

As the helicopter started to strain into the sky, Chance looked down and saw the strange aircraft that he had seen before the charge circle, seemingly looking for a place to put down.
Pointing it out to the pilot, he weighted the benefits and cons about offering assistance... His men were exhausted and could not do much anymore. In the end, he settled for taking note of the grid locations so that any extraction mission would have an easier time finding it.

And indeed we've had a lot of trouble getting help this time... The officer mused as he pondered a simple metal cross that he had retrieved from the crashed WESforce aircraft.

It was Jen Ballantine's.

Chance sat there in the slipstream, sadly pondering the will and strength of someone who had sacrificed her life so willingly for the group... considering how a personal bias of his so so nearly cost the lives of everyone else. Inexorably, the familiar guilt that had visited him after the DocWagon raid returned to haunt him again. He closed his eyes and let his thoughts roam free for a moment.

Wherever you are, I thank you for my life, Ash's and those of my men....

And... I'm sorry.


Roszondas scratched his horn again. That was quite a mess there. Just like his worst thoughts of that. Step by step, a nightware went on, getting worse by the moment.
"I would have to find out by myself. If this is as messy as I think, it is better to hide it from lesser races. They panic easily."
He grabbed once again his sword. The one his father had forged for him. A sword made of Mithril and forged by the Flames of Bahamuth, the Shining King of Dragons.
"It is time to reopen the wounds..."
He sneered to himself.


"Umm, guys we have something to consider." Overmind finally ranted out. There was still moaning in the rear part of the cockpit.

"What is it?" Eva asked.

"Our mission. It has been aborted. Roszondas wanted to go personally."

"Odd... We are the most trustworthy team he has... Why did he need to go on his own?" Behemoth replied.

"The Master is frightened with something." Hammerwing replied.

But what? Dragons weren´t easily frightened... Had it some links with the daemons? Everyone´s thoughts were the same, except of the couple of the back.

"Well... Why don´t we all give a try and go to London? I want to go to see ID0 again!" cheered Overmind

"Will the ship resist, gobbo?" harassed HammerWing.

"As long as you do it fine there will be no problem..."

Everyone muttered and waited Mist Lotus to agree with them.


The vidphone rang. Fiennes angry face showed in.

"Doctor Polt, long time no see...since the BWG project... How have you been? I need to ask you a favour..."


Polt looked up from his paperwork. Someone was on the vidphone.

"Polt. How are you?"
"I am fine. And your good self?" Polt was being remarkably constrained for himself.
"Times are hard, old friend, but I'll get by. I hear you were involved with the Delori collapse over in Orkislavia."
"What! Where did you hear such a thing? I was never..."
"Relax, I was kidding". Fiennes made a mental note of Polt's reaction. "I need to speak to you about the BWGs"
"I know, I know! Don't treat me like an idiot, Fiennes!"
"I would never, ever dream of such a thing, my friend. But I need some information, something that has been hidden since the BWG project five years ago"
"I need information on Project Antoinette. With the comet chaos, it seems our little anarchic plan may have time to bear fruit. "
"Antoinette? Curses! We ran into a problem there, and may need to reclone. The subject turned out ok, but some splicer must have messed up - she has wings"
"Wings - Don't make me laugh, Polt."
"Yes, wings, I assure you. I'll attach a vidlog now. It may be comet disturbance that caused this, but she has them. I'm hoping the next specimen will turn out better."
"Next specimen - excellent. But where is the current test? Have you put her down?"
"Waste a creation, one I have shaped myself - never - she is with one of my employees on a mission to discover the source and an example of these - things - in Geneva"
"Geneva? So you have heard of the Daemons too? Excellent..."


The OceanHahn thundered on through the night. The wind had picked up, buffeting the heavy 'copter and sending a chill wind through both open doors.

No amount of chill, it seemed, would cool Chance's Australian comrade, now making 70mph down the highway toward third base with the pretty MUNDI door crew-woman. Chance watched them, and instinctively moved closer to Ash, for warmth, for comfort, or for pure subconsious 'I can do what you can do better' one-upmanship. But the Auzzie wasn't looking anyway, and Chance knew there was nothing to prove.

"Where are you taking us?" The Mantis Shaman asked the co-pilot.

"Our airbase. We'll have food, water and medical care for you." Replied the female MUNDI officer.

"Take us to the MUNDI conference." Said the senior surviving WESMage. "At the old UN conference centre."

"I can't do - " Started the co-pilot. But he stopped. The helicopter changed couse, to her disbelief.

She saw the Mantis-shaman's lips moving. She was singing - Singing a mantra her totem had told her. Mantis was a wise bug, and this one apparently knew a little about influencing the minds of men, as well as eating them.

The Rigger pilot was doing as he was being told sub-consiously, his motor-controls rigged to the Oceanhahn, his thinking mind preoccupied.

She was in no mood to argue - They'd lost one of their own. Also, Mako had been forced to leave the Street-Spirit behind.
None of the shamans had wanted to leave behind such a miraculous life-form, but they knew they had to leave the area.

Maybe we can find him another time. She thought. Yeah, right. That's what I told Mako.... Mako had really wanted to stay with the spirit, and now he and the Mantis Shaman were at odds, a far cry from their previous relationship.

He'll probably try and kill me. I would, in his place. She thought. It was nothing out of the ordinary to her. Shamans took on the personalities of their totems. Mantis and Shark were both pretty efficient killers, so...
Nature will take her course.

Then, the Mantis shaman collapsed into deep sleep. Korum, her, all the others were so drained by the posessions and the spells they'd cast, they were lucky not to have been put flat-out unconsious full-stop.

The senior WESMage was quick to step up - But the Matis shaman had already implanted thought, and the pilot continued on the already laid-in course.

Just over an hour later, the UN complex was visible. The WESMages had gotten though to the MUNDI HQ officers with clearance - They were headed here for the conference, after all.

The heavy 'copter came into land next to a MUNDI wheeled APC with a SAM turret.

Fat lot of good that'll do against fraggin' spirits. The senior WESMage thought.

Touching down with a bump, uniformed and armoured MUNDI men helped disembark the passengers. Shamans and WESForce personnel were led one way, soldiers the other, down seperate corridors of the unused-looking building.

By a small mercy, the Shamans were not woken just yet, and the groundcrew had gurneys brought up to take them down, still blissfully sleeping.

Chance spotted lean, dangerous-looking but lightly armed and armoured men and women with tanned skin take at several points around the complex, bolstering the MUNDI forces.

Must be the Sioux Wildcats he thought, noting Amerindian features. Each man or woman carried their own choice of weapons and kit. Many of them were obviously Shamans as wel as fighters.


"I'm not going to your fragging office." Crystal told Wolf, firmly. "Don't try the kiddie-crap on me Wolf. That's in the past."

Still, a part of Crystal remembered the olden days... A safe childhood never even leaving the Angel Towers buildings, everything catered for... Except a Mother... And a Father who cared about anything other than money.

She had to help Wolf every step of the way. He was trying to be manly and walk on his own, but he was a pretty pathetic sight. His voice was squeaky and ragged.

Damn, he'll need more than just one of his tissue-baths. He needs surgery, and quick. Good thing we're in a hospital...

"Damn it Wolf. You can't wait for your office, you're really fragged. And besides, the bite on your arm might be infected.

"Urk." Wolf wheezed. He hadn't thought about that one. Might I turn into a Zomb? Frag, no...

They agreed - Crystal would leave him propped in a hospital corridor on the ground floor and take his credstick to drive his car away - She had some things to get at her apartment.

Meanwhile, the security rigger would notice Wolf, and call the paramedics for him. He'd tell them he'd been mugged. Strange to happen in a hospital, but hey, British NHS for you, eh?.

"See ya a bit later, Wolf." Crystal said over her shoulder, heading for the car park.


Raven woke with a start.

"Man! I need some of that pain killer! Stat!"

As he swallowed the tablets he examined the darkened room around him. Nice and quiet, no annoying cat men or lizard girls to bother Raven. Raven smiled, he liked the quiet. Suddenly, he heard someone cussing in the other room and a window opening. Raven sat up, interested in the clandestine exit from the house. He heard a faint rustling as if a person was crawling out of the window. 'curious indeed ' he thought. He lay down, no longer interested, and slept lightly for a few minutes until he was awoken by an unnatural humming noise in the distance.

"Oh frag me back to Geneva and here again, I know that sound."

Raven lamented, recognising the thrust vector engines wailing from the last time he encountered them. The time while driving to Orkislavia Raven had encountered a gang of scavenger bikers and had to fend them off, when the melee was interrupted by a VTOL craft which disgorged Eva and that disturbingly self controlled ork with the nasty sword. Raven rolled onto his chest and stuffed his ears with the grimy, pale pillow.

'Ohh, go away I wanna sleep! Just leave me alone."

He sobbed quietly. It was at that time mary stuck her head into the room to check on him. All she saw was a dirty pillow smothering a prone figure, she assumed he was asleep.


"A Corvette!" Crystal sneered when she saw the vehicle.
Wolf indeed was rich. He had stayed along with the influent people and became really influent...


"My... What the hell happened down there?" The nurse asked, seeing the situation Wolf was.

"I will tell later. Now I need to use the TRM."

"But, will it work with that?"

"Yes. If I program it correctly." Wolf ranted out. He estimated a time of regeneration of about... 20 minutes, as the part was delicated.

And so, he quickly entered the Operating Theatre. With the aid of only a nurse.

After programming the machine and entered in it, he fell asleep, and had dreams. Of his childhood... His first meeting with Wendy

"Nickie, you are going to enter Angel Towers... Remember to be friendly..."
His father looked really happy, ever since the death of his mother... He still had him.
A big shiny door slided open, and he was in. There, an scary looking man waiting for his dad.
"Hello, Dr Alexeiv! we need to talk about the project"
Alexeiv kneeled over Nickie.
"Wait here son... Dad has business to do"
"Ok, Dad"

And so he waited... Damn scary looking guy. He had messed up his day. If he weren´t by him, he could be playing with the other kids...

And then he saw her. In a corner. Alone. She had blue hair. he walked over her. He noticed she was crying.

"Remember to be friendly" He thought.

"Hello..." He said to her.
The girl turned his face. "Get lost!"
But Nick did not faded out.
"Do not cry, milady. Tears are bad!"

She raised her head. Nickie kneeled over her
"Why is that you aren´t with childs of your age?"
"because I have no friends..." The girl muttered.
Nickie came closer.
" Do not worry. I will be your friend. Even though you treat me harsh, it will be Ok, since I am not going to leave you alone!"

The imaged faded out.
"Doctor, the operation has been completed." The nurse ranted out.


The soldiers could not rest right away... They had to be debriefed first, MUNDI officials eager to find out more about the daemons and zombies seen in Geneva. Furthermore, Chance and Ash had to go for a meeting with the MUNDI colonel who had sent them into in fray in the first place.

It was three hours before the couple managed to grab a shower and a nap, before joining two of the commandos in a cafeteria that catered to the assembled MUNDI, Sioux, and WESforce personnel that were stationed at the HQ.

"Where's Evans?" Ash asked as she drew up a seat. Her armour chafed at the neck... despite a bath and change of inner clothes, she ached to remove the heavy ceramic-sandwich plates. However, standing MUNDI orders to troops were to wear armour at all times during such an emergency, though the troops largely took liberties with their headgear, and naturally screwed the orders when they turned in for bed.

"He vanished with that MUNDI doorgunner a while ago... destination unknown." Medical Sergeant Wangfei winked and replied in inpeccable English. The oriental medic was wearing a red handkerchief holding back her hair, the very picture of girl-next-door loveliness had it not been for the slender but mean carbine still slung over her back. Being part of the elite MUNDI special forces, both her and Winston were not subject to the typical spit-and-polish BS of the ordinary soldier.

"Tsk, tsk..." was the Brit's only comment, concentrating on cleaning his rifle with his brush and cleaning oil, cybereyes tuned to max magnification to detect any traces of dirt in the super-alloy chromed barrel.

Ash continued chatting with the MUNDI medic, both of them comfortable with each other despite their differences in rank. Meanwhile, Chance drew his battered wristphone out of his sleeve and pondered it for a while...

I haven't been talking to any of the runners since me and Ash left... Wonder how Crystal's doing...

"What is your name son?" The officer was smoking in the room. He messed his hair with the hand again.

"Roland Quebec" the man muttered. He looked rather young, and healthy. What needed MUNDI in these days.

"Say what, Roland. We are needed of people like you, healthy, in MUNDI. You are in... if you sign there and pass a small test."

"What is it?" Roland tried to look surprised.

"Aim at that target."
He handed him an automatic weapon.

Roland doubted for a while, then pulled out the trigger and scored perfect eyebulls.

"WHOA!" The office ranted out. "Sign up here son... You are in!"

"Excellent" Thought Roland.

"What do you want to go?"
"Geneva. I heard there are some problems there..."
The officer went pale. Geneva... Was this guy so screwed up?

Roland, nay, Roszondas thought for a while. His actuation as human was working right. At least he had fooled everyone... for now.

"Ok son. Whatever. Dock 4. Be careful out there!"
The officer finally gasped. Roland headed without giving an answer, to the transport, where new cannon fodder would be sent to contain Geneva´s daemons.


"Jump Away!!!!" Slayer ranted out to the troll when he saw the APC at high speed towards them.


Korum opened his eyes, and looked around. He seemed to be in a hotel room or something. A woman was leaning against the door post.
A wildcat.

"So... Finally awake then?" she asked him.
"How long have I slept?"
"A few hours... not nearly enough I think, considering what you did down there... that was fragging big stuff."

Korum sighed. "Yeah well... we have the Manitou's to thank for that. We would 've died without them."
He had a terrible headache, but sensed his Manitou ally was still near him. "Can't you see him?"

"I can..." the woman replied. "I just had no idea what it was. Some alien fragger from Geneva, but it didn't seem hostile."

The spirit broke its long silence.
"Some alien fragger from Geneva"? I resent that!

Korum grinned. He liked the Manitou; it had a great sense of humour.

The woman looked at the spot where the spirit was floating in the astral space. "Heh. I am pleased to meet you... both. I'm Chana Redwing, Sioux Wildcat, and bear Shaman. But you probably already noticed that, didn't you?"
"Uh... not really. I'm pretty tired, and I got a fragging headache. Nice to meet a colleague."
"Well that was why they assigned me to guard you in the first place."


"They did what?!"
Hurricane rushed outside.
She heard Mary sigh, and mutter something like "Oh great... another one."

Well at least this "other one" knows how to deal with zombies.

She saw the zombies approach and raised her staff. A blast of mana crashed into the undead and blew them away.

Then, she ran on, searching for the two people they would definitely need the next day.


David sensed the change in the astral space. Magic was being actively used, quite close to him.
"Thank goodness."

I really should've finished my shaman training... a least magic is a lot cleaner than this.

He kicked another zombie down, grabbing the head with the foot claws just when the zombie started to fall. The head was ripped in pieces.


Hurricane was moving like a knife through butter. The zombies that got past her streaming mana bolts met the shimmering staff she held in her hand, ringed in pure energy.

Another shambling creature reared up infront of her, and her spare hand shot a jet of water, blasting it back into the crowd.

"Wirecat! Charlie!"

That was Mary, behind her, calling out, and the occasional burst of gunfire from nearby was the gobbo, Dorodo, handing the soldier's gun. She hoped she wouldn't get hit in the crossfire. Mary must have come out of the building, after having said she'd gone to check on Raven.


"Charlie!" Mary cupped her hands around her mouth. "Wirecat!"

It was too dark to see, and Mary could only hear the rattering of Dorodo with the gun. She didn't know why it hadn't woken up Tank yet, or where Badjimmy had got to.

Should she use the torch? After all, it wasn't like they hadn't been spotted by whatever this horde was already.
She thumbed the switch, and a beam of yellow light shot out. She could not see what they were facing, and something overhead, the sound of which's engines had been drowned out by the gunfire.


There were hundreds of them, coming this way... and... around that tree - and over there, by the Van.
The others!

"Dorodo! We have to help them!"
Mary suddenly realised that firing into the group would probably harm their friends. They could't use the guns. Dorodo fired a final burst, and Mary managed to convince him to stop.

Where was Tank when you need him? Decked out in armour, the huge orc would have made mincemeat of the Zombies.

Suddenly, she saw a zombie, clutching something. Something metal. It sparked once.

Charlie's Cyberarm


Badjimmy had convinced all of them. To save the others.

The wraith Dropship flew just a few meters below their heads, harassing the zombies with the machine guns.

A ladder came down, while covert fire cleaned the surroundings.
Two intense lights were alit.
"Our max capacity is of 20 men. Want a ride?" Said Overmind sarcastically.
"Aww, c´mon,Jump in! They are good people!"ranted out Badjimmy.
"They need help!!!!!" Behemoth replied.
Impulsively like the most, he jumped out of the ship, swinging the Dragon wing. With each movement, about 2 or 3 zombies dropped down in the ground... in pieces.

Mary didn´t know what to do.

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