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Badjimmy leaned out of the side door of the VTOL blazing away with his pistol. He could see the carzy Church-bitch beginning a spell - Looking right at them

"NO! STOP!!! NOOOO! WE'RE TRYING TO HELP YOU!!" The Elf was screaming. He realised he probably couldn't be heard over the sound of the engines.

He had one chance - He had to break her concentration.

He scrabbled around for objects to throw - Spare Caseless ammo, boxes - Those would do.

He lobbed a crate of ammo with boths hands, using the rangefinders in his eyes to guide his aim. The box fell like a stone...


N'zar looked at his severed arm and burst out laughing, laughing all the harder as he spotted Rozondas' injuries.

"Lo, My Lady, we seem to be getting nipped by these creatures. Nevertheless, we must plough on through!"

Laying a huge cloud of Ice-breath in his front arc, the Insane dragon, still holding his comrade, also activated the one piece of technology he didn't eschew on his person - His telecom.


At 30,000 feet, the airborne aircraft carrier bearing the Dragon's paw logo received the signal it had been told to watch for by the Comapny's somewhat erratic CEO.

"Marshal Vries, signal received. We are go on Operation Winter Palace." Spoke the comm adjutant.

"Go on Winter Palace confirmed. Launch Drone Squadrons 2 through 8. Launch Fighter bomber Squadron 'Anastasia'." The Grey-haired woman said, leaning back in her command chair.
"Damned if I want to give those MUNDI fools a helping hand, but if the boss wants it..."

The AAC, named Red Dawn, was an armoured airship with a large aircraft hangar slung underneath. The main runway deployed the Fighter Bombers from the front of the huge vehicle, while the drones were deployed from the hatches on the bottom, their verctor-thrust engines flaring as they brought control from their tumbling attitude.

The Riggers in the AAC checked their RC links one final time, and checked their armaments. All clear.

Only Marshal Vries knew what the target would be, but not even she knew how little effect the mini-armade was going to have.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we're ready. Can you all sense the shift?" Renwu asked.

The assembled magicians, assesning the astral plane, could. The mana-waves assailing them, preventing their magic use, were changing their direction, slowly but surely, as the Earth rotated it's positiong relative to the Comet. Also, they were getting used to the barrage of magical energy. The weaker ones among them were beginning to get back the use of their powers.

"Those of you with focus, go astral and attack the daemons. Wait for our signal." Renwu said, loudly so they could all hear. Members of the council obeyed without question, knowing that their only chance to live through this would be to stay together, fight the host as one.


The two suicidal Dragons charging the daemonic horde had been a sight to behold. Mako couldn't see what had happened to them after that, but it didn't look good.

But they had stalled the horde's charge, for now.

He found himself next to a couple of the Sioux Wildcat special forces. They were busy fixing bayonets, preparing close-combat weapons - Blades, axes.

"You... You look like you're going to counterattack them! Are you crazy?"

The NAN warrior looked at Mako, his eyes burning though him a thousand-yard stare.

"You know a better way to fight Daemons?" The veteran asked. He continued when Mako was silent. "Everything depends on us saving those trapped in this building. Even if we die, we go to our graves happy, our ancestors by our sides. You are a shaman. You understand what is at stake here? Why not come with is? Die like a man, not a dog."

Mako was pretty drained from the bolts he'd launched. But he knew a challenge when he saw one.

You're a fighter. A hunter. Shark reminded him. Are you not?

Mako grabbed up a weapon. A metal pole, ripped from a staircase. It would do.

"Good. We will all die together."

"Today is a good day to die." Mako agreed, receiving an odd look.

The Wildcat laughed and slapped him on the back, then they got ready.

Howling like the daemons they were going to fight, The Wildcats - And not a few of the MUNDI men, mages and shamans, charged headlong from the building to meet them, brandishing melee weapons, hoping that their courage and determination would carry the day against the evil beings, or at least give the Magical Council enough time to do what they were doing.

Men and Daemon clashed. Rage-fuelled physical assaults pummelled the unholy host, pounding the astral beings, fracturing their manifestations with focused will. Manabolts and Disruption spells from the magic-users added to the destruction. The Daemons, caught off-guard, retaliated furiously, brutally and lethally. Dozens of the men were cut down. Wildcats, WESforce mages and MUNDI men died together.


Battered and bruised, the brave Royal still went on. Pain seemed to be lessened. Although he had many wounds... He had learned something. Daemons were powerful magic casters. Maelstrom. Feed Back. It should ripe them off. But it should work fine.

Nīzar agreed. They were going inside the rift. They had not been damaged enough to hinder their advance.

"Listen well. If ANY of these daemons come close. Blow up them. I donīt care anymore of the casualties. We are on our own."

"Right, Lady. We had better heal ourselves."

And the lights sprayed towards the dark clouds... Whenever it touched the wounds, it was shot.

"uh?" Roszondas noticed something.
A daemon had got right into the middle of the healing beam.
It vanquished.

"WHAT?! ARE you CRAZY?" The dragon ranted out. But he did it.
Lesser daemons were melted really quick. Roszondas had spotted a weakness. He rushed to answer to all daemon battlers.

"Daemons are easily banquished if you cast healing spells" His telepathic message went throughout the battle field.

Nīzar looked at himself.
"Still... those Greater Daemons are something to be reckoned. I doubt they will be taken so easily..."
But both Dragons agreed. They had to continue.


The voice stirred throughout the minds of the twisted Greater Daemons.

Leave the dragons alone. They walk upon their destruction. And soon... I will claim them.

Pariah shook his head. Red Knight howled. Siren yelled. Their cries hailed an unholy submission to the daemon named Dark Dragon. There was nothing much they could do, thought. Even if he was far from them, his powers still were great.


Mary gripped the colt tightly, firing shot after shot point blank into the zombies. It wasn't really necessary, given that Overmind, with a flamethrower, was right next to her, but it made her feel better, and conquer her fears.

Sarah was standing on the roof of the van, purple lights dancing round her. A wind had picked up, and bits of zombie were being tossed about in the gale. Even the VTOL aircraft, hovering overhead, was shaking.

Suddenly, Mary could feel a throbbing pain in her forehead. Uh... it hurt almost as much as when Curim had lead her out of the hospit...

Sarah's voice echoed in her head.

"Get Raven. Now"
"Dorodo! Come with me!"

With Overmind flamerthower-toting on the doorstep, human and gobbo dissapeared into the house.


Sarah felt the pulse of the other world beat through her body. So loaded up on mana, from the tiny vessel of concentrated elexir that she had recieved as a graduation present from the Church of Light convent she had attended, her magical abilities were stretched to their limit. This elexir was extremely rare, and powerful, and the Church of Light made sure most recipients would never have a chance to use it in thier lifetime.

She reached her arms up to the heavens, her red hair flowing behind her on the wind, and cast the mana sheild she had used to defend the van from the rebel slaves in Delori's palace. This kind of spell was extremely taxing, and splitting it up to cover several groups at once - Mary and Dorodo, Raven, and the runners by the van - would be almost suicidal in normal conditions. Only to increased mana she now had allowed her to do it.

Energy rushed from the ground to her, as she called up all the reserves she had. Winds played about the storm shaman, twisting around the van in a cyclone of power, the boxes and ammunition BadJimmy was hurling down spinning around her, caught by the wind. Lifted off the ground by them, arms held aloft, her lips formed the syllables of power for the incantation, and her mind, floating free in astral space, searched out it's targets.

Of course, power on that level could make her a target of something much more malign. All across Orkislavia, mages felt a pulse of power, as she released the spell, shockwaves rippling out from her airial body. Mary herself recieve instructions, her dormant magic abilities touched for a split-second.

A shimmering shield appeared around each of the runners, turning back the zombie's attacks.

"Get... in... the.... van" whispered Sarah aloud, her body still spinning in the maelstrom.


Sorrow screamed, as the mana-pulse tore through him. Damocles looked across at him, questioningly, and all sounds in the van stopped.

"What the hell was that?" Silvia leant forewards. "Are you ok?"
"Yes... I... There's been a powerful use of magic nearby, somewhere in Orkessa."

Silvia thought for a moment. This orcish country wasn't noted for it's mages, so there was every chance this manaburst could have been her friends, or one of those madthings that always seemed to be after her friends, and might know where they are.

"I think we should go look for whatever it was. It will only be a short sidetrack, after all"


Taking his cue, Dragon lauched himself at his dazed opponent.

Crystal ducked into the cormer as the living weapon hit the other with explosive force/ Blood flew, sparks as Dragon's armour scraped on the Zwergmann CyberZombie's metal body, and both flew backwards...

Out through the window which had not even glass to impede them.

They fell. Windows flashed by at an impressive rate. The empty streets far below beckoned.

"YOU'RE INSANE!" Zwergmann's host body yelled. "YOU'LL DIE TOO!"


But it was not to be, not just yet. Struggling to shake off the weight clinging to him, the cyber-BWG fire his telescoping arm - Upwards. The Extremity rocketed up, dagger fingers embedding in whatever they could find. In this case - The rigid biofabric of the London Dome over their heads.

Their falling halted abruptly, pinfully. The arm was almost wrenched out of the socket and torn apart. Cyber-BWG screamed with the pain.

"Ha!" Sneered Dragon, still clinging on. "Pain, like you gave Jade. How does it feel?"

"Frag you! Get off me!" He snarled. He tried to use the arm to swing back up the 25 deet or so to the dome. He didn't know if even the advanced mithril-derivative alloy could take the strain.

"You want to lose me, lose yourself!"

Why not. Thought Zwergmann. I'll get another body. He won't. Wait!-

The arm was retracting of its own will, zipping back up.


He was not to know, but the body he inhabited was pre-programmed by Aztechnology to take action of its own behalf to limit damage to itself. By saving him, it had betrayed him.

The two shot up, swinging thtough a hole in the patchy transparent dome, seperating in the air and landing some distance apartbon the surface.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" Zwergmann screamed, charging in again. Again the arm shot out, connecting with the exhausted Dragon as he attempted to dodge. But it had been badly damaged arresting his fall, and smacked him in the head with the blunt edge of his hand, knocking Dragon down, but not spearing his head as it should have.


Zwergmann rammed out Dragon, wich felt into the ground, with pain.
But he arose again.
"Harder, Zwergmann!!! Illidia punches harder than you!"
He taunted. His appearence was pitiful.
Zwergmann rammed against him again. Kicking the ribs. Breaking more bones. Pain
But Dragon arose. Again. Like a zombie. He kept going.
What is this sensation.... Pain is so futile... My eyes burn... My mind is bursting...Like when I fought Salamander.
Dragon looked at the Cyber Arm in slow motion.
He dodged the coup of Grace.

"Why? Why I canīt kill you?" Zwergmann shouted.
Dragon finally resembled his legend. He dodged all attacks. And eventually came closer.
Zwergmann was about to panic.
Finally Dragon muttered.
"Thank You. For giving this heart a blind rage. Another way to be a weapon of mass destruction."
And Zwergmann flew away with a kick of Dragon.
"I have to tell... Stuntie... You are not the only who have changed."
Zwergmann was bleeding, in the ground. Half-dead. Dragon used the break on the fight. And talked to Crystal.
"Do not pay attention for what happens to me... I am okay. Thank you for all support. Farewell"
It sounded like a goodbye...
Look at me. Profesor. I finally gave my life an use. Sacrifice myself to assure a future to others. I feel more alive than ever.
With tears on his eyes, almost fainting, Dragon started to cast an spell...

"Freezing cold of the North.... Burning fire of the Earth... Make my enemies shatter with the cold fear, and be banquised by the fires of my Revenge!!!!"
He paused for a moment.
And he collapsed. He could not see Zwergmann last moments...
He was trapped in the violet ice. Being burnt slowly. In great pain.
But he also slided. Down of the dome, to the streets... It tore up into pieces, like a ceramic vase.

Sakhar was almost flung off the roof, his magically charged gear going berserk. He heard the necromancer scream, something was up. Maybe they'd finally saw sense and stabbed him in the back.

Didn't matter, he needed to focus on controlling the intense pain and staying on the roof, but he did notice they were turning, although he wasn't sure as to where.


Sorrow picked himself up off the floor, but almost immediately fell back down again. Silvia got up to help him, asking if he was alright

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME GIRL!" He snapped. "I need not the help of a halfling like you!"
"Well I'm sorry for caring!" she yelled at the necromancer, then going back to her place next to Xecktos. She mumbled something, but Sorrow heard it not, neither did he care.

He then noticed that he was bleeding, he must of hit his mouth on the floor as he went down. He quickly wiped up the dark red, nearly black blood. Nobody must know what was really wrong, at least not yet. Not here, not know.


Jester shook the pathetic voice out of his head, Red Knight was lord and master! Only he commanded the Daemons.

Jester watched as the dragons flew, they were weak, tried and nearly out of energy. They were wasting more by casting spells, useless really. The Daemons would have them.

Jester lined up his bow again, he was aiming for the mouth. It was a long shot, but it was worth it. He pulled the bow string back again, carefully aiming for the mouth of the dragon Pariah had ripped up, now was the time! The bow twanged again, but it was short. It hit one of the brother Daemons in the back, Jester quickly willed the arrow out.

A great rage came over him, he threw his bow to the floor in anger. If he couldn't kill the dragons, he'd deafen them! His mouth opened wide, out of it came an unearthly high pitched scream. Jester would not have been so foolish if it he was not blinded by rage, these dragons would not pass! He'd see to it.

[Click here for The_Alpha_Gibbon's Infamous Dark Dragon Post :p]


Mary dashed into Raven's room, with Dorodo on her heels. Raven was wide awake, and yelling something.

"Raven! We're getting out of here now!"
"What! I can't move like this!"

Mary only had a few seconds to think, and decided they'd have to move him alone. She ordered Dorodo to grab Raven's good leg, and try and suppot him, without toughing the injured one. She herself linked her arms around his chest from behind his head, and together they lifted him up strainedly.

"The... van", Mary gasped. Dorodo mouthed an 'ok' Almost stumbling, they managed to move Raven's prone form towards the room doorway, and to the entrance of the house, without dragging him along the floor, ignoring the screams of pain.


Sarah had finished her incantation, and tumbled off the van, drained of energy. Shimmering mana-shields materialsed around the other members of the runners, adn the van.

Wirecat sprung into action, and opened the van's door, leaping into the driving seat. He realised he needed the keys to start it, and dashed towards the house for Raven.

Tank swung open the back doors, unceremoniously dumping the prone forms of Sarah and Charlie inside, before turning round to see if he could hurt some Zombies with this mana shield.

Overmind looked around, unsure what he should do. He decided to take his chances with the runners, instead of with that slag-bitch Mist Lotus, and, with a parting shot at the encroaching zombies with the flamethrower, dived into the van.

Wirecat dashed into the building, and saw Mary and Dorodo bringing Raven, as easily as they could manage.

"Mary! Dorodo! Let me!" Wirecat took Mary's place, and managed to life Raven in both hands on his own, inside his mana-shield, before beginning to stagger out towards the van.

"Linith! Where's Linith!" squeaked Dorodo.


High above, the VTOL was shaking erraticly.
"We're going to have to leave", announded Mist Lotus. "We can't help them in this wind"
"What about the guy we have here? And Overmind's down their"
"Frag them, we'll find the runt later, he never gets far. We need to keep this thing in one peice!"


Wirecat pulled Raven into the van, grabbed his keys, and leaped into the front seat, coming face-to-face with the gobbo that had been with Dorodo and Mary at the front of the house.
"Who the hell are you?"
"Me no no. Me help you."
"Ok, ok, we need to get out of here before I ask more questions. Get out of the seat, I need to start the engine."
"No need. The gobbo flicked a switch, and the headlights came on, along with the hum of the engine."
"Hotwire!" The goblin gigged, and retreated to the passenger seat.


"Oh great... you hotwired our own van. Are you sure you didn't want to steal it?"
The goblin grinned. "Just helpin'!"

"Everybody there?!" Wirecat shouted to the back of the van.

"We seem to be missing Linith!"
Oh frag no...
He jumped out of the car, and started running towards the house.
"Then she probably doesn't even have a mana shield..."

Hurricane stopped him. "I'll get her. You just be ready to get us out of here when we're back."

As she rushed into the house, a thought appeared in Wirecat's head.
How long will these mana shields last?


Hurricane stumbled into the house, wondering why she had been so crazy to try this, when still in a weakened state from the spell.

Mary was dashing down the stairs, dragging Linith. Mary's shield covered the lizard-girl, but even so, they almost tripped on the final step.

"Mary! Get her in the van!" gasped Sarah, turning to follow, with Dorodo at her heels.

All four piled into the back of the van, where Tank was waiting. Wirecat put his furred foot on the pedal, and the van sprung to life, crushing zombies under it's tires as it began to move through the horde.

Mary noticed Overmind.
"Who is he?"
"Don't know, don't care. We'll find out after we get outta here," said Wirecat.

The van tore through the small fence, and into the dirt road. It was dark, and the headlights only showed a little way ahead. The zombies were shambling in persuit, but it was clear they would never catch up.

Just then, they saw another pair of headlights coming down the road.


The van came to a grinding halt, Sakhar was forced to slam the spikes in to stop him flying off. Big mistake. He heard the commotion in the van, now or never.

He leapt from the roof behind the van, slashing the door with his newly grown arm spikes. It was painful to use them, his arms stung like crazy, he almost fell to the floor in pain. He ripped a fair sized hole in the door, he could see the red eyes of Sorrow staring at him. Now was the time. He levelled the cross bow at the hole.

"For my people!" He yelled in a groggy voice as the bolt took flight. He then fell to the floor, probably bleeding. He couldn't tell.


"REVERSE" Sorrow shouted at Damocles as the bolt flew in past him into the wall, scraping the side of his face. He heard Sakhar's muffled groans as the van ran him over.

"Excellent." Sorrow began, unshook by the whole experience. "Now, to find out what kind of nutcases drive like that!"

Sorrow got up and made his way out of the slashed up backdoors of the van. Treading on Sakhars armour legs as he went. He was followed by Silvia, the elf, Damocles (out of the drivers side) and slowly the winged woman emerged, eyes shining as she looked up at the moon in awe.


"They stopped..." Mary said. She was looking out the front window, leaning over the back of the two front seats.

Wirecat frowned. "Umm... Mary... there's some really weird auras on these people... and one of them is something dragon-related. Should I stop too?"

"What?! Yes... could be Silvia!"


"Hey look! Another van..." Silvia frowned. She didn't really trust it, and as a reflex, her hands changed to claws. She didn't even notice that all of her skin became green and scaly.

The other van stopped, and the back doors opened.
Silvia recognised the damaged doors in the dim light of their van's headlights.

No slegging way... that's Raven's van!

Tank stepped out firse, and a girl of which she couldn't even identify the race.

Uh? Some other weird crossbreed?

"Why hello there Tank... Coming here to rescue me?" She grinned.
"Demoneye! Wov wiz da skin?"
"Skin?" She looked at her arms. "Oh, that. I dunno... it just happened." She shifted back to complete elvish form. "So... who are the new guys?" she said, while looking at the odd group that just stepped out of the other van.


"Hum... A Half Dragon... Interesting...Maybe is the one the master has talked about? Yes... Silvia... It is her. The hybrid master Roszondas talked about."
Overmind finally ranted out. He pulled out his sunglasses, and squeaking like a rat, got out of the van, carrying a handlful- by goblin terms- .22 Pistol.
"Are you Silvia?" He ranted out.



Dragon woke up. He was in a blank space. He did remembered the combat, the spell. The darkness... But what happened after that?

He could not know. Even he could not know where he was now.

"Poor Bastard..." ranted Cylinder Head. He died for all of us... In pain.
"He is not dead, stupid." Illidia used her elf ears.
"He is still breathing. WE MUST GO DOWN THERE AND SAVE HIM!!!" She screamed. She was really worried about his health.


The voice again.

"Jade?" Dragon asked.


Sorrow cared not for the van, or the figures coming out of it. He looked down on the bleeding figure of Sakhar.

"You can kill me...." Methdos gasped as great pain come over his body. "But if I don't get you......your guilt will!"
"Kill you? KILL YOU?" Sorrow said it as if it were a joke. "My dear friend, your to valuable to be killed. I need you, alive!"

Sorrow pulled Sakhar from under the van and pushed him aside.

"Nice spikes too." Sorrow said as he turned away from the injured man. "Doesn't do much for your stealth though."


The winged woman hung behind the others, she shivered, she didn't know why. It was another thing of confusion. As wind struck her bare legs, hands and face, a great discomfort came over her. This wasn't helped by the fact that things were emerging from the other van.

She hid behind the line of people who she'd been traveling with as they came closer, letting the shady, grey skinned person person push past her. She couldn't pin point what it was about him, but there was something very different, he wasn't like the others. She stayed away from him.

The people who had came from the new van started to run over, some yelling, some brandishing weapons some walking on behind. She sunk further and further behind the others, no one seemed to notice her anyway.

"Y-y-you Highness!" Shouted a man with one arm, he was dressed in a uniform of some sort. She didn't realize he was coming towards her until he barged past the others, she ran back inside the van. Closing the doors and cowering.

Charlie didn't know what to think. He was sure he had seen her Majesty, but that was very unlike her. He knelt down outside the van, not daring to look though the holes in case she was indecent.

"Your Highness...." He repeated. "I, Charlie Dunstford. Ex-British Guard am here to grant my humble service to you, if you will take it."

There was no reply from inside, Sorrow and Silvia were too wound up with the Runners to tell him the truth. But none of it meant anything to her, she just climbed into the drivers seat and curled up, confused and cold. Although she didn't know what these feelings meant. She also didn't know why there was water running down her cheeks, or why she was even here! All she could think of was trying to sleep, hoping it would all blow over by the time she awakened.

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