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Alanya gaped in horror at the creatuer that ;eaped from the control room. 'Creature', because it more resembled a living creature than any other drone she had seen. With flexible metal legs, three tails and some bizzare twin-boom hammerhead-type contraption on its thin head in place of eyes, the cat-like metal thing burst from the control room, coming right at her.

"GET DOWN!" Chance screamed.

Alanya hit the floor. A Three-round burst rippled over her head, nicking the Hammerhead's frontal leg. It tumbled, tails whickering around her. It was close - So close - One of the tails touched her for an instant - Electricity suffused her, transfixing her.


What seemed like a silver horde was rushing down on the 'runners between the production lines. At the first sign of trouble, Crystal and Tami looked up, stopping what they were doing. The damned cat-things were fast. Tami thought of Wirecat.

"We'll get up to the gantry and blow the charges." Said Crystal. "LETS GO!"

Ash squeezed off a burst of flame down the narrow defile as the hammerheads swarmed towards them, Eva fired a half-dozen rapid shots from her Blazer, bracing herself against the tremendous recoil of the gun. One cat was punched off it's feet. Then the whole corridor was swathed in flame, the napthal sticking to the machinery at eitherside and sending up clouds of smoke. The silver horde disappeared.

It reappeared seconds later, blackened, many of the cats covered in burning fluid. Several of them crashed to the ground, burning and deadened, but the rest charged on.

Tami and Crystal had clambered up to the gantry now.


The two readied their radio detonators.


Nothing happened...

Crystal fought surprise and unslung her SMG to cover Ash and Eva who were climbing up after them...


"Your detonator is EMP fried. It won't work"
Eva cutted off the yells of the explosive expert, while still struggling bravely with the drones on rampage...
Eva thought for a while. Only an electrical pulse could detonate the c4... if the detonators were fried. She quickly gave a peek at the waving tail tazers of the drones. Too risky and suicidal.
If only... they could deliver a shock at distance...
An stormbolt. Yes, that would work... but if she had more focused magical powers.
Thinking quickly, Eva grabbed Crystal.
"Ask Sarah to get here. And ask her if she can aim an stormbolt in the explosives."


Like a zombie, Vega arose.
She screamed still shocked. But she had been spared. She saw the old model deck. Ironical. A wretched stolen third class deck had saved her. It had overloaded... and force disconnected.
"...OK... I am fine..." She answered to the inquiring people, especially the green haired girl. She then noticed her blouse ripped off.
"What the hell were you doing!?" She blushed as soon as she noticed her naked chest.
She tried to cover herself the best she could, and after letting the embarrassement off, she just asked.
"Okay... doors are opened... What do we do now?"


The Army officer received a call on his wristphone.

"Leave the dragon." The voice said. Quite stern, whoever it was.

"What?" Said the officer, not quite willing to leave his prize catch.

"Do you want me to call General Mc Arthur, scottie?"
Draco harsly answered to the negative of letting the prisoners go.
The army officer almost went pale. Draco was still scary... even through the phone... even under human appearence.
He wondered if Varos was ok... If militars had got her... it did not look any good.
He ordered the pilot to rush... they needed to reach the camp as possible.
Next to him, there was the ork cutie and a few more soldiers, including the Colonel. His personal escort...


Chance swore as the hammerheaded cat stumbled over Alanya, the latter stiffening in electrical shock. The SAR-125 was excellent at accuracy, but it just lacked the sheer punch needed to stop drones in their tracks.

Letting the rifle fall to his side on its sling, he reached back and grabbed the pistol grip of the autoshotgun, flipping it over his shoulder and pumping the foregrip to chamber a slug shell. Bracing, he blasted off three rounds in rapid succession, manually reloading each shell with the pump-action, a preference that afforded better accuracy than the overwhelmingly powerful auto mode.

The first slug slapped the hammerhead's head around on its neck in a spray of sparks. The thing reared up, just in time to collect the remaining two massive rounds in the torso, knocking it off the elevated walkway to go crashing down below. Another drone cat leaped forward to land over Alanya, but Chance sent a round crashing into its forehead, stunning the thing for a moment.

Then the shotgun clicked empty... and there wasn't enough time to slam in another clip. Spotting a overhead light fixture hung by chains from the high ceiling, the soldier threw a mind-over-matter spell-thought with the intensity that could only come with desperation as he fumbled for another slug magazine. There was a snap of popping chain as one end of the heavy light array popped, before it swung down on its remaining chain, gathering lethal momentum.

Alanya, recovering from her initial electrical shock, managed to land a powerful punch to the cat's stomach. It gave a metallic yowl, jerking up and away from the blow. The next instant, the light fixture crashed broadside into the hammerhead and sent it flying off the gantry after its partner... Alanya missing being decapitated by the swinging light array by mere inches herself as she scrabbled backwards and out of reach of the thing's backswing.


"ARK! Theres a too many of the wee fraggaz!"

"Whaddya mean, laddie? There's only 12 of the wee bas... ARGH!"

That was the last thing Corpral Mcnaggis said before a clawed hand found it's way into his stomach. His team of Crop scum and BlackWatch, despratly firing at the new threat that had appeared out of nowhere from the luxury appartments. They were now lumbering like a moving wall towards the fear stricken guards.

The guards fired none stop, but the bullets seemed to take no effect. They were slowly being backed into a shift. There was no choice for it, the master was telling them to retreat.

There was no need for anyone to say it, they ran. Leaving fallen comrades to die at the hands of the tide of abomnations. A lot of them dropped their weapons, all clambering into the shift. The door closed.

"That was a close one, aye?"

"Aye" They all muttered in agreement. Just then, somebody noticed the odd sound, as if metal were being crushed. The soldior gulped.

"Sir... Ah think the wee fraggers are comming though!"

"Cannae be! These doors, dey are sealed lad..." The Scotsmen fell slient. It was one of those errie silences you get in horror films when you know something bad is going to happen. Every breathwas like a hammer falling on an anvil. And then it was broken, by a noise out side.

"Ooo wan heh." There was a lot of chittering and laughing and then, the world was ripped apart.

All the guards saw, was a wall of talons, claws and jaws, ripping though metal and flesh a like. And when the blood bath was over, only the mutants were left standing.


Bulldog looked at the Shiftovator controls. He was deciding what to do next. He ignored the chaos around him, nis theroy was that if he stayed still, nobody would notice him. And it had worked so far. He picked out another shift that had been very active recently, it was near the luxary flats. He decided to eject it.

Little did he know, but he'd just made a move that had killed two mutant BWG.

Tank and Highness stood a lone in the shift. They were going up. Up to protect Damocles on Polt's command. Tank was leaning against a wall, wondering where is life went wrong. And Highness was sat, holding the guards gun like a baby. Tank had soon learned it was pointless trying to talk to her... it was going to be a very boring ride.


YOU PLAY OFTEN? The booming voice of the VOES asked.

"Oh, yer. All da time, yer know!" Lied Jolly. He'd never played chess in his life, and niether had the VOES. So it didn't matter much. "Whats da long redish, purple one do?"


"Oh, neva mind. Juz a squid tentacull." The game went on. It wasn't really chess, more like "Just move your pieces across the board until Jolly knocked them into the tank".




"Why not?"

There was a long pause. The VOES hadn't expected that kind of answer. It had hoped to incorpate this Troll's will into his own force. Get a detailed explanation of why he just kept on fighting without ever thinking "Why do I bother?", but the VOES was comig to the conclusion that it may be he was just too stupid to know otherwise.

PLAY ON! The VOES boomed eventually. Abot as dumbstruck as a machine could get.


"Dat woz' close." Alanya said. "But thanks anyway."
She picked up the pistol she had dropped, and carefully went on.

Wirecat quickly jumped towards them. "Alanya! Are you OK?"
"Yu're a little too late, David. But I'd say juz' take care of da demo team, OK?"
"OK... you have any idea how long we'v been in this fragging building? Seems like months..."
Alanya looked at her watch and frowned. "It ain't wurkin'."
"Ah frag. EMP grenades, David. Ev'rything iz fried."
"So that's why my smartlink didn't work..." Wirecat said. "What about you datajack?!"
"Yoo don' think ah put anythin' in mah head that can be destroyed that easily? Ah got it replaced a few months ago, after a bad force-exit damaged it a bit. An' ah'd put some money aside ta get a bettah one."

"Watch it!" Chance yelled.
Alanya looked up and saw another Hammerhead drone heading towards them. She grabbed her gun, aimed and shot. The bullet bounced off the armored head, and the drone came closer.

Wirecat jumped, and tried to put his claws in the less armored neck of the drone without getting too close to the dangerous tails. The drone shook its head, pushing Wirecat aside.


Wirecat extracted his claws, trying to grab anything they came close to... and suddenly found his claw in the side of the drone's hammer-shaped head. Green sparks appeared. The drone immediately swung its head to the other side to get the claw out of his head, and tried to hit Wirecat with its tails.
Wirecat jumped away, but noticed the drone followed him. He kept running, mainly to get the drone away from the other two.

Then, the drone suddenly smashed into a piece of machinery sticking out to the side of its head Wirecat damaged. The crash left a large gaping hole in the middle of the drone's head.
Wirecat grabbed his gun and shot in the opening.
The drone fell down.

Alanya and Chance approached the drone.
Chance frowned, and inspected the undamaged side of the drone's hammer-shaped head "That are its... eyes?"
"Apparently." Wirecat said. "The metal is thinner there, but there are no openings."
He carefully opened the other 'eye' with his claw, and looked inside.
"Looks like some kind of microphone... very sensitive stuff."
"Echo-locators." Chance said. "Then there should be transmitters too."

They didn't have much time to investigate the drone... a few seconds later, a new drone appeared.
"Frag!" Wirecat cursed.
"Back to da control room?" Alanya asked. "Da dronez dere ar' all destroyed."
They ran back to the control room. Wirecat turned around a few times to try to hit the apparently weaker echolocators at the side of the drone, while cursing the EMP that disabled his smartlink.


Damocles quickly pulled Silvia aside.
"Hey! What..."
About half a second later, a huge metal ball crashed into the floor. The Chr0m3ball had released its magnetic grip to crush the one that was hindering the other troops.
Silvia looked at the metal ball. She hadn't noticed it because she had been too concentrated on her manabarrier.
She jumped away when she noticed the ball started rolling towards her.

But the manabarrier was broken. Damocles looked at the Blackwatch in the corridor, and noticed... they were gone.

Instead, he saw a huge Ork with purple cybereyes, and the winged lady that had come with them to Geneva.
And blood on the walls.


Silvia spread her wings to jump further away from the Chr0m3ball. The two openings she made in her T-shirt when she was in the squid tank came in handy after all.
"What are we gonna do with this slegging thing?!" she yelled at Damocles. Then, she noticed the other ork.

"Tank?!" she said, completely surprised by his appearance.
Then, she felt electricity flowing through her body. The Chr0m3ball used its Tazer to stun its prey. Damocles pulled her aside just in time, otherwise the huge metal drone would've crushed her.

The chr0m3ball crashed into a wall, and started climbing it to strike again.


Mary dropped out of the matrix. She had instructions. It had been more like a request, but she did think that if she didn't do this, they could squander their last chance to escape.

The deceptor program had worked, although normally minimal in effect on deck users, on someone as powerful as Crash it had worked wonders. She had simply vanished from his sight, decieved into being unable to see her in the matrix. The deception program had even allowed her to call down a luxury shiftavator, with full acess priviledges to everything up to about 2/3 of the way up the tower.

All she had to do was get everyone else, and then, they could find Crystal - if she was still alive.

She blinked. There was the sound of firing outside, and no-one standing over her in the control room.


Ash vaulted the over the guard rail onto the gantry from the ladder, and immediately sent a swathe of flame down onto the workfloor to cover Eva. Crystal hung from the guardrail with one hand so she could lean over and fire her SMG70 - Firing one-handed wasn't a problem as due to the gun's bulpup configuration, she could tuck it underarm.

"The damn things are still coming!"

She squeezed off five-round bursts. Ash adjusted her position, then gave the workfloor a thorough blast of flame. The fire was taking hold now - The naptha stuck to anything flammable - Rubber, machinery, paint. Clouds of smoke were billowing up past the gantry. The factory floor was becoming an inferno.

The explosives might have failed, but Ash's flamethrower is doing a good enough job. She thought, satisfied.

Eva stood at the top of the ladder. Hammerheads were fighting over themselves to climb their way up - At the top there she had the advantage, and simply kicked them off one by one.

"The control room!" Tami pointed.

Crystal ducked under the walkway back onto the gantry.

"Yeah, let's go! Ash, Eva, come on!"

The two explosives experts sprinted across the heated metal walkway. No-one saw the flash of silver until it was too late.

Hanging on by one tentacl-tail, a Hammerhead vaulted up, lashed a tail around Crystal's ankle. It went for Tami too, but she jumped back.

Crystal was stunned, and pulled to the floor - Then the Hammerhead jerked it's tail again. Screaming, Crystal was whipped off the gantry by the powerful appendage. She fell on a moving converyor belt some way off, heavily, stunned from the Tazer shock...


"Easy fellas." Deadeye said, putting his hands up to show he was no danger to them. He took in the figures - The woman with the staff, the pale-looking four-armed guy (must be one of those Comet weirdoes), the dead woman...

The Girl he was with looked away from the corpse and buried her head in Deadeye's shoulder.

"Who... are you?" Sarah gasped. She was in some pain, and sodden, but still able to get to her feet.

"Call me Deadeye. I figured It'd be best if we stuck together, eh?" He was interrupted by a burst of submachinegun fire from the room.

"What's goin' on in there?"

"You're guess is as good as mine... Wanna find out?" Said Raven, pulling the charge lever on a SMG.

The three - With the girl at their back - Went to the still-open door. They saw the flames, the people in the control room, the gantry. The control room looked safe - Chance put down enough firepower top keep the drones at bay. One of them fell to Wirecat's light pistol fire.

Some of the familiar people ran across the gantry, but the Silver cat-like drones were hanging underneath it, waiting for them. They got one of them - The blue-haired girl - And flung her onto some machinery.

"CRYSTAL!" Screamed Raven.


Ash, Tami and Eva were dismayed as Hammerheads piled onto the gantry in front and behind them, cutting them off from the control room.

Tami spotted Crystal's bag o'tricks. She had greandes in there - Tami scrambled for it and snatched it just before a Hammerhead skittered in front of her. Eva blasted a hole in it's head with her .50 Blazer.

"What'cha got?" Asked Ash.

"Grenades..." . Some were modern, electrically-detonated - They'd be useless - But some were of an older, mechanically detonated type. She could use them on the drones, but would the gantry hold out?


The Chr0m3ball kept its momentum, rolling up the wall by like it was a flat surface, until it was on the roof again.

Damocles kept an eye on it in case it tried to drop on him again - Instead the thing carried on rolling and zipped down the opposite wall, cannoning across the floor towards the two again.

Again, his honed reflexes save him and Silvia - Or did they?

The Ominous metal sphere carried on, away from them...


"YOU'RE RUINING EVERYTHING!!! NOOOOO!" Screamed the prisoner suddenly, pinning Bulldog back to the wall. The guard had ripped free from his bonds - Ripping the skin from his hands as he'd sone so. He flailed against Bulldog, landing hammer-blows on the top of his head, his shoulders. Mary ran across the room to help -


Mary went flying into the corner and a hail of shrapnel tore past her. She screamed.

The solid Chrome drone had rammed through the wall - It slammed against Bulldog and his opponent. The guard took the full force of the hit, cushioning the blow for Bulldog considerably. The brute force of ramming through the wall sapped a lot of it's power too.

The guard died instantly, despite his dermal and sub-dermal armour. Most of his internal organs were jellified. Bulldog was crushed until he couldnt breathe, and sagged against the wall quietly.

The Chromeball had decided it would tackle what it knew to be the weakest enemies first.

Slowly it rolled away from Bulldog - The dead blue eye flattened to a fine red paste in it's path.

Mary looked at the thing, silent, inanimate, Just sitting there, looking at her.

Then it rolled silently towards her...


Bulldog looked over at the thing. He was in bad shape, but hey he'd been missing a leg for hours, why stop now? The Chr0m3ball was staring at the woman Mary, the fairy from the Matrix. Bulldog needed to do something, fast. But what? He did the only thing he could, a distraction.

He pulled out his pistol, tried to take aim with his shaking hand. This was probably a stupid thing to do. But the girl was defenseless, and in some strange way... these people were his friends.

He took a shot. The bullet boncing off the Drones armour. It stopped. As he had hoped. He took another, another bullet went flying from it's armoured hide. But it turned towards him, and started to roll.

He gulped, he'd made a big mistake.


The largest mutant roared in rage. Half of a BWG lay in front of it, another one went up and out with the Shift. This would not go unavenged.

"ARGH!!!!" It yelled out to the others, it's tounge swishing from side to side as it shook, what could be called, a head. It was angry, very angry. The humans would pay!

It slid off, followed by four others. It gave the other five, the smallest of the group, orders to climb the Shift Shaft.

Blood would be spilled.


Usurper stalked the halls of Transys, The Scientist still on it's back. There was a trail of unconious guards in his wake, not dead. Just stunned. It was looking for someone, someone who would help him make his breathen stop the madness. But so far, all people had done was shot him.

"I demand to know your plans with me!" Yelled the man on it's back. Usurper didn't answer. It didn't feel like it. It would explain all to the man in good time. But for now, it needed to find help!


The chromeball droid rolled foreward - crushing one of Mary's discs that Bulldog had dropped. The goblin gulped, and scrabbled up onto one of the consoles, despite the lack of one of his legs.

If he was going to die, he'd wanted it to be fighting hordes of brutish ork opressors - not crushed to death by an oversized golf ball.

The decker woman watched in horror as the chromeball rolled towards him. There was nothing she could do.

"When it moves, RUN!" Bulldog grimaced. At least she might stand a chance, if he could just... the chromeball chose this exact moment to thunder foreward, crushing a chair and straight on course for the gobbo.

"Arrrghhh!" Bulldog threw himself to the side, mere miliseconds seperating his life and death, and the huge machine crushed the console he had been on seconds before, breaking out the other side of the control room, and, with an ominous rumble, collapsing the celing.


Tank was confused. He wasn't quite sure what he was doing here, with the strange winged woman and the buzzing pain in his shoulders. What he did recognise was Silvia, with another, smaller ork, and some other people.

"Silvia! Ahm I pleased to see..."
The dragon-girl's sudden grin was cut short by the huge chromeball smashing through the wall inbetween the two friends, out of the control room it had just entred. It swivelled, searching for a target.

Tank decided that a big robot with several large weapons and a huge, metal body was not a good thing to have in between him and Silvia. Without a thought to the contrary, he dashed forewards, intending to seize it, smash it, or even kick it in - with Tank, plans were usually very loose and filled with excessive violence.

As he tore foreward, the Chromeball stopped, and spun in it's place. The massive machine on his back kicked in, detecting a VOES controlled drone within it's radius, static flickering up on the drone's surface, as Polt's most potent weapon came into effect.

Immobile, and unable to respond due to the drone-disabling signals, Tank grabbed the drone, and lifted it over his head, in two massive green arms with chitinous claws, swivelling around and noticing Mary - how she'd got here he didn't know - darting out of the wreckage with a small goblin in her arms. Spotting a huge tank full of gelatious gloop nearby, he began to move to throw the useless but deadly drone into it.


The Chr0m3ball, unable to do anything, was helpless as the huge greenskin tried to fling it into the nutrient tank. And he did - But not before slipping on a patch of green gunk.

The forward motion of the Chr0m3ball was sapped just - slightly. Instead of being hurled forward, the massive ball dropped. It clunked off Tank's armoured head, a glancing blow... Landing heavily on Tank's arm, mashing it to a paste beklow the elbow on the side of the tank before falling in.

The big Ork howled, while the metal ball hung, impotent, falling to the bottom the tank with a *clunk*. Huge electrical arcs killed all the life in the tank.


Bulldog coughed. His vison a blur. He was moving. Moving slowly. Although not by his own feet. He wondered if this was the transition into some spirt world, but then he saw the face. Not quite the angel he had expected, but not unplesent.

"Are you ok?" mary whispered.

"Tis only a flesh wound, my lady!" Bulldog replied. You have to keep in good spirt.

"We should get moving a shift will be he... Tank?" She turned her attention away from Bulldog, walking out of his field of vison. "What are you doing here?"

While the others were conversing, mostly about things Bulldog didn't nkow or care about, he lay on the floor. He'd groan, but he didn't want attention and it was a waste of effort.

"Hey there Soldior." A familer voice came from beside him. "Wait to almost get yourself killed."

It was Red.

"Shut up Girl!"


People. All you could see was people. People. Threatening people. Predators. Hunting prey. She had to escape.

Highness' timid streak had won over her again. She didn't feel comfortable with all these people surronding her. The back of the lab coat started to rip as her wings unfolded. She needed to fly. Fly away. She didn't know where, probably somewhere dark and damp. But not here. Anywhere but here. The Runners hardly noticed she had took off. But somebody had...


Barkah, who was standing still, as always, in a door way, took off his long coat. He'd need to time this carefully. The Winged woman was escaping, and he had a feeling she'd be useful.

He braced himself, waiting. Waiting. Waiting. And then, he threw.

The Woman became tangled in his coat, loosing her balance, falling to the floor. There was a thud as she hit the floor. Not screaming, Highness never screamed. She made not a sound, just struggled against the fabric. All eyes turned to Barkah, who just retrived her. He then gave Tank a glace, and smiled.


Jolly kept on fiddling with the tiny, fiddly pieces.

His head jerked up, suddenly, as something pressed against his temple.

"Whut is dat?" He said. The thing was a small drill, on a hydraulic arm on a minaturised version of an 0ctopu5 drone that had wheeled up next to him. Jolly had no way of recognising a drone kitted-out with cyberware-grade tools.


"Ya, but is dis teh hurty kind a gift?"


The drill bit moved closer, and started to whirr up to speed...


Crystal sat up, despite the motion of the conveyor belt. From here the gantry and control room seemed further and further away, obscured by billowing smoke.

She saw the door she'd come in, with Raven, Sarah and some other guy.

She tried to get to her feet, but the belt was moving fast enugh to keep her off-balance.

There was a thump as something heavy landed on the conveyor belt behind her - She twisted around and pulled the trigger of her SMG immediately upon seeing one of the cat-things -


She ripped a new clip from her webbing belt and slammed it home - But the thing was upon her. It slashed left with it's claws, tearing through her heavy armoured jacket. A ceramic plate fell out and fell to the floor, and three tracks of blood were left across Crystal's chest. She screamed out in pain and tumbled from the conveyor.


The cat things were being held of for now, as far as Chance could see - There were only a half-dozen of them clambering onto the gantry between the control room and the group at the far end.


"So datz yer game iz it?" Jolly's battle scarred arm grabbed hold of the drill. "Ain't nobody drillin' a 'ole in my ed!!"

Jolly gave a roar. Then, with his last deposits of energy, he bent the drill away from his forehead. He then fell to the floor... tried... oh so tired.

AND YET YOU STILL CONTINUE TO AMAZE ME MR. NAYFORD. The VOES voice boomed around him, it was giving him a head ache. MORE TEA?

"Ah ain't doin' nothing with yoo! Yer fragga! Dat was outta line!"


"Why should I? Ah mean, Ah dun't evn know what yer do!" Jolly slowly got up, he faced the 3DTV screen, standing as proud as he could.


"NO! Ah want sum answerz ere!" Jolly demanded. Although he had a sinking feeling about this.


"The master will never let you get away with this, You WILL pay monster!" The man on Usurper's back yelled. But he wasn't listening to that, he'd picked up on something else.

"Sssh can you hear... fightinng?"

"Oh, I'll show you fightings yo... mff" Usurper clamped a hand around Nick's mouth. Both strained their ears, they could hear gun shots.

"Heh, heh, heh! We got dem fraggers on the run, mon!" Yelled a voice from far off. The two were about to take a closer look, when two Transys Guards came running around the corner. The stopped when they saw Usurper. Stopped and stared.

"What IS it?" One stuttered

"Ah cannae tell!" Yelled another in reply. "We betta get out of here before... ARGH!" The guards fell to the floor, dead. Except one, he was impaled on a sword.

"oooh! Look at me, mon! I da big, bad Transys guard! Ah'm a going to kill you!" The figure behind the dead Transys guard mocked. It removed him from the sword, revealing a female Troll in a bright shirt of many colours. She was holding two swords, and not at all surprized by Usurpers apperance. There were civvies behind her, of many shapes and sizes. All holding weapons. "You friend, Or foe mon?"

"I am... Friend." Usurper replied.

"Well, you'd do better not to hang around with low VOES scum, mon. But we 'ave ways of dealin' with dem, Many ways mon!"


It hadn't been a good day for Nick. The muradering civves had ganged up on him, taking anything he had a value and having him bound to a low hanging pipe. So here he was, hnging by the roof with the Master's orders runing though his head... hopefully some guards will walk past and free him soon.



Jolly nodded.


A shift appeared where moments before there had been just a blood-spattered wall panel.


"Yer." He said, disappearing down in the shift.

He stepped out into the car park section of Tower 1. The area was deserted, as far as Jolly could see. Shrugging, he came upon a battered, armoured van that had been brought down from it's place in the wall.

(GM Note: This is Raven's van)

All the doors were closed, and he couldn't see anyone in there, but wet footprints indicated someone had been not so long ago. He forgot that fact as soon as he took his eyes off the wet patch.

"Don't mind if I do." The Troll grunted. He tried the driver's door - It came off in his hand, and he settled into the driver's seat, crushing it. He turned the wheel a bit, but nothing happened.

"Um, main screen turn on." He said.

The van had been worked on by VOES Drones - While the VOES had been playing chess with Jolly, analysing the Troll's thought processes, it had decided the Troll wouldn't be able to operate the van alone - So it had had an 0ctopu5 install a voice-activated ignition module to the van's internal computer.

The Van roared into life. Jolly pressed the accelerator.

"WHEEEEE!" He grinned.


The van reversed into a GM 2000 SUX sedan, mashing off the car's rear crumple zone. Undeterred, Jolly carried on, and eventually turned the van around so it's rear faced the exit ramp.

On cue, the door opened, letting in the clear grey dawn light. Jolly literally couldn't remember the last time he'd seen the outside, so it was all new to him, and he reversed entusiastically towards the opening, whistling a jaunty tune. The van rolled up the ramp, out of the gate, past the inactive sentry guns, and onto the off-ramp, a suspended road that ran from the sky-road towards the Arc.

He drove a few hundred metres down the road. Before Jolly could even sample his freedom an amplified Scottish voice interrupted him.


He looked in his rear-view mirror. Just down the road, big metal cars (IFVs and APCs) were parked back to back, blocking the road, and men in green armour were taking cover behind them with guns. BIG guns.

Jolly pondered what to do when the back doors of his van - Facing the army line - Burst open.

The van bounced on it's suspension as a huge weight left the van.

A Chr0m3ball hit the road surface with a CLANG, and immediately rolled down the slope towards the Army blockade.

At the same time, from their hiding place in the car park, the large force of 0ctopu5 and Blue eyes the VOES had made wait so patiently took they're chance.

A breakout was in progres, and Jolly was right in the middle...


Raven watched in horror as Crystal had vainly tried to fend off one of the drones before it began clawing at her chest. Raven distinctly saw blood dripping from the cat-drones claws as it continued to attack Crystal. Thankfully, the assault was shortlived as Crystal fell from the gantry onto the steel floor. Raven pulled out his SMGs and held down the triggers. Whether it was the recoil of fully automatic fire, Raven's lack of skill with firearms or just plain luck not a single bullet struck the drone that had tried to rip Crystal apart. Raven discarded his SMGs as soon as they were empty and ran over to Crystal, seemingly unaware of the melee mere metres away. He bundled her in his multitude of arms and began dragging her back to the entrance. Raven whispered comforting words in her ear as he pulled her limp form.


DeadEye had followed the four armed man into the drone assembly facility only to find himself presented with a furious fracas, man and machine locked in deadly combat (cliched or what?). Peter levelled his assault rifle and scanned the room quickly. The humans weren't doing well, the sheer number of drones was proving uncontrollable. Peter considered gathering Sally and getting away from the combat but he decided that sticking with the armed people here was his, and Sally's, best chance at survival. Peter fired a short burst at one of the drones and stopped it short of eviscerating the pale, four armed freak who was cradling some woman in his arms, oblivious to the outside world...


Crystal was a mess: That Raven could see clearly.

The whole room was a mess: The fire had really taken hold now.

Crystal gritted her teeth, trying to staunch the flow of blood from her chest. Her arm was outstretched.

"What? What is it, Crystal?" He Gasped. "Did you leave something?"

"...Ch... Charges..."

Crystal had used mostly C12 Explosive - Extremely stable, but capable plastic explosives. They didn't explode, unless receiving the exact electrical pulse from their detonators - The detonators that were disabled by the EMP wave from the EMP grenades.

However, she had run out of C-12. She had used another, less stable mix for several charges when she had run out. The detonators failed on them too, but the HMX wasn't likey to react to the fire well...

Raven was just looking over there, when one of the damned cat-things leapt at him from the conveyor belts.

Deadeye saw it, an instant before it leapt.


The first HMX charge blew, taking out three conveyor belts at the end of the room away from the team and hurling bot parts everywhere. This in turn sent more fire tumbling into adjacent areas, setting off a chain reaction of explosions which made the control room shake. Sooner or later, more charges, including the C12 ones arrayed all around them, would start to blow.

Chance took one look, and realised that it was evacuation time. Grabbing Alanya by the shoulder, he shouted for the decker to get as many people back into the two-door "decision" room as possible. Ash ran towards him as he slid down the stairs from the overhead gantries, both of them heading for where they had last seen Crystal and Raven disappear to, trying to spot them through the thickening smoke.


Deadeye didn't react in time - The drone pounced on Raven, slamming him to the floor. He dropped Crystal in a heap. Weapons clattered to the floor.

The drone tore at his back with it's steel claws, digging deep. He roared in pain, grasping for the flailing thing. It jabbed him painfully with it's tazer-tails.

Deadeye tried for a shot - But there was too much of a risk of hitting the Four-armed guy.

Crystal reached up, tore the thing's claws out of Raven's back - Leaving bloody trails behind it - And with every ounce of strenght she had left, flung the thing as far as she could. It hit the ground, trailing sparks.

It had no time to get up. Crystal let it have a whole clip of SMG at close range. Soon it was scattered into sparking pieces.

Raven and Crystal helped each other up, mutually.

"Ah, looks like love at first sight." Deadeye, said. He couldn't resist.

Raven and Crystal turned to look at the newcomer, oddly.


As they were bugging out, Alanya turned and gasped in amazement - All the 'runners leaving gazed in amazement at the back of the control room.

The back of the control room slid up - Immediately all the loose oblects were blown out with a powerful gust as the door opened onto thin air - Thin indeed, as judging by the numbers inscribed on the side of the tower, the 'runners were facing out from floor 240 from tower 2 - More than two thirds up the Arcology.

The fires roared ever-larger as they received yet more oxygen to burn - A few of the surviving drones were caught in the flames. The others were caught out in the open as the smoke that was covering them was sucked out into the air.

The scattered few drones wouldn't last much longer.


"Things seem out of control"
Nick gasped, while still cleaning the dust of his coat.
Once the rioters had left, Nick had managed to escape.
He didn't know why, but he still had an excellent physical shape. He had manage effortlessly to clamp the pipe with his feet, allowing an effective anchorage point to climb up. In fact, he didn't need to do much to climb up... It seemed that only a waist movement sufficed. And he rocked, using the four limbs,untieing himself, getting free in a matter of seconds.

And it had not been an order of the Master... It had been a suggestion of himself.

And then the humming sond of a drone.

"You arrive too late... I managed myself. But... can you retrieve the BWG data for the master? Could be useful."

The mainteinance drone clicked, and agreed in the procedure.


Overmind nodded, and comforted the now dazzled Emmie.
"Do not worry about us, lady. The dragon girl has a friend, wich is casualty, a known person to me... He is very influent, and will get all of us out."

He nodded, pointing at the strange incoming sound.

A militar transport hovercraft, red cross flag waving on top, was getting closer to the rubbles...
It was Draco.


The Chr0m3ball trundled down the ramp with increasing momentum. Soldiers at the blockade looked on with considerable consternation.

"Some fraggin' metal ball chunked oot a' the back of the Van, corp!"

"Waste it!" Yelled the NCO.

The air was filled with the chatter of the SA-80 rifles and the tinkle of brass - The guns were so old, they didn't even use casless ammunition. Bullets sparked and pinged off the gleaming drone's surface. A 'WHUMP' announced a soldier firing an underbarrel grenade launcher. Dust and smoke and bits of flying tarmac obscured the Chr0m3ball for barely a second - But the seemingly unstoppable drone carried on, rolling faster and faster.

The twelve or so rifle men stopped firing to reload or unjam their weapons - By now the GPMG on the APC's turret had been brought to bare. It chattered at an astounding rate as the grim-faced Scottish squaddie behind it clamped down his trigger and rode the recoil.

"Och, noo! The wee goons ain't stoppin' the fragger! Fetch me the big shoota!" Screamed the Corporal.

"Yes Corp!"

Seconds later the soldier returned, having hauled the hefty 20mm Assault Cannon from the back of the APC. He flicked out the bipod and set the heavy weapon up on the side of the APC. The Corporal clicked a clip of 20mm APDS into place, adjusted his aim, and fired several shots. The Anti-Materiel rifle kicked like a fraggin Jackhammer, pulping The Corp's shoulder where the shoulder-brace rested against him, the pain getting worse each time.

The first shot went straight into the road-surface. #2 Hit the drone's underside, ricocheting into the road too. Shot three embedded in the drone's skin. It's perfect round surface ruined, the Ball flipped up into the air.

It was then that the Horde of spiders and blue eyes scrambling past Jolly in the stationery van were spotted.

"FRAG! Change targets! I got the Ball thing! Git the spidery fraggers! Och!"

By now, the Rotary cannon on the IFV had opened up too. 30mm shells smashed 0ctopu5 into scrap, cut a line of Blue-eyes in half as it sprayed over the road. Still, more and more were coming. But the soldiers were holding them so far.

"Reinforcements on tha wey. Hold them back!"

The Corporals' response was brief, but concise.

"Aye! But send some wee jocks and more ammo, eh?"


He fired another couple of shots, crippling two 0ctopu5... But then the Chr0m3ball hit the ground with a loud clang.

It's momentum wasn't slowed a bit. It cannonballed into the side of the APC, leaving a tremendous dent. The whole vehicle shifted on it's tracks, pulling the Corporal underneath. He screamed as his legs were ground to a red paste.

Then in the midst of the stunned soldiers, the Chr0m3ball glowed a bright blue. The air cracked with static electricity - Immediately the soldiers' cyberware stopped working. Smartgun links fizzled out, guns jammed.

Emitting bright blue sparks, the Chr0m3ball began to rise into the air, levitating despite it's huge weight.

The 0ctopu5 drones and Blue eyes were closing their distance, the soldiers at the Chr0m3ball's mercy...


Jolly sat in the cab, watching the pretty lights from the comfort of Raven's van...

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