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"Frag... It's not working..."
Eva yelled in despair... What could she do? She continued to press the wound, preventing the blue haired lady to lose more blood. Still... she was getting alarmly cold... She needed to maintain her temperature, too. So, eva, despite what was happening in the surroundings, embraced Crystal with her entire body, and whispered to the hear.
"Please do not die. Everyone wants you alive!"


Wolf stared at Crystal... What was this sensation... was he feeling guilty? For pummeling an Infidel? What had he done? What should his master VOES wanted? What...
His thoughts were cut off.
VOES tipped off.


Vega ripped off her skirt... She needed to climb, and the clothes needed to be loose to do it. But her frail stamina was paying off... She was getting exhausted, quicker than the green haired companion and the tough guy...
"Wait... I... can't keep up!"
She ranted out, and felt like if her forces were failing.. she kept hanging halfway of the crane...


Chance fought back a sudden pulse of panic... There were attackers everywhere... VOES, Wolf/Nick, the claws that were reaching for the ground...
And then he saw Crystal go down hard, her throat ripped into shreds by Wolf's shot. Eva dived over her, clamping her hand over the furiously gushing throat as the woman collapsed.

Something snapped in the normally icy calm soldier. Snarling a scream of hatred and vengence, the man ran forward, claws extended fully as he leapt at Wolf. He got close enough to swipe... just as the impossibly quick Wolf pulled a pistol sidearm, switched aim and opened fire.

The first bullet exploded his left elbow, another one blowing through his left hand, rendering the limb useless. But his momentum was not to be stopped... The slashing right claw ripped through polymer and metal, cleaving Wolf's weapon in half before the doctor spun around and unleashed a devastating kick, sending the soldier flying backwards to slide to a stop on the floor, blood spraying from the wreckage of his left arm.


Tank launched himself at Wolf as the doctor opened fire on chance. Whether this was for the master of for his friends was unclear, it just had to be done.

The Ork barreled forewards, smashing into the astonished Russian head on, pitching him clear off his feet, uselessweapon dropping from the human's hands. Despite Tank's hastily bandaged arm, his huge bulk still made him a formidable opponent. Both figures smashed against a window of the executive boardroom, the force sending long cracks through the reinforced, shatter-proof glass.


Mary watched Crystal go down, red blood running from the wound on her neck across the pristine synth-marble floor. She screamed, and, like a fightened rabbit, looked for somewhere to hide. The goblin and the Red-clad rigger were busy practicing random vandalism, and there didn't seem to be anywhere to...

Someone was helping Crystal now, and, but... shit, Chance!

She dashed over, under the low swinging remains of one of the huge TV screens, and crouched over the prone body of the Soldier - she didn't have her medkit with her, so all she could do was bandage the deep wounds as best as possible with strips torn from her already damaged coat.

"Frag... frag... frag," she muttered, and noticed the building heat around her. Ash was there - and, emotions flared up by the felling of her husband, had spontaniously burst into flame.

"Get back!", Mary almost snapped. "I guess most of the crap in here is flammable, and we don't want anyone el...!"

Her instructions were interrupted by the scientist, Polt, screaming something, and the sound of breaking glass.


Charlie picked up the green haired girl, and thrust her up above his head, telling her to grab hold of one of the struts on the crane, and climb. She obeyed almost mechanically, grabbing hold of the yellow spidery struts, and pulling herself up.

The TNS McBride slid past serenely, into the water, as Charlie turned his attention to the decker, Vega. Skilled with computers, she may have been, but not, obviously, when it came to climbing. She'd slid around it, somehow, and was now hanging out over the water, unable to move. The ex-soldier heaved himself up, and tried to quickly show the decker how to get up.

Suddenly, the sound of rotors buzzed behind him, and he could see three guaridan drones, obviously some kind of patrol for the dock floor, insectlike carapaces with twin rotors holding their sleek metal bodies aloft, and glistening with multi-faceted, digital eyes.

"Frag", he mumbled, and to Vega "You get up there, I'll hold them off"

Charlie dropped off the crane, landing safely on his feet, and grabbed a short section of piping, half rusted, from the side of the oil encrusted dock, and rose to face the three assailants.


Being smashed and with blocked mobility was not good...
And besides... if only... if only his will was free... he could have avoided all of this... He could have avoided all this pain... But, for now, it seemed too late... Furthermore, he had to his best against that ork... The training lessons of Jade should pay off...
Banged against the glass, almost fainting with the pain of his back, Wolf had one advantage... he could use his legs to knock back the ork... wich having only one useful arm..., and using his legs to stand tall, would not be able to counter the force of two legs pushing away.
And he did it... Legs raised coordinatedly and quickly, slammed against the ork's chest, wich made the ork stumble back...
Now he was free, at a distance of Tank...

"Doctor Turin, there is a medkit in the bath of the office..."
He finally spunned out, still feeling weird.


"Time for you to know what a bitch is!" Ash screamed as she unslung her flamethrower, fire already snapping and licking from her. She ran forwards past Chance's fallen form, footsteps marked by flames that burst from the synth-marble, the orange flames rapidly turning blue. Mary cringed away from the glare, the light from Ash's eyes dazzling white, the smell of charring synth-marble suffocatingly strong.

"DIE!!! You gruddamned fragger! DIE!" She was her old, untamed self again, emotions set loose on their devastating self propagating path. Bracing, she swept fire from her weapon across the machines in the room... Anything that looked even vaguely connected to VOES exploded in flame as the devastating blowtorch touched them with annihilation. The cyberTroll doorman that stepped forward to stop her, turning away from Red and the Revolution goblin leader, didn't even make six feet... his top half burnt and melted away into a spurting, sizzling mess as Ash leaned into her weapon and lovingly played annihilation upon his charging form, laughing insanely as she did so... and yet crying at the same time. The lower torso crumpled, still twitching and spewing both blood and cyberfluids, spasming on the floor.

Turning her weapon upon Sorrow, she was about to fire when a hand clamped around her ankle.

Chance had struggled clear of Mary, staggering towards Ash. In a last spasm of effort, he collapsed beside her and reached out with his uninjured hand for her leg. The heat was terrible, a weight upon his back... but then it was gone as he made contact, and whispered to her.

"Stop. Ash... Please stop."

It was as if a string had been cut... The light from her eyes blinked out of existence, and Ash dropped beside Chance, cradling him as she wept. But around them, the room continued to burn.


Beneath the chaos, there was a frenzy! Blood, they smelt blood! Blood, fresh prey, but mainly BLOOD! Even the blood of their fallen commrade drove them wild, they wated to feed... they needed to feed.

The four BWG quickened their pace, there were wounded at the end of the tunnel... and they intended to feed...


Barkah had just got to his feet, He'd been shaken, and now he'd been thrown into a world of chaos. But that wasn't the least of his problems.

Almost as soon as he'd shaken off the last attack, another came. Leaping at his injured leg. This was followed by three more, two of who started to feed on their fallen brethen, the other trying to run off, but being stopped by Barkah. He had to hold them back... he just HAD too...

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An image appeared on what was probably the last surviving 3DTV screen in the room. It was hazy, the fragile screen distorted crazily by the heat from the huge electrical flames licking all around the gear in the room, and no-one present could even begin to guess what was being shown on the screem.


Mary and Polt's ears picked up, as their ears - Used to the arc now - Picked up a sound that none of those who had only arrived at the Arc recently realised. Or rather, the lack of a sound.

All up and down the Arc, systems being controlled by the VOES were going offline. Shift-shafts denergised, letting any shifts in transit fall to their doom, taking their occupants with them. Automatic doors opened and shut rapidly, or just jammed in position. Aquatanks stopped cycling.
The Retransmitters that suffused the Arcology also went offline. Originally intended for security services, and the convenience of those using portable phones, They had been used by the VOES carry it's signal from all the Drones, Blue Eyes and Green Eyes in the building. Green-Eyes withdrew into panic-stricken states or Silent Catatonia. Blue eyes either died from massive shocks to the system or flew into berzerker rages. The VOES' drones simply shut down where they were, smoke poruing from their advanced electronics as they self-annihilated.

Most worryingly of all, the huge gyroscopic stabilisers on floor 145 - The only thing that kept the inherently-unstable structure of the Arcology upright - Began to slow down. Soon, they would stop. After that, the Arcology would simply crumble...

Already, a tremor shook the Vast building, a tremor strong enough to make everyone, especially those near the top - Check their footing, or fall down. Panes of plexiglass fell from the windows, falling silently to the city below.


Outside the Boardroom and just down the corridor, a Green Eye flew from the doorway of Executive AirTraffic control to land in a heap on the floor. The Blue-eyes there, 5 Veteran Blackwatch men, raked the whole Room with their heavy Automatic weapons. A Sergeant levelled his belt-fed GPMG at the consoles, raked the Green-Eyes sat there in rage until they were bloody rags on the floor and put half a belt into the consoles, which burst into flames.

All the Top-Disc airport systems - Radar, power distribution, even the aircraft maintenance lifts - Shut down silently, leaving an IWS Commuter Tilt-Wing and an Aztechnology Lobo Scout Panzer lonely, surrounded by wailing and screaming Green-Eye technicians.


This is it Thought Charlie.

Already badly injured, his wounds having gone untreated for days now, surely, he had no real chance of beating the drones.

At least I'll go the way I always wanted to... A real hero. He thought grimly.

Now he thought about it, dying for a noble cause - Like saving those women - Didn't seem as rewarding as he'd hoped it to be. Ever stoic, he shrugged and prepared to go down swinging.

Anti-Climactically, the three drones suffered a power-loss, and clumped to the floor, one splashing into the filthy polluted brine. Mechanical segments twitched and screamed, as the dying drones desperately tried to attack him, their power ebbing rapidly.




The voice staggered, struggling to express with it's booming monotone what the VOES itself could not understand - Emotion.


Eva sat knelt down next to Crystal, still trying to heal her, but feeling she was going to fail. She felt desperate.
"You have to live! They're..."
She sighed.

She felt a hand on her shoulder. Someone was trying to comfort her... telling her to let go?

Then, she felt it. The tingling feeling in her shoulder, spreaing rapidly throught her body... refreshing, replenishing her.
She looked up, and saw Wirecat looking at her.
"Just continue." he said softly. "You're not alone."

Eva realized what he was doing. He was channeling his energy through to her. Wirecat, having had no real training besides what he needed to control his cat instinct, didn't know any healing spells. But he did have power.

Wirecat smiled, as he saw the pale blue light around Eva's hands grow more powerful, and the wound in Crystal's neck heal quickly.
"You know... I have no idea who she is." he said. "But being a Shaman, I value life above everything else."
He looked at Raven. "Take good care of her. A life's a terrible thing to waste."

That's what VOES didn't understand. Wirecat thought. One life is more important to us than the fate of the entire metahuman race.


Silvia turned to Polt. "Wow. Just great. Now what do we do?"
She looked around to the people in the room, and felt the bulding started to shake. Then, she noticed Mary. She looked really bad... really tired. Silvia ran towards her.
"Mary? Are you all right?"
"No... It's too much." Mary looked at Silvia. She looked desperate. "Just... too much..."
"It's over, Mary. It's all over. We just have to get to the airport, see if there's some kind of plane there and hope someone can fly it."
Mary smiled when she heard Silvia's old optimism. "That's still an awful lot you're hoping on."
Silvia winked at Mary. "Aw, don't worry. We'll get there."

She paused and looked do the floor, as if she was trying to remember something. The, suddenly, she smiled, and looked up again.
"Oh, of course. Would be really stupid to go through all this sleg and forget the thing I came for... I do hope you still got my MP5 player?"


Just then, Barkah screamed. It was as imtimdating as his voice had been earlier, but it carried fear with it... and pain. He'd bravely held off the BWG to the point nobody had hardly even noticed their presence. But in the end, after striking another one down, they'd just torn though the Orc's armour. The creatures never seemed to run out of energy!

He fell to the ground with a thud, his hand opened to reveal the Churhc of Light's symbol that he had worn around his neck. He gave on last thought up to whatever clesital beings that may be watching from the Heavens, and breathed his last breath. The Immovable rock in the sea of chaos had crumbled and fallen, leaving the BWG hungry for more. Their greedy eyes turned to the fragile form of Bulldog... easy prey.


Bulldog looked into the stoney grey eyes of death. He slowly turned his gun, went to fire... nothing.

HOLY FRAG! he thought in a blind panic I'm STUPID! Oh so STUPID!!!

He'd wasted all his bullets shooting out the 3DTV screens, He'd been STUPID! He noticed Red had her hand on his shoulder, she was shaking as much as he was. She'd been a good friend to him all this time in Transys, and although he didn't show it... he appriciated it.

"You've been good to me girl..." He whispered, resting his hand on her own. "I thank you for that... but I think theres something you need to know... I'm a t..."

He didn't get time to finsh, the BWG attacked.


Userper, The troll Woman and her small band of resistance were having a tough day. Not only had the band of Transys guardss gone berzerk and ripped apart most of the small band of rebels. To top this off, the five bigger BWG had just loomed from around the corner, having been on a mad rampage though the building. And the building it's self seemed to be collapsing.

One thing everyone was sure of... they were going to die!


"VOES... How could be you so limited?... Your effort to change the world... and mankind was a thing that few really could do... But...that was not the way , VOES."

The battered, wounded and sad figure of Wolf stood up, after blinking out of his daze... In the last moments of the VOES reign... it had freed him. Freed him to give his own opinion.

"First of all, thing is... whenever you study and experiment a system, you change it. So... infact... with your mere rise and dawn, you could have changed your predictions about the cataclysm..."

Wolf walked towards the runners, a tear in his eyes.
"Second point is... The question of freedom and order. It is something though to solve... You chose a tight order, focused and centered on you. A static order. Wich however, had the trouble of cutting the personality (and thus, response) of people. This could end in a more organized and stable system... but less adaptable. For this reason... you... you have made me HURT and KILL people that i stimated... But my anger will not blind me now.
You hindered your skills to assimilate new parameters, and it is paying off now... People who die, systems that collapse... chaos and destruction. Everything is thrown into the chaos."

Wether he was talking to VOES or simply reasoning in high voice, wolf seemed pretty convinced... and convincing about he had not been in his six when he grabbed the weapon.

"Chaos where all things end. It's a thermodinamic principle, after all."

He now walked towards the poor, ragged remnants of the soldier... Chance. Explosive bullets were cruel... indeed.

Before he got back to speech, someone else was talking.

"Point three... Not only humans and metahumans inhabit this world. Sentient creatures are not limited to our species... There are others, and others who can decide, and opine upon the fate of the world, in junction with humans. This is such the case of the dragons."

It was Eva, staring at Wolf, with mixed emotions.


Wolf kneeled over Chance. If there was a beam of hope... it was now or never.
He withdrew an injectable vial, the only one of the four he had that had not been broken during the fight.
Combat drugs. That is how Wolf could fight others. But they had another functions. Revitalisers.
He hoped the hormonal shock would be so great to reanimate the fallen one, and saying his prayers...proceed to inject the adrenalin enriched compounds in the chest, more concretely, in the heart, of Chance... A pretty slim possibility, that is... if his companion, that Wolf assumed as wife, let him do it without torching him...


"Vega, you got over a mortal disease... You can do it!" vega mentally cheered, and virtually, pulling strength of nowhere, grinned pressing his teeth and continued to climb. The hands were bleeding of such effort.


Crystal's eyes blinked open. She wanted to rub them, rub out the aches and pains that suffused her body.

Someone was talking - Talking loudly at the ceiling, while people pored over her. She recognised Eva, and thje Cat-guy, Wirecat. She shook. her whole body shuddered, and spasmed. Someone was doing something to her - And she didn't quite know what. There was weird, tingling sensation from her throat that spread out to suffuse the rest of her. She wanted to reach up and touch her throat... She felt like she had swallowed a brick or something.

Her arms wouldn't respond. She tried to turn her head to look at them, but couldn't move that either.

She couldn't breathe...

All she could hear was a man's voice. It was Wolf, and he was speaking to no-one in particular. He sounded like a desperate man, who didn't understand what he was talking about, like he was telling himself something over and over again, yet still not really believing it, his voice rising in pitch.

She half-closed her eyes, without the strength to do anything else. She had no air, and darkness was overtaking her.


"Frag, she's not breathing!" Eva sobbed, having completely spent herself adding to Wirecat's spell. She still knew hardly anything about magic, and it had been touch and go. She'd tried her best but...

Wirecat examined his patient. The spell had healed most of the surface damage - But there was still going to be a scar there, and there was still a problem.

"Her airways must be blocked. I'm going to have to..."

He looked at his claws... And drew a practice line over the part of Crystal's throat where the voicebox would be. He knew what he had to do... But would he be able to?

He almost opened her throat again then and there as a nother massive tremor shook the triple-towers, throwing everyone around again.

Eva was watching, and understood.

"Going to need a tube.. for her to breathe through..."


Polt had let go of Crash the moment it appeared the VOES was no longer a threat, and stood between his creations, searching for a way out of this fiery, crumbling hellhole.

Crash got to his feet. He shook out the joints in his arm to make sure everything was working properly, and held the metallic fingers in front of his face. He imagined them around the betrayer's neck, squeezing until he felt the satisfying Pop...

No, my child, do not do this.

Crash's lips trembled. He'd thought the master had abandoned him totally. Tears ran down his face from his blank eyes.

I... regret involving Polt now. Please, don't do this. He was an unwilling servant. Instead, work with these people. Work with them, find a way out of here and Live. Await my return, faithful one, and watch over my acolytes.

"It... It will be done."

Crash resolved to do just that, strengthened in the knowledge some part of the VOES and it's glorious work would live on in him, and those like him. Its sacrifice would not go in vain.

Crash saw a new future, a brighter future. A better tomorrow, of peace and promise...

That was when his ears were assaulted as Wolf ran his mouth off, blabbering all kinds of inconsequential babble, saying the VOES hadn't factored things, etc. The man truly was a fool if he thought the VOES hadn't thought everything through.

Just that moment, Crash dropped his newfound maturity and let his old, impetuous self take over.

Sorry Master, but you know I cannot let this stand...

Wolf was just getting up from Chance. Before Wolf knew it, he'd been tackled from behind by the righteous fury of Crash. Crash pinned him to the ground with a knee in the back, and painfully jabbed a pressure point, stopping the struggling Russian from moving. He was yelling incomprehensibly - Crash stopped that by sliding both hands around his neck. Servos whined and clicked as he applied pressure with the cyber arm, feeling Wolf's soft neck tissue straining under his grip.

Blood flowed between his fingers. Wolf's face had gone purple, his eyes bulging comically. The body was falling limp...

A simple 'squeeze' and it would all be over.

Crash looked about - The mercenary guy was out, for the count, his girl was preoccupied with him. Everyone was preoccupied, Everyone except...


Damn. I didn't want her to have to see me do this. I wanted to escape and be her friend again... Lay low until the VOES returns. I still may be able to..

He ignored her for the time being. Went back to the helpless Wolf.

Yes, the master was right. Much more deserving than Polt.

"Fool." He snarled, not even caring if Wolf could hear. "The VOES knew more - knows more - than you have ever dreamt of. We had will. We all had will. You just didn't know where your loyalties were."


"We've got to get out of here!" The girl that had been with Deadeye shrieked. "Come on!"

Deadeye was just about to tell her to wait - When the teenager blundered right into the path of the slavering BWG-Mutants...


Bulldog watched in horror as the girl walked almost in front of him. Now Bulldog Was a terrorist, but he still valued life... he just knew he needed to save that girl... even at the cost of his own life.

He had to think fast, there seemed only one thing to do. He threw his gun at one of the BWG. It screamed in an almost unearthly voice, turning it's vibrant, almost radiocative eyes on Bulldog. It's skeleton-like frame, shooting from the path of the girl, leaving the other two to deal with her, and charging, full force at the leg less Goblin.

It slammed it's claws, full force into the Goblin's chest. If only those idiots around themn hadn't have ignored Barkah's brave death, another hero died in vain as it seemed, none of this would be happening! That was what was going though Bulldog's head as the brutal claws cut into him. He was ANGRY! Angry that Barkah, though an orc he was, had DIED to try and protect these fools, and they just ignored him because some damned super computer, WHO HAD TRIED TO KILL EVERYONE! was making a tearful exit.

Hell, he was being ripped tto shreads for some stupid girl he hadn't even met, just because some fools couldn't take their eyes off the injured, that monster of a computer or the now free people having an arguement. Frag, he was going to die of other people's ignorance! And JUST to top it all off, He wasn't even going to take any opressors with him!

He got out of his pit of rage and pain, just long enough to notice that the BWG was about to bring it's claw down upon it's face. It's eyes burned with the thrill of the kill, the toxic saliva burning the skin off Bulldog's neck. He gave a look to his injuries, it was hard to breathe. Where his chest had been, was now just a bloody mess of ripped skin. He could have swore he saw an organ... although that could have been his eyes.

He took one, painful deep breath, and readied himself for his own demise. That was when a gunshot rang though his head. Red had shot the mutant, in fact, she'd shot it three times. It fell on top of him, limp... lifeless. It's acidic spit and deep red blood, mixing it Bulldog's lighter coloured blood.

The question on his mind now was... would anybody care if he died? Would that girl even know what he'd done for her? Wold she survive the other two? Or would he just become a nameless body like Barkah, that died trying to defend.

A great guilt come over Bulldog... If only he'd have helped the Ork... would he still be alive now? A tear ran down the old Goblin's face, he felt a hand on his forehead.

"You make a nice mess..." Red whispered.

"Shut up... girl." Bulldog managed to cough.


"Frag", swore Red, as the last two BWGs advanced, and her weapon clicked uselessly. She was out of ammunition, and they were almost upon Bulldog, malformed blobs of flesh seemingly squeezed into a human mold.

She liked the old git too much to let him die like this. That fragger.

Quickly, she ripped open the velcro flap of her bag, and, as the small, terrified girl dashed past her, pulled out two drones. She wanted to save these, but oh well.

"Take this fraggers!" Red tossed both drones into the air, and their rotorblades spun into action, the tiny stabilisers inside them keeping them in control. She could feel the slight pain of the dual control from her rigger jack airail, but, keeping her eyes open, guided the twin drones straight at the BWGs.


The silent command spun the tiny weapons slung underneath the fist sized drones into action. Each was capable of firing it's full complement of tiny pins in less than a minute, and could be very, very painful.

Take this, fraggers! The drones swooped towards the BWGs, and opened fire. The first hit gulped in pain, as tiny red spots began to appear on it's naked body - each a direct hit.


Chance jerked himself awake with the rude shock administered to his chest. Reaching with his uninjured hand, he found an empty vial jabbed into his armoured chestplate, with what appeared to be a sticky fluid seeping down his torso.

It seemed like someone had tried to administer some combat first-aid to him, but in the stress of the moment, forgotten about his chestplate being in the way.

Chance frowned... He was down, but he sure as hell wasn't out! It felt rather insulting to be regarded as so! The thought motivated him to quit lying there uselessly. He tried to get up, but a paralysing pulse of pain rippled through his left hand, the broken bones sticking hapzardly out of the skin. Damned! I must have looked pretty out of it! He winced. Reaching into his mind, he called to Lupus.
The wolf's voice was shuddering, as if it had run a long distance and was out of breath. Between the strange lilting wolf-song that Chance's spirit half was whistling, and his own occasional flashes of pain, he caught some words.
Manling... Get up, you must get up. Come on, more lives than yours hang in the balance.

Chance looked left, and saw the lifeless form of Barkah staring back at him, bloodied sword beside him. Another half turn showed Crash on top of Wolf, strangling the doctor. Some part of Chance reminded him that it had been the latter that had shot him, and that he should do something to help the decker out. Around him was a wild melee of fighting... what appeared to be strange mutated metahumans seemed to be attacking the rest of the runners. But Chance felt strangely detached from all of that, Lupus turning his gaze to the right...

Crystal lay there, her eyes wide... and events months ago came back to Chance...

Ash lying there after the explosion, the roasted form of LeFixit beside her. The knife as he cut open her side to give her a clear airway to breathe...

And Ash was still working on his wounds, still alive... The soldier remembered how Wolf, the man that had just shot him, had brought Ash back from the brink. Chance choked back a laugh at the irony... that the man that had saved his most truly beloved had also been the one who had now mortally wounded the woman who was his second-closest friend.

"Well then... Crystal shall NOT die!"

Grimly, the soldier sat up, his hand giving Ash's a momentary clench to tell her that he was still in the fight. To save Crystal, the mutants needed to go... and Chance knew that he was one of the only runners with the experience and ability to take them down. He raised his SAR-125 with his right hand, and Ash immediately understood, loading a HEAP round into the grenade launcher for him, before raising her own flamethrower. She threw a narrow stream of fire between the last two mutants that were bearing down on Red. The first one ignored the flames, but the second one turned and snarled, vast teeth gleaming.

The boomph of the grenade launcher answered him, as Chance, bracing with the butt of the SAR-125 against his chest and sling binded tightly around his torso to absorb the recoil, sent the High Explosive Armour Piercing round whistling straight at its chest.


Raven had watched the proceedings from his semi-reclined position on the floor. He had tried to stop her, but his weakness compared to Crystal's determination to stop Wolf meant that his efforts were in vain. Raven didn't even have the strength to scream as Wolf had fired his rifle into Crystal's throat, he had watched as a crimson arc had erupted from her neck and Crystal had unceremoniously flopped onto the ground, not moving. All this time Raven had just sat there, unmoving, as events had played themselves out. It had been all too much, his comrades were dropping like flies and they were so close to getting out of the arcology too! Raven hadn't even flinched as some of Chance's blood had flicked onto him after Wolf had mangled his arm, all Raven could do was sit there, dumbstruck, and watch as Eva had thrown herself onto Crystal and begin staunching the blood flow.

Now some BWG's had forced their way into the executive suite and were causing havoc. The goblin was the first to go as he had distracted the mutants long enough to allow DeadEye's companion to escape their immediate grasp at his own sacrifice. The legless goblin had been ripped up by their talons. Red had thrown her remaining drones at the beasts in the hope that she could stop or at least hold them back. By then Chance had soaked up the combat drugs had come round, with Ash's help he had fired a HEAP grenade into the freaks while Ash had used her flame thrower.

This was when Raven finally stood up, holding his one remaining SMG. It had taken a while but he had finally summoned the strength to stand up and face whatever came next. The cat man, Wirecat, and Eva were about to do something important looking to Crystal. There was no way Raven was going to let anyone near them while they saved her life.



"It's over... It's finally over."Pointed out Draco, turning his sight on the direction of the combat between the army and the drones.

"But... People is still in there..." Overmind pointed out. His thoughts were on Vega.

"Do not worry, servant. Look. Whatever has been controlling the stuff, is going off. The blockade over the Arc will soon end. We'd better supply medical assistance to the survivors..." The benevolent Draco thought for a while... In a good play. Dragon Paw helping the poor survivors of a tragedy... priceless for washing the public image.

Draco was scared of himself... Of how sly and cold tempered he was being. He was becoming his "Sister".


"A tube... A tube" She looked everywhere... but Eva did not found any tube. And then she looked at the rifle. It was the remnants of the one that Wolf had cruelly used against them.
"Hope this is good enough!" She talked while ripping off the weapon into pieces, and cutting a small piece of the barrel of the gun.


Crash released his grip. The Doctor beneath him gasped, trying to force breath through his partially-crushed throat.

He stood up, flipped the man over. He saw the green eyes.

"Those eyes are a blasphemy. You don't deserve them, TRAITOR!"

Crash wondered if the man had known what he was getting himself in for when he stabbed the VOES in the back like that. He wondered if the man was even sane. Perhaps he was just terribly shocked at being severed from the VOES' guiding light...

Crash knew what he was doing would be frowned upon. But Wolf's attack had felt like an attack on him as much as the VOES. An ex street-kid like Crash knew the ropes. An eye for an eye. And so...

His metal fingers plunged into Wolf's face, the man somehow forcing out a blood-curdling scream. Crash bared his teeth as he rooted around, pushing his fingers deep, sliding them around the green orbs that were the sacred VOES-given eyes.

Wolf screamed again, as Crash ripped the fitrst eye from the socket, taking a ragged length of optic nerve with it.

Wolf fell silent after that. He had fainted from the pain, and Crash tore out the other eye. He thrust his fingers into Wolf's eye sockets in rage, trying to literally rip his face off.


Wirecat sighed. This was definitely not standard training. He knew what he had to do, but he honestly hadn't any idea how to do it.
He tried to remember the First Aid lessons he got with MUNDI... he only got them because Negotiators had te most dangerous job of the civil department, and were often sent to places on the brink of war.
He looked at Crystal.

"The obstruction is above the voicebox, almost in her head." he said to no one in particular, even though he knew Eva would be listening. "I can't remove it without causing further damage. I need... some kind of tube, to let her breathe though."

He frantically looked around for something that could serve as a breathing tube.
Chance looked back when he heard the desperation in Wirecats' voice. He knew all too well how he had done it.
"Use a pen!" he yelled. "I saved Ash that way in Geneva."

A pen? Wirecat thought, and looked around.

"Of course."
He jumped up, and ran towards Wolf.
He pulled Crash off the doctor. "Sorry kid, I need something he has."
Crash Looked a bit dazed... he obviously wasn't expecting someone to grab him in the neck with a claw. But Wirecat had no time to waste. He grabbed the pen hanging on Wolf's lab coat.
"He's all yours again, kid." he said to Crash, as he ran back to Crystal, quickly taking the pen apart on the way.

He sighed.
This is it, I guess...

He knew exactly where he had to make the opening... but he couldn't shake the feeling he could very well be doing something wrong, or forgetting something terribly important.

Make sure I don't hit any blood veins... reduce bleeding to a minimum, so her lungs don't fill with blood.

He noticed he was sweating really hard now, and looked at Crystal. He saw her looking back at him, begging him to do something.

He quickly pushed his claw in Crystal's throat, and pushed the pen tube through the opening.
He sighed in relief when he heard her breathe through the tube.
"Not too fast..." he said to Crystal. "It isn't very big, and the last thing I want is for you to suck the tube further in; it might damage your wind pipe. Just calm down, and breathe slowly..."
Wirecat kept holding the tube between his thumb and index finger to make sure it wouldn't go any further in or out.

He smiled at his 'patient'.
"Don't worry. I'll get you out of here alive, even if it is the last thing I do."


Silvia looked at the people fighting off the mutant BWG's.

"Heey... you ain't fighting monsters without me now, are you?"
Se ran towards the back of the chamber, while shapeshifting her skin and claws.


Bulldog looked up, at least he thought it was up. I mean, it could be down, couldn't it? Or right, Bulldog often looked right... Left? It was annoying, not knowing where you were looking, or what you were seeing for that matter. His vison was blurred, he could hardly see at all. Now he come to think about it, he could hardly hear a thing either, he couldn't even smell the smoking 3DTV screens. All he could do was feel... and he wish he couldn't.

He could feel each long, drawn out breath, it hurt to breathe, it really did hurt to breathe! It was like somebody was stamping on him with a steel soled, spiked boot each time he attempted it. He could feel the pain running though wounds that he didn't even know he had. But what disturbed him most was what he couldn't feel, he couldn't feel Red's or the Mutants presense anywhere.

Had that thing got her too? Was she alright? Why did he care so much? I mean, it's not like they even know each other... or do they? The problem with Humans is, he kills them so often, yet hardly ever talks with them.

He put a hand on the bloody mess that had been his chest. It hurt. Well, that was an understatement, it was like wrapping your hand in barbed wire and repeativly punching yourselve... Bulldog reminded himself that, even though it was only in his thoughts, there were ladies present. It was amazing how, even though he could hardly see or hear, he could make idiotic little remarks like this within his own pain striken head.

He closed his eyes, seeing no point in keeping them open, concentrating on breathing. He didn't know if it mattered how much he concentrated, all he knew was, for some reason or another, who couldn't die yet. Not just yet.


As his breathen was blown to Pieces by Chance, a stroke of logic over came the last, out numbered BWG.

It didn't have a chance.

It needed to wait for the right moment to strike, yet not be killed in the meantime, so it ran. It ran, dodged, avoided and generally formed a defensive way of fighting. Then it saw Polt, and chittered happily. It ran up to him, resting peacefully by his side. Everyone who had been fighting it, aimed some sort of weapon at it. But it didn't move.

The thing people don't understand about Polt is, he doesn't make something he can't control. Not even when sabortaging.


"Right then, yer wee fragga! Yer comin' with me, aye?" Spat a moustached Scottish Army man. He was backed up by a few tired and weary officers.

"An if ah dun't?" The Troll asked. Every Scotsman raised a weapon. "Ah. Point took!"

Jolly leaped off the van about to give himself in, when a figure in a long white coat and a mask came towards them. You couldn't see it's face, or anything to do with it actually. Just one metalic cyber arm, with a very stange rod attached to it, that it held in it's hands.

"I will take this from here, You may leave." What Jolly took as a she said. The Scotsmen weren't too impressed.

"An' who do yer think yer are, lass?" Asked the Army Man that had tried to arrest Jolly earlier.

The figure shook her head.

"Wrong answer." There were a few clicking noises, she walked closer to the Scotsman. "And that answer, will be final!"

She jabbed the Rod into the man, the others watching in horror and disgust as he was slowly electorcuted before their eyes. She then removed it, letting his body drop to the ground... slightly crispy.

"Now, you men look very busy, So I'd hate to take up anymore of your time." She turned to Jolly. "Come Trogg!"

"E-excuse me... erm, Mam? But you can't take this... Troll away, he is under arrest under the Public Disorder act of..."

"Trogg!" Yelled the figure, Jolly stood to a lopsided attention. "Shoot this man!"

"WHA!!!!" Jolly yelled.

"SHOOT. THIS. MAN!" Jolly found himself with no other choice, he took up his gun...and shot him. At close range. It was nasty. To put it nicely, we'll say theres more of the young lad to go around.

"Now, come Trogg... Your working for ME now!" Jolly found himself obeying, not bothing to inquire why. He just managed to lift his head and ask...

"Why yoo doin' dis?"

"Curious about this place, decided to come and have a look." She said Bluntly. "I saw you on the roof and I decided your just what I need."


"You'll soon see."

The two walked over to a parked car, Jolly struggled to get in. But he did... eventually. He considered asking who this person was, but thought better of it. Instead asking...

"Sooo... Yoo ani good at Chezz?"


Red let the drones drop to the ground, as the remaining BWG turned tail. They bounced a few times, and rolled across a blood splattered floor to come to rest against the damaged glass of the window. The pieces of various electronic 3DTV screens crunched and sparked, and the large open plan room echoed with the various moans of the wounded, the voices of the survivors, and the whimpers of the last BWG.

Bulldog lay on his back, the grizzled semi-beard of several days without shaving visible on his face, despite the similarity between the colour of his skin and hair.

Scars - or lines - ran in tiny canyons across the pock-marked and battle-weary face. Several new ones were visible, oozing sticky crimson life - and Red felt the bitter taste of blood on her own painted lips, dripping down from a fresh wound on her blanched cheek.

In the dusty Scotsprawl air, stretching out over Great Britain's second city, the sun dipped in orange evening haze to the skyscrapered horizon. Shafts of light radiated in the half-light, and purple clouds (no doubt full of numerous toxic chemicals) made their stately way across the evening sky. A trio of army helicopters rose from rows and rows of fortifications in the Transys Neuronet Ornamental Gardens, their close formation followed shortly by another group shortly afterwards. Street lights of the many maglev tracks, express motorways, and other roads throughout the city were beginning to flicker on, and in the sky, the first stars - or Low Earth Orbit Habitats - were beginning to shine their meager existence in the light-clogged night.

Drones scuttled on the huge aerial constructs that linked this to the terminus of the two other towers far below - but somehow - now with the abandonment of the VOES - their movements seemed more random, more primal, more souless. As the rigger watched, caught unaware in the moment, a huge side section of the Robot the Bruce two, still wreathed in reconstructive scaffolding, tore free of it's supports, and, in the still-warm evening air, began it's headlong descent for two hundred floors, to smash in a titanic impact against the fermacrete and artificial marble fountains of the Transys Entrance Plaza - which would have, mere hours (or days, depending on how warped the passage of time could have become in the vertical catacombs of Transys Arcology) ago been swarming in tourists from all corners of the globe. Now they were almost empty, save for the uncleared waste of several thousand visitors and genetically modified pigeons flapping around the deserted plazas.

Bulldog coughed, weakly. The old goblin wasn't too badly injured, figuratively speaking, his internal organs mainly intact after the BWG attack - but the heavy brusing, bleeding, and breaking of several bones in his ribcage had rendered him almost unconcious by the pain.

And Red couldn't do a thing.
"We've got to get out, now", she muttered, as a tear rolled down her face, smudging the long-lasting pastel white makeup, and mingling with the blood at the edges her mouth.

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