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Alanya looked at the man. She didn't like this place very much... reminded her too much of where she had lived in Britsprawl. She was all too aware of the fact that every man asking for help could be planning to smash your skull to steal your money.

"Ride a Dragon, Fragger." she said. "We ain't in da mood ta help."


Iceman grinned, and stepped back, leaving Silvia before the dwarf.
Silvia frowned and looked at Iceman. He just folded his arms and grinned.

He's expecting me to talk to that dwarf?

"Sorry, can't help you with that," Silvia said. She pointed her thumb to Iceman. "He told me that info was on a need to know basis, and apparently he didn't think I needed to know. So ask him."
She stepped back, and smiled at Iceman.

Think you're smart eh? Hah.


Plugin just stood there... when suddenly, it got chilly, and Plugin's hairs started to stand on end. "hey... does anybody else feel that?" he said...
"Eh, it's prolly just da wind" said Alayna

"I don't think so... i think i ought to leave... this place is giving me the creeps" he said, as he headed outside and sat down.

"that was..odd..." he said... waiting for everybody else to come outside...


Ash crossed her arms and pointedly looked away from the Japanese man... Chance hated them during the asian wars, and apparently, some of the dislike had rubbed off on her. That man wasn't going to get any help, even if she knew how to fix a car in the first place.


Chance had noticed the friction between Silvia and Iceman in the lift, but again he was torn between duty and friendship. One made him stick to the code of conduct, shut up and follow orders. The other wanted to stick up for Silvia. In the end, Chance simply kept silent.

But now his senses were screaming an alert to him... The dwarf in front of him was scared, plain quaking in his boots. And the beard, or rather lack thereof, was another dead give-away... Chance knew little about dwarfs, but he had heard that their beards were worn with pride... especially for an Egyptian one. This dwarf had lost his beard (and by his own hand too, judging from the cuts), indicating that it had either been forcibly removed (in which the dwarf would have died to prevent happening)... or he was trying to hide from someone.

Iceman seemed to be oblivious to the implications of the missing beard... The sooner the runners found out what was happening, the better things would be. Chance decided that they couldn't wait for the contest between Iceman and Silvia and spoke up instead.

"Are you Mareban Bashir? We need to speak to him."


The Dwarf's eyes went wide in shock, like a gnome trapped in the headlights of a roadtrain at night.

"You... You..." He tried, spitting out incomprehensible sounds halfway between anger and outright fear, giving up halfway through.

He bolted.

His escape attempt was stopped short by Iceman, who held an Iron grip on the Dwarf's arms, and he was jerked up into the air, legs flailing uselessly..

"Knew you would try that." He grinned smugly.

Then it was Iceman's turn to go wide-eyed. One of the stumpy little legs got him in just the right place - Between the legs. Grunting in pain, Iceman still didn't let the Dwarf go, but the Dwarf touched ground for a second, pulling Iceman into the room.

The door flew open, revealing the most threadbare flophouse anyone had seen for a good long time. Discarded issues of Playork and some Grexonic Arts games littered the floor.

Chance rushed in to help Iceman restrain the Dwarf - He was heading for a fire-escape door. The 'runners had seen from the outside there was a rickety staircase leading all the way up the side of the building. The two of thm brught down the stubborn little guy easily - Tank moved up behind them, eager to get inon the action, chuckling to himself.

"Idiote!" Snarled Iceman. "We are here to help you!"

"Idiote yourself, o bitch of a camel!" Bashir yelled. "If you know why I'm here, THEY know I'm here!"


Jaguar Leader could scarcely believe what the smartlinked-sniper scope was telling him.

Were these the same 'runners from Geneva, all that time ago? Before the buke, before the Daemons had erupted from whatever hellish dimension they did?

His predescessor had told him all about them... And now he was where his predescessor had once been.

Funny that, he thought, Activating his headware comm-link with a thought.

"Jaguar leader to all units. Its go time!"

Taking the first action, he sighted on the centre of mass of the big Ork he could see through the building's window across the street, and fired three times.


The 'runners in the lobby heard the rifle-fire - But by then it was too late.

The Japanese guy dropped his case. It sprang open in mid-air, and two Shin Chou Kogyo Machinepistols seemed to jump into his hands. he sprayed them around the room liberally.

Alanya was at the back of the group - She felt movement behind her.

"Looking for me?" Growled the 'drunk' Dwarf. He stood in a zen pose, and let out a fierce ki shout. His hands started to glow with energy. Magic energy.

Aw frag, some kind of magic-martial artist she thought.

The bottle in the Dwarf's hand also glowed - It glowed white hot, yet he seemed to have no trouble holding it.

"LETS DANCE, BITCH!" He roared, swinging the bottle...


Plugin stood up, and just stared...
"holy hell... what's going on in there?!?" he said... he saw some people shooting from the outside ( correct me if i'm wrong wes....)
"crap" he thought "


Tommy had ran for cover, you didn't need much of it when you were smaller then the average Goblin. He was hiding near the elevator shaft, he had remained unnoticed for now, but it was only a matter of time. He had a plan, but he needed to get ready. This was his chance to get these people's trust. He took out an old Oak box, that his grandpa had given to him before he had died. It must have been years old, you didn't even see many Oak trees anymore. In it were three pieces of metal tubing, and on the lower layer there were six darts. Two Tranquilizers, Three poison and one that not even Tommy knew the contents of.
He assembled the tube very carefully, and took out a poison. He shook it up for maximum effect and loaded it. The reason Tommy had this bizare weaponry was that any gun he could fire would do frag all. He made a dart for, what looked like, a discarded 3DTV, amazing what people threw out, and ran again when it was shot to pieces. He had to get behind the fragger without being noticed. He took a deep breath, and made a run for it. By the time the gun weilding maniac had noticed anything, Tommy was underneath him. He fired. Bullseye.
The man moaned, then slumped to the floor. Tommy looked around, anybody down here could be against them. He kicked away the man's guns and yelled,

"TO THE LIFT! QUICK!" He then ran for the elevator, he knew it was a bad idea to go up, but somebody had opened thedoor, and he'd feel much safer with that Iceman bloke around. Not noticing the Mage Ninja, he ran into the elevator, and waited for the others.


Chance's earlier realization of the fact that the dwarf was unbearded gave him a slight advantage in reaction... He knew that there was a threat present, and as the window exploded inwards, punched through by rifle fire, he clamped his eyes shut and activated an emergency evasive spell.


There was a whump and a sudden spell of ozone as the room was suddenly filled with blinding, dazzling light. It was only for a microsecond, but Chance hoped that it would be enough to dazzle whoever had been concentrating on his scope and shooting into the apartment.

Rolling over but still keeping down, he pulled out his pistol and sighted on the fire-escape door, firing twice at either side of its frame, scouting rounds to hit anyone 'stacked' for entry outside. The 5mm rounds might be considered small-calibre... but Chance was an advocate of APDU. Holes the size of fists appeared in the wall.


Ash leaped and rolled into cover behind an abandoned sofa the moment she heard the giveaway 'click's of guns cocking... Her katana was in her hand before she knew it. Bullets punched into the material, but suddenly falling silent. Ash hazarded a look just to see the Japanese man collapse and Alanya dodge a blow from the dwarf...


Jaguar leader cursed as his scope overloaded for split-second from the magical light. It was a top-range scope, with built-in flare compensation... But evidently not top-range enough.

The split second was all the targets had needed to get out of sight. But Jaguar had had the satisfaction of seeing the big Trogg take a round or two in the chest.

"Jaguar two, BREACH!" He yelled - Just in time to see Jaguar two grunt and stumble on the fire escape. Hit by a stray - Or well-aimed?- shot from inside. The operative was alive still - Jag could see from Jag 2's readout on his HUD - But incapacitated for now.

He switched onto Thermographic mode: The targets were still in the room, huddled behind solid cover. He sent several rounds in to keep their heads down. He reloaded his 7.62mm Calibre Accuracy Imternational rifle and sighted on the fire escape door: No-one would use that and live.


Bashir was screaming madly, incoherently.


Iceman was keeping him and Silvia pressed behind cover, while shouting to Chance.

"Can you see him, Tovarish?"

"Opposite building." Chance could tell. He switched to astral perception - The building was full of life. But - there! - One figure on the secind from top floor in a room. He displayed clear hostile intentions, not masked at all by the fear emanating from those in the building recating to the shots.

Handy, isn't it, your astral sense? Remarked Lupus.

Crystal looked over Tank. He'd been hit twice, but was still on his feet.

"What you do, bloo har?"

She pointed out the two neat red circles on his chest.

"Oh. Dat nuthin'. Bit by fly."


As the amazingly high rate of fire of the machinepistols died away, Jessica and Maniac reeled away with small wounds from the light calibre ammo. The guy had spent so much time looking cool, his aim was all over the place.

The Dwarf noticed Ash - A real opponent. This decker could wait for later.

He swung the bottle carefully at her. As expected, she veered away from it - Straight into his left hook that connected with her temple, putting her unconsious almost immediately.

"C'mon ya skinny fragga!" He grinned, about to advance on Ash.

Then he threw the glowing bottle to distract her. It exploded into white-hot fragments at her feet, just as he - with blinding speed for his stumpy legs - Leapt into a somersaukt kick at her throat...


The Dwarf had made one mistake though... turning his back on an Ork.
Alanya knocked the dwarf against the wall. She didn't hesitate, and immediately threw her full weight on the little fragger.

The dwarf tried to jump out of the way when he noticed, but he was still recovering from the blow Alanya had dealt him. He was knocked against the floor, with 170 kilos (375 lbs.) of Ork on top.
Alanya grabbed the dazed dwarf's throat and hit him against the wall. The dwarf was knocked out.

"Ah got 'im." Alanya said to Ash, who got up slowly. "Wot now? Kill 'im?"
"No..." Ash replied. "Better save him for Iceman."
Alanya grabbed the Dwarf and dragged him into the elevator. She almost stepped on Tommy when entering, but she really couldn't care less at the moment.
"Watch where you put your fragging waste bins!" the gnome screamed.
And a bit later "Well, what are you waiting for? Press the damn button!"
"Shaddup." Alanya said, while searching her pockets for something to restrain the Dwarf. "Ah only came 'ere becauze dey can't hit us 'ere."

She pulled a cable out of one of her pockets - the one she had used to connect her 'deck to the 3DTV to see the model of LEE's head.
She threw the Dwarf face-down on the elevator floor and put the cable tightly around his arms and feet, binding them together to make sure he couldn't move at all.
She pushed him with his head in the corner, so that he wouldn't see anything if he woke up, even if he lifted his head.

You can't be too careful with these magic fraggers.


Silvia looked at Tank. "Are you OK?"
"Shur' am." the big Ork replied.
"Great." Silvia smiled. "By the way, Tank... call me Demoneye, OK? We're on a run."
"Oh, rite."


Before following Alanya, Ash turned and snapped to Papi.

"We need a vehicle! Grab a couple of runners and get one. The rest of us will help the people upstairs. We can't stay here! This entire place is an ambush!"


"If it wasn't for ME you'd have been cut down by bullet's you fragging half-brained Ork." Tommy muttered as the Ork tied up the Dwarf. "Come on people! Anybody out there could be after us!" He yelled with the urgency that said "Get your arse in here now!" and the hidden meaning that was "I don't want to spend all day in a confined space with a stinking Ork".

Slowly the runners moved towards the lift, some nursing their wounds.

"Can we take everyone?" Asked Ash.

"Dunno..." Came the voice that sent shivers down Tommy's spine, Alanya. "We kan alwayz kum bak..."

"Seems a dangerous idea... How do we know something isn't going on up there." Tommy sighed. "Rocks and hard places come to mind..."

He slumped into a corner of the elevator, they could sort this out for themselves.


Just as Alanya was securing the Dwarf...

His arms shot back behind him, the cable actually dissolving where it touched his skin, grabbing Alanya's arms...

She gave a blood-curdling shriek. Blood fountained from the deep gouges his fingers had left.

With lightning speed, he threw her off like she weighed nothing, slamming her back into Ash and the side of the elevator. Tommy was knocked aside, and knocked for six, the blowpipe skittering to the floor between The Dwarf's feet. He stepped on it, with a crunch.

"I guess you never met an adept with Razor Hands, Trogg Bitch!"

He hut the elevator door before anyone else could get in.

As he spoke, his hands took on that eerie glow again.

He jumped on Alanya's head (both his feet still being bound together), and she was on the floor. Then again, and again, until blood poured out and she didn't move.

"Got you back, bitch."

And by now, the elevator was moving up, leaving Ash and the Adept-Dwarf alone.

"Now, before I was so rudely interrupted..." He snarled, preparing to fight Ash with both feet tied together...

With his lethal hands, and her fire-touch, this was going to be an interesting battle.

Ash also realised she had been cut off from the others, and that maybe this was the Dwarf's plan all along...


Ash withdrew the other shorter blade from her waist, pumping a pulse of heat energy down her arms into both swords. The elevator was confined... She knew that the smaller blade, the tanto, would become her main striking weapon.

But then, so did the dwarf...

Ash saw his eyes flicker to the blade as he sized up the options. He moved his bound feet slightly, moving his body so that a blow from Ash's left arm (holding the tanto) would be easier to dodge.

"Anything you can do, I can do better, bitch." He snarled.

Then he was a blur of motion, striking out with his fists. Ash parried the blows with her tanto... sparks flying where the metal grinded against arm guards that the dwarf wore. Her longer blade was useless in such close quarters... Ash needed more space to swing the deadlier katana.


She backed away to a corner of the elevator, bringing her right sword arm down across her body as if in preparation for a katana undercut. The dwarf noticed it immediately and moved to counter the blow. Ash moved in response, her tanto's minute movement enough to catch the dwarf's attention. He was fast... realising that Ash was using the longsword as a distraction and striking with the short one instead, he brought his arms up in preparation to block the coming blow.

Or so he thought...

Nice reactions... but wrong blade, pal. Ash thought.

Instead of striking at the dwarf, her left arm did a sudden and totally unexpected move... Flicking her hand upwards, she sent her tanto, the one that the dwarf was guessing to be her striking weapon, flying vertically into the air above his head. It stuck, stabbing into the lift ceiling.
Height was her advantage... the dwarf tilted his head back for the tiniest moment as he followed the blade. By the time he realized what was happening, it was too late to either bring down his arms to block or to watch Ash's next move.

Ash stepped nimbly to her right, then calmly but swiftly brought her katana in a backhand sweep from her lower left and upwards. The blade ended up ripping a hole in the side of the elevator and sending a fierce judder up her right arm... there wasn't enough space for the swing to end fully.

But the job was done... Sliced from right kidney to left clavicle, the dwarf clutched at his stomach in horror as intestines slopped wetly out of the gaping cut. Ash pulled her tanto from the ceiling with her free left arm, then shoved it forward and up into the dwarf's nose, cutting through the nasal cavity... a weak point in the skull, and straight into his brain.

The dwarf gurgled... his metahuman constitution still defying death. But then Ash twisted the blade firmly and sent another pulse of heat energy through the sword, mashing and cooking the contents of his skull before sliding the blade out. The dwarf convulsed and swayed... then collapsed messily on the floor of the elevator, sprawling over Alanya.


Chance started to go for the main door, suspecting that the fire escape, exposed to gunfire from other surrounding buildings, was a deathtrap. But then he realized that the window overlooked the door...

The sniper was smart... fragging smart. He had sited himself perfectly to cover the main door and only opened fire when everyone was in the room and trapped within. Next step would be to either gas the room, or send grenades in.

As if reading his thoughts, the 'thump' of a grenade launcher sounded from outside and a canister bounced off the lip of the window. It tumbled into the room, landing near Iceman.

The colonel might be an asshole, but he was no idiot. He shot an arm out and flipped the grenade back out where it streamed a long trail of tear gas down the side of the building.

Chance racked his brain for options... Then saw Tank do the smartest thing that the soldier had ever seen a Trogg do. Careful to stay of sight of the sniper, the ork calmly lumbered over to the nearest wall in the apartment facing towards the direction of the elevator. Tank then brought both his fists crashing into the concrete. Multiple cracks appeared... before a earth-shaking kick sent half the wall backwards into the living room of Bashir's long-fled neighbour.

"Dis way." The ork grumbled as he lumbered through the concrete dust.


Jessica had been stung by a lightweight slug from the Japanese man's random spray. The small bullet had hit her shoulder, sent her spinning and threw her onto the floor, an action that probably prevented her from taking more bullets and possibly saving her life.

For a seeming eternity Jessica lay there, a trickle of blood staining the floor. She watched a small puddle of blood form before her eyes, her thoughts drifted lazily through her mind.

Little feet padded past her as the Gnome, Tommy, made his way to the Japanese man as he continued to spray hot lead in a random fashion. The sudden appearance of the Gnome startled Jessica enough to shake her out of her trance and propell her into action.

Jessica realised she was still bleeding, her hand shaking she stuffed a gauze pad into her jumpsuit and angled it between the wound and the hole in her clothes.


Rusty was really bored, he contemplated calling Chance on his recently exchanged Comms number but thought it better that he leave the others to thier business. Rusty turned to Alex and again tried to initiate contact;

"Mate, feel like taking five and nipping off to the Speak Easy for a quick brew or two? That bugger, Iceman, has left us with the bum job of holding the horses, I say we enjoy the sights and sounds of Terganon while we can. Tell me, who's gonna steal two private jets while we're gone?"

Alex looked the man up and down with a scowl on his face, the Australian certainly didn't give up easily. Most people made one attempt to be friendly, got the cold shoulder and then left Alex alone. That was how it had been for years and that was how Alex had liked it but this loud mouthed man was persistant and didn't seem to have any ulterior motives about him, in any case, if the man proved antagonistic Alex could handle him. Alex could see the truth in Rusty's words, Iceman had left the two behind on a milkrun; no risk, easy and incredibly boring. Alex was torn between his natural duty to his commanding officer and the temptation to go AWOL with the rigger, Rusty.



Alex nodded softly, his dislike of Iceman had tipped the scales.

"Let us go, we should be quick lest the ball breaker returns to find us disobeying orders."

Rusty broke into a smile and clapped Alex on the back.

"That's the spirit mate! What's yer poison? Beer? Wine?"

Alex replied calmly;

"Have you ever tried Vodka, comrade?"


Rusty and Alex had made their way to a nearby bar and had shouted each other drinks. Rusty grimaced and spoke;

"Urk. That vodka is pretty awful, how do you drink it?"

Alex smiled and replied;

"It takes years of practice to properly enjoy vodka, do not worry man, I suspect you won't ever have to go through those years as I have."

Alex sipped the beer Rusty had bought him, while the taste wasn't overpowering the malty beverage wasn't particulary enjoyable. Alex commented solemnly;

"Perhaps we should stick to our on preferred drinks, nyet?"

Rusty grinned, overjoyed at the prospect of drinking something he liked, and lifted his mug and said;

"I'll drink to that!"


Swish swish

The windscreen wipers swished to and fro, wiping the droplets of water off the window.

The engine rumbled softly, dragging itself and the vehicle along the freeway.

Raven had been driving some time, his poor eyesight meant that he had to drive slowly in order to avoid crashing in to things. He had never gotten round to delivering that cache of ammo he had promised Crystal, after leaving the bar he had just hopped into his van and started driving. By now Crystal would probably be in Terganon.

Raven's pistol, The Negotiator, had last been in his hands back in Orkistonia during the passing of Halley's comet. He had gone in search of it, he was going to track it down no matter what!

Still, Raven felt alone, tired and empty. His hand reached down and fingered the comms unit lying on the passenger seat, he thought about calling Crystal but realised she couldn't talk back, only send .txt messages. Raven remembered that he hadn't called his parents in a while. He dialled their home number quickly, eager for human contact.

After a few moments of ringing a face appeared on the screen, it was Raven's father.

"Hello? Who praytell is calling at this ungodly hour, eh?"

Raven brought the comms unit up to his face and smiled, slowing the van down to a crawl to ensure he didn't cause an accident (never use your comms unit while driving children!) but received several angry honks as other drivers overtook him.

"Hey dad, it's me."


Tommy soon got up, he couldn't explain why. But his mind never liked being down for long, was a waste of the day. The Gnome barely slept. But when he took in the scene, he suddenly wished he hadn't woken at all.

"What the bloody hell happened here then?" He asked Ash, who seemed to be the only person alive and close by. She didn't feel she needed to answer.

The Gnome shrugged, waiting for the "what next" part of the conversation to pop up.


Yellow Jerry wiped his head, he'd never seen so much sweat in his life. He was excited, yet afraid at the same time. He'd been up for many nights building this... well, work of art! And now it was going to be put in action, of how pleased he was! He took out a piece of rag and gave the timer a wipe. A foolish thing to do, but pride got the better of him.
In his dark corner, he carefully and quietly made the last few adjustments to the explosive device. Sercurity had been quite a challenge, he thanked the Revolutionary that this was just a building of the "lesser races" and not a Dragon compound. But he'd got in, he could get out. He was sure of it.
He set it to detonate in ten minutes, looked around for any signs of life and made a swift exit into the shadows.

The job was done.


Bulldog stood, his boots sinking into the heavy coating of snow. He was wearing his black robe, that was soon becoming white, and carrying a small black bag. Besides him stood Al-Ralaf, even under the cowel of the robe, Bulldog could see the old fools worried features.

"Ah don't like this James!" He muttered. "He's too clever for us..."

"He may be, My old friend, but he's also a madman." Bulldog quelled the rabid dogs in his own stomach and continued. "He may have been a blessing to begin with, but he needs to be killed quickly and remembered that way before he proves otherwise."

With that, the two took a deep breath and walked to the unmarked building. It had it's windows boarded up, plain brown brick work and one wooden door that had seen better times. It truely was old. And Bulldog didn't like old mysterous things... thy had a habit of being deadly.


"fraggin hell" Plugin spoke, as he quickly grabbed the gass canister and threw it back at the people that were firing at him. It was like they were raiding the place for something... or someone... "damnit Ice... what the fraggin hell have you gotten me into..." he said... He pulled out his gun, made sure it was loaded, made sure the safety was off, and made sure he was out of the line of fire...

"fragging hell....if that worker at the Cyb0r St0re were to say "have a nice Day" to me now... i'd put 12 shots right into his brain..."


Jaguar had lost two men. That was unfortunate, but to be expected: It wasn't like these were properly-indoctrinated Jaguars he was using, anyway.

And now his mission was almost complete.

The targets were scattered, seemingly running in all directions. some upstairs, some downstairs, some being pinned by him -

What the-

According to his thermal scope, they were making a break for it. Literally.

"Can't be having that."

There was a window in this next apartment too. But he didn't need it. He placed a round in the big Trogg's ankle just as all the 'runners seemed to be crowding into one space. The fragger went down, causing mayhem.

Then he put some more rounds through the window for good measure, to discourage more movement.

Firing until his smartgun readout told him the Walther was empty, Jaguar left the rifle where it lay and left the room.

His backup, a Jamaican Ork by the unholsome name of 'Spray' glanced at him.

"Take over. I'm going down to ground-level. Keep their heads down."

"Got it, mon." Said the dreadlocked Ork. He stomped into the room and clumsily took up the rifle. The trigger guard was too small for his fingers, and he didn't seem to realise there were no bullets in the magazine...


The 'runners in Bashir's room dared not move for threat of sniper fire. They couldn't stay here either - Whoever these fraggers were, the could be coming in through that door any minute, despite Chance's pistol fire.

Time to speak in three dimensions, thought the Iceman. He pulled Crystal over and made some hand gestures to her.


The elevator stopped, and the 'runners inside spilled out, grateful, gagging on the stench of blood and the Dwarf's opened bowels. Especially poor Tommy. He was more than half covered in the unspeakable gore now spilling out from the elevator.

"So wot way da we-"

Alanya's question was cut short by a controlled series of explosions, which coud have been mistaken for some firecrackers if not for the rending crash of construction plastic that followed.

The sound was from just down the corridor. No-one was coming out of their decrepit apartments to investigate, if even anyone was in them. Sensible.

A panting, out of breath and dishevelled figure rounded the corner just next to the elevator - Ash almost opened him as easily as she had the Killing-Hands Dwarf, before recognising Plugin, who had heard the explosion...


I can't believe that worked Crystal gasped, choking on dust and fumes. Her ears had popped and blood was dripping from them, and she was surprised that she still had all the fingers left on the hand Tank had walked on.

She'd set up a controlled string of breaching charges on the floor of Bashir's neighbours. It was a direct order from Iceman, so she couldn't very well refuse, though it seemed pretty silly to her. The charges hadn't actually been able to blow a whole in the floor - But when Tank stepped on the damaged floor, he provided the impetus and fell through, taking Silvia and Crystal with him.

Once they saw the three were okay, Iceman dropped down with Bashir, leaving Chance as rearguard.


Jessica nursed her wound. But she found she couldn't relax. The assailants were taken care of, but she knew it wasn't over. Not just yet, anyway. What it was, she couldn't quite tell.

Adrenaline and blood pumped through her veins. People were waving weapons around everywhere, which in a way provided comfort. There was an odd kind of buzzing noise. She thought it was some kind of probem with her ear, or jacks. You got that somethimes, especially when jacks had taken knocks.

She realised what it was - Just in time to see the Robocab barreling full-throttle (not that that was saying much) at the bulding lobby. The buzzing noise grew louder - It was the electric engine redlining.

And it was heading straight for Sasha.


Jaguar leader watched in amazement as the robocab driven by one of his employees zoomed straight at the building in a kamikaze attack. He knew who was driving it, too: 'Chainsaw' Chip Chellers, some bearded long-haired CAS Trailer Trash he'd been saddled with.

If he took himself out along with some of the 'runners...

So much the better.


Plugin had seen out of the right of his eyes that there was a figure entering the hallway VIA the elevator... he didn't give it any second thought until... it clicked...and he remembered who the person was

"Hey, any idea what the frag is goin on? All i know is that they're shootin at us and usin gas..."

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