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Hearse took off her sunglasses, staring at Silvia with lifeless eyes. Nobody understood her, but she was damn well going to try to make them understand.

"Do you have any idea what my life is like? Do you have any idea what it's like to get up in the morning with th threat of leaving an internal organ behind? Do you have any idea how it feels to live as a dead woman? Well, DO YOU?" Hearse sat back, slipping her sunglasses back on. "I'm sorry...." she mumbled.

Silvia didn't like to promote this kind of thing, and it seemed a bad idea to say this to someone as... "stable" as Hearse, but she had to do it.

"Why not just... Killl yourself?" She could hardly belif what she was saying.

"Too scared....."


"A nightmare life is better then no life..." There was a grim silence for awhile, until Hearse got up. "Is there anywhere you would like to go? I'll drive..."


"Oh. Well I was planning to fly, but..."
Silvia looked outside, and then turned back to Hearse. "Ah well. Why not. It's raining."
"You can... fly?"
Silvia sighed.

Sleg... shouldn't have said that. She's, like, the most miserable person I've ever seen. Just the thought of something like flying must be...

Ah, frag it all.

"Nevermind. I'm coming with you. I gotta go pack anyway, I' going home as soon as possible."
"You don't live here?"
"Not if I have a choice. After our home in Geneva was blown away by the buke we've been living in Terganon, in my dad's house. And now I'm going back there."


Alanya opened the door to her appartment and stepped inside. Lee followed, and closed the door behind him.
"So... did you get the job?"
"Yeah. Ah got it. But dere's a little complikashun."
"What then?"
Alanya took off her coat and threw it on a chair.
"Ah'll have to transfer ya back to mah deck. It'z only temporary, but it has to be done."

Lee didn't react for a while. Like he was thinking about what she said. Alanya found it odd it took so long... she knew he could make any decision in less than a second.

But she was quite wrong. Lee wasn't thinking. He was just using his senses to the fullest.
The olifactory sensors transmitted the smell of the dusty room to his brain. Lee could identify some other faint smells of the fast food she had eaten yesterday.

Of all his senses, smell was the most intriguing. The only thing remotely like it were the smoke and bomb detectors in the Arcology... but they weren't nearly as detailed as this sensor right behind the metal plate hiding his metal face from the people.

He looked at Alanya, and listened to the sounds around him. And then, Lee realized he liked being in a body. He liked being amongst people. Being one person gave him a better feeling of his own identity.
I am L.E.E. Living Electronic Entity. Also known as "Lee".

Then, he did something odd. Something he automatically did when picking up a new name.

Subject: "Lee"
Real name: Living Electronic Entity
Race: N/A
Comet mutations: None
Profession: None
Additional info: _

Lee hesitated. The profile brought up a number of odd references to his attention.

Do I need a profession?
Not as long as I have no need for sustaining myself.

Should I sustain myself? Leave Subject DINA5 and try to become an independant being? That is what she wants, in the end.

"Lee, ar' yoo OK?" Alanya asked.
"Yes. Why do you need to put me back?"
"Mages can see whot yu are, Lee. Ah'm gunna get ya a kind ov Astral shieldin'. Juzt so ya can come with me to the 'run later."
"You are concerned about me in your absence."
"Yeah... can't have you goin' back ta some other corp now, can we? Not now de experiment is progressin' so well."
She walked towards Lee with a screwdriver, and took of his faceplate.

The metal form under it resembled a human skull, but without teeth, or a jawbone. She had the jawbone lying around, but didn't think it would be that important since she gave him the faceplate.

However, now that he would be made to look human, she had to add it.

"Yu 'ave observed sev'ral metahumanz now, Lee. Ah want yu a try ta imitate da mouth movements connected to da speech. Ah already put in da program... but da muscles aren't connected yet."

She ook a cable, and connected her cyberdeck to the 3DTV. An image of a human head appeared, with indicated muscle patterns on the face and jaw.

She took out a few bundles of fibremuscles, and connected them to the side of the metal skull. Then, she took the jawbone piece, inspected the ceramic joint piece, and connected it to the skull with the muscles.
"Don't move now, Lee. Dis is hard stuff."
"OK." Lee replied with the voice generator in the back of his throat. Lee suddenly realised that this was exactly the kind of cyberware that would allow Subject "Crystal" to talk again.

Alanya looked at the complicated muscle patterns, grabbed her deck and plugged in.

The image on the 3DTV changed to an image DINA5's vision. She hadn't bothered to unplug it.
Lee saw the image of the head appear again, and saw DINA5 study it, layer per layer. After a few minutes she came back, and pulled the plug out from behind her ear.

Apparently, the person that designed the skull had done a good job; she was able to connect all muscles correctly.
The skull was the unused second test model created for a psychology university, for a student project about studying facial expressions. Unfortunately she hadn't been able to get the full, completed head. That would've saved her a lot of time. But at least she managed to get most of the spare muscles created for the original head. And she got her hands on muscles to replace the ones she missed.

She quickly attached the muscles. Once she knew how to put then it wasn't that hard... though it did look odd without skin.

About three hours later, all muscles were connected, and Lee's face looked a lot more human.
"Now... controllin' deze muscles will be very hard, so ah'm gonna let ya keep yur faceplace for now. Yu know wot muscle does what, so yu can study people'z expreshunz and try ta do dem yurself."
Alanya turned back to her 'deck, and unplugged the 3DTV cable.
"Oh, an' one more thing... can yu write a basic drone program for yur body, so dat ah don't have ta carry it away after ah get yu out? Make shur its as unintelligent az possible; wiv nothing ta trace it back to Transys or you."

"OK." Lee replied, thereby trying out the new face muscles. It seemed like a waste of energy to use them, but he knew he would need them later.

"Gud." Alanya said. "Ar' yoo done wiv dat?"
"Yes" Lee replied, carefully articulating with the sounds. He realized he was missing the lips that made most of the articualtion.

"OK den."
Alanya opened the back of the head. The face model's skull only consisted of the face and the jawbone, which had left space for the cybercowl without having to cut in the skull. She took a small chip out of her pocket, plugged it into the cybercowl and conected LEE to the cyberdeck.
The transfer took a while. Alanya moved the data directly onto the data block she had plugged into the deck. The block was about 3x2x2 cm, but had enough capacity to hold the entire VOES program and its new memories.

"Activating drone program" the robotic body said.
And then "Drone program started. Voice input accepted."
"It is programmed only to react on your voice." Lee's voice said from the cyberdeck. "And mine."

"Hm. Well, let'z get ya to sleep now. Got a lot of wurk ta do."
She turned off the cyberdeck and the drone, grabbed her coat and her cyberdeck, and walked back outside, into the acid Britsprawl rain.


"And you will be safe in this... Terganon place?" It seemed a stupid question, seeing as it was her home. Silvia sighed.

"A lot of people don't seem to think so." There was a hint of sadness in her eyes. "I've had two warnings not to go back there..."

"And are these warnings trustworthy?" Hearse had never had to face the prospect of not being able to go home, except on those occasions when she hadn't had a home. It must have been terrible.

"I assume so. One was off... a friend, and the other derived from corpate sources." Silvia wasn't sure if calling Bulldog a friend would have been correct in the circumstances.

"And you still want to go?"

"If something is happening there, I want to be there to help."

Hearse let these words drift for a moment, then she made for the door of the bar.

"You had better go pack."


Hearse unlocked her car. She loved it, more then anything else in the world. People could keep thier fancy sports cars, like one she'd seen parked earlier, this was truely unique. Easy to tip, yes. Not all that practical, yes. A labour of love, definatly!
She slid the drivers seat, which had been pushed to the centre to maintain balence, to the side. Unfolding the passenger seat. Balence was all important, and she was certain that this girl was the correct weight. Prehaps she should have asked, but the girl might have ran. Hearse wouldn't have blamed her, just the smell is enough to make people run.

She sighed, leaning against the black body of the car. She dug deep into her pockets, producing a small round object. It was a small ball of solid marble, given to her before the job. She wondered why this girl was so important, and why she'd need watching. She seemed perfectly capable of looking after herself in Hearse's eyes.

Oh well, payment is payment.


Maniac was leaned against his "baby", the fresh new Nuovo Inzio. He's only owned it for less than a day now, and it grew on him. And now, he'd have to part with it.

"OK now, if some does something to you, you dont like, tell me. Alright?" He said, while rubbing the consoles and everything inside that was bathed in its bluish hue.

"I'm going to be back, ya hear? Then, we can get to know each other that much better."

And with that, the B12 rose to its default ride height, emitted a wail remiscent of the IMSA race cars of the early 1990's , and dissapeared into the Britsprawl smog.


However, Papi stayed in the room with Johnson, tossing he credstick in the air, and catching it. Before he started to ask why (he looked like he did earlier) Papi cut him off and stated:
"Listen. now, to put this in layman's terms, i've been a baad girl recently." what she, she grinned a bit.
"Right outside those doors, right outside the bar, there are people searching for lil' ol' me wanting to get the bounty on my head."
She waved the credstick, pointing at Johnson with it. "This? This is the change you find under carseats compared to what my dead body's apparently worth."
Then, she sighed, and got up to leave.
"However, I kinda miss the fun, but at the same time, my life will be easier without hearing sirens all the time. Ima do this regardless, but can you do two things for me?"

She then whispered in his ear for a moment, and later was able to leave.


Maniac went back to the 9ML drop zone for one more race. He went promtplt to the locker room and started fitting the rubber Aerosuit.

"Hey! We missed ya man!" A voice called. "Where'd ya go, dude? We though you ran off with your car or something." Laughter rang through the room and echoed off the walls.

Even if I did, Briggs, I still would have better taste in women." And with that came typical horseplay between them.

Now, they were all at the altitude of 50k feet, or nearly 9 miles up, which is the origin of 9MF's name (9 mile fall).
"Yo! 9 crazy guys jumping from 9 miles, gotta love it." Then they were all released headfirst to the ground below.

All of the competitors were in a straight line as they fall from the sky. All of the competitors were like this, they stayed in this line until speeds got up to 150mph. At this point, the competition gets exciting, and dangerous.

Now, everyone was bent on trying to pull someone elses' these drag inducing air packs or the actual parachut themselves, while at the same time keep from getting slown down. Alan was excellent at this, using a sneak attack when hed intentional let his victim pass him, then shape himself into a human bullet, and deploy a competitors parachute in the split seocnd he had.

The hardest part of this competiion was trying to find out when to pull your own parachute. In 9MF, the first guy to touch ground wins, you pull it too early, and someone will pass you on the way down...pull it too late, and you'd win, but never be able to race again.

Alan, being his consistent self, pulled the chute and was slown down just safe enough to unbuckle it and fall to victory.


While Crystal waited, she idly flicked her tail back and forth, the muggy air coming through her face mask not helping her mood any. Mary wasn't answering the 'phone either.

The back door of the bar opened. Papi walked out.

Crystal eyed her with intrigue.

She would be working with her tomorrow, yet they had never met.

What better way to get aquainted?

Hurriedly Crystal typed a mesage and proffered it at the woman.

-->Goin' out to town. Clubs, pubs maybe. Music, mayhem, drinks, stuff. Wanna ride?<-

Behind her Cylinder Head pulled up in his bulky modifed LandRover 2046. A darkened window slid down, revealing Cy and Illidia and the Decker's voice rolled out, barely heard over the roar of his tricked-up engine.

"Woah, dude... TWO OF YOU!"

Crystal slid back the side door, and beckoned to Papi, in a friendly (for her) gesture, which her tail subconsiously mimicked.


"hmm, how to smuggle my datadiscs..."thought plugin, as he went up into his apartment...the newer versions of cyberdecks allowed a new type of disc, a micro-disc. through some kind of engineering, they could hold the same as one regular cyberdisc. It was as if they just shrunk them with some sort of magic...
"now, where to get thses discs" Plugin said to himself...
"well, at least i can take my pistol with me."he also said, throwing the now unloaded gun into the air and grabbing it before it would hit the ground.
Plugin grabbed his phone and dialed a number.
"Cyb0r St0re, you need it, we got it." said a human-sounding voice over the phone
"Yes, i was wondering if you have the new micro-discs, i'll need about 10, and the MD datadrive?"
"we sure do."
"ok, how much?"
"the total comes out to 3,000 nuyen"
"ok thanks" said Plugin as he hung up, grabbed his gun and ammo, his credsticks, and a coat and he left for the store. if he was gonna smuggle that data into Tergannon, he would need to be able to discretely hide the small 2 centimeter discs on his person...or on another.
Somehow they had managed to recover Crash's wrecked and mangled body from the robot the bruce tower wreckage, and due to hid small record, he was identified...

sitting at home, old and tired, Mark was watching the TV when his door rang...

he answered it, and behind the dorr was a policeman (been a while.. have the dats been gone for a while, or are they still around?)
"hello, sir. I am sorry to say, i believe your son was on the Robot the bruce tower when it fell... although a witness saw a body drop before the tower colapsed, while another that he was holding onto was pulled up... now, as you know, your son had a robotic arm... when somebody dies, the arm follows it's last command... sir, i think your son was killed before he even let go. We managed to recover his cyberarm. the rest of his body is too mangled to show in public."

"thank you officer... it greeves me to hear my ownly heir is dead, and i will soon be following him.... thank you..." and with his he took the cyberarm, still trying to grab something with the bloody fingers..

"no father should have to bury his son... and for as long as i live, i will find that person who killed him..." (yes, I'm gonna attempt to get revenge.... and if you don't remember me from the.. second chapter i believe... go and read it..)


Papi stopped and pulled what looked like a cell phone out of her pocket, and read the text message. Later, she looked around, with a somewhat lost experssion, wondering who sent it. Crystal caught her eye, and her looks convinced her it was her. Finally she shrugged, as to say "why not?", and followed Crystal to the LandRover.


No sooner had she jumped in, the hopped-up 'Rover was tear-arsing around the wet, crowded inner-Britsprawl streets like a cyber-whippet on hyper-crack. Not even the intelligent suspension could keep out the bumps and jolts as they went over kerbs, street debris, the occasional newspost.

"Yo, I'm Cylinder Head." The young decker with long silver hair announced quickly, during one of the few occasions where he stopped at traffic lights and chanced un-rigging himself from the vehicle.

Crystal explained in brief typed letter on her e-pad Cyliner Head and Illidia's relationship, but nothing more.

Soon the 'rover reached it's destination. A new club quarter had sprung up, since the old best clubs in town were now in Zombie territory. The government still hadn't rooted out the tenacious walking corpses.

This club was called 'The Sheep of Destruction'. Half of that name could be used to describe the clientele: The place was half-empty, and those that were there looked pretty much asleep on their feet, despite the band playing. Somewhere on the stage a pink-haired girl in a sailor-suit was screaming her head off in front of an Ork Rugby Team.

The music from the band wasn't actually all that bad.

So... Crystal typed to Papi, as some drinks came over the bar from them both. What's your specialty?


"Specialty, eh?" Papi looked at the ceiling, as if the list was very long.
"" Her mind went blank.

"I used to be a pilot in the F2000 Championship Series. Won 2 seasons. Umm..." She later got a thought...nobody's interested in my life's story.

" I can and have flown many military and civilian vehicles. I have good experience with most weaponry, too. Basically if we end up coming across some of that stuff, I can tell you some of the soft and hard points on it...Nothing else is really important about me."

She then started looking around, studying everything and everyone inside. Papi never could keep a conversation going, being on the run for the last year.


Crystal noticed the sudden silence - And sympathised with it, too. She'd wasn't too into prying, also havig a past she needed to conceal.

Fair enough She typed to her comrade.

Its just that... Those two guys, Alexiev and Iceman... There's something about them. Did you notice it? I don't trust them.

Crystal always felt faintly ridiculous having a conversation by E-pad... So she trailed off after that. They got some more drinks in. It ended up being a depressingly boring night.

She asked Papi where she was staying for the night.


Hearse felt very much alone on the streets. Most of the people from the room had gone, and now only a few drunken stragglers were wandering out. There was also the girl, who was finishing up some business there, or whatever. Hearse never asked, but she hadn't come out yet. One of the drunken stumblers, a dwarf, had been lazily eyeing her for awhile. It was awhile before he got his senses together and managed to stagger over.
He wasn't really an old looking dwarf, more of a middle aged one. He had all the signs of someone who was on the verge of a drink related passing out, even his curly pink beard seemed drunk.

"Heyz... babe... 'ow 'bout a.... Smooch, fur... *hic* ole... Karven...." Said the Dwarf, grabbing at Hearse' waist to stop himself falling flat on his face. "An'... maibee... summat... after...... he*hic*he..." The Dwarf winked, it had been a very long time since anybody had came on to Hearse, but she was pretty sure it was happening now.

"You are obviously very dru..." She began, almost realising her mistake. You never tell a Dwarf he's drunk, ever!

"Drunk! DRUNK! Ah'll 'ave you know.... that my... great-great-gr*hic*eat-great grandpappy out drunk.... a wilde Ox! An' ah'll tell you... *hic*... Ox's drink! They Even... taste of like...alkeho..... beer!" He fumbled around for a bag, from it dropped many unmarked Cred-Sticks. "An' if yer.... one of those... Ah'll give ya.... the payment of yer life!"

Now, on the one hand Hearse had been charged to look after the girl, but on the other... there could be a lot of money on those Cred-Sticks. There was also the fact the dwarf might get stabby, or over talkative, if refused, and that wouldn't be a very safe environment to create for the girl. And besides, she was going to Teragorn, Hearse could just catch up with her later. Yeah!

"Deal" She said to the Dwarf, taking a soft screen pad and writing "Taking care of hostile Dwarf. Catch up with you later - Hearse". She propped it up by a lamppost, assuming noone else would take it, or that she'd see it. She scooped up the Cred-Sticks then lifted the dwarf into her car. This was turning out to be quite a profitable night.


"Iceman and Alexeiv" Papi though to herself. "Two weirdos whose name must be remembered."

After taking mental notes, she replied:

"I really didnt pick up many bad vibes from those two, mainly since I never payed too much attention. But..thanks for the hint...I'll be watching more closely now.
Also, I have no clue where to stay. Never really planned yet. Any ideas?


Meanwhile, there was some street racing going on down a few blocks, with Maniac's "mondo cewl" SUV being the center of attention.

"Yah, this is the new one!" He said, while rubbing his nails on his shirt in the typical cocky fashion, "Hmm...about 1200hp through those 8 wheels, does 0-60 in at 4 seconds flat, but remember this is a 3 and a half-ton machine here, Its bone-stock, and the best part, you feel like a million bucks while waxing ass." This caused a bit of upheaval and praise among the crowd.

Alan managed to beat some of "legendary" Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution XII's and R38 Skylines, and won some Nuyen in the process.


I got a place... Crystal typed.

After Wolf, then Dragon and Zwergman, then the zombies and finally Wolf again, she was understandably touchy about letting people know where she lived. But she trusted Papi more than them. For one, she was a woman, and didn't seem to be trying to get into her pants, For another...

Well, they were colleagues, now, weren't they?

Cy dropped them off. The 4x4 bounced and jounced as it entered the deserted district - Papi couldn't see what was being crushed under the wheels.

"Catch you later." Cy said, before driving headling into the pitch dark of the unlit streets, without even his headlights on.

Crystal winked at Papi, and put on her new Thermographic goggles.

Hope you don't mind zombies too much. She typed.

She walked up to the base of her building, with Papi in tow. Gazing upward, she could hardly make the buidling out. Only a few altitude lights high, high up in the hazy dark brown sky made her realise this was a dome-support building, higher than anything for miles, but pretty decrepit-looking.

Papi didn't mind being here all the same: It was a no-go area as far as the Law was concerned, which was precisely why Crystal lived there.

She changed her mind when the Front doors to the skyscraper slid open, and five zombies lurched out towards them...


Red took the van towards, what losely equated to her, as home. Britsprawl streets were dark, and overhung with centuries worth of building, and the drivers weren't that good (those who didn't have notoriously bad autopilot systems installed on their vehicles). Streetlamps didn't work much around here either, and signposts were almost non-existant - but she new the area well enough.

She drove the vehicle in the massive shadow of a support tower for the damaged dome above her, pitying the fools who lived inside it's cramped confines. At least where she was, you could get outside if you wanted to. Below the bright lights of a massive animated billboard, just off the main road, was the place where she could keep it - one of many haunts around the city, but this one closest to where she had been staying with Mary and Silvia.

Right now, she could park the van here, and get Mary to wait while she got her stuff together.

Red flicked the switch, and the auto-door swung upwards, allowing her to bring the van inside the garage. One of six, they had been abandoned years ago, and renovated as vehicle storage by a group of riggers not affiliated with any major gang - and thus without the valuable protection offered by others for their vehicles. As it happened, there was usually someone about, and Red could make out the faint light and music from two of the other garages, indicating that someone was in. She got out of the vehicle, and looked around her storage - loose mechanical parts, bits and peices of every description, various non-functioning gadgets and devices, posters from various bands, empty bottles and cartons, two motorbikes in various states of modification - everything a rigger could need in britsprawl, apart from the actual lodgings, which could, if you needed, be in a much more expensive and reputable part of town.

Most importantly, it had two concealed exits - a skylight, and a trapdoor into the massive network of britsprawl sewers that lay underneath. You could never be too careful.


Zombies. Here they were in front of you, and nothing to cap them with. Kinda scary.

Papi had another revelation, maybe they were still trying to hold on to the little shred of humanity they had, and didnt want to eat anyone after all.

Nevertheless, she was missing her PPC right about now...


Plugin walked down the street towards the Cyb0r St0re so he could buy the stuff he needed for the mission. it took him a few seconds to sneak past a few zombies. He didn't want to waste his ammo yet. (yes i've decided that he'll live in the suport colum as well...)

Plugin walked into the store. on both sides he saw armed guards, splattered with blood. "damn zombies" plugin thought. "messin with people's lives...." then he laughed a bit... " brain munchies for you"

"helo sir can i help you?" said one of the workers at the store, a little scared.
"yes, i need a MD Drive and about ten minidiscs, ya got em?" replied plugin.
"sure, follow me" said the worker, as he pulled out a pistol and led plugin towards the discs... although there were guards in the front, they could come in the back...


Silvia walked outside, just in time to see Hearse drive off in her car. She noticed a second person in the car as it drove away into the night.
"Hey!" she yelled. "What the sleg...?"
She sighed, and looked around. Then she noticed the soft screen pad.
"Aw come on. 'Hostile Dwarf'? She slegging took him with her!"

Great. So I'm being told from all sides not to go home, then some cyborg woman seems to be stalking me, and now I'm all alone in the slegging britsprawl acid rain. Can't get much worse...

Bah. There's always worse.

Silvia wished she had put on some more protecting clothing. The synth-leather vest didn't really protect her much, so she changed her skin to dragon scales. They could handle the acid rain better than her Elvish skin, and in the dark people would just mistake her for an ork.

But it would take hours to go home on foot... she wanted to fly.
She cursed the fact that she never got a chance to put a Storage spell on the clothes.
All objects needed to be put through a quite complicated ritual to be able to store them with the spell.
Silvia realized it wouldn't have helped much anyway... she was carrying the Negotiator in her vest, and wouldn't be able to store that anyway.

She sighed, grabbed the small electronic plan of London she always kept with her, looked where she was, and walked on.


Crystal jumped back from the zombies, like Papi.

She looked at her companion. No weapons, eh?

She couldn't deal with that now. Three of the fraggers were almost on top of her. She whipped out her Browning and blew the kneecaps off number one as the zombies lurched out the door.

The zombie collapsed to the floor. Immediately it began crawling towards Crystal and Papi - They let it.

Then Crystal grabbed Papi, and the two dashed around the zombies, into the building.

Crystal tried to haul the doors closed. Papi saw, and started to help her. Between them, they shut themselves off from the zombies.

Denied their source of living food, the two mobile zombies decided to eat their kneecapped friend instead. Momentarily confused, the downed zombie began to feast on himself too.

Crystal took Papi up the darkened stairs, to her flat. They were both shattered by now, but Crystal was still cautious when she opened the door. She'd had 'intruders' several times before.


Up in Crystal's flat, Papi just had to take a breather. Any furnature was too far to walk to, and she balled herself up in a corner. She didnt have her knees in her chin out of fear, but by internally kicking herself from not being armed. What if military police set up a sting? She'd have no choice but to take the bullets like a (wo)man.

But the credsticks...they could get her out this bind...

Papi regained her composure, and asked where the bathroom was. Crystal simply pointed to a door down a dark corridor.

Inside, she made some calls, making sure the actual words were disrupted by constant ruffling of cloth, and the occasional running faucet.

Finally, she reemerged, then leaned against a window sill, keeping the little phone facing outside into the night sky. Somebody was to make a trip close to here to ensure the "femme fatales" will stay alive tonight.


Maniac kept joyriding and dominating the streets, this just might be the last time he'd be able to.


Crystal wasn't sure wat Papi was up to - She seemed unusually quiet. As quiet as she was, but she had an excuse...

She handed her a glass of Big D's Finest Vodka, and sipped her own one, and showed Papi a message she'd typed.

Better get some sleep. We've got a long day ahead tomorrow, and a flight to catch.

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