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A vidphone call. From Max Hackle. Wolf stared at the ringing gadget, still figuring out who he was.He pulled the phone.

"Itīs Max Hackle here, doctor Alexeiv. I heard you were one of the top DNA Geengineers."
Wolf wondered how he had managed to get the number.
"What do you want?"
"We are needed of staff like you at Transys..."
Before Hackle could explain the whole thing, Wolf had answered.
"Wich is the payment, if it is not enough, you are wasting my time."


Eva stared at the motionless body of Dragon.
"Do not worry, dear. I will find a way to bring you back, but I need money."
She had heard that 'Crystal' was planning a run. Maybe she could offer her services...


Korum sat in an airplane that would take him back home, to the NAN.
He had been evacuated with the rest of the shamans on the battlefield, and was completely unaware of what was happening there now.

He just leaned back in the comfortable chair, and smiled. They had done their job.

Thank goodness this is a normal airplane, and lot one of these terrible LEO things. Korum thought while looking out of the small window.

Just outside the window, he saw something move.

What the frag...?

A small light was dancing around before the small window. Korum heard a voice in his head... an all too familiar voice.

"Hello, Korum! I came back."

"Chinaka?!? You cheated! You should've gone with the rest! How... I mean... you were gone!"

Korum looked in the astral plane, and saw her face. She smiled.

"Hehe... there's one thing I learned when being an Iotui... there are more planes than the physical and astral one... infinitely much. And some of them can be used to hide in."

Korum sighed.
"She cheated..."
Slowly, a smile appeared on his face.
"Hehe... she cheated."
He grinned.


Korum entered his appartment.

Wow... it feels like I haven't been here in years...

He felt Chinaka's presence again.

"So... you're going to float around here forever?"

"No, Korum. But I'm not ready to leave this world... until you are."

Korum looked at her on the astral plane, and noticed the astral form started to glow. He didn't immediately realize the light was visible on the physical place too.

"Chinaka? What's happe..."

Before his eyes, the light took a shape. The shape of a woman.

The light slowly disappeared.

Korum saw the naked woman before him. She looked older than the 16-year old girl Korum had seen in Flier's memory... about 30 he'd say. But it was unmistakably the same person.


"Yes, Korum. I'm with you now."

"But... aren't you... like a Nature spirit now?"

Chinaka laughed. A clear laugh, with her own voice. The last time she laughed like that must have been centuries ago.

"Have you ever touched a Nature Spirit? They can only be distinguished from real people because of their aura... and their magic abilities.And I don't even have magic abilities. Never had them."

Korum walked towards her, and slowly put his hand on her shoulder. He felt her soft skin.

"Unbelievable... you succeeded. You came back!"
"You better believe it, Korum. I'm real."

Chinaka put her arms around Korum and kissed him.
Korum blinked.



End Chapter Three...

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