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The city was pretty clearly divided betwen Dragons, and the (meta)humans who made up the bulk of the population, yet were reduced to second-class citizens. curving, crenellated towers of plasteel soared into the skies - Quite a few still had construction drones crawling over them, repairing the damage done in last year's attack.

The towers seemed to form a ring around the edges of the city, with a large central cluster of towers in the middle. At present, the 'runners stood in the ring between that and the edge towers. It seemed to be the default human area. Here outside the airport was obviously a tourist area. Some kind of streetmarket selling cheap plazzy tourist crap was ensnaring the naive. There was a pretty big simcade too.

Further north was shadier part of the city, most prominently a bar named Wormwood's.

The opposite direction, clockwise around the ring, high rise human habitats and office blocks could be seen.


Thomas did find someone suspicious...

A big group of suspicious people... Several of them were big, scarred tough guys... One was a woman with blue hair and a big scar across her throat.

The big guy out in front (Iceman) gave a withering look at the gnome, as if he wanted to squash him underfoot...


Rusty stretched and yawned, guard duty was a drag! He had enjoyed talking with his old mate Chance, until that ballbreaker Iceman had gone all drill sargeant on them. Rusty had never been particulary fond of the officers who took their power over the regular soldier too far. Rusty, arms still outstretched above his head, turned to his fellow guard, Alex, and asked;

"So mate, what's your story?"

Alex turned his head to look at the Australian, Rusty could see the strange scar on his face, and replied;

"It's nothing important."

Rusty waited for the man continue speaking but he didn't, the guy just didn't seem to be the talkative type....


Jessica had quietly followed Iceman's directions, she had been very uncomfortable with the idea of placing her hand on the backside of another person, so she settled for the small of their back.

After Iceman had told everyone to take a look around Jessica had wandered to a shopfront and began inspecting the goods available, not that she wanted to buy anything though, Nuyen was scarce and she was going to stretch the credstick she had been given as far as possible. As her eyes swept past the fine goods on display Jessica thought about the quiet man who had been left with the Australian to guard the private jets. Alex. He seemed familiar, the scar on his face resonated within her memory.....there had once been a man with a scar like that....but was it really him?

Jessica kept examining the wares, not daring to return to Iceman yet.


Plugin decided to find a good place to jack into the matrix.... he needed to check about and see some things.... and do some things.... and test the new minidiscs... he found a place, and decked in...
in a small unused chat room, an electric cord/snake appeared..
*Plugin has entered MISC. chat*
"run search for Crystal Cell"
*searching.... search found.*
/message Crystal Cell "hey crys, it's plugin... where you at? Anyway... what do you think of this Iceman guy?" /end message

now it was time to test the discs... first he tested his avatar list.... each file worked perfectly... then, he ran his defence protocol... everything seemed to work... man he loved messing with ICE... when he was a kid, decking in just for fun, learning the ropes, he had been caught by these programs... luckilly, he never decked into anything without a link termination program running.... when the ICE hit him, he would disconnect from the Matrix, instead of suffering horribly... now, it was their turn to suffer....

checking out some old site he found, he sat down to watch something he thought so stuipid and idiotic it was funny.... Arfenhouse!!!1 and Arfenhouse too!!1 ... he decided to waste some time before "reporting" back to Iceman....


After greeting her parents and showing Mary around in the huge house, Silvia went to the vidphone, and dialed a number.

"Hello?" said the voice on the phone. The screen remained blank.
"It's me. Silvia. Put on your slegging screen."
"Oh." Red's face appeard on the screen. "Where are you?"
"Safely at home, with no intention to stay there. Where are you?"
"We just left the airport... we're heading north now."
"Right. I'll catch up with you there."
"Eh... I don't know if our 'boss' will like that."
"Really? A good guide is hard to get here... especially for free."
"Hm. What about Mary?"
"She's getting acquainted with the place... she'll stay here. After all that's happened the least I can offer her is a safe place."
"Well if we can believe Bulldog, and that Xecktos guy..."
"I know. That's exactly why I'm coming with you. I wanna make the bastards pay."
"You're crazy."
"Well, getting buked in Geneva, knocked out by a magical comet in Orkistonia and being drowned by a giant squid in Scotland can do that to someone."
"Ah, whatever."
The screen went black again.

Silvia went to the living room. Her dad had left; he had probably shapeshifted back to dragon form by now. Mary was talking with Miranae.

She didn't bother joining the conversation, and went straight to her room to change her clothes.
The t-shirts her mom adapted for her wings were remarkably more comfortable than the one she ripped two holes in in Transys. She quickly changed, and looked around for anything else she might need.
She still had the cred-stick, with a little less than 700 nuyen on it. She considered taking Raven's gun too, but finally decided not ot take it. She used the Storage spell to make it reappear, and hid it in her closet.

Well, that's it then. Let's go find Red.

She went back to the living room.
"I'm going to look for Red... she arrived here a while ago."
"Who's Red?" Miranae asked.
"The woman who was so kind as to give us a place to live during the last two months. She's here for a job, and I'm going to help her."

"A job? What kind of job?"
Silvia looked at her mother. "They're doing what should've been done months ago... find the slegheads that thrashed the city, and make them pay for it!"

She walked outside, unfolded her wings and took off, back to the airport.


"Morning Mam," He gave a passing glace to Iceman. "Sir."

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't crush you, you little runt!" Bellowed Iceman, but Tommy had his attention firmly focused on Crystal. He looked up at her face, he thought he could see a scar under her neck, seemed fresh.

"Accident, mam?" He asked her, she nodded. Tommy was a Gnome, Gnome's were good at putting 2 and 2 together and not comming up with 22. "Mutie then, I take it?" She nodded again. Tommy turned to Iceman. "Well, sir. You are looking at the head of international relations."

You could almost feel Iceman's brain ticking into overtime.

"Why would a city of Dragons have a runt llike you doing anything but shovelling shit?" He ranted out at last.

"Well, Dragons, they intimidate people. And I can do the job better then any bloody elf can!" He thought about this sentance for a minute. "I suppose one could argue that, it makes them seem smaller then they are."

"So..." Said Iceman, coming at last to a conclusion that Crystal had got to 5 minutes ago. "You know this place well, do you?"

"Quite so. Have to, comes with the job. Walk it every morning, and every night." Said Tommy, a tint of pride in his voice.

"Well then..." Began Iceman, a sick grin on his face. "You can show us around. Welcome to the team... "Soldier."


The shadow flew past the citizens quickly.The Air traffic was giving priority to it. Even the dragons, the big ones, stepped aside and let it go its way. From the ground level, the shadow looked like a dragon... carrying a sword. A hell knight.

Some of the dragons took a look at this rare sighting. A golden dragon knight. Golden dragons were scarce, and about no one had seen Hell Knights since the first war. But it was something more.

The creature resembled way too much Servos Firetongue, the deceased Liutenant of Mawroth. But it was not dead at all.

Draco smiled. His fatherīs armour fitted him perfectly. It was natural, since he always resembled his father too much.

More and more passerbys turned up the sight. The Hell knight, the symbol of the past power of the creatures continued its way.

Eventually someone stopped him. A lesser dragon, who boldly asked.

"Servos Firetongue?".

Draco denied it with the head.

"Servos is dead. I am Draco Firetongue, his son."

The dragon who had stopped him stepped aside, with its face puzzled. It was justified. To add more confusion, Draco had been ordered knight by Mawroth itself some time ago. Mawroth... the icy and cold Captain. Icy and cold like his throne. If he werenīt for Servos -and now Draco- He would not want to make friends.
But Draco knew it. He needed alliances amongst the broods and the race. So, with this purpose, he was gonna have a meeting. At Tergannon.


Alex automatically registered the surroundings every time he thought it was needed. Like a soldier. You were never paranoid when guarding things. If something Iceman taught him is that you are never secure.


Silvia landed immediately whe she saw the big dragon in the distance.

Draco. Parading around the city as if he owns it. Typical.

She went into one of the small alleys that was inaccessible to dragons; the last thing she needed now was Draco spotting her. The sleghead had had his chance, and he wasted it.
She ran on through the streets. She wasn't far from the airport.


Alanya looked at the gnome.

Heh. Odd little fella. But I'll eat my deck if he's an official here. Dragons can't even see him without a magnifying glass.


"And what are YOU looking at?" Tommy said to Alanya, he hated Orks. They had no right swanning around, being tall and bulky.

"Head of wateva 'ere eh?" She said, Tommy shuddered at her slurring speech. In a Gnomes opinion, there was nothing worse then one who who had a speech abnormality. You either talked properly, or not at all.

"As a matter of fact I am!" He snapped. "And I don't need a common, under educated fool of a green skin to say otherwise! But, to entertain what may consist of your mind, I will explain my position to you!"

"These Dragons are not fools, My dear Ork. Gnomes are rare, very rare. You put one of them on the negotiating table and you have shocked them already. And us Gnomes have very tidy minds, I'll have you know! A lot more organised then most elves. So I would appreciate it if you do not question my authority again."

Tommy turned to Iceman, he had a dull grin on his face. He liked fights.

"Shall we be going Mr...?"

"Iceman." He snapped.

"Mr. Iceman?"


"Commun, undar educated fool eh?" Alanya grinned. "Dat lil' fragger 'az no idea how wrong he iz."

She looked at the gnome. The little guy wasn't looking at her anymore; he seemed to have decided to treat her like she was less than him.
Alanya had seen a few of them before... and she knew some of the hackers she had encountered online were gnomes. And most of them were pretty good too. She could understand why... after all, in the Matrix, size didn't matter. Only skill mattered.

But this gnome looked too insidious... as if he was constantly plotting to destroy the world or something. She didn't like him at all.


Silvia saw the group of 'runners. Apparently, they were just standing there. When she got a bit closer, she saw why. They all seemed to be waiting for one person; a big brute, that was looking down at something Silvia couldn't see behind the people.
She walked towards Red, and tapped her on the shoulder.
Red brusquely turned around, apparently expecting some kind of attack.
"It's just me." Silvia whispered.
"Oh. Hey Sil." Red replied.
"Call me Demoneye." Silvia replied. "I'm not planning to give my name to anyone here."
"Hm. OK."
"So... what's going on there?"
"Some gnome, claiming to be 'head of international relations' or something like that." Red said.
"Head of...?" Silvia grinned. "Heh. Right. The head of international relations is an Elf called Roweshik that only leaves his office for pre-arranged meetings. But let's see what this gnome is planning to do... Mind you, he'll probably just try to make your big guy's credstick a bit more transparent."
"Iceman. He's the 'boss'. And an asshole."

Silvia took a closer look at Iceman, and caught a glimpse of the gnome too.

Well, well. A gnome.

She remembered having seen some gnomes running through the streets of Geneva, but she never actually met any of them.

Didn't know we had any of them running around in Terganon.


Silvia walked over to Tommy, he looked up at her.

"Ah, Miss... I'm afraid we have never met formally, but your face i familiar." He said, with the fake pleasure he usually put on for Dragons. He didn't know Silvia anything other then a normal, health, and realitivly happy elf, but did know she was a bit of a trouble maker.

"Demoneye." She said simply. "I don't remember seeing you before."

"Well, People don't often look down, but I assure you that you almost trod on me before you left." He wanted to add "A few times" but thought better of it.

"So... I hear you're Head of International Relations." Silvia glared at him. "I thought that was Roweshik"

Tommy smiled at her, this one was easy.

"Ah yes, dear Roweshik." Tommy paused for a moment. "He has left us recently."

"Dead?" Inquired Iceman, with a glint of hope in his eye.

"No, no. Off to seek new experiences. He can rest assured that I will step down when he returns."

"Probly ran 'im though..." Muttered Alanya, still a bit annoyed. Tommy didn't hear it.

Silvia took this in. She had been away for awhile, and it was possible. Something bugged her though. Mostly the fact she was getting no negative feelings or thoughts from him. Except towards Alanya, and dire paranoia towards Iceman.

"Well." Said Red, who was starting to get bored with all this yapping. "This is Demoneye, she will assist the kind man..."

"Tommy." Tommy cut in.

"Mr. Tommy in guiding us." She thought that would be enough to get moving, but it wasn't. So she added... "So can we cut the fragging crap and get on with it!?"


Iceman grinned at the young girl. "Well well... so you're going to show us the nice spots of Terganon, eh?"
Silvia just smiled at him. "Depends on where you wanna be."
"I wanna be everywhere, baby." Iceman replied, and moved his hand to grab Silvia's ass.

Silvia noticed the movement, and moved to intercept the hand. She got hold of Iceman's wrist. It felt cold.

But Iceman was a lot stronger than she suspected. She had to use all her strength to force him back

Sleg! Is this guy a cyborg?!

She struggled to push the hand away, and, much to Iceman's amazement, slowly succeeded in that. In a brusque movement she pulled his arm up, and held it firmly before her. She smiled at him. "I think it might be better if I lead this tour. Mr. Iceman seems a bit too impatient to take the lead. He might get lost."
She let go of Iceman's hand. Iceman threw back his head and laughed.

Silvia was amazed.
Wow... this slegger is stronger as I am!
It was scary and exciting at the same time. Silvia could see he wasn't a cyborg... If he was, she would probably have damaged his arm. No, he was just strong. Really strong. And if she hadn't taken him by surprise she would probably have been unable to do anything against him. Even Tank was barely a match for her half-dragon strength... and this guy was stronger.

Iceman grinned at her. "I like you, girl!"
"Good." Silvia replied. "Cause I'm not planning to leave this group."
Iceman frowned. "What?"
"I'm not here as a tourist guide. I'll come with the group wherever you go without asking for any compensation. The completion of the task is enough for me."
"Who the frag are you?" Iceman said, still smiling.
"I'm Demoneye. And I'm concerned about my city." Silvia said. "But I don't think we should be discussing this here." she added, with a short nod towards the gnome.
"Okay... then what the frag are you?"
"I might ask the same of you." Silvia replied quickly. She started to enjoy this battle of words. "What I am is just as irrelevant as any real name I might have... Sebastian Alkoi"

She smiled, and turned towards the street that ran further to the north. "So, where do you have to be anyway?" she asked.

Nobody noticed the pale look on her face as she turned away... to find Iceman's name she had had to dig deeper in his mind than she had expected... and what she saw in there was horrible. The only thing that had prepared her for anything like that was what she had seen in Sorrow's mind on the battlefield of Geneva.

Death. Dozens of dead people, cold bloodedly killed, one by one. And that was probably just a small part of the horrors that were buried deeper in his mind.


Plugin decided to disconnect and shove everything into his small briefcase... if Iceman were to find out he was using his own cyberdeck... well, the s.hit'd hit the fan....
he prefered his own anyway... it had a black faceplate, and was made to look like a cellphone... although it wasn't... but he could recieve E-Mails on the thing... though he rarely opened them...

also, in his briefcase, he had an exact replica of the cyberdeck... except for the tranquilizer dart installed in it... if someone were to attempt to deck in... they'd have a long, peaceful sleep...

along with these, he brought his 10 microdiscs and a couple clips of ammo. 2 clips were in his pocket, and one in the gun hidden in his jacket....
"there may be no zombies" he muttered " but not just inhuman things like to kill"

as soon as he was finished, he headed back to iceman.. reluctantly....

if iceman ever thinks he can take Plugin's deck... he's gonna be sleepily mistaken...


Throughout the conversation between Silvia, Iceman, Alanya and Tommy, Chance had chosen to remain quiet and just listen. The gnome was the first one that he had even seen in person, and it was pretty surprising how small they got. The soldier knew that the little guy wasn't bluffing when he had boasted of a tidy mind... Chance mental probing was diverted away with the ease of a wrestler declining a arm-wrestling match with a decker.

He's someone to watch. Alanya doesn't like him as well... But then, it might just be the typically Ork distaste for beings smaller than themselves. Chance thought.

He was about to turn his attention away (there were lots of things to see and he was new to the dragon-city) when he heard Iceman's real name. Silvia turned away at the moment, but there was something about her that his astral sense picked up... some sort of horror/shock.

Chance sneaked an eye at Iceman, then at Tommy.

Just great... Two guys who aren't what they seem leading the group. Rosy, just rosy.


Tommy looked around, he'd gone very quiet. He could sense some bad feeling here. He sighed inside his tidy mind. He always seemed to get off on the wrong foot with people. Was the bloody dragons really, too much time around the fraggers rotted the social skills. Especially if you had to use a mega phone every time you wanted to talk to one.
He decided to take his eyes of the Runners for a moment to look down the street. Mostly tourists, crowding around stores like flies around a rotting body. There was everything, Orks, Trolls, Elves, Humans, Dwarves and shady group of Goblins trying to keep as far away and as close to each other as they possibly could at the same time. But there were no Gnomes. Tommy had went his whole life only seeing one other Gnome, and that was his dear old ma. Last time he saw her was when some fragging cat mistook her for a mouse. It happened. Being a Gnome was like watching out for every tiny little thing. So many ways to die, so little you can do to protect yourself. Other then staying alert... Or buying stilts (Is that the spelling for them? ).

"It's a funny old life." He said to nobody in paticler, seemingly oblivious to the events around him. A Gnome's mind isn't just organised, it's very easy to get lost in.


Hearse would have given anything to have been lost in her mind, but she was just plain lost.

It was morning now, and that didn't make it any better. The way the sun shone in those cold, dead eyes... She shuddered. Nobody had walked past yet, but they would, they would. And when they did... No, she thought, Don't think like that, Don't panic.
She leaned over the body of the Dwarf. It had been a mad night, and she wasn't sure how it happened. But she knew she had done it. She'd broken his neck, and now he was dead... Just, lying there.
What was she going to do, what was she going to do?
She calmed down a bit, she searched the body. On it she found several unmarked Cred-Sticks, His wallet, a sealed envelope and a plane ticket.
She hurled the body into the polluted river, and drove off.


Choak looked around. Tergannon. He had no idea why he was here, but he was certain this was where the target had gone too. Following him, silently, he had not been able to find a situation where he could complete the job - and so, he would have to wait. Hopefully, the guy wouldn't leave here again, hard as it would be to kill him on a city as security-concious as Tergannon, he didn't want to be following him - people on the move were generally more aware than those who were sedentary. And besides, he'd have to find some way to gain money before he could get another flight, albeit a cheap one like he had used to get here.

He needed some way to be able to stick with Wolf's group, an excuse to be around him, until the moment. He considered his options, and made his choice.

They looked like runners - the mish-mash of race, age, and gear giving it away - they weren't people who hung around together for fun. He scanned their auras quietly - no dedicated magic users, it looked like.

Runners always needed help. He stood up from the bench he had been observing them from, and made his move.


Tank had spent most of the conversation trying to keep up with what was going on - and not say anything to compromise this. Luna and Sasha had dissapeared, having a look around, to be back later. Right now, Tank knew he had to sort this out.

"Alright," he mumbled, mainly at Silvia and Iceman. "Silv'a and da gnome will both be useful to us as guides, yeh, regardles of wetha or not da gnome is who he says he is. He's been here recen'ly, Silv'a, and I know you ain't, and another guy on da job ain't gonna hurt no more dan it will make da job easier for us. So yer both gonna help us, rite?" His voice had just enough threat in it, that no-one (apart from Iceman, who would have argued if he wasn't so interested in hitting on Silvia) decided to speak against him.

Tank looked around, taking in the rest of the group's faces for a moment, and contined.

"Dat settled, who sez we shouldn't start da job here now? Da quicker it's dun, da quicker we get paid." He turned, and bumped into choak, knocking him to the floor.


Iceman relished in Silvia's discomfort. A jagged grin kept over his craggy features.

"First of all, you all understand just who is in command here. ME, comrades. Me. I aim to complete our little mission, and I aim to run our team like a military unit. Some of you fraggers seem to have a problem with that. You will adjust."

Hmph, its not like we need help or directions, Iceman thought. I already know the address of the guy I want, and a Robotaxi will take us there easy enough... But I like this sweet little bitch. I don't care that she's only 14 or whatever... I'll humour her.

Iceman kept his icy cool demeanour throughout his thoughts, letting nothing show. He kept himself emotionless - Even his lust was cold - Yet still as potent as any man's.

He wasn't called 'Iceman' for nothing.

Silvia led the group to the Robo-taxi rank - Three of the automated vehicles brought them to their destination: One of the ramshackle-looking highrise that housed humans who lived here yet were no longer of any use to their Draconian masters.

Silvia hadn't been here much - The most desolate and down-trodden part of Terganon (not that that meant much), but it was not considered proper in the ruling class circles to come to a place like this. Then again she had been to the Ork slums of Geneva, and they made this seem utopian in comparison.

The 'runners vehicles arrived a few minutes between each other, so as not to look too suspicious.

Iceman strolled through the building's lobby entrance as if he owned the place - And he might well be able to, if he tried: Security here was non-existant. Not even a lobby guard, no visible cameras. A drunk dwarf lay reeking in a puddle in the corner.

Iceman squared up his team...

"Okay, Silvia, you come with me." She'd be good for talking to the guy. He decided to take Tank and Crystal, too - The former for a bit of muscle and the latter in case the door needed to be breached. Lastly he brought Chance along to - He trusted him the most, as an ex-military man like him. Someone to cover his back.

"So what are we doing here, anyway?" Silvia asked.

"Information is given on a need to know basis." Iceman murmured, as they all crammed into a small elevator. Silvia went in first, then Iceman, and the others. When Tank got in, Iceman was pushed into Silvia, the whole of his body pressing against her, pressing her into the wall. She felt trapped, helpless... And that wasn't all she felt.

"Sorry." He smiled, indicating just how sorry he was. Silvia shivered. Iceman liked that all the more.


While the elevator shuddered upwards, the others were left in the lobby, as lookouts. The Dwarf in the corner mumured slightly, and farted.

Plugin was the first to notice another man enter the lobby.

"Excuse me." Said the Japanese-looking man, in a fashionable black suit, carrying a briefcase."

"My... automobile... Broken..." he said, struggling with the words.
"Much apologies... you help?" He asked the 'runners.


Tommy was busy making a fuss over a stray dog when the man came. The dog lifted it's head, sniffed the air and bolted. Tommy shrugged and sat down on the floor. He was quite annoyed, he had nothing to hide (yet) and people didn't trust him. As much as he hated Ork's, he had to agree with himself that that one had saved him from a tight situation... He owed it to him. And he seemed to like Gnomes, Tommy only hoped it wasn't as a main course.

"Please... Help... I... pay?" Tommy continued to ignore him. He was probably bad news. Best not to draw attention to yourself until the attention seeker is clear. Works double for Gnomes.


Meanwhile, a pale elven figure swept down the corridors of one of Terganon's many hotels. This one wasn't that bad, Lancre had been in worse. He had two elven body guards at his side, he'd need them. He checked the piece of paper in his hand, the number "135" was scrawled on it. He looked at the red door in front of him, that was the one. He knocked lightly.

"You may enter." Said a gnarled voice from within, as a muscular Goblin in a crimson robe opened the door.
I feel I should point out, this was no ordinary Goblin. This would be what a Goblin body builder would want to look like. Despite the Goblins size, you got the feeling an Ork would have trouble with this one. Suddenly all faith in Lancre's Elven guard was gone. But he stepped in, ever proud.

"Ah, Lord Lancre. Welcome, Welcome. I see you have brought friends! Malcom, if you would be so kind as to find them a seat." The Goblin at the door nodded, taken Lancre's "guard" away without much fuss. Lancre himself stepped towards a desk, where two more red robes stood behind the man sitting behind the desk. "Please, take a seat. I shall be with you shortly.

Lancre didn't argue, he gracefully sat down in one of the wooden chairs.

"Now..." Began the figure, shrouded in his own black robe. He passed a piece of paper along the desk. "Read."

Lancre picked it up, he read it as he was told, with each word his face went a paler shade of white.

"This... is madness!" He almost yelled. "If it goes wrong, well... There will be a revolt! And not one in our favour!"

The figure put down his pen and gave the elf a stare that even penetrated his hood.

"Any revolt is a good revolt."

"But..." Became Lancre, almost losing himself in his own self-doubt.

"This is the icing on a cake that has spent months in the baking, Lancre. You will not back out on me now." He waved around his room, past his guards and what Lancre could only describe as a "thing" chained up in the corner. Lancre could see it looked like an Ork, but had... two heads. He also made note of the three arms. It looked quite peaceful, but Lancre didn't want to test that theory. "The chains may look solid Lancre, but not when you have the key. And I would forget your guards, they will not help you." Said the figure again, seemingly reading his mind. "That is the plan Lancre, now get going or you will be late for your big apperance."

Lancre caved in.

"Yes, your Visonary." He muttered. The got up.

"One more thing Lancre..." Said the figure as the elf turned to leave. "Don't fail me, I could use a good worm like yourself in the future."

With that Lancre left, Only the words "This had better be worth it!" running though his mind afterwards.


Exiting the elevator near the top of the building, Iceman, Crytsal, Tank and Chance walked as quietly as they could along the corridor, followed by a very relieved Silvia.

The carpet here was worn bare, and the plasteel walls were dented and smeared. Bits of paper littered the hallway.

Eventually Iceman brought them to a stop outside one seedy-looking apartment.

'Bashir' was printed on the door.

Iceman nodded to Crystal, who quickly scanned around the edges of the door. She spotted a contact that had been added to the frame of the door, just behind the battered panel of the maglock keypad. She pointed it out to Iceman, who bared his teeth in distaste.

"Damn, well, I suppose we better knock politely."

He pressed the buzzer - There was no sound. In the end he did have to knock.

After a while, the door creaked open. A brownish-skinned, wide-eyed, sweating, shaky dwarf with a shaved beard (and lots of cuts) stared out at them.

"Whatchew wan'?"


Plugin looked at the rest of the gang. "so, should we help this guy? i really don't give two frags. you decide..."

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