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"Point that sleggin' gun somewhere else!" Silvia said. A split second later the gun was knocked out of the goblin's hand by a minidragon claw.
"Whoa... umm." The goblin was confused; he didn't expect this kind of reaction.
"Mary... who is this?" Silvia asked.
"Believe me, I got no idea. I think he's one of the friends of that Ork we met on the Road to Hell."

"Well he 'helped' me start the car... Raven's gonna be furious when he finds out."

Silvia turned her head to see who said that. The cat-man was leaning against the side of the van. He grinned.
"So... you're the half-dragon we were looking for..."

Silvia grinned back. "And who might you be?"

"Just your everyday MUNDI negotiator." Wirecat thought, but he realized that might not be a good thing to say.
"I'm Wirecat."

"David Shinz, the Wirecat." Silvia said.
"Uh? You... know me?"
"Never met you before. But a negotiator might come in handy."
Mary interfered. "Silvia, stop playing mind games with him. He's a friend."
"I know." Silvia grinned.
"I said stop it!"

Mary sighed, and turned to Wirecat. "She's a mind reader. And apparently she's not as afraid of using that talent as she told me."
"I improved, that's all. Must have something to do with those slegging manawaves the past few days. Gave me a slegging headache too."
"Ah yes. The comet." Mary replied.
"Comet? What comet?"
"Halley, of course. Was all over the news, even before the buke in Geneva."
"Oh... didn't think of that. You mean it caused all this? I thought all these comet worshippers were just... well... weirdo's."

"Heh. I wish." Wirecat said, with a bitter tone in his voice. "It was the comet caused me to turn into a cat. Well, sorta."

Xecktos walked towards the group.
"Hello, Mary. Haven't seen you in a while."
"Oh my... Xecktos?! Is that you? But..."
"I know. Some guy made me a new body. Silvia knows more about him."
"A little too much actually..." Silvia said. "That's one mind I should never have seen."

Damocles was standing next to the van. He was was getting impatient; the crowd made him nervous... all that noise...


Silvia caught sight of Sarah descending from the van. Although obviously very tired, she still looked much more presentable than the other runners.

"So. You're still here? Managed to twist my friends to your will yet?"
"Halfling - why are you so paranoid? If it wasn't for me, your friends would be dead. Twice."
"I don't care what you say, I know that you're just lies. Now we're back together, I'll make sure I put a stop to you."

Before Sarah could retort, Mary gasped : "Silvia! What's that on your neck!"
"Oh... sleg, I'd forgotten about this. Our friends here, who so nicely kidnapped me, managed to get their boss to put this on me. He's a madman, and for some reason wants me under it's control."
"Don't worry DemonEye. I'll get it off". Tank stepped up, and put his hands around the collar, ready to pull it apart.
Sorrow dived in, the point of his staff at Tank's neck.
"Are you crazy! That thing will kill us all if you break it! It's explosive!"


"Humm... Type 3 Beta SHX explosive. Interesting.." Overmind came closer.
"uh... Get your slegging hands off my neck. You will blow us up!"
Overmind retreated. He could deactivate it... But no one believes a gobbo...


Sorrow swiftly removed the point from the neck of the Ork.

"I know you're simple." he began. "But you do know the word explosive don't you? Bomb? TNT? KA-BOOM?"

He turned to the Goblin. Walking over to him.

"And you...." he said raising his staff. "Hands off!" he smacked the Goblin with one of the blunter ends of his unfinished staff, not too hard. But he got the message and ran behind Tank, for what good it would do.

"What is that?" Sarah nearly gasped, pointing at the heap that was Sakhar's body. She walked over and rolled him onto his back. "By the light! Methdos?" Sarah lifted him to his feet.

"You know the pest?" Sorrow asked. "I pity you. Anyway, we are going to Geneva. If you want the dragon, feel free to follow."

With that he got back in the van.


Sarah heaved the corpse of Sarkhar out from under the van, before Sorrow could do anything else unpleasant to it.

"Methdos! It is you! Stormcrow's black heart! What has happened to you!"
The daemon hunter groaned, and blood dripped out of his mouth.
"Sorrow..... must... kill..... Sorrow...."
Sarah was still whispering, and wondering.
"Mary! Wirecat! Come here! You must treat this man!"

Mary rushed over, from her dialogue with Silvia, each explaning what had happened while they were seperated.

"Oh my lord! What's wrong with him!"
"I don't know! Maybe it's the comet, after what it did to Linith and Wirecat!"
"Whatever it is, we must treat these wounds", Wirecat cut in. "We need bandages!"


Sorrow waited in the van. Even Damocles was out of it, conversing in broken english with the hulk of an ork in armour. He needed him back to go anywhere.

Sorrow leant out of the window.
Silvia looked at him imploringly. Sorrow pointed at the collar, and smiled.


Sarah looked up from Methdos's body, and watched Sorrow haul everyone back into the van.
"Mary. Wirecat. We must follow that van. Rescue Silvia, and find out about this Sorrow.
"What about this guy?"
"You can treat him in the van. There's room for us, just"


"What did you do that for!" Silvia yelled at him.
Sorrow gazed at her, it was discomforting.

"We need to get moving." he replied. "The sooner we all get to Geneva, the sooner I can get away from that madman!"
"No need to take it out on us...." Silvia mumbled.
"Don't mess me around little one! Your only out that cell because of me, so I think you owe me your co-operation at least."

Silvia made a noise of disgust, she saw now that Sorrow wasn't all he appeared, but she was still sure that nice(ish) man she had met at the compound still existed. She thought about mind reading him....but it was it the right thing to do.

Damocles carefully removed the woman from the drivers seat, he placed her still sleeping form on the passenger seat and started the van. Soon they would be off.


Crystal was taking the battered elevator to the top of the building. Last she had seen, Dragon had taken the Cyber-Nutter out through the window. The telescopic arm had shot out and dragged them both up to the dome and then...

Well that was what Crystal, Cy and Illidia were going to find out.

The elevator stopped and they battered down the door to the roof. There, amid the filthy mist and corroded roofing, across the gap where the support-building joined the curving fabric of the dome, a dark mound could be seen, lying close to one of the many brown, corroded holes in the dome.

The three ran over.
Dragon was lying in a heap, unconsious, heavily injured. There was no sign of his counterpart.

Silently, the three carried them between them. He was very heavy for his age and size, but they managed, leaving a trail of blood behind them. They took him to the elevator, and went down.


Badjimmy was flung around inside the Wraith dropship as the buffeting craft moved for its own safety out of the huge blast of wind. The houses below fell away, and the armoured van could be seen speeding away.

"Well frag alors, thank Le God zat is oner, non?" Badjimmy cames up, nursing the head he'd bruised against the wall.

His new companions weren't so easily pleased. In fact, they were extremely pissed at losing their quarry...
The big Ork cams stomping back to the transport compartment, took one look at Mist Lotus, who shrugged, then at Badjimmy, and the still open door. Dead treetops and shanty houses flicked by, mere feet below.

"Can you fly, Elfboy?" He grinned, moving closer, eager to get rid of the no-longer useful extra weight...

Badjimmy tried to make puppy-dog eyes at Mist Lotus, pleadig for salvation. The effect was somewhat lost on his matt-black cybereyes...


Mako was fighting for his life. The MUNDI soldier next to him had just been torn limb from limb. Mako knew Shark wouldn't let him cast any more spells - He was completely drained.

Shark can kill with his bare teeth, land-creature. Try it! His totem sneered.

Screaming, Mako flung himself at the nearest Daemon - The metal bar crashed through it, splitting the vile creature down from the left shoulder.

"HUR-HURHUR-HUR!" It mocked, even as it dissipated. All around were the dead and dying. Wildcats, Shamans, Mages and MUNDI legionnaires... The horse shaman was dead. The Mantis shaman was down, unmoving, bloody.

What of it, land-creature? Said Shark, again. You can eat her after we kill these fraggin' alien bitches!

Mako laughed at his totem's language, dodged a huge blow from another of the daemons and hurled himself at it again, screaming -


From the low, dark cloud cover, help came, of a kind, but at first it wasn't possible to tell who the help was for.

In the MUNDI Panzer, Chance spotted incoming Drones - Rotodrones and jet drones on the radar, and a few flickering contacts that might have been fighter-bombers with ECM switched on. They all beamed out on Dragon's Paw Crop transponders.

Fragging great. Dragon lackeys...

All the drones dived straight down onto the huge field of carnage where the Two crazy fragging dragons had ploughed into the Daemon host, and where the MUNDI men fought a desperate close-combat battle at the gates of the conference centre, strafing with unguided rockets, hitting man and daemon alike.

"Bastards! They're KILLING OUR MEN!" Chance found himself shouting, with a detached kind of anger - The realisation of knowing he could do nothing about it.

Or could he?

With a jarring bump and the patter of raining debris, the Panzer lurched upwards from the ruined shed.

Over on the battlefield, the Daemons had been largely unaffected by the rockets - A few of the weaker ones had been dissipated by the small amount of willpower behind the rigger pilots of the drones through their RC links, but that was it. The exposions however, badly disrupted the Daemons' lines, throwing them about and desorientating them.

A second flight of the drones came in, while roto-drones peppered the daemons with inneffectual MG fire. An IWS Feith VTOL fighter-bomber in Dragon-paw colours swooped down, dropping an FAE bomb. It bounced from the ground, bowling into the middle of the host before bursting into a sticky cloud, then exploding in an inferno. Even at this range, it was impressive.

Fire, being a ubiquitous spiritual killer, as well as physical, worked a treat on the Daemons, clearing a wide path though them, momentarily.

However, the Fighter-Bomber's victory was short lived. A missile streaked from an orifice of the Kamov-Gunship, on a trail of black smoke. The jump-jet jinked, vectored and fired out clouds of flares and smartchaff. All to no avail - The daemon-chopper's missiles were guided by arcane forces. A second later, the jet exploded in a pentagram-shaped explosion, filling the sky with red.

The chopper had made a fatal mistake, however. It's back was now turned to the once-again opertaional Panzer...



"Indeed, My Lady. That is where we want to go, remember?"

Just then, the Jester's high-pitched scream hit them. The Dragon's oversized, sensitive ears were a major hindrance. Both were deafened, blood pouring.


Why, so I did. Responded N'zar. Ah well, bygones. Lets just go - My loyal servants seem to have cleared a mite of a path for us...

Dragging his heavily injured brother Dragon, yet another volley of Daemonic arrows rained down on them as they flew on their battered wings - Full pelt towards the rift - Getting closer second by second.

An arrow transfixed N'zar's left eye, blinding it forever.

Heh, by the time I get back, My Loyal Corporation will have developed Dragon-sized Cyberware. No worry.
It didn't occur to him that, where he was going, he might not come back...

(by LeFire)

Johan tuned up the magnification of the Panzer's optics, allowing the crew inside the machine to see the thing in close detail...

Winston, manning the railgun in the turret, had the best view... though he wished he didn't. The demon-chopper had had its entire front face replaced by a skull-like visage, with the screaming mouth forming the muzzle of what had once been its front cannon turret. Lolling, insane eyes bulged from the eye sockets of the thing... Winston had the impression that whatever unholy creature had possessed the machine (or vice-versa) was in terrible agony. Its rocket pods on the sides had been replaced with claws of gristle and bone, while the tailplane was obviously styled after the fused femur and tibia of a human being, with rotating bone forming up the rotor blades.

It certainly wasn't a pretty sight.

The British sniper yelled for Johan to pull up, so that the railgun could be brought to bear. Ominously, the demon-chopper was starting to turn back again...

One of those eyes ubruptly flicked in its socket and stared right back at Winston through the scoped magnification of the Panzer's turret. The normally-cool British sniper half-swallowed and whispered a prayer... suddenly remembering the words even though he had given up on church many years back.
Then Johan, muscles straining unconsciously as he fought in rigger-trance to bring up the damaged Panzer's nose, gave a powerful grunt of exertion, like that of a weight-lifter doing a clean-and-jerk.

That three meter wide eyeball filled Winston's sights, and he fired the railgun, the nerve impulse travelling down his axons to leap from his smartlink, through his turret control stick, and into the Panzer's CPU. The turret bucked as the transuranic shell, accelerated by tremendous magnetic forces in the heavy barrel, sped into the sky on a fabulously straight trajectory.
Nothing could dodge a shell moving at Mach 15 or so... not even a demon-chopper. Punching into the thing's right eye directly over its pupil, the massive shell continued through metal, bone, wires and blood vessels alike, setting up a tremendous shockwave in the skull of the thing as it exploded out of the left eye in a massive explosion of jelly and blood.

The cannon-mouth opened wide, screaming its last as twin geysers of crimson gushed out of the straining skull. As it did so, demonic energy poured from the mouth, a gush of black fire and brimstone.

Johan gave a yelp as the stream washed across the rear of the dodging Panzer... the German suddenly feeling for the slightest instant as if someone had poured boiling water down his pants. Johan was as strong and resistant to pain as any SF member, but that was enough to jerk even his concentration.
Hesitating in mid-air, the massive Panzer tipped over in mid-air, and came down in a erratic descent, the huge wedge-shaped nose leading the way like some giant crazy airborne bulldozer.

Johan recovered a little too late... Leveling out mere meters along the ground, the Panzer ploughed through the air, downdrafts of blue thruster flame and the huge kenetic punch of the massive machine surely fatal to anything in its way.

Fortunately for MUNDI and its allies, the Panzer couldn't have picked a better spot to buzz... as it went skimming down directly along the line of the Daemon advance.

More than one Daemon looked up only to see the huge bow of the Panzer skimming towards them mere meters away, even demonic reactions unable to comprehend the words "We stop for NO one" proudly stencilled on the tank's front before they were struck on the head by about a hundred tons of heavy-gauge alloy armour and machine moving at approximately two hundred miles an hour.
In this case, the Panzer was controlled by the physical will of Johan, mind and body melded to the weapon of destruction. Daemons died... their amazing ability to evade missile and gunfire unable to stop the simple will of a rigger using his machine as a battering ram.

Leaving behind a swath of destruction, the Panzer turned left... but that was when Johan's luck ran out.

Clipped by a wayward claw from a Daemon, the Panzer went briefly out of control... crashing back to earth before skidding in a wild spray of sparks and smoke into the (now smashed) glass-fronted front foyer of what was once a grand UN convention center... the MUNDI HQ itself.


"Now how many times have you been stabbed, Mad Monk?" Laughed Roszondas.
"Err... more than last time." was his only answer. He had one of his eyes blinded. Only prolongated and powerful magic sessions or painful cyberware could fix the damage. But it was not the time to think that. The comet was not close anymore. He could send his liches... Oh, yes... Those bastards would have the worst opponents they could met. Arrows donīt hurt bones. And biting can chip teeth and bones alike.

They were getting so close... Strangely, few daemons were near the rift. It was odd.

"Looks like a trap. But we have no choice." Roszondas shrugged.
As more arrows flew past.
"We need to do something." Nīzar yelled.
And so, the two dragons flapped their wings fast, creating a strong wind stream that pulled back the arrows. With no magic use.


Inside the rift, Dark Dragon felt them so close... He could even attempt to mind control them. But they had chances to escape...


"Having a training session with you means nothing!"
Mist Lotus pushed Badjimmy out of the door.
A hand seized the elf. Eva. She was furious.

"Donīt you care frag-heads? We can lose a valuable member!"
Badjimmy smiled. He was called "valuable member". But then Eva said the other part.
"We risk Overmindīs life if the friends of this guy finds him dead. For good or bad, we need a secure."

Behemoth groaned, and hissed into the ear of the elf.

"You have been lucky, cyber-pixie. Next time you will see my BAD side..."

Mist Lotus looked at Badjimmy with indiference. And then, Hammerwing talked.
"Well, Black Widow did it again... Didnīt your sister teach you to not do that again?"
Mist Lotus became really angry. She was almost to burst about in tears. She opened the rear door and entered the rear part
Behemoth groaned at the stuntie.
"WHAT?" was his reply.
Eva sighed.

"I am going to talk with her. Do not touch our secure!" She yelled.

And Badjimmy was left ALONE again with a crazy ork that spoke way too fluently... and a scary stuntie...


"Where am I!? ANSWER ME!!"
Dragon yelled again to the voice.
"Who cares?" The voice answered. "You have me... rookie."
Jade. Her blonde hair waving in the air. Like first time the both met.


Far above the Geneva battlefield, Inquisitor Matthew Cairns was waiting. The Leo transport was hovering, using state-of-the-art grav-engines, and both Inquisitors were observing the battle below.

"It seems it is worse than we thought, lass".
"There are so many of those - things - they are daemons, right?"
"Aye. But I myself have never fought them, nor have anyone. The are from another world, another sphere of existance."
"How do we hope to stand against them, then?"
"I do not know, but it is our duty as Inquisitors to purge the unholy. The Church of Light will stand, even if the others fall"
"When do we commit ourselves to action?"


Darsha sat in the whitewashed room. It was chaos, almost three days since she had been sent here, with twenty-odd other soldiers, and practically forgotten about, ever since the first day, when a white-faced man had brought some meagre foodstuffs. Someone had mumbled something about LEO habitats, but she knew the real problem was the daemons.

Every now and then, they heard explosions. They were becoming more regular, probably meaning that the daemons were getting closer.
If the Daemons got here, they'd die in the fighting. If they didn't
they'd most likely die of starvation.

Darsha looked around the group of people in the room. They were from all different professions - gunship pilots like herself, crew, footsoldiers, Panzer gunners - even a Buffalo shaman that had popped up from somewhere. Every race she could think of was here as well - the trollish sergeant she had already met, elves like herself, humans, half-elves, a gobbo machine gunner, and two dwarf mechanics. Everyone lumped here, sullen-faced and slowly dying, while the world they had fought to save was being sacrificed outside, for the sake of keeping everything quiet.

They had to get out. Somehow.


Sorrow's van moved away, kicking up a spray of dust. The runners, who had been helping carry Sakhar into their own vehicle, quickly alighted. It was unanimous to follow the others, (apart from Tank, who wanted to blow their vehicle up, until he remembered Silvia was in it).

It looked like they were going back to Geneva.


The Geneva conference centre was in total chaos. The Church of Light LEO transport had been forced to alight dangerously on a makeshift airfield on a long abandoned motorway. Everyone who had once travelled on it had left with the buking of Geneva,

The only people there to meet them was the scared-looking MUNDI official who had given them authorisation to land. Dressed in the trademark blue and black uniform, sweat was running down the pale half-elf's face, as the sounds of fighting could be heard in the difference.

Cairns as well as Inquisitor Shah, Inquisitor Jóhannsson and Priestess Hirsoko were greeted timidly by the stressed official, and lead to a small building on the edge of Mundi HQ. This obviously had once served as accomodation for visiting digitaries.
The aide made to leave, but Cairns stopped him.

"And what now? How long do we wait here?"
"Here... erm... I'm not sure, your worthiness.."
"I need to see the director of this place immediately. This is a matter of vital importance." Cairn's voice grew louder, and the thick brows above his blue eyes shifted downwards in anger.
"Your worthiness, I am sure that you will be seen once the current situation is in hard..."
"My dear sir. If the situation was likely to be "in hand" soon, you wouldn't be here with these daemons - don't pretend I'm not aware of what is happening here - on your own bloody doorstep!"
"But... proper protocol must be observed...."
"I DON'T GIVE A FRAG ABOUT YOUR PROTOCOL! IF BLOODY PROTOCOL WORKED, YOU WOULDN'T BE IN THIS MESS! JUST TAKE ME TO WHOEVER'S IN CHARGE!" Cairns roared, red faced, and the furniture in the room shook. The half-elf scuttled out of the room, and Cairns turned to face his party, as well as the reprisentatives from the Papal Empire, and AET, who were being held in the same building.
"Gentlemen," the scotsman began. "I assume now we find him ourselves".
With this, Cairns stormed out of the room, followed by Rayi and a hail of clapping.


"You never change do you." said Rayi as they walked out.
"Something had to be done lass, you can't trust these corp folk as far as you can throw them."
"Then I imagine you'd be able to put full trust in them." A smile came across Rayi's face, she almost giggled but it wasn't the time, Matt would probably slap her if she did anyway. Telling her she was an inquisitor not a school girl, usual tough love she got from him.

"You think there was a better way?" Cairns asked after a while.
"I don't know...." she sighed. "Your the boss."
"And don't forget it either, these Daemons are enough without my own giving me hassle!"


Sakhar coughed up blood, he was in a bad way. Fragging Sorrow.

"We're going to have to get this armour off...." Mary almost whispered to Wirecat as the others piled into the van.
"hmmmm, Well I can't claw though it. Obviously."
"You could use this." Sarah interrupted, holding a sword.
"Where did you get that?" Mary asked her
"On the ground next to him, I'm assuming it's his. At least I think I've seen it before."
"You know him?" Mary, again.
"Look, can we get into this after you sort out his wounds."
Mary stared at Sarah for awhile, then got to work trying to hack at the armour. She decided it would be easier for one of the others to do it.


It was actually quite easy to find the MUNDI chief's office, given that people were much more likely to give assistance once Cairns had unleashed a barrage of swearing upon the unfortunate guards, or threatened pulverisation.

There was a que before the door labelled "Lars Holsten : Acting MUNDI chief - Geneva Operations, but Cairns walked straight past it, and opened the door with a kick. Papers scattered, as the filing cabinet next to it was knocked over by his armour, as he strode in.

It was obvious who was, as the only person in the room was at the desk, looking up from writing onto a pile of white papers. Middle aged, with prematurely greying hair and bags under his eyes, Lars Holsten looked in no way fit to be co-ordinating this operation. He looked up and gulped.

"So. Your Mr. Holsten, are ye?"
"Yes... I..."
"Do you know what's happening to your men out there..."
"Of course I do, Mr.... Infact, do you even have an appointment?" The man at the desk looked venemously at the two inquisitors. "You're not more of those religious nutters here to tell me how I should be praying for our immortal souls, are you? I had the catholics here this morning for that."
"No, Mr Holsten, but I'm sure as the seven bloody hells that that would be damn more useful that what you are doing. Your people are dying out there!"
"There will be casualties in any war, Mr... why don't you take a seat, and we can file a report on your complaint."
"No, Mr. Holsten. What we shall do now is call a meeting of everyone important here, Megacorp officials, NAN reprisentatives, whatever ambassadors other nations have sent, if they even KNOW what's going on here, which I doubt, those shamans, hell, even the bloody catholics! We need an organised effort to repulse these daemons, man, and I can already tell that you are NOT the man to do it. Whatever happened to the previous guy. Crasius whatever? I met him once, he seemed the right kind of man for this!"
"He was eaten," The MUNDI chief of staff gulped. "When our Genevan bases fell."
"Well, we'll have to rescue him for the stomach of whatever hell-spawned beastie got him, then, just as soon as we organise some FRAGGING CO-ORDINATED DEFENSE around here!"


"Shouldn't we follow the other van?" Wirecat remarked. "They're leaving."
"But then what do we do?" Mary replied. "I mean, you're the driver, but I really can't do this alone."
"Charlie can drive... he said so. Charlie?"

Charlie didn't respond.

"Hey, Charlie! What's wrong?!"

"Tha... that was the Queen."
"The Queen? You mean, the British queen? I'm sure she is safely in Britsprawl. Come on man... snap out of it. We need you do drive."
"Oh... Okay. I'll see what I can do."

The Queen?! This is getting really confusing...

Wirecat got in the back of the van. Dorodo was sitting on the passenger seat, so they had some more space in the back. It was pretty cramped in there, especially with the sharp spikes sticking out of their new patient.

"Well well... another patient for the RaVan Ambulance." Raven remarked sarcastically.

"Wirecat... the key doesn't work!" Charlie shouted to the back of the van.
"I know... that gobbo hotwired it. Use the switch at the bottom."

Raven 's eyes got bigger.
"He... WHAT?!?!!"

David sighed. "Oh frag..."


"yeh... A fine work... Your van. I think it needs some fixes, though."

Overmind said, sticking in the window. He had retrieved his pistol and attached it to the waist.

"Care if I join?" Overmind ranted out. "I am a good driver..."

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