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Red walked over prescisely to the edge of the nearest tank, past the entry checkpoint, empty apart from a guard, apparently killed while still plugged into his console, by a prescise gunshot to the head.

"What the frag is this thing?" The rigger stared into the blurry tank, picking out tiny moving creatures with her cyberlens. Some kinda fishes?"

Bulldog hobbled after her, and followed her gaze.

"Looks like squiddies."
"You know, octopuses things."

Red nodded.

"What the frag are they doing here?"
"Frag me, I dunno!"

Suddenly they could hear the sound of approaching footsteps.


"You hear that?" Wirecat said.
"What? The water?" Tami replied.
"No, I mean up there."
"I don't hear anything..."

"Exactly. The fighting seems to have stopped. Let's just hope the 'good guys' won."
The 'good guys', of course, being whoever had been attacking the drones.

Wirecat jumped up the vent that lead to the CKWAGE, and put his claws in the soft metallic material to climb up. He reached the exit without much trouble.

"Are you just gonna leave them here?" Tami yelled to him.
"Nope. I'm going to find some rope or something."

He looked through the vent cover.
"Frag. Damn display stand is blocking my sight."

He kicked out the metal grid covering the vent exit, and jumped out.

He looked around in the CKWAGE hall. There was a kind of riot foam there, and a load of destroyed drones. He could see the charred remains of the lighting storage room they had been hiding in.

At the other side of the mall, he saw some people walking away.

Wirecat quickly checked their aura. They appeared to be normal. No sign of the off stuff he'd seen with the litle girl.

He ran after them without being noticed.


"Leave me 'ze frag alone biche! Get 'way from moi!"

Wirecat looked up. He was sure he'd heard that voice before.

That weird french guy in Orkistonia! I'd recognize that crazy fragger's voice anywhere...

He ran into the direction of the sound, and saw a scuba shop, with a group of people standing before it, in scuba gear. He could still hear Badjimmy yell from inside the shop.

Runners. More fragging 'runners.

Hell, what am I saying... I'm practically one of them.

He walked towards the shop.

Diving gear eh? They should have ropes here!

"Excuse me..." he casually said to the people before the shop.
The half-elf turned her head, and aimed the harpoon at him.
"Can you please put that away?" Wirecat asked, a bit nervous.
A few of the other people looked around.
Ash stepped forward. "What do you want?"
"Some rope, to get a wounded friend out of the vents. And I think I heard the voice of my... friend... Badjimmy here."
"That weird fragger's your friend?" Ash gave Wirecat an odd look.
"Well, 'friend' might be a bit too..."
He looked through the door, to see if Badjimmy was still in there, and noticed the boy lying on the ground.
"Hey... you got Zaid here! too! What's wrong with him?"

Raven came closer when he recognised the voice. "That cat-man! Wirecat!"

"Hey... you're that kid who's broken leg I took care of in Orkistonia!"
Wirecat smiled. "My god, this is like a fragging reunion!"

"So... you know this guy?" Ash asked Raven.
"Yeah. He's OK..." Raven replied. "He helped us out in Orkistonia."
"All righty then, cat-boy. Looks like you're accepted."

Wirecat looked at Raven. "So... uh... sorry, forgot your name."
"Right. Raven. I got a problem... Sarah's in the vents with a few broken ribs. Can you grab some rope here and help me get them out of there?"
"Hurricane's here?
"Yeah. We came together... to hide from MUNDI."
"Wait a minute... you said 'them', didn't you?"
"Oh, right. Sorry. There's a few other friends of me there too."
"How many?"
"Just two... but one of them can climb up herself."


"He's takin' pretty long, isn't he?" Tami said. "Should I go look?"
"Pleez no, iz creepy enough in 'ere." Alanya replied. "Don' wonna stay alone 'ere now. Ah know David. He'll come back."


Silvia's sensitive elvish ears picked up voices in the corridor.
"Great." she grumbled. "More people to save from Damocles."

Oh well. Best way to approach strangers is without hostile intents.

"Hello!" she shouted through the corridor.
When she heard the echo of her voice she immediately regretted that action. Everyone on the whole slegging tower floor could've heard that.


Bulldog watched Red jump, at the loud, echoing noise.
"Who the frag is that?"
"It came from over there, lass. Wanna find out?"

"Hang on, let's use this. I don't think we'd stand much of a chance if they're armed."
The rigger dug her hand into the shoulder-bag, and pulled out a drone, about the size of a tennis ball, with delicate transparent rotors above it.

"Camera drone. I needed some new stuff to fix it up with a gun. It'll do, for now".
Bulldog nodded, watching the girl expertly flicking a pair of switches on a small control she had also taken from her bag, and
replacing it.
"What's that?"
"Control panel. I can control it through this, now." She pointed at the long airial extending from her head, almost beheading Bulldog with the spikes on her cyberarm as she moved it.
"Watch out!"
"Whatever, fragger."

Red tossed the small construct lightly into the air, and the tiny rotor kicked in, holding it aloft, as it moved off, directly upwards, rotating, and giving her a view of the layout of the floor from above.

"Keep an eye out. I can't see when I use this thing, the rigger jack cuts my eyes off or something. My view's from the thing up there."

"Got them! There are two... no three people, a few tanks over, coming this way. Two greenskins - probably orks, and a human. They look like they have one gun between them, but those Orks might be dangerours. I'm gonna take a closer look..."

The drone descended, buzzing around Brandon, and on towards Damocles. However, the half-ork noticed it almost straight away, and with lightning prescision, reached out one clawed hand and plucked it out of the sky, crushing rotors and tiny circuits in his hand.

"Shit!" Red collapsed onto her knees, bringing arm and cyberarm up to her head. "The fraggers... broke it! ARRGH!"

Bulldog knew enough about Riggers to know what happened if something they were interfacing with cut off without them properly disconnecting. The girl could be in trouble... but did he need her enough to help?


Oh... frag...

If there was one thing Mary hated, it was snakes. She supressed the urge to scream, and grabbed Tank, still bawling at the gobbo, by the arm, turning him around. She pointed, now under control, so not to alarm the other people in the bar.

Suddenly, the Hydra was out of the vent, snapping randomly with it's many heads. Mary leapt back, screaming now, and the goblin-dog almost knocked her over as it rushed past. The hydra thrashed as the shaman caught one head in it's teeth, ripping it clean off, but another two lashed back, knocking her flying.

Charlie, leaping up from Highness, grabbing a tray of cutlery, and, picking it up , hurled it at the portion of the scaly, multi-headed lizard attacking the goblin. Knives and forks crashed around it, but to no avail the huge lizard unhitched one magically huge jaw, and moved towards the shaman, lying helpless on the floor.

Barkah grabbed Tank's weapon, and, aiming at the melee, decided whether to shoot the goblin or the monster.


"Oh my.... this is sticky!" Yelled Wolf as he continued down the vent. Since shifts were scrambled.... vents were the only way down... but those were crawling with drones. And some more things.
50 floors down through a vent. A BIG slide down, even for a trained man.
How had he got inside? When nobody was looking, he went into the hospital kitchen, carrying his revolvers and a medkit...
A metallic hiss... from downside.
A drone.
"You want a piece of me, eh?" Wolf joked. The drone hissed, waving his arms anxiosly.
Wolf knew he had to not waste ammo. He waited. Until he saw the drone retiring the arms from the front.
It was the moment.
He slided downside, quickly towards the drone, and kicked him hard. it went rolling and spinning down the vent.
"Drone bowl!"
He cheered.
But something else was there.
He could sense the breath of the creature.
He turned back, and saw the abomination.
"OH HOLY FRAG!" he shouted. His location was floor 40.
He turned back, and released his feet, sliding downwards the vent, slowing himself sometimes to not get hurted when landing.
But, in the rush, the medkit he was wearing got loose and went chasing his head, and eventually colliding with it
Metallic sounds were heard all way down outside the vent.
Floor 30.
Approaching. The medkit banged Wolf for 8th time before he got angry and seized it tightly, to not lose it i again.
Floor 20. The drone seeked revenge and was hold back once again.
Floor 15. The shaft was starting to work again. If he wasn´t quick, the fans would make him hamburger meat.
Floor 10. The boots started to burn.
Floor 5. He could hear screams. He could sense the coldness and smell of... a fridge?


Mist Lotus was still fragged up, bleeding. Now an hydra? Situation was going worse for moments.
But was her hear making jokes? What the hell was that metallic sound.


"Um... I will take this crossbow." Eva smiled. She knew that besides few exception, no fireweapons could be used underwater.
She checked it once again. It seemed good, made out of polimer fiber. She loaded the jolts.
Badjimmy laughed at the crossbow.
"Zat thing is obsolete bitch!"
Eva plainly pointed at Badjimmy.
"You will care if its obsolete if it trespasses you?"

She snapped out of it. What exactly was she doing? She was turning into a psycho again. And, by that... the poor crossdresser was half dead.
"To hell with it!" She yelled, the crossbow dropped in the ground. And kneeled besides the decker.
He was almost dead. But... If she could not save the decker... how she could save Dragon?.

Like a mother taking care of a son. That described what was doing Eva, still struggling to maintain Zaid with life.
"Aw... c´mon... boy... you gotta live!" She whispered.
Everyone stared at eachother. WTF was going wrong with Eva?


As he walked out of the store, Chance gave up on trying to make out too much of Eva's character... The woman seemed to have two sides that took turns to take control of her. One moment she had been mad, cold and vicious as hell, the next she was ubruptly being so nice that Chance instinctively probed her mental aura just in case the BWG had been possessed or something. It was just so wierd... but he kept his thoughts to himself.

"Eva, we have to leave him here. I know that you are capable of magic, but healing him totally is going to take us time that we can't afford to lose. He'll be safe enough with the entrance blocked and we'll collect him on the way back."
Chance had told the BWG earlier when he placed a jet harpoon and ammo clips beside the unconscious decker and rigged him with oxygen scuba gear just in case the place flooded while he was still unconscious.

Now the soldier proceeded to examine the oxygen gear. The new scuba tanks weren't the low-capacity ones he used before. Instead, the gear that he was holding used liquid oxygen in an insulated cell heated by a internal battery to warm the gas to breathable temperature. Strapping the device to his back and ensuring that his goggles (though waterproof) were tight against his face, he led the party to where he had spotted a skylight; a decorative water fountain had originally flowed down through the thing, but it was all flooded now... it was the ideal entry point down into the levels below, nice and big so that nobody would lose it in the dark underwater environment.

He snapped on the diving light velcro-mounted on a strap around his head, the others following suit with theirs.

Time for a little swim.


Jolly wasn't unconscious for long. He never was. Cyber Wear took care of that. He got up, slightly dazed.

"Wot Happen?"

It all came back to him slowly, the vent. He'd climbed the vent, it had collapsed and he was here. A blank room. The walls were painted white, although they were cracked and had many holes. The floor was just wood pannels, they didn't look very safe. It looked like it could be an abonded shop or storeroom. Whatever it was, he wanted out. And he'd get it.

He took a catious step forward. The extra weight of the grenade and his shot gun wouldn't do him much good here. He tested the ground with a foot, seemed solid enough. He put on foot down. Nothing. He proceded to stand still on the spot. Nothing. He smirked, jumped up and down. Nothing.

"HA! Frag yoo flur!" He yelled. And that's when he heard it. A loud creeking noise. He looked down, didn't like what he saw.

"Holy Fra.....AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" He screamed as the floor gave way. He fell straight though it and the ceiling of another building. He landed on something soft, Although he still felt a stinging pain, as if he were sitting on something sharp. He whimpered, tears of pain rolling down his eyes.

After a few seconds, he leapt up. Screaming in agony. He'd landed, not only on a Ummie, but a harpoon! He waved his hands frantically, trying to pull it out. Not even noticing he was trampling all over whatever he had landed on. His mad panic was cut short when he heard someone outside. He ignored the pain as best he could and rushed over to the door. A load of people were standing around in scuba diving gear. He didn't like the look of them.

"What the frag was that?" Said one of them, he slammed the door shut. He needed to think fast, not one of his strong points. In a flash of blind panic, which he could pass off as intelligance later, he grabbed hold of one of the racks and pulled it as hard as his tired form could. It fell with a load crash.

"It's blocked!" Came the frantic yelling from outside. "Something is in there, with Zaid!"

Zaid? What the....oh frag! Jolly turned, afraid of what he might see. But there it was, what he had feared. Right there before him. A young Human boy, trampled to death. Jolly yelled out in anger, he grapped the nearest piece of cloth and threw it over the body. He then reenforced the rack with his own body weight. All he had to do was hold them off....just for a while.


The weapon was heavy in Barkah's hands. He hated technology, but the situation called for it. Now the question was one of faith. Would he do the "right thing" and shoot the monster? Or would he shoot the Goblin, so obviously a terrorist. The one's that had maimed his brother, shown his remains on 3DTV for the world to see, Slaughter him! A great rage welled up in Barkah, he knew what had to be done.

He aimed, ready to fire. The Goblin's eyes caught a glace of him, he could see the fear. And going against every moral he had, he smiled. He liked her fear, but he'd like her lifeless body on the floor more.


Frag, Frag, FRAG! Bulldog's eyes flicked between the Rigger and the direction the voices were coming from. He doubted there was much to do to help her, and it would be wrong to run off an leave her. So he did the only thing he could, he grabbed her pistol. Slipping the walking stick under one arm to prop himself up. He held his own in one hand and Red's in another.

"If those fraggers want us, they can come and get us!" He said, more to himself then the woman. He gripped hold of the pistol's tightly, waiting. They could have them alright, but he'd take a few of them down too!


It was more luck then anything. The Hydra tossed Nixie up in the air like she was nothing, as the mad Ork fired. The impact destroying about 3 of the Hydra's heads and singeing Nixie's fur.

She landed flat on the floor, more of the Hydra's head's came after her. She slowly got up, but it was too late. Her leg was trapped between the beast's jaws.


The three people heard the rigger scream. But Silvia seemed more interested in the little ball Damocles was holding.

"What is that thing?" Silvia asked Damocles.
"It was a spy."
"Can I see it?"
Damocles handed her the crushed camera drone.
Silvia took a look at the small thing in her hands. There was nothing left of the delicate rotors that used to keep it flying, and the bio-ork's hand had gone right through the light outer hull. The fragile electronics within were completely crushed.

Brandon came forward to take a look.
"That's not one of ours..."
He could see the damaged double eye in the front that gave the drone three-dimentional sight.
The guard frowned. "Normal drones measure distance with a laser. 3D image identification goes too slow for security purposes."
Silvia looked a bit confused. "Umm... and now in English, please?"
"It's a rigger drone. No markings, so it probably belongs to a 'runner."

"And judging from that scream we heard, that rigger is probably having a hell of a headache now."

"It sounded like a woman... and I think it came from that direction." Silvia said, pointing at one of the side corridors a few tanks ahead. She pushed the ball in Brandon's hand and ran off.
"Silvia, wait! We should stay together!" Brandon yelled at her.
"And have Damocles scare the sleg out of her? No thanks."
She ran on to the place where she had heard the scream.


Silvia rounded the next tank, and saw the goblin, standing defiant over the body of the rigger. Almost immediately after, he shot her.


Damocles and Brandon heard the gunshots, and, before the guard could stop him, the half-Ork had dashed off in the direction the half-Dragon had gone.


Nixie was flung into the air, still caught in the Hydra's lashing mouth. Barkah aimed for another shot at the gobbo, but Tank snatched his weapon back at the last moment, the shot smashing bits of plaster from the celing. Mary screamed again, and the horde of civillians began to rush out of the bar, into the kitchen, and into the mall, anywhere away from those snapping jaws.

Charlie dashed out of the kitchen, brandishing a pair of knives he'd been able to grab. Fighting his way back through the crowd, he managed to lop off one of the swishing heads with a wild swing, as three or four rounded on him, intent on avenging their comrade.

Highness was on her feet now, staring with wide-eyed confusion as the Hydra smashed the flailing gobbo caught in one of it's two dozen heads against the wall, trying to also hit Charlie. Blood was spurting from somewhere - whether it was Charlie, the gobbohound, or the beast itself was uncertain.

Suddenly, the military woman - Jessica - had her gun out as well, and her burst of fire was much more accurate than the Ork's. Bullt wounds scored the Hydra's immense bulk, and it roared in pain from all remaining heads - but this was not enough to stop it. Mary grabbed Tank, to stop him shooting the gobbo or Charlie - or anyone else - in his excitement.


"Ow! Oh Sleg!!!"
Silvia felt a sharp, tearing pain in her left shoulder - right where her wing would have extended from if she had had them out. The fragger had shot her!

It didn't feel fatal - but it hurt like hell. She tripped, and sprawled across the floor, her dragon form morphing back by reflex, and the gobbo, almost in shock, dropped both guns. A young, attractive girl wasn't what he expected - neither had it been for her to turn into what looked like a dragon!


Silvia got up slowly. "Dammit you crazy sleghead!" Silvia spit out, leaning against the side of one of the tanks.
Then she noticed the Goblin's reaction.
She sighed, and sat down on the floor, still leaning against the tank.
"I advise you not to pick up these guns... otherwise there's no way I can keep Damocles from ripping you to shreds."

She read the Goblin's mind, trying not to read any of his memories.
He's paranoid... damn. He's probably going to pick them up anyway when he sees Damocles.

"Whatever you do, Gobbo... don't pick up the guns! This is not a threat. It's a warning."


Along the way to the skylight, Chance upruptly remembered that Wirecat needed to bring a few of his friends out of the vents. Muttering a half-apology to the MUNDI negotiator, he brought the group of them back to the scuba shop again to reorientate themselves, postponing the swim for later.

It was then when the loud crashing came from the storeroom... the storeroom with Zaid in it.

"What the frag was that?" Chance said aloud. Then Raven answered with "It's blocked! Something is in there, with Zaid!" The runners rushed to the door, just in time to see it slammed shut.

Chance immediately stopped and threw his consciousness across the barrier, tendrils of thought seeking out the invader's mind.

"An Ork... I think at least... He's in a near panic... He fell through the roof. And Zaid... Damn! I'm losing his signature! The kid's not gonna make it!"
Snapping out of his trance, he unshouldered his autoshotgun and shouted for the others to stand back. Ash had automatically covered the soldier's back when he had gone into the trance, and now the others raised weapons in preparation for what was inside.

But then Ash brought down his shotgun with her hand.

"Chance, that ork is already in a panic... Shooting will only make it worse.", Ash said as she remembered something about the cat-man that Raven had told her in passing. "Wirecat, you're a negotiator, right? Looks like we have a situation right now that will need your help!"


Jessica fired another burst at the monster. Thankfully, her MG rounds proved effective against the unprotected undersides of the Hydra's necks. The Meat Grinder rounds were designed for ripping flesh apart. That's exactly what they did. Two of the Hydra's head seemingly dissolved as the BAR-15SE continued to fire. Microshrapnel ripped the inner fibres and muscles of the beast apart. Jessica was elated! Her weapon was finally proving effective against a foe. The deamons had proved resilient against her physical bullets, the drones were metal and hence impervious but finally Jessica came into her own. She was going to win this fight!

Then her ammo ran out.

Jessica had escaped from the Red Dawn with an very limited supply of ammunition. It had finally run dry. The sudden, final click of her assault rifle told Jessica her 15 minutes of fame were over. The Hydra, aware that Jessica was no longer a threat, whipped her with one of its heads and charged at Charlie, the knife wielding opponent.

Jessica was thrown onto the floor by the Hydra as it discarded her and charged someone else. For a moment she was dazed. After she regained some composure Jessica started crawling on her hands and knees, looking for her assault rifle, maybe it was jammed.


Raven didn't know what to do. That Zaid boy was out of it while some fraggin' orc was trampling over everything in the store. Sooner rather than later, Zaid was going to get stamped on by the stupid greenskin and there was nothing Raven could do about it. The door was jammed shut and Raven didn't see way to open it short of brute strength. Raven barely heard Ash talking to Wirecat as his mind raced, desperately trying to think of a way to bypass the door. Wirecat nodded and stepped forward. Raven noticed Wirecat in his peripheral vision. That was it! Wirecat was a negotiator! He could calm the orc down! Raven holstered his weapons in an attempt to appear less threatening. The others followed his example. It was all up to Wirecat now....


Peter Stephenson continued to walk with the octupu5 drones and the middle aged woman. Apart from the soft whirring of the internal systems of the drones there was no other sound as they made their way towards the 'holding area'. They came to a door. With a single spoken command the woman hailed the door.

"Portal 1103, access protocol. Identify voice."

The door paused a moment before replying.

"Identity confirmed. Access granted."

The door slid open and the woman and her drones stepped through it. Peter remained behind, dumbfounded. The woman, sensing that Peter had not followed, turned and scolded Peter before dragging him by the arm through the door. As Peter passed through he heard the door speak again.

"All units secured. Portal 1103 access denied."

The door closed, Peter was trapped here. Wherever here was...


They want me to negotiate with a crazed ork? Frag... it's hard to have a decent conversation with these guys when they're calm!

Wirecat sighed. "All right. Can everybody please be quiet then?"
He looked at Chance.
"What exactly is the situation?"
"He's in a room with no exits besides the one he just blocked, and the hole in the ceiling maybe... but I don't think he's going to crawl back up there. The kid in the room is probably dead, and the Ork panicked when he realized that."
"Not good." Wirecat replied. "I'll try to calm him down."

He used his aura vision to get an idea of how bad the situation was. Aura's weren't blocked by walls, so he could clearly see how the ork was feeling.
"Uh? That's not an Ork at all! It's a troll!"
Chance looked a bit embarrased. "Well... I am kinda new at this..."

As Chance said, the Troll was panicking, and ready for anything. But then, he noticed something else... a feeling of pity. Pity for the boy he crushed when falling through the ceiling.
That's something I could work with...

"Hello?" Wirecat shouted towards the blocked door. He knew the troll wouldn't reply, but that didn't matter. The point was purely to let him know he was willing to talk to him.

"Look, I don't know what you're trying to do in there, but I don't think there's another way out."


In the Elf Only Bar fridge, the vents rumbled, and spewed out a battered drone. No one seemed to notice this, since they were dealing with the hydra.
As the drone was still analying the damage, two boots came out of the vent. Then a white coat. Then Wolf.

The drone hissed, and jumped inside the vent again, avoiding Wolf. It had been damaged and it was not worthy to eliminate the threat.

"Holy frag... again" He sighed. At the sight of the crowd, the monster trying to defend itself. It reminded of his hunting days in Syberia.

He stared at a bit at the revolver... Should he use the explosive bullets? But the panic screams of some people woke him up.
"Whatever Wolf, but do something quickly."

Carefully, he withdrew his revolvers, and aimed at the monster.


One of the hydra´s head exploded into a brains rain.

Some of the people looked back in the fridge. And there he was. With a black suit, armored. Night vision Goggles. A smoking revolver in his hand. But also a white coat and medkit.
That was Wolf.
"Did someone called for a medic?" He cheered, aiming behind the necks of the hydras. And shooting.
The bullet almost pierced the beast´s heart, and started to bleed at an amazing rate.
"Poor poor beast..." He grinned, while reading the weapons for a second go.


Veronica was still dazzled and nullified, but she started gathering up memories. Overmind had told her of a group named six stalkers. An elite runner group. She would bet that the revolver guy WAS one of them.
She finally realised. That guy was Syberian Wolf, the medic of the team.
A smile came across her face. There was a light in the end of the tunnel.


The Hydra felt the explosions of Wolf's weapons, and knew it was dying. It's feast had been foiled, and the immense pain of it's wounds began to drive it into a frenzy. Even losing almost half it's heads did not stop it.

Lashing it's whiplike tail, and scattering the chairs in the bar, it launched itself at the man who had just shot it.

Wolf was quick - practically superhuman in combat, infact, but not even superhuman abilities can save you from three tons of angry Hydra.

Charlie barely managed to fling himself out of the way, as the creature, trampling it's previous victim, Nixie, underfoot, made straight for Wolf. The expression on the man's face was pure confidence, as he brashly streadied his gun for another shot.


Wolf's expression turned to shocked disbelief.
He had forgotten to reload the weapon after it's last use.

The Hydra barelled into him, all red blood, blue scales, and thrashing heads. Tank had grabbed it's tail, with the help of Barkah, and tried to hold it back, but Wolf was smashed with tremendous force against the back wall of the kitchen, as the civillians hiding in there scattered like pidgeons.

Charlie bounded foreward past the struggling Orks, and slashed with his knives across the weak stem of the Hydra's neck, where all the seperate snakelike tendrils leading to it's multiple heads converged. As the beast was distracted and mortally wounded, the ex-britguard soldier managed to sever all the remaining heads in one go.

However, the body of the beast continued thrashing, as did the severed heads - some kind of reflex - and it looked like Wolf's fate was sealed...


"Ugh...." Nixie picked herself up, pain was running though her body like an electric current though a wire. She felt awful. She limped over to the oposite side of the bar to the Hydra, sitting next to a woman with her legs in her arms. Nixie groaned as her back rubbed against the wall. She ached all over, she was in no condtion to keep fighting.

She saw the Orc trying to control the Hyrda's body, that bastard had tried to shoot her! He'd pay soon enough, when she had rested. He'd pay dearly!


Jolly heard the voice, sounded like a man. Possibly Ummie or Elf. Jolly's eyes glanced around the room. Apart from the door, the only way out was the hole he had fallen though, which he didn't feel like climbing though. And the door was blocked.

"ARGH!" He yelled as his brain felt like it was about to boil over.

hen, it came to him. He took one of the flash bang grenades, he held it tightly in his hands.

"Ok, I'z kummin' oot! Dun't shoot!" He moved the rack away with great dificulty, climbing over it and opening the door. He saw all there eyes upon him.

"Er....Hiya! Sorry an' all, but I gotta run!" He swung the hand holding the grenade at the person nearest him, which happened to be Wirecat. He stumbled back, but Jolly hadn't hit him hard anyway. He was about to make a run for it, when a woman, that could only be described as a hottie, flung herself at him. She had one of those fragging harpoons in her hand and was about to impale him, If he hadn't of grabbed in mid air and threw her into the back of the Storeroom. He slammed the door shut behind her.

Things went from bad to worse, the sound of gun fire screamed in Jolly's ears, bullets pierced his skin. There was only one way out of this.

"ARGH!" he fell face first to the floor as Body Iron kicked into taction. Blood from bullet wounds poured onto the floor, giving a more realistic effect. He'd thought he'd escaped, until.

"Watch out! The fraggers still alive!" That cat man was really pissing him off. Before anyone had took the words in, he used his arms to slide across the now blood stained floor, throwing the flash ban grenade behind him. As he reached the door of the shop and started to run into the desolate mall, he heard it go off. He saw the flash of light that would temporaily blind the fraggers. He smiled. Another fine mess escaped by blind luck! Although he'd took heavy wounds again. He needed to rest. He ran off towards the esculator, in serch of some abandoned shop he could hide in.


No sign of him yet. No sign of any goblins. There wasn't really a sign of anything, except guards. But Pierre continued to prowl the mall, until he heard screams coming from a bar. He flattened himself against the wall, controlling his breathing. Waiting until it died down, then he'd make his move!


"urk.." Wolf gasped.
He could have been dead by the hit, if it weren´t by his armor, but now he was gonna be ripped into pieces by that hydra.
"Only... one thing left to do..."
He gasped still ducking and covering from the hydra frenzy.
His arm was bleeding. And the hydra was charging towards him. He needed to be quick.
Trembling, he withdrew the revolver.
Coldly, still taking the hits of the claws in his various parts, he withdrew an explosive bullet from his satchel, loaded the gun, leaned it down the beasts' throat, and shot it.
The explosion virtually tore the hydra´s heart in pieces. In a matter of seconds, the lack of blood made the hydra stopped in its frenzy.
"Huff...that was close"
Wolf examined himself. He was bleeding from wounds all over his body, mostly in the arms.


Damocles, head full of beating, feral pulses of protection and honour, saw Silvia's body.

He stopped, impercievably, for a millisecond, as he took in the situation. A small amount of blood leaked from the wound in Silvia's shoulder.

Blood. Death

Damocles, a being engineered to kill, had never been in a situation quite like this before. Best suited to work alone, the bio-assassin was not meant to be protective of allies, but some kind of underlying drive pushed him on.
Protect the kin. Protect her.

Damocles rounded, on the astonished Bulldog, hissing, his gills inflating, and the chitin claws slowly extending from their organic sheaths. His breathing allowed a low sound to pass between his lips - not words, but pure, untainted anger - and vengeance.

Slowly, shoulders heaving, the beast rounded on Bulldog, who suddenly had yet another reason to need his missing leg.



Sarah wasn't sure where she was, but it certainly hurt like hell. Her vision was slightly blurry - obviously the impact had dislodged her contact lenses, but it looked metallic. She could feel the breathing of the Ork decker near her, as if that was any consolation.

Where was Wirecat - she thought she could vaguely hear his voice - but that was it - right when she needed him with her, right then was the one moment he couldn't be. Oh Shit - it hurt like hell.

At least there weren't any drones or blueeyes here, however.

Wirecat - where are you?


Mary watched the corpse of the Hydra collapse, and the figure of it's near-victim get up from beneath it, dusting the worst of the gore off his body armour. Frag. He must be tough, to get through that.

He was weak, though, swaying slightly. Getting bitten by one of those things obviously was painful, even if it wasn't actually venomous. But supposing he had been bitten by the actually venomous prime head?

If she had been able to see through the mask of blood across the man's face, with broken nose and cuts and bites across the rest of his body. The man's lab coat was smeared with red blood, and it pooled around the floor near him. Various civillians peeked out from their hiding places, many still in a state of complete terror.

"Shit." said Wolf, leaning painfully onto one of the counters near the wrecked fridge. "I think the fragger got me"

He collapsed.


Charlie watched the dead Hydra slump to the floor, and turned back to the bar. Mary could help the poor guy, he had to check Highness was alright. The gobbo dog had peeled itself off the floor, and, stained with blood, was hissing.

Highness was at the door of the bar, looking out. At something. There were many of the surviving civillians around her.

"What is it?" Charlie pushed past an old man, and weeved around a young woman with a baby.

Highness gulped.

"Oh Shit". Charlie raised his weapon.

The bar was surrounded by Blackwatch and Drones. All blue-eyes. At least thirty men, and ten drones, all armed.

And most of the people didn't even have weapons, or even any training to use them if they did. A handful of runners, a load of civs, versus that.

There was no choice. Even if they did have weapons, it was a bunch of amateurs against killing machines. They'd have no chance, even if amateurs, did, occasionally, get lucky.

This time Hero, gulped, and stepped gingerly foreward, leaving bloodstained footprints. He laid his knives on the ground, and raised both hands, in the universal gesture of helplessness.

"We surrender." He almost choked out the words, this wasn't the kind of thing he'd do, if it wasn't for the women and children in there.

The robots stared inpassively back, blue eyes and metal shells.

"You heard me, fraggers, we surrender! You herded up everyone else, so you're going to do it here too. Just don't hurt anyone"

The lead blackwatch guardsman raised his weapon with prescision, and shot him.


"Sleg. Noo!"
Just as the bio-ork passed Silvia, she grabbed his leg with her right hand.
Damocles dripped, and fell to the ground, completely surprised.
He looked over his shoulder to see what grabbed his leg.

"Dammit Damocles... it's enough."
The Ork frowned, looked at the goblin, and then back to Silvia.
"Forget it. That guard in the elevator was already one kill too much. And you've probably killed more people throughout the building before that. It ends here."
She pulled herself up at the ladder of the tank.
"Now tell me dammit. Why are you here?"


"Aaagh! Fragging flashbang..."
David couldn't see anything, and he had a terrible headache... ultra-sensitive eyes and flashbang grenades didn't mix very well.
"Are you OK?" he heard a voice. Raven.

Wirecat turned towards him, and used his aura vision. Raven seemed to have been lucky... from his aura, Wirecat could tell he still had all his senses working. Apparently he hadn't looked straight into the flash.

"Yeah... but I can't see a fragging thing, and I got a hell of a headache."

He looked around with his aua-vision.
"Don't worry. It'll pass." the fitter assured him.
"Well I can see quite a lot without my eyes. Let's see how Zaid is doing. According to his aura he's unconcious, but still very much alive."
He walked towards the door of the storage room.

"Careful there!" Raven warned him. "The floor is full of stuff!"
Wirecat turned towards the fitter. Something in the man's voice told him the man seemed to care more about the 'stuff' than about him... and his aura confirmed that.

"I'll try not to damage anything." he answered with a sarcastic tone in his voice. "Including myself."
His vision slowly returned. He jumped over the rack lying on the ground and the stuff around it, and went towards Zaid.
He kneeled down besides him, and examined his aura carefully. He didn't risk touching him before his vision had fully returned.
Even thought Zaid was unconcious, he could read from his aura where he was hurt. It was rather vague information, because it was about the person't physical state, but Wirecat could tell that his ribs hurt, and one leg was probably broken.

Let's hope the ribs aren't broken either...

He jumped on his feet.
"Oh frag! Sarah!"


Damocles looked into Silvia's eyes, and saw more than just flesh and blood.

He saw a friend.


The cyber-rigger shook her head, and sat up.

"Who the frag are these fraggers?"
"Beats me, lass. At least they aren't shooting back though."

Brandon arrived, and saw Damocles standing up, facing Silvia, who was seated on one of the rungs of the ladder. Seing the blood, he assumed the worst.

"No, Brandon! Wait!" Silvia's plea made him lower the gun, but not enough for it to not be pointing at Damocles.

"Our friend here is going to expain before anything else happens. And he's not going to kill anyone else, either."

Damocles nodded, slowly. He opened his voice to talk, but closed it again.


Brandon raised his gun, and leered, "Speak, frag-", but Silvia cut him off.
"No, wait that isn't going to help, he has to tell us on his own."

Damocles grimaced, and spoke one word.


Silvia looked at him, anger flaring up in her eyes as she reached up and touched the metallic deadman's collar around her neck.

"What does that fragger want?". Anger dripped from her tone. He had imprisoned her with this collar, until it had gone dead a month ago. Now she only wanted it removed, incase it went off, with her neck still inside it.

"Not what he wants. Where he his. My master is here."

"Why? This mess isn't his slegging doing is-"

"No. He was... taken. By blue-eyes."


Jessica had fumbled around for her assault rifle while Wolf had wrestled with the Hydra. By the time she had found it the battle was over, the Hydra slain and Wolf tended to by Mary. Jessica had turned just in time to see Hero get shot once in the chest by a Blackwatch Elite. The poor man slumped onto the ground, blood leaking from a wound in his chest. The Blackwatch had wrenched open the bars security doors during the furious melee involving the Hydra, noone had heard them approach.

Seeing the man hit the floor of thebar floor Jessica quickly hopped out of sight of the drones and Blackwatch, she frantically began to pull her assault rifles catch in the hope that she could clear a jam and be able to fire. No such luck. She really was out of ammunition. Yet Jessica didn't dare discard her weapon, it would prove useful if she could scrounge some 7.62mm ammo from somewhere...

Each and every single Blackwatch guard took a single step forward in perfect unison. Then another. They were advancing into the bar!

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