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"Halt, driver."

The limo ground to a halt near a MUNDI machine gun platoon - Teams of loaders and firers yelling to each other, picking out targets and firing GPMG bursts over the rise at the approaching horde, trying their best to ignore the Dragons in their midst.

Dunkelzahn stepped out, straightening his tailored suit.

"Ah, Mawroth. Good day, old boy, but I regret, this dragon has little time for small talk. We are fighting a small battle here, things are quite desperate as you can see. You will be helping us?" He said, but added mentally:
Don't think by meddling here you will gain my favour. I fight for the humans, and you know full well my relationship with them. Don't do anything that will jeopardize that, or things will get bad.

Mawroth was always trying to act like Dunkelzahn's mentor. Dunkelzahn was by no means young, but that didn't stop other Greats treating him like the black sheep for his 'undragonlike' mingling with humans.

You call yourself a Dragon, but all I see is a human's face. It is... amusing. Sneered Mawroth.

Dunkelzahn was no impetuous youngster, to rise to anger at such a jibe. He simply smiled, sriding out to a safe distance from his limo and human allies, and regained his true form.

Hope the suit weathers the shape-shift spell well. If not, I'll bill Mawroth double!.

Larger than an attack helicopter, rising into the air on huge midniht-blue leathery wings.

But time was wasting - Time spent talking to arrogant Mawroth was time he could be fighting the daemons...

Well Mawroth. We can talk like dragons now.


"Will you feel more relieved if I help you? No. Donīt mistake me. I am not helping humans. I am only ensuring to earn some time for this conversation."
He shooke his head. The lesser scort nodded, and gave their brothers a mental message.
"Knights are needed to cover. Not indispensable, but recommendable."
Soon, the cargo ship dropped out other 10 Lesser Dragon Second Class Knights, that shapeshifted into dragons in mid air.
"Protect the HQ surrounds. Do not waste energies unless it is necessary. Warn if you see a Greater Daemon." Mawroth replied to the small dragon army.
He faced the blue dragon.
"Do you remember the "lingīs tale" of Dark Dragon, rookie?"
"You must be getting senile, if you talk about that useless matters."
"Dark Dragon is not a tale, young one. Furthermore, it is a threat. He is inside the rift. I donīīt know how he had managed to return, after his defeat under our God, but..."

"Has it something to do with daemons?"
"Nope. I donīt think so. They are two separate factions. I am surprised why they didnīt killed eachother."

"hmm... It is indeed a good tale, Mawroth. But I am afraid it is a fake. You are wasting MY time."

Mawroth showed for a moment an angry face.
"You and your time! TIME!The last time we used that strategy, it worked, but that one was crafted by Greater Dragons to defend Avalon. You have bought more than a few days... a month or so. I have not seen such a more weak magic barrier since I first walked in this planet! But I canīt blame you...
Trying to do that with lesser race magicians... You must be desperated."
Before D could answer, Mawroth continued to explain.
"But I am going to help this have a proper end. I do not want to lose ONE of the First Class Knights. I know you gave up since you awakened, but I still want you alive. Look. I am going to create yet another barrier. One that not only blocks, but also harms the tresspassers."


"Air attack!" David heard the voice of the Leader in his head.
They're not coming to us... Wirecat thought.

Through the mind link, Leader heard every one of his thoughts.
"Thank goodness for that, Shaman. Even we have limits."

This was one of the things the Iotui were not good against; swarms were hard to handle, and air swarms meant that half of the Iotui couldn't even help in the fight. But Leader would do whatever it took to help to stop the swarms. For now, they would focus on one only, and weaken it as much as possible.

"Warlock. Confuse them. Use a spell that will incapacitate them; destroy their flying ability, but don't waste any energy in killing them. We can finish them off on the ground."

"What about the big one?" Wirecat asked, referring to Red Knight. "He is wounded. Shouldn't we finish him off now we have the chance? That should end it all!

"Your cat pride would only get us killed. Think, Shaman. He is wounded, so he won't be attacking for now. If we attack him we won't only have to deal with one wounded Greater Daemon. He would immediately call back the swarms."


"...and get the SLEGGING HELL out of my way!" Silvia yelled at the zombie, while shapeshifting to her dragon form (without wings or tail) and slashing the undead's head off. She didn't even notice she shifted more than just the claw; since the manawaves it had become some sort of reflex.

Someone else did notice though.

A dragon... and a very easy prey too, it seemed.

Red knight knew what to do. He sensed it was weak, but since it might become stronger, there was only one logical thing to do.

Destroy it.


Leader noticed one of the seven swarms changing course, and coming more towards them.

"Did they notice us?" Wirecat asked.

"No... they are heading towards some kind of dragon, back there. But that is not important. They split off, and that's all that matters."

At that time he had already given his commands to Warlock.

"Warlock, we have a new target."


The Daemons' advance continued apace, though the MUNDI-alligned Mages and Shamans noticed flickering, unknown spirit forms slowing their advance, fighting a losing battle to keep the Daemons back, much as the mundane human troops were.

Then a horrifically fast spearhead of Daemons ran clean through a MUNDI line - The last major line of fortifications. It was like a gate was unlocked - A whole section of trench collapsed, and Daemons poured into it, chasing the human defenders along it to either side. Many daemons simply flung themselves into the trench, creating a bridge over it with their bleeding, ichor-spewing bodies.

Over this ran the fast daemons - Those with long, or multiple legs, or those with wings, or even wheels of bone. They carried thier slower, tougher brethren into battle, slamming into retreating MUNDI troops, swarming over isolated armoured vehicles. Helicopter gunships were diverted to stem the tide, but three of them had their rotors and air-intakes choked with the incandescent bodies of the aerial swarm deamons, crashing to the ground.

The main bulk of MUNDI, Corporate and Crusader fighting strength were now cut-off from HQ, though still standing - And the swarm was now almost within touching distance of the main figures in the defence - Cairns, Emmanuel and Dunkelzahn - Who hurriedly broke contact with Mawroth.

The Red Knight was leading the charge.

Dunkelzahn knew that no dragon - Not even a Great Dragon like he would be able to best the beast in individual combat. He Withdrew to stand with Cairns, Enmmanuel and their personal retinues.

"Our last stand, it would seem." The Dark-Blue dragon told them.

"I just hope, when they cme to make the sim-flick of this, Special FX have advanced enough to get my good side!"

It was then he noticed the younger, half dragon, who seemed to be marooned out in the closing distance between the Red Knight and he.

"Come here, QUICKLY!!!" He yelled at her.


Mako had remained in Astral Space - He didn't know where his body was, but he hoped Korum and their new buddies had it safely warded from the Hijackers.

But for now... He and Shark would go hunting.

He ripped a Daemon's throat out with his teeth.

More, land-creature! MORE! Shark yelled. They fought alongside the four hunters, vying for greater tallies of the enemy.

But when he notices the Daemon's breakthrough force heading right for HQ, seemingly unstoppable, a filicker of despair almost ignited.

So what if the frikkin' humans die? We'll get some good huntin' in before the end, just you wait!

"Yeah, I will!" Mako screamed, diving down upon another of the red-skinned spirits, bloody knife in hand...


"What the frag?!? A dragon! Let's hope my clothes still work..."
Silvia knew she didn't have time to put away her clothes with the storage spell, so she used a small manaburst to activate the nano-reactive clothes.

Quickly, two holes appeared in her shirt, and in a few seconds later her wings were unfolded.

The horde of small flying Daemons rushed towards her. She was trapped between the big Red Daemon and the swarm.

Only one way to go... up.

At that same moment, Warlock finished his spell.

The half-dragon jumped, and flapped her wings. She was in complete dragon form now; only the clothes hindered her a bit. She flew up, as fast as she could. Up, and towards the horde, hoping that she could pass over them when she got high enough.

Sleg! I'm not gonna make it... they're too fast!

Then, a red flash zapped into the Daemons. They fell down, crippled by Warlock's spell. But nobody had seen the small floating figure... all eyes were fixed on the half-dragon.

Dunkelzahn saw the biggest part the horde falling down, while Silvia continued to go up.
Such power... for such a young girl!

Silvia had no idea what just happened.
What the slegging hell was that?!

Then, she saw the other part of the Horde coming after her. She cursed. She hadn't flown for weeks, and her wings were still weak... she managed to fly over the horde, but there was no way she could reach the defenses before the daemons reached her. Then, she heard Dunkelzahn's voice in her head.

Half-dragon... go down. Fly to the ground, NOW!

Silvia reacted immediately. She knew what the Dragon was planning. She flew straight down, to the ground, and didn't stop going down until she was lower than the horde behind her.

Great! Now guide them to me!

Silvia went straight towards the blue dragon.

She felt the heat when Dunkelzahn opened his mouth and released the fire. The flames went over her, and crashed into the Daemon horde. The fact that the Daemons were flying made the fire even more effective, as it just kept going through.
Silvia went down immediately. Her dragon skin protected her from the heat, but she didn't want her clothes to catch fire. She crashed in the rubble before the dragon's feet.

"Sleg! My shirt!"

The T-shirt itself wasn't damaged, but Silvia knew the fragile nanites probably hadn't survived the heat.

Thank goodness I gave my MP5 player to Dorodo... it would surely have been fried too.

She ran towards the defenses as fast as she could.

Looks like that slegging Sorrow was right after all... this is a bit too big for me.

But what the frag was that red light?


Jessica Hayes had finally reached the edge of the battle. She watched as the monsters swarmed over a small outpost of MUNDI troopers. A light support weapon chattered as it threw hundreds of bullets into the vile creatures. She calmly unslung her rifle and carefully took aim. While she hadn't fired let alone held such a rifle since her training a few years ago there really wasn't much to it. She caressed the trigger, just as her instructor had taught her, and the weapon bucked slightly as a short burst of fire flew down range and buried itself in the swirling tide of demon flesh. A few of the monstrocities turned their attention onto the Lieutenant and bounded towards her! Another burst dropped one of the abominations while the others continued to advance. Hayes lost her composure at that point and began hosing the demons down with automatic fire. More demons fell but the rest kept coming. Jessica screamed in fear as her rifle stopped firing, it was out of ammo. She fumbled for another clip as her foes covered the remaining distance between them. With a grim realisation she knew that she'd never load the fresh clip before they began goring her, Jessica's knees gave out as she slumped onto the ground, defeated. She closed her eyes and waited for the end. Tears streaming down her face, chest heaving violently she prayed to any and every higher being that was listening.

A second passed and Jessica had not been ripped to shreds.

Another second and she remained unassailed.

Jessica sensed a reassuring, familar presence. She felt a hand drop onto her shoulder. Warmth spread from there to the rest of her body. She hazarded opening her eyes. Her potential killers lay mere inches from her, as lifeless as discarded puppets. Jessica turned her head to look at who had saved her life. She asked.

"How did you kill them so fas-"

She froze midsentence, there was noone behind her. Puzzled, she stood up and looked about in every direction. The MUNDI troopers were still locked in combat with the demons but none of them paid her any attention. Who had killed her assailants and how? Jessica picked up her rifle and finished loading in the new clip. She kicked a demon corpse, ready should it reanimate itself. The tiny body flopped along the ground limbs flailing about comically. It was most certainly dead. That familar presence resurfaced. A voice in her mind spoke.

Lieutenant, thank you for giving me back the moral spark I lost after years of N'Zar's dirty work. The least I could do was keep those monsters from touching you. Make me proud, Jessica.

Jessica felt Wellsworth's spirit leaving, she saluted smartly and whispered.

"Yes Captain."

She turned her attention back onto the besieged MUNDI outpost. Once again she took aim and fired a burst into the few remaining attackers. Her determination to avenge the Captain gave her bullets a strength they lacked before. Demons fell quickly under her barrage. Barrel smoking she strolled up to the MUNDI troopers and saluted.

"I hear you ground pounders need a little help from the fly boys. Want me to show you how it's done?"

The MUNDI soldiers were puzzled by the Lieutenant's cheery behaviour. Their Sergeant replied after a moment.

"Sure, could always use another soldier to help exterminate these bugs."


Sorrow stumbled over the streets, somehow he'd managed to avoid the war-zone that was ever so hard to miss. He'd seen few lesser Daemons, who oddly seemed to run from him. As to where he was going, he wasn't sure. He was being drawn to something, by what? He did not know.

The sound of the combat could be heard here, guns, screams, voices made no difference, death was upon these poor souls, they just refused to belive it.

As Sorrow stumbled along in his dream like state, he found one Daemon that was sitting away from the combat zone, he was bleeding from multiple sword wounds and was burned on the side of his face. He knew what he had to do, he had to finish it!


Another soldier down, another Daemon past. This was the pattern of combat. Sakhar thought to himself as he struggled to get though the Daemon Horde, slashing with sword and bone spike a like. Even though the bone spikes impacting with the Daemon's flesh put him though great pain. He'd lost Rayi, her and the dwarf heading up to the main lines of defense but no doubt Sorrow would be mixed up in all this somewhere.

Another Daemon met his sword, cut in two, the blood of the foul being spilled everywhere. He was trying hard to protect his armourless chest, even though the ingrown bone spikes offered some sort of protection, it may was well have been paper in comparison to his armour. He looked up from the insanity that was the battle, he saw it. A far off, black figure. Getting ready to use some evil power that it had probably picked up by someone else's blood... Dark Sorrow. He started to slash up the Daemons at a quicker pace, he had to reach him now! Now, before it was too late...


Silvia ran towards the defenses, but as she went further away from the dragon she noticed more daemons around her.

She noticed a wounded man lying on the ground, in MUNDI uniform. Three Daemons, bipedal and about twice her size, ran towards the man to finish him off.

"No you don't!" Silvia yelled in anger.

The Daemons turned their heads. The fact that she was a dragon seemed to somehow confuse them; some primal fear and hatred taken over from the Greater Daemon that summoned them.

The angry half-dragon jumped towards them, and used her wings to get high enough to get to the Daemons' heads. Then, she glided towards them, rapidly gaining speed.


The dragon claws stabbed straight into the face of one of the daemons. She didn't feel the pain when the wing web of her left wing was ripped to shreds by the daemon's claw. She had claws too, and was ready to use them again.

The daemon fell backwards; the creature was dead right away. Silvia jumped and spread her wings, without noticing the damage to her left wing.

She fell down, and looked at the attackers.

"Go for the legs!" the MUNDI man shouted.

Silvia dodged a claw and jumped at one of the daemon's legs. The wings hindered her a bit, but she couldn't put them back for now. That would mean a painful forced repair of the damaged wing, and right now her energy was focused at only one thing: the daemons.

She ran towards one of the Daemons and ripped her claws through its leg, then quickly jumped away when the crippled beast lost its balance and fell.

Suddenly, she noticed the third Daemon. It was standing right behind her.

"Timber!!!" she heard a man's voice shout.
The daemon screamed, and fell. Silvia jumped away to avoid getting squished underneath.

"Hello there half-dragon!" Wirecat said. He grinned.
Two of the Hunters jumped away from the dead Daemon to finish off one Silvia had crippled.

Then, Wirecat heard the Leader's voice in his head again.
No distractions, Shaman... we got more to clean up.

"Sorry, gotta go!" he said to Silvia, and jumped away at one of Leader's next targets.
The Iotui team couldn't do much to stop the frontal assault, but they destroyed as many Daemons as possible.

Wow... what the frag were these things? Silvia thought.

But she had no time to think about it. She approached the MUNDI man.
"I think it's safe now." she said.
"Thanks... what's your name, half-dragon?"
"Silvia. Now let's get out of here."
"I can't walk... my leg is wounded."
"Don't worry about that. I'll help you."

She helped the man up, surprisingly easily.
"Lean on my shoulder." she said. "No wait... I'll shift back first."

Luckily, the wing wasn't seriously injured; damaged wing web was rather common amongst dragons, and healed pretty fast.
A painful grin appeared on her face as the wings slowly folded and disappeared.
Once the wings were gone it took her less than a second to complete the transformation.

"You can't imagine how weird that is." she said to the MUNDI man as they walked away. "I mean, right now I'm feeling a terrible pain in my left wing, even though it isn't there anymore."


"Frag... I wish I could do something!" Korum said. But he couldn't risk going astral with nobody to protect his and Korum's body from the Hijackers.
"You can."
Korum looked up.
"Chana? I thought you were fighting!"

Chana sat down on one of the chairs in the room. She looked tired.
"I can't. That wound in my arm was poisoned. It's all clean now, but the poison weakened me... drained me. I can barely walk."

"Physical condition is no restriction to fight Daemons, Chana. I will go into the astral battle. Can you protect our physical bodies until we're back? Mako's already out there."

Chana smiled. "No problem."


Jester was still nursing the wounds, they were slowly healing, but it wasn't fast enough for him. Damn the Holy man! Damn the man in the golden armour, he'd have them both! Stealing his prey. His thoughts were cut short, something was lurking behind him.

He twisted his neck around to see, to the eye it looked like a lowly human, barely even that! He'd been under the influence of powerful magics, but that wasn't the worse. Jester leaped up, baring his teeth and growling.

"Mmmugen!" He growled at the figure as it came forward. It's eyes turned black. It laughed a sinister laugh as it came towards him, his was no Mortal voice, It was a Daemons.


Sorrow didn't know what had happened! He'd lost control of HIS OWN body! What was going on? How was this happening? Who was doing this to him?

"Stop whining you pathetic mortal! If I didn't need your body so much I'd slay you right this instant!" a chilling, yet commanding voice said in his own mind. Sorrow sank into submission, there was no way he could fight this, not now at least.

"Quite a show the Knight has put on, quite a show indeed." Jester growled once more, he didn't like being mocked! He was getting ready to leap but the "Inner Being" put Sorrow's hand to his face.

"Fools! You never learn!" Sorrow's fingers started slowly sinking in to the Daemon's flesh, Sorrow didn't know what was happening. How was he doing it? What kind of trickery was this? It was no was real!

"Are you sure you don't want to change your mind?" The thing asked Jester, who just growled in reply. "Very well..." Almost with a flick of the arm the Daemons head was ripped from his body, it flew across the battlements as the body that it once belonged to fell to the floor.

Sorrow was so shocked of this, that he didn't even realise he was floating off the floor.

"Confused?" The being asked the Necromancer. "You didn't really think you could eat my remains Without consequence did you? Theres a price to pay....and this is it!"

Sorrow's body was slowly floating down to the battle, everybody seemed too caught up to even notice him. But Sakhar still had an eye on him, he dropped his sword as he saw the necromancer, knocked down by a Daemon as he was caught of guard.


Holmer charged in, hammering down the Daemon like so many others.

"What the bloody hell do yer think yer doin'?" he yelled at Sakhar.
"Dwarf, I need your help urgently!" He pointed at Sorrow We must kill that being, before he is the end of us all!"
"If yer say so lad, whaddya need?"
"I need you to help me cut a path though these infernal creatures, I can finish the Necromancer on my own!"
"Right yer are then......Let's show these Daemons what fer!"

Holmer charged into the Daemons, swinging his Hammer, knocking about 2 or 3 down at a time, Sakhar slashed up any that escaped his blow.

"Maybe we can be a good team after all!"


Cairns was in the melee now, daemons swirling around him, recoiling from blows of his electrohammer, and MUNDI men falling in droves. The sky overhead cracked with thunder, and raindrops bounded off weapons, mingling with blood and daemon bile.

A huge beast, the size of a tanker, went down under heavy fire from two of the armoured division panzers, collapsing onto the horde, sqaushing both daemon and MUNDI trooper underneath. Cairns felt the pulse run through the horde, as - something - climbed onto the dead creature, stepping over scales and chitin hide. It was sillhouetted against the now-risen moon, as the rain poured down. Ten foot tall, and humanoid in shape, clasping two enormous swords it seemed to eminate terror and fear, and smelt like a charnal house.

This was it. The Red Knight.

The figure raised both arms to the storm, and roared, primal and savage, throwing out it's hatred to the sky. Electricity played, around it, the swords acting as lightning rods. It screamed again, chilling the watcher's blood.

This was a challenge. A challenge to determine the fate of the battle.


Inquisitor Emmanuel felt the rush, as the daemon called out. Boiling tides of mana seeked out the leaders of the MUNDI troops, and each one's vision was drawn to the swirling electricity.

Emmanuel felt compulsed to move towards it, cutting left and right towards the daemon, as if in a trance.


Dunklezahn, already in the air and in dragon form, followed, leaving his adoring camera crews and makeup artists, and ascending into the firey sky.


The remaining mage-survivors felt the compulsion. As one, they entered the main battle, summoning mana-shields to simply walk through the carnage.


Behind the daemon battleforce, the Pariah waited, last of the five, ready to strike, and suceed where the others had failed.


"My faithful knights... Leave this battlefield... It has become dangerous enough."Mawroth replied. The dragons nodded. With orders to return to Vladivostok.
He noticed a figure. Dunkelzahn.

"Dunkelzahn! Wait!" He yelled. The blue dragon strafed to the left then turned back. As if he were tired of his presence.

"What do you want!? The situations has gone worse! We all need to gather our forces! So, leave me alone!"

"You will need a sword to fight!" Mawroth yelled, and threw a mithril sword to Dunkelzahn. The dragon touched once again the runes with his name. His sword. The sword he had gave to mawroth when he left the knights.

"Come on, First Class, We have a job to do." He cheered.
WE!? Mawroth was going to help? D could not say nothing.

"As I said, I canīt lose one of my First Class!" cheered the old Dragon.


Eva lowered her head. What had happened to Mac... was not fair. He had gave his life to bring her back out of her madness. And, being always nice with everyone. It had been so much price for being honest.

Illidia was also with Cylinder head, visibly more affected by Macīs accident than the newcomer...

And there was Wolf. Breaking the atmosphere.
"Eva Rotschild, this is Illidia. Illidia, this is Eva. I supposse the others know her."
Crystal gave an angry look to the female BWG.
"Now, inside the warehouse. We need to talk." Wolf suggested, waiting for an answer...


"The depravation. The great evil. The hour has come. This is the battle of Armageddon, where all good beings banquish the evil for once."
Emmanuel continued to walk, effortlessly swinging the sword in his path, and making a way through.
"My limbs hurt. My head is damaged. I can barely see. But I must continue."


Sorrow felt the chilling cry of the Red Knight, but this thing knew no fear! Lesser Daemons attacked it, but they burned in some unholy Aura. Sorrow's vision seemed....amplified, he could see the figure of Silvia dragging a man far away. The "Thing" made him float that way.

"You like her, don't you?" It mocked him, it's commanding voice struck fear into Sorrow. "Well, what's say we make her our first victim, feel the taste of the hot dragon blood in our mouth!"

Sorrow cried out, but nothing happened. He was trapped in his own body, an onlooker to the evil that was about to take place.

Mugen Ra, Master of dreams and Illusions, could bring any image to life. He was using Sorrow's powers to boost his own. They slowly closed in on Silvia, ignoring the chaos of the battle. Sorrow's hand reaching out for her neck.....


Rayi spun around. The Red Knight, in all his glory stood a top a fallen beast. It roared it's challenge, and Rayi knew who too. Cairns! She cut up another Daemon with her sword, she refused to belive she had been so...helpless in the face of the enemy, yet all proof pointed to it. No time to play guessing games, Cairns needed help, but she was trapped. Hemmed in by Daemons with a few other MUNDI troops, she hoped that Cairns would make it out alive, she didn't know what she'd do without him!


Sorrow's hand was almost touching Silvia's skin, Mugen laughing maniacally, taunting the necromancer into submission. It was about to snap her neck in the same way it had finished Jester when something sharp slammed into his stomach. Sakhar. He threw himself, arm out at Sorrow, his bone spikes sinking deep into the Necromancers skin. Silvia turned, Sakhar was about to finish Sorrow when Silvia let the man down gently and jumped between them.

"Move out of my way!" Sakhar yelled, he looked as if he'd attempt to kill her too. "This foul excuse for a mage has plagued the Earth for far too plan, punishment needs to be served."
"No!" Silvia snapped back at him, shifting into dragon form. "He's a friend!"
"He's no friend of yours, or anyones! You don't LIKE him, you pitty him! He lives off peoples pitty and them stabs them in the back when the time is right!"
He paused to let Silvia answer, but she didn't say a word.
"Fair enough, I'll move you myself. Holmer! NOW!"
The dwarf ran up behind the half-dragon, hammer raised. Silvia was too quick for that, she grabbed the hammer and threw the dwarf into one of the battlements. He stumbled to his feet, but he wouldn't be trying that again.

"Silvia...." Sorrow choked. "Let him have me.......I'm not what you think I am, stop protecting a guild ridden, lonely, fool of a man and let me die."
"No! I'm not just leaving you to die, I don't know how you feel about me, but I'm your friend. And I'm not letting some slegging looney kill you!"
"If you knew what kind of evils I had done child, a whole Village dead by my hand. The face of every single one imprinted on my mind, tormenting me day by day as the look of horror and cries of pain come back, No Silvia. You are not my friend, and if you THINK you are then I do not deserve you, Leave me now Halfling. Leave me to be killed."

As he was saying this, Sakhar's sword dropped. He never realized that this inhuman thing felt "guilt" for his crimes, Sakhar saw it all now. The memories of that day were his punishment, death would just be an escape.

"A-arther...." Methdos spluttered out. He suddenly saw the kindly old healer of the village of mages once more. "Why Arther....Why did you do this to both of us?"
" not know.....Please Methdos, forgive me."
"I cannot do that Arther, It is you who must forgive yourself." Sakhar turned his back. "The difference between you and I Arther, is that I will be going to back to someone I love and will probably die happy, even if I have not lived it. You, will have no one when you crawl to your feet, you'll live a long, tormented life and die in the depths of despair. That is your punishment until you are forgiving. Sakhar walked back the way he came, into the Daemon battle-zone, Holmer followed. Still a little winded.

"Arther?" Silvia asked. "Whats that about?
"Stay back! I am still dangerous. I'm....not myself!" Sorrow started to violently shake, the wounds in his stomach healing over.

"You cannot deny me!" Mugen hissed.
"I refused to bow down to N'zar, and I refuse to bow to you!" Sorrow bravely yelled back. And so the inner battle commenced, the outcome possibly destroying Sorrow from the inside...

"N... NO!" Sorrow screamed.

Silvia saw the mage turn into a hideous monster before her eyes.

What is this sleg? Oh... of couse. Illusion. Well that doesn't work with me anymore.
She quickly blocked her mind from the illusion, and rushed towards Sorrow.

She put the dragon claw on his shoulder.

"Stay with me, Sorrow... Arther... whatever. Doesn't matter. Just get rid of that... thing.

"You can't defeat me, half-dragon."

"I don't care who you are or what you are, but you're not blocking me out this time. Just leave Sorrow alone!"


Korum searched through the astral space, looking for Mako. Bear was with him, helping him to destroy the Daemons.

Heh... that must look weird to the soldiers, those Daemons just dropping dead before their eyes.

"Finally. I was wondering why you didn't come back."
"I needed someone to look after us on the other plane, remember?"
"Ah. True."
"Who's that new one? The Cat Shaman?"
"Don't know. He fights well... but only on the physical plane, it seems. Odd, for a shaman."


The passengers on the battered Oceanhahn drew a collective sigh of relief as the seven clouds of flying daemons turned and headed in another direction. Now flying low and fast towards MUNDI HQ once more, Chance spotted a small team of daemon calvary, four-armed torsos mounted on wheels of bone, penetrating the side of the smoking building.
There were wounded people trapped in the hospital there... and soon, the MUNDI special forces troops were fast-roping in with a vengence, eager to exact a small measure of revenge for their fallen comrade.

Chance was about to follow as he brought up the rear, but Lupus' voice stopped him short.
Chance... The Red Knight beckons. We must return to the battlefield where the leaders are gathering for the ultimate battle. Your men are capable... leave them here and they can deal with the calvary easily.
Turning to Wangfei as she strapped herself to the rappel, Chance yelled that he was headed back to the battlefield. The female medic nodded, then fast-roped down into the swirling dust where the rest of Team 15 was already dishing out the damage to daemons.

Bearing Chance and Ash, the Oceanhahn headed back out towarads the battlefield.
"I won't be able to send you guys all the way in, but I'll drop you close!" the pilot yelled from the cockpit.
"No problem! This crate won't take much more battering anyway! But give us a fast sweep over that thing's head so Ash can drop a blanket of fire on him and blind the bugger. Then drop us off, and pull back to a safe distance!" Chance shouted back, making sure that his rifle was fully loaded, and testing the claws on his hands to ensure that they were ready to go. Ash readied herself by the hole that she had made in the back of the craft... nothing like a dousing of flame to lighten up the Red Knight's day.


DeadEye heard the exchange from his seat in the Oceanhahns troop bay. He knew that he was about to confront a foe that he really didn't expect to prevail against. Silently resigning himself to his fate Peter squeezed the barrel of his SA-126 and thought of the young girl he had accidently killed those years ago. This is where I pay for my mistake. I'm going to die today. Hopefully I'll make a difference.... The blind sniper was ready for his fate.


Mary thought Raven was unconscious but it wasn't the whole truth. In order to help him cope with the changes his body was going through Raven was having a dream, not just any dream however.

Raven looked around at the surrounding enviroment. Nothing, absolutely nothing except for the small, grey platform he was standing on. The sky and ground merged in a haze of white smoke. Raven cautiously stepped forward, his foot (amazingly undamaged as it were) searching for something, anything to rest upon. Upon finding some apparently firm ground he leant forward.
As his entire weight transferred onto the ground it suddenly disappeared and Raven found himself swimming in a viscous sludge of white goo. Keeping himself afloat by waving his arms lazily Raven wondered how he would remove himself from the mysterious liquid. As if on cue the sludge began to toss and turn violently, Raven was sucked underneath the surface and his lungs filled with white liquid. Frantically Raven thought. This is only a dream, I'll wake up in a second and will be on dry, normal land! Only a dream! Just a dream!

A voice, not entirely dissimilar to his own replied.

"So why does it feel so real? Has any previous dream felt so terrifyingly real? Well Raven? Has there?"

Even though he felt like he was drowning Raven continued to think rationally. So how did I get here? First I'm feeling all weird in the back of my van and now, all of a sudden, I'm drowning in white crap. How about you explain that? While you're at it, who are you?

The voice calmly answered.

"Why Raven, I am you."

This answer chilled Raven to the core. Raven felt fear, not because he feared the mental integrity of someone who would give such a reply but because, deep down, Raven knew it was the truth! The voice spoke again.

"Raven, look at your arms. Notice they have started to divide themselves in two? Like tiny amoebas your arms are multiplying their number by dividing themselves. Magnificent no?. Always it has been that Life propagates itself, that only part of the organism replicates is no uncommon occurance."

Raven calmly considered his changing arms. He wasn't entirely shocked with the revelation for some reason. The voice continued.

"While you won't be able to notice this, your eyes are changing colours. From your already rare grey to a delicious shade of violet actually. Unfortunately, with this change comes a severe drop in the quality of your eyesight. Genes, dormant for millions of years, have awakened. Your changes were sparked by the Great Comets passing. You call it Halley's Comet I believe."

Raven saw the inherent truth in the statement. Something inside of him told him so. The voice concluded.

"Raven, there are other changes also. Your hair has become pure white, your skin a similar tone. These are all the side effects of a particular trait that enhances a creatures resistance to magic. With the revival of meta-humans, dragons and even the demons it has become a evolutionary necessity that humanity evolves. We cannot be left behind, the universe has use for us yet. There will be others like you Raven, embrace them as friends, family and....there shall be one who you will call a lover...."

Raven wanted clarification, who were these people? Lover? Had Crystal changed or was there another person destined for him? Raven pleaded for answers, he begged, screamed and threatened. He got no reply save another familar voice in the distance.

"I think he's coming round. Raven? Raven? Are you awake Raven?"

Raven opened his eyes. He was back in the van, Mary looking at him concerned. She turned her head and yelled behind her.

"He's conscious again!"

Raven sat up and began coughing violently. With a sudden heave Raven found his lap filled with a white sludge. Mary looked uncomfortable and pale when she saw that. Raven calmly remarked as he tested his new pair of arms by examining his now pure white skin and hair..

"Guess it wasn't just a the way....are my eyes purple?"


Wirecat conversed earnestly with the Iotui until he felt the astral touch of something else nearby.

"Something's here!"
He spun round, and could just pick out figures-humanoid figures- in the distance.

"Wait... I have to check this out", he told the Iotui leader, and scrambled away, to astral-scan the figures.

Closing in, his cat-sight in the dark allowed him to recognise one of them. The half-ork, one of the necromancer's cohorts.

"Hello! Is that.... Damocles!" He figured the hunched figure to be the strange half-ork they had met, failing to remember the other's names.

The green-skinned creature turned, squinting at him and allowing bio-enhanced eyesight to come into play.

"You... cat-man? Yes?"
"Yes... yes I am. Do you know where your master, erm... Sorrow... is? The sickly looking guy, wore dark robes."
"He gone... leave us here. With... them...." The ork looked fearfully into the darkness.
Wirecat could pick out the forms nearby, strangely human, but lacking their living auras from his astral sight.
Zombies. The living dead
With such little understanding, just pre-programmed reactions due to his bio-engineering, it was hardly suprising that the ork was afraid of the corpses, alive but not alive.

"You... help us find Sorrow?"
"Yes. Yes I will. If you help me find my friend. Her name is Sarah, she's the red-haired woman who was with us. Remember?"
"Yes. Go now."

The elf, his noble featured face seemingly artificial, stepped up, and spoke in an almost condescending tone.
"Who are you.... and why are you 'recruiting' us?"
"Listen, we don't have time for introductions. If you hadn't noticed, this place is a war-zone, and we have to find our friends before we get killed."
"I agree. My honour as a T'voir assassin can only help me here. Lead on."


Sarah sat in the hospital, her head in her hands. Ever since she'd chased that fool Sakhar into this accursed battlezone, the shallow headache that had been lurking in the back of her head ever since they'd left Geneva had intensified, i an rush, since she'd touched that daemon. It was now almost headsplitting.

The others - Rayi, seven-damned fool who had once been her friend, now an Inquisitor, and Sakhar, a man who both of them knew, and even that fragging stuntie had dissapeared, dashing back out. She'd been the one who'd found the girl, saved her from whatever that perverted imp had been trying to do, and now she was the one left behind. And David was probably going mad with worry with the others.

She stood up, weakened and unable to concentrate. What was causing this headache? How could she get it to go away?

Stepping foreward, she noticed a tiny tug, like an invisible hand pulling at her. Beckoning her.

She took another step, and was rewarded - so it seemed - by a tiny decrease in the pain. She felt the invisible hand again, and moved on, out of the hospital, and towards the damaged building where Sorrow fought for his life - and his soul.


Mary heard a scream, and stepped out of the van, expecting to see the gobbos fighting, or another of those -things-. She didn't Tank had collapsed onto the ground, and was writhing in agony.

She left Raven, who seemed ok, rather and understatement considering the newly white skin and extra arms, and dashed over to the ork.

"Tank! What's wrong!"
Tank screamed again, deep and gutteral, and held up one hand, keeping the other clenched to his chest. Blood ran down from his fingers like water, and five long chitin growths protruded, raw skin ripping open as they spontaniously formed. As she watched, tiny hairs began to sprout, running up Tank's arms from the bone claws.

"Oh my lord.....". Mary pulled out the medkit, and began to open a puttybandage, and apply it to Tank's hand, where the claws had ceased to grow, stopping at about six inches in length. The hair had appeared on his head now, running up along the back of his neck and onto his bald scalp. It was short and black, but changed Tank's appearance completely.

Suddenly, she felt a tug on her arm. It was Overmind.

"Mary! Come quick! Dorodo's not well!"

Mary looked up, and saw Dorodo retching, gobbo hands at his throat. Highness was desperately trying to help him, but there seemed to be nothing visibly wrong.


Cairns watched, resiting the urge to charge in against Red Knight. This was obviously as summons, the daemon lord calling his enemies to challenge him once and for all.

Not yet. He must wait. There would be others. In the remenants of the trench, now behind the sprawling melee, he was utterly alone.

A hand touched his electric armoured shoulder, triggering a tiny pulse to his brain. He looked round silently. It was the catholic, bleeding from numerous wounds.
"Good to have ye here. Now all we need do is wait" They spoke in hushed whispers, anxious not to alert the Red Knight, still calling viscious lightning down from the stormy heavens.


"AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" Both Sorrow and Daemon seemed to scream in unison, both trying to take over the other, his eyes constantly shifting from Deathly Black to Blazing Red.

Sorrow couldn't hear a word of what Silvia was saying, he was loosing eyesight as well. Further becoming a prisoner, but he had heard what Sakhar had said, and that shook a great determination in him. Too be called by that name once more was a sure sign of growing respect, or pitty. He couldn't let himself further become the tool of evil, he couldn't disappoint those few that still held hope in his pathetic self.

"Do not play with me Dragon!" the daemon spat at Silvia, using his mouth. "To play with me is to play with your own Nightmares!"

The daemon was planning something, Sorrow built up all his mental strength to stop him in his tracks.

"You can hurt me all you like, I mean nothing. But the girl has nothing to do with this" Sorrow actually heard his own voice come from his mouth.

"You defy me? YOU! A mortal defies that Lord of Dreams? I'm sure this....thing would think differently if she knew what you were, you bleed the same black blood as I!"

Sorrow's body lay still for a moment. Silvia cautiously backed away. His eyes open, still jet black.

Now child, you shalt know that you defend! as he said it, terrible images came into Silvia's mind. Images of death, images of all out destruction, images of people screaming in pain and terror, dying and rising once more as zombies, all this as once chilling voice laughed above them all. Silvia knew the voice, she just didn't want to belive. Until an image of a man in a long white blood stained robe stepped forward out of the carnage, Sorrow, a younger version of him. His red eyes burned with glee as the suffering took place, Silvia didn't want to belive it, it was a lie! Tricks! Her mind was being played with.

"LIAR!" She yelled at the Daemon as the images unfolded in her mind, so vivid, so real yet they couldn't be true!

Sorrow was suffering inside, the Daemon was taking the images that had haunted him for so long and was implanting them in Silvia's brain, he had to make it stop! With one last effort he overtook the foul Daemon, putting it back into the recess of his brain from which it had came. The dark black eyes yet again turned to Sorrow's own blood red. He looked up at Silvia, the horrified expression on her face said it all, Sakhar was right, there was and never will be anything for him in this world.


"What the frag is that!" Wirecat yelled, there was a figure lying on the ground, he wasn't too far away. The astral signatures he was pumping out were crazy though!
Damocles gave him a questioning look, Xecktos stood behind not knowing what was going on. He didn't like the guy they were looking for anyway.
"Was he with the dragon?" Wirecat asked the Ork, Damocles just dopey shrugged. "Well, it's worth a try, follow me!" Wirecat took off across the battlefield heading towards the figure.


Sarah nearly stumbled out of the hospital, her headache was decreasing but her body seemed weaker. She couldn't resist though, something was calling her, she couldn't resist. All thoughts of the events that had taken place in Geneva cleared from her mind, all that mattered was that she followed the beacon.


"S-sorrow?" Silvia sputtered, looked at his downcast face, his hood covering most of it. "that was lies.....wasn't it?" Sorrow could barely bring himself to answer, a single salty tear ran down his grey face.
"That is the undying guilt that I live with, the reason Master Methdos has hunted me for so long. I'm a killer Silvia, an evil, wicked man right down to the very blood I bleed." He turned away from the half-dragon, he couldn't face her.

"Why didn't you tell me?"
"So you could be pulled down into the same grief stricken world in which I live? So you could be poisoned by the emotional venom that I carry? No Silvia, I've already wasted Sakhar's life. I refuse to destroy yours!"
"But...." Silvia began. She was interrupted by Damocles dragging his feet behind Wirecat, he was running up to the necromancer, Silvia didn't want to think of what all this might do to the Bio-Ork's mind.

"Why Sorrow leave?" He asked the Necromancer as he came closer.
"Because Sorrow has been a very bad man, and now he must pay." Sorrow replied, not wanting to look the Bio-Ork in the eye.
"But Sorrow has job to do. Sorrow Damocles friend?"
It was almost painful for Silvia to watch, she knew that Sorrow was going to take off and leave, she turned away from the Ork. Tears starting to form in her own eyes.

"Sorrow is unworthy of yours, Silvia's or anybody else's friendship. Sorrow is going away so he can prevent anymore harm being done to the world."
"Sorrow be back though yes?" Damocles' hopeful expression tore Sorrow to pieces inside, the Daemon almost took him over again.
"Sorrow cannot say, but Sorrow is a danger too you now, he can't be around you. He needs to leave....I'll miss you, Damocles." The necromancer looked at the Ork one last time, even in trying to protect people he hurt them.

"Sorrow?" Silvia's voice came from behind him, tears were running down her face. She slowly approached him and put her arms around his waist, Sorrow didn't know what to do. He just stood there while the half dragon's tears were absorbed into his robe. He eased the young girl away from him. Why was she making this harder for him? He stepped away from both Silvia and Damocles, a grey mist covering his body.
" back right?"
No answer came from the mist as it cleared, Sorrow had disappeared.Silvia reached out to grab him, thinking it was the old "Invisible trick", but nothing.

"I don't think he is...." Silvia said to the ork in a choked voice.
"Sorrow....not coming back?" Silvia just shook her head. "Sorrow.....gone. Sorrow....gone for good? Sorrow never leave Damocles...Would he?" Damocles fell too his knees. "Sorrow...and...Damocles....Friend's?" He burst into tears. Silvia put and arm around him, trying to comfort him as much as she could. Everyone was downcast, somehow Damocles' tears stirred emotion in everyone, even Xecktos, who had mumbled "Good Riddance" before.

"SARAH?" Wirecat's shocked voice broke the sound of Damocles' tears. If he'd have looked up, he would have seen a single black bird fly over his head, but instead he was staring at Sarah as she stumbled over to them. Almost like the zombies Sorrow had summoned. "W-what are you doing?" He asked as she came closer, he got no answer.


Parker ran through alleys created by the burning wrecks of trucks either side of him. He thought he was running, but it was clear to any onlooker how badly injured he was from his limp. Shapes darted through the flickering half-light cast by a huge fire taking place on top of one of the MUNDI HQ buildings. One of the explosions had caused a fire.

Nevertheless, he had a job to do, someone to find.

He heard a noise from above. Yelling, he span and let rip a burst at the upper edge of an 8-wheel hauler. Bulltes clanhed off and pucnhed through the blackened chassis. He stopped. Silence.

He heard laughing, off to the right. Tinny, inhuman...

He span and tore a hole through a 4x4, blowing the sagging kevlarIII midsection right through to the other side.

Still nothing.

Fraggers... playing games with me. I oughta...

Then, in the combination of skill, superhuman reflexes, foresight and blind luck that might happen to someone maybe three times in their life, Parker did something brilliant.

He'd felt the merest whisper of movement behind him. Insticntivle, he ducked to the ground. Something long, jagged, vicious whipped over his head. A blade flicked down from his sleeve, ending up in his grip point-down. He jabbed the Mono-edged Mithril-impregmated combat-knife back at the centre of mass of the thing he could sense behind him, all the while the thing was cackling madly in his ears.

The laughing stopped.

He spun, nursing his arm - something ahd gone pop with the force which he'd thrust the knife with. A broken bone somewhere, or a ripped tendon. The knive had caome free from his hand.

The thing lay on its cak, thrashing madly. It's equine legs kicked, and Parker stood clear. It's arms ended in circular bony saws, tipped with viciouse barbas on the end of red tendons, red and slick like it's hellish skin.

Parker flipped out the bayonet on the end of his weapon, and jabbed it in, businesslike, to finish the job.

Then he carried on searching the ruined vehicles.


The Red Knight slowly lowered his gigantic weapon, and at last the lightning stopped.

It dropped it's hellish grinning visage to look at those facing it - Cairns, Emmanuel, Dunkelzahn....

Dunkelzahn looked at his compatriots, Dwarfed by the massive creature.

They want to cgarge in. They can barely resist it. They are brave, and their bravery will kill them.

Another voice entered The Big D's head.

Dunkelzahn, I plead with you one last time. Don't get involved any more than you already have. Let the humans fight for themselves.

An attitude like that, Dunkelzahn replied, Will only make you a bad businessman. See you Later.

The final word had an air of grim finality.

So be it. He thought, testing the weight of the finely crafted mithril sword he'd been given. Maybe I even still remember how to use this thing...

And even before he knew it, Dunkelzahn was charging in, meeting the Red knight's degradingly mocking gaze, and challenge.

The shouts of Emmanuel and Cairns fell away, like the grey, grim rain.

Dunkelzahn's many spell-locks gave him speed, to glide over the ground, strength, a magical barrier. All would be sorely tested.

The Red Knight simply waited for him, the Dragon screaming as he closed the distance.

Swords rang like the crack of thunder at ground zero, at the exact moment a Bolt of arcane lighting hit the ground not twenty feet away, incinerating a MUNDI machinegun team.

The two fell apart, staring each other right in the eyes.

Then they closed again. Baldes rang off each other a dozen times in a few seconds. The bright silver of Dunkelzahn's mithril and the deep obsidian of The Red Knight's hellish implement. Dunkelzahn struck, was blocked, whirled to hit his oppeonent in the flank, was blocked again, came in high, and was sent reeling by a kick to the gut which shattered ribs, but would have done worse were it not for the baiier spells. He landed on his feet, but already the Red Knight was almost on him...


Up in the Oceanhahn, Ash unleashed a stream of flame onto the Red Knight's head. She couldn't see, as Dunkelzahn did, that the flames simply rolled off him, lighting his slick, red torso for a meerest second. He grinned, as if enjoying a warm shower. It did stop his charge, though.

"Lets get moving! GO! GO! GO!" Chance screamed, as the men started down the zip-line.


Dunkelzahn watched with dismay.

They can't help here! They'll die! Unless...

Armed figures were already descending, rattling away with assault rifles and carbines. Hyper-velocity APDU pock-marked the red, red skin like cigarette burns.

A deep rumbling could be heard, which Dunkelzahn recognized as laughing.

The Red Dragon began swinging his sword left and right, each time slicing the zip-lining men in two.

The second man was Jaguar Leader.

A sudden blast of wind knocked the Oceanhahn away from it's dropzone. Men fallling were carried with the wind, falling roughly.

Dunkelzahn had cast an Air Elemental, to keep the men from the fight, but he knew the troops would do what they could. He Was already upand running.

His Mithril sword, brought over head, struck deep into the Red Knight's shoulder.

He back fisted Dunkelzahn, shattering his prized teeth, spun the other way and slashed. Dunkelzahn's barriers flickered, shattered and died one after the other, the spell-locks disappearing in puffs of smoke under the onslaught.

One of Dunkelzahn's wing-fairings was almost severed.

He screamed in pain...


The dragon tottered, and almost fell backwards onto the two Inquisitors, mouths agape. Neither of them had ever seen dragons fight, and this, dragon versus ancient, embittened daemon, was nothing short of awesome.

Cairns took the moment to dart in, Although only about half the size of the collosal Red Beast, Dunklezahn needed help. Behind him, Emmanuel broke his trance, and followed.

Side by side, both Inquisitors entered the fray.


Flisted Nash was half-incapacitated from the hours of solid, adrenalin-soaked fighting. One of his crew, the ork, was already dead, and the other hardly able to help. Only he at the controls remained.

Something deep within the elf wouldn't let him stop fighting. As the sole surviving Vladistok walker, the arachnid he piloted was scarred from daemon bile, huge dents in it's legs making it stagger instead of stride. And yet, he somehow knew he had something else to do.

The figure on the beast beconed, now locked in combat with a dragon. Somehow, he knew his destiny was intwined in the combat, and, newly-awakended warrior genes urging him on, the Elf survivor turned his machine towards the combat, slowly edging it foreard on battered metal struts.


Cairns cut left, and Emmanuel right, one daemon sword crashing between them, the concrete glowing red-hot from the unholdy impact. The Red Knight roared, pulling it's weapon back, ready to strike again, as Catholic broadsword and Inquisitorial hammer smashed into it's legs, scraping but drawing neither ichor nor blood. The daemon-armour screamed, it's surface contorting into leering faces.

Dunklezahn staggered to his feet, swaying, his hands still on his broadsword. The showman of a dragon obviously hadn't given up yet, but Red Knight knew the two humans at his feet and the buzzing helicopter in the air posed more of a threat at the current moment, and must be destroyed.

Howling in rage, it turned away from Cairns, towards the Catholic Inquisitor, who was muttering disjointed prayers as he ducked back in to strike at the legs again. The cloth the fool wore instead of armour was already coated in blood, but somehow he was on his feet.

Daemon swore swung down, and, instead of dodging, Emmanuel brought his own blessed weapon to block. The clash of arms rang out, and Emmanuel, misjudging the force the daemon could bring to bear, was sent flying, smashing against a fermacrete wall like a rag-doll.

Cairns charged in again, as rounds from whoever was in the helicopter sprayed around him, impacting on the armour of the daemon lord as well as the bodies of the fallen and the concrete. He swung his warhammer, feeling the crunch as something - bone, chitin or armour, shattered at it's force-magnified impact. The Red Knight screamed - something gutteral and terrible never before heard on this astral plane.

Red Knight staggered backwards, ichor dripping from it's legs. It's faceless visage not displaying the obvious shock from a wound.

It's shocked... now's my chance! Cairns charged in again, for the other leg, as Dunklezahn managed to stand up, circling and bringing his sword down, which the Red Knight just managed to parry. Cairns was underneath again, ready to strike, but the Red Knight, faster than possiblity, moved backwards, kicking it's leg forewards and knocking the Inquisitor down, backwards onto the concrete. His electro-hammer skidded away, and just as Cairns rolled to retrieve both it and his footing, the daemon-clawed foot crashed down, only his reinforced armour saving him from certain crushing.


Dunklezahn and Red Knight's weapons rang out again, it was obvious, however, that the dragon could not best the daemon alone. One-wing hanging, and blood seeping out from under dragon-forged armour, Dunklezahn knew that if he fled, he would die.

If you ever get out of this, old drake, remember to get yourself that channel you've always wanted. DUNKLEZAHN! 24 HOURS A DAY!"
The thought of the numerous merchandising oppurtunities propelled Dunklezahn back with renewed feroicity, but it would not be enough. However fast he could swing his weapon, the daemon was always that bit faster, ever manuaver mimiced even before he could finish it. Even his draconite strength was not enough.

The daemon fought it silence, making sure to keep it's foot pinning the Inquisitor to the ground in place, The dragon would not- could not retreat, and the helicopter would have to be dealt with afterwards.

The Red Knight was so confident he did not see the unweaponed Catholic Inquisitor rise to his feet painfully, and, face masked in blood, move silently into the fight behind him. Staggering foreward, he used the last reserves of his willpower to, chanting arcane latin prayers, summon the burning sword he had held to his hands. Despite his lack of close-combat proves, it didn't take much to drive it, up to it's hilt, into the back of the daemon lord, cutting through the armour like a knife through butter.


Red Knight stopped dead in it's tracks, as the weapon sank in. It coughed, black daemon ichor running from it's mouth down, and dripping only inches from Cairn's head. It coughed again, this time more heavily, before lifting it's sword once again, unable to attack for a moment.

Dunklezahn stood panting, worn to exhaustion. The helicopter whirled overhead, and Cairns struggled to breathe underfoot.

The full force of the lighting the daemon had absorbed earlier was transmitted to the sword Emmanuel had valiantly driven into the daemon. The Catholic Inquisitor was wreathed in light for prescious seconds, before dropping to his knees behind the daemon, his whole body blackened and charred.

This sudden pause gave Cairns the time to realise that he hadn't emptied the flamethrower on his wrist. Managing to lift his arms, he squeezed the trigger with his right hand, and, suddenly released, the compressed vapour from various holy oils rushed out from the slot above his wrist, and ignited.


The walker staggered foreward, now, unnoticed by the combatants, barely twenty metres away. Flisted laughed - the daemon thing was hurting them good, but then he'd hurt the daemon.

None of the waepons still functioned on the arachnid, apart from the specially rigged one. Flisted's finger rested on it's trigger.

A little further, a little further

Twenty. Nineteen. Eighteen. With each step, he moved closer to his finale.

Fifteen, Fourteen. The daemon was running with fire now, someone had used something powerful underneath it, like a barbeque. Flisted hadn't been to a barbeque in years.

The dragon Dunklezahn, from the 3DTV show of course, what was he doing here?, saw the oncoming walker, unable to comprehend what it was doing. Surely nothing would risk itself in this insane combat, where all men, dragon or metahuman was doomed to die.

Flisted felt the trigger-button. It felt good, almost warm. Wanting him to press it.

Slowly, he compressed the switch, and, in a moment of blinding fire, the walker expoded.


The already weakened Red Knight and the helicopter took the full force of the blast, the former sheilding it's enemies partially, as the fire rushed over it. The numerous fire-burns, from bomb and the helicopter, and even the Inquisitor underfoot, had weakened it, almost to the point of exhaustion.

Above, the helicopter limped, still just in flight.

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