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Crystal walked into the Road-Train/Bus, with Rusty, Jessica, Chance and Ash by her side. She levelled the weapon she'd obtained last night at the new figure.

More fraggers. More more more... They just seem to walk in off the street. Well. as professionals, we've got a reputation to uphold...

"Hold it there." Chance hissed, thinking along the same lines. "Who are you, and how the frag did you get here?"

"I mean you no harm" Benedict repeated.

"Wait!" Silvia shouted, piercing ears with her Shrill voice.

Uh uh. Crystal shook her head, remembering the less-than-trustworthy way Silvia had joined the team. And the weird way Iceman acted around her...

She looked at Chance, he nodded. She looked at Rusty, too. He looked puzzled, but then imitated Chance by pointing his pistol at the two, while Ash covered the back.

"Well now, 'Silvia'. Another guest. Seems you're pretty friendly with each other." Chance sneered, letting out his Professional's distaste.


"ENOUGH!" The sudden shout was enough to startle them both into silence for the time being.

"You two are going to be tied up for a while, and we'll let the bosses decide what to do with you."

"Big fella," Rusty said, gesturing to Jolly. "Give us a hand, mate? We could use that Choak feller too, if he's around."

Someone emerged from a bunk, looking rather the worse for where.

"Whu-" Murmured Plugin. "Who's got the power tools on?"

"Get over here mate." Chance commanded. Plugin scrambled past the two half-dragons.

There was no way out of the bus now, the two were backed into a corner. There was no way out, apart from over the 'runner's guns.

"Be careful, she gotz de trickses" Jolly said, still rubbing his sore patch.

"I'll look out for that." Chance noted.

Iceman might not like this Crystal realised. But this has gone on long enough. Time to get some professionalism back into this job, and if Iceman doesn't like it... We'll have to 'relieve' him...

Plugin tossed some velvet-lined metal cuffs at the two. He'd found them in Tyme's private room, upstairs.

"Good one mate." Chance congratulated him. "Now, you two come quietly. Or else."

(Artificial Idiot)

Jolly was handed the cuffs by Chance. He knew the drill, put them on the "prisoner", tie them up for safe keeping and stand by watching. But something compelled him to resist, even if his life was forefit. He crushed the cuffs in one giant Troll hand, Jolly wasn't a great thinker. But he knew what Justice was, he'd been on the wrong side of the law enough to know.

"Innacent 'til proved guilty." He muttered. "Let 'em speek out beefor judgement at least."

He saw the scornful look in Crystal's eyes, he knew he'd over stepped the line. But for once, the possiblity of death didn't scare him. He flopped down into one of the chairs, staring forward. It was true he was a prisioner, but they asked for help and he refused.

"Yer make me sick. Even in da gangz, we let 'em 'ave dere say beefor we do anythin'." He said a little more defiently. Shaking his head. "Make me sick, da lotta ya... fraggers..."

He sat down, awaiting what was t come next, he didn't really know they had no chance of detaining two powerful half-dragons anyway. But he noticed they were a little more hesitant without him.


"Calm the frag down!" Chance hissed. "Sil will have her say in the end. We're just going to wait for the boss."

"Where the frag is he, anyway?" Rusty wondered, aloud.

Out the back, Jesica was busy blindfolding the rent-a-cop, keeping an eye out for any other fraggers who might wander in off the streets.


"Look, Chance..." Silvia said. "Just because I don't blow the brains out of any person that comes near me doesn't mean I'm selling out the group, OK?"
"But you think letting fraggers like this into our staging area is good for security?" Chance replied.
Silvia sighed, and stared at the ground. "He's a half-dragon, man. The first other half-dragon I 've ever seen. Was I supposed to just throw him out?"
"Besides," she added, "I was shot twice, remember? Not a fragging lot I could do."

Chance sighed. "Fine... But I still say we let the boss decide what to do with him."
He looked at Benedict. "And that we 'secure' him."
"He's not even here for me." Silvia said. "He's here for Jessica. So don't you go blaming me for everything here."
"Look, girl... we found a fragging rent-a-cop sniffing around." Chance said. "And Iceman acts weird around you."
"Dude... Half-dragon. He's not a rent-a-cop."

"Not him..." Chance said, and pointed at someone outside. "Him!"
Silvia looked out the window, and saw the blindfolded man.
"Eh... you found him here?"
"He was tailing us."
"Then you brought him here, no? Seriously... I got nothing to do with this!"
Silvia pointed her thumb at Benedict. "Ben came here, introduced himself and was kind enough to heal me. And I know I can trust him."
She shot Chance an angry look. "Not so sure about you anymore though."

"Why should we trust him?"
"Oh, you shouldn't!" Silvia almost yelled at him. "You should ask him what the sleg he's doing here, instead of harassing me with questions!"
"Chat like he's some friendly guy in a bar? Yeah right. If you hadn't noticed, we're here for a reason, and it's not socialising."
"Nope. Apparently it's leaving the wounded member of the group here alone with a troll you kept as a prisoner." Silvia shot back.
"Iceman was supposed to look the place over. Frag knows where he is now though."

Silvia looked really angry now. "You think I give a sleg about Iceman's whereabouts? All I care about is Terganon. And I'll do anything to make the bastards that attacked it pay dammit! That's my reason for being here, and don't you ever think I'd forget that!"
"Well, prove it then," Chance said coldly, "and try to act like a fragging professional!"
"Very well." Silvia said, and turned to Benedict. "Why are you here?"

Benedict glanced at Jessica. She already knew he was a half-dragon, so he'd have to choose his words very carefully if he wanted to make sure she wouldn't panic when hearing the name Dragon Paw.
"I came here to see Jessica Hayes, to inform her she no longer has to fear retaliation form Dragon Paw. The company is under new management, and that new management does not hold her responsible for the loss of the airship Red Dawn."

Chance didn't look a bit satisfied by that explanation.
"How did you find us?"


"Someone told me." Ben replied reluctantly, before letting out a soft laugh.

"What's so funny? You are held prisoner..." replied Chance.

"Nothing is what it seems, Chance. You should pay attention to what Lupus says."
Chance could barely believe. How could he know about that?... Fragging mind reader. He realized at last. However, this sharpen reply only made the runners more upset with him.

"I expect you not to harm me. Some friends of me called Black Dragons could get upset..." Black Dragons. It was the only coherent connection.
But, would they know who were those? For what Ben knew, some of the runners met high-level members... but would they assume they were ninjas? Anyway, Ben was satisfied. He knew the runners had no time to place a magic seal around it. He could use the magic teleport to escape.

(Artificial Idiot)

Tundra stood, looking at herself in the grubby mirror of the Bar's bathroom. Not that she's usually care, but she really did look a mess. She'd tried to clean herself upa bit, but it appeared that the taps were broken. Not like anything that came out of them could be classified as clean anyway, nor the rest of the bathroom for that matter. It stank of human waste, she wouldn't set a toe on the floor shoeless. She hadn't actually looked at the toilets, and had no great desire to at that.
She was about to leave, when the door swung open. Several people walked inside, she noticed in the mirror that they were all pale. And some were men. She had to admit, she felt a bit uneasy.

"Thinking of having sex here?" She asked, sarcastically. "God help you... Or not." She made for the door, but the one she indentified as leader stopped her. She noticed he had a broken hand, she also noticed he had fangs. Vampires. She thought about pushing her way though, but realised that she'd told Choak to go on ahead and that she would catch up. Big mistake.

"You ain't going anywhere!"The vampire tried to sound cool and calm, but his constant wincing destroyed that illusion. "We got someone who wants you dead."

One of the bigger vampires pushed her back, sending her sliding along the floor. Then, they all stepped into the room. About five or six of them, slamming the door behind them. Blocking it to ensure nobody got in... or out.
Tundra knew who'd sent them. Although, if she'd been in any postion of power or with Choak even, this would be considered half-measures. Even for him. But, after a quick glance at the broken taps, she realised that these fraggers just might pull it off.

"Water, water everywhere. And not a drop to freeze." She thought sadly as the vampires approached.


"And who the frag told you?" Chance repeated, momentarily not caring for his language.
"more to the point, what are you doing here?"

More for the point why aren't you ripping this fragger a new arsehole? I don't care how powerful he may be.

Quiet you, Chance told Lupus.

He didn't know what the frag Ninjas had to do with this eitherm but he put that thought aside for now.

After all the security Mr Johnson and his associates had gone too, and this fragger just drops in out of nowhere?

As far as he knew, not even Johnson knew they were here. Which meant...

They had a leak. Someone was selling them out.

The whole job could be compromised Crystal realised, with inevitability.

Every fragging time... She sighed.

She sent a brief message to Iceman, telling him to get his arse back here to resolve the situation.


"You should be more worried about upsetting me, sleghead!" Silvia yelled at him.

Benedict frowned. He hadn't expected this from Silvia... and he didn't get a chance to block his mind from her piercing focus. For just a second, his thoughts were crystal clear to her.
"Ninja's. The Black Dragon ninja's." Silvia said. "Seriously... why didn't anyone even find it odd when Alex suddenly showed up as a ninja during Tyme's gig? I wonder who gave him that sword."

She looked at Benedict. "I bet you know."

The other half-dragon didn't know what to say. "Why... you?"
"As I just said to Chance... it's not because I didn't kill you that I'm not a member of this team anymore. I know my priorities. And don't you dare to teleport out... you should know a disrupted teleportation spell can kill the caster."


"So... I see you're back." the gang leader said to Alanya.
"Yep. An' yu're gonna guide me back?"
"Oh? Just like that? After you said you just made a nice deal here?"

"Ah, fine. twenny-fahv more for each one o' yoo. But don' go harassin' me fo' more when we get outta da neighborhood..." She looked the leader straight in the eyes. "Ah know who ah'd shoot first."

"Only 25?" the Elf replied, unimpressed. "Oh come on... we want fifty more."

Alanya put her hand in the pocket of her coat, and felt the eight credsticks on which she had put the money. Fifty nuyen on each one.

Fraggers Alanya thought. Soo predictable.

"Half now, half dere." Alanya replied bluntly, and grabbed four of the small sticks out of her pocket and threw them to the Elf.
The punk caught them all four, skillfully.

"Agh, all right then." the guy replied.


Crystal looked sheepish for a second - Only a second, mind. A very damn short second. But she realized she should have stuck by Silvia all along. She shrugged internally and put it down to circumstances stoically.

But she was still right to be suspicious of this new guy, and trained her gun very firmly on him instead.

That fragging Idiote Troll destroyed the cuffs somehow... Didn't think they would help much but they'd be piece of mind at least. Now we get to play Mexican standoff until this fragger gives a damn good explanation, we fill him full of holes, or someone arrives to sort out the whole fragging mess...

She tapped out another quick message to Iceman, then sent one to Alanya, Alex and Tundra too. Something along the lines of Get back here, some magic fragger's up to no good.


Jessica was sitting on the Rent-a-cop outside. He was rambling in his irritating-as-frag Brooklyn accent.

Jessica noticed a large, black Renault-Fiat electrivan pull up, quietly.

An Ork in shades poked his head out from the bglacked-up driver's window.

Frag, what now?

But then The side door slid back. Tyme4Cryme jumped out gleefully with a Browning Bullpup Autorifle in each hand.

"Welcome back to DA hood comrades! We got guns!"

Maybe saving his stumpy hide had been worthwhile after all...


Shadow received a message from Crystal's wristphone. Text-only. It read:

Good to hear you made it out. Suggest you lay low a while. We brought the rent-a-cop back here, don't know what he knows yet. You know this town better than us, so if you want to 'deal' with him, I'll meet you at the bar opposite the one we met at later...

(Note: This message would have been sent before the standoff)


Chance wasn't capable of mind-reading, but he wasn't an amateur when it came to mental tricks. Narrowing his eyes, he briskly told Lupus to bring up a mental firewall around his mind. Half-dragon or not, Benedict was going to find it extremely painful to poke any subtle tendrils of thought through the firewall... Only way that the half-dragon could get into his head from then on was a full mental assault, which would momentarily incapacitate Chance... and lead to the obvious conclusion of Benedict becoming human swiss cheese courtesy of Crystal and Rusty.

"Listen here boyo. You might be coming here to give a message to Jessica, or so you say. But you picked a helluva time to drop in. We're on a job, that's as far as I will give away. But for reasons of operational security, I'm not going to tell you what. I know you can dig up info from the unshielded minds in my party with that damnable dragon trait, (Silvia looked upset by Chance's words, but kept her peace for the moment) but you keep them to yourself if that is so. None of us have voluntarily leaked info to you... or at least from what I know so far. So any knowledge you have of our current job indicates wilful mental probing of yours..." Chance tapped his pistol's frame.

"... and is grounds for immediate execution."

"We have enough problems with ninjas dropping in the middle of a firefight, and our CO has decided to waltz off without informing us. I see you as a problem, buddy. But let's just say that I'm not such a jerk as to deny you the chance to do your job.
I'm going to ask Jessica if she wants to meet you. Call me biased, but previous dealings of mine with dragonkind, save Silvia here, have been less than cordial. I don't want any of my team members exposed to unneccessary risk."


"Sorry for my previous quick tempered reply, gentlemen." He blunted out.
"I blame myself for having this quick, evil-like temper. I consider a fair deal to explain the whole mess, as in exchange of your "leaking"."
He stood up, and removed the coat, revealing his black, feathered wings, the trademark of his father.

"My name is Benedict Baalis, only son of Veronica Baalis and N'zar Zarites. Due to my condition, i was hunted down by my father and taken prisoner. Until lord Draco Firetongue freed me. He even gave me the courier job, even support from his second organization: The Black Dragons. I just don't know why should you be so upset if they drop in, after all, some of them were buddies of you. Especially the bodyguards of Lord Draco, Dragon and Eva."
He stopped, letting the others assimilate the information.

"A problem you say? Inmediate Execution? Quit playing the soldier here. This goes for all of you. You are to find the whereabouts of the Tergannon attackers, not to start a war against each suspicious guy you come across."
He grinned.
"As for that matter, too, Lord Draco has started his own investigation.
Dragon is taking that job. Last time we heard from him, he was saying something about Aztech. As you see, this is not a leak, nor a problem, nor anything you should fear. We are in the same side, simply. And...
Hope that is enough info for you to put that weapons down, or you want to know the measures of Lord Draco's fiancee?"


Iceman walked towards the bus.Crap, they arrived sooner than I expected to. At least there's no gunfire, and that's good.
He mumbled, while entering the bus to see what was happening.


Tyme shouted from the van that Iceman had just obliviously walked past.

"YO homie, we got gunz! We can do the mission Now!"

"We?" Iceman whirled.

"Ya be schizzle my nizzle comrade. Ya scratch my back, I scratch yours."

Iceman grunted. He'd deal with this later.

But then Sasha stepped out of the other side of the van. It was she, after all, who had brokered the deal with Tyme for the equipment the 'runners needed for their job.


So this fragger is working for Draco, Crystal thought. Just great. Another team. And if what he's saying about Dragon and Eva working for them is true...

But a van had pulled up outside.

Crystal jumped out, and with Jessica's help gave a brief explanation of The newcomer, and what he had said, and their suspicions of someone leaking information as to the whereabouts of the team.

"Frag. Hold on." Sasha said, making a wrist-com call. Direct to Mr Johnson. She need to tell him everything. All of it: That they had a leak, that there was a rival team..

Crystal wasted no time in grabbing one of the rifles that Tyme was gleefully doling out of the van. Grabbing another and an armful of clips, she rushed back into the bus, handing them to Rusty and Chance in turn.

They'd make rather more of a mess than the handguns the two had previously been carrying.

First things first - Get rid of this guy, then get the hell out of here, and ditch the bus.


"I'll take care of this!" Iceman boomed, pushing through Chance and Rusty.

He took one look at the scene: Jolly sobbing in his underwear, Sil in some kind of distress, Benny looking smug, face distorting in recognition.

His arm came up, straight and true, his DD44 Dosteyevski - Massive, trusty sidearm from his Spetznatz days - roared, nearly bursting eardrums in the confinement.

Benny fell back, arm outstretched in some gesture. Blood and brain matter stained the panelling behind him.

Iceman casually walked over and plucked a chip from Benny's pocket. He walked out of the bus, again pushing past the 'runners, and flipped the chip to Jessica.

"Job done." Iceman grinned. "Right! Everyone out! Grab your stuff da? We got a job to do tonight, and we gotta find a new hideout first."

He nodded to Crystal.

"There's some explosives in that van for you to practice with. I got a feeling you been itching to blow something up. Rig an incendiary and torch the bus."

Jessica looked the chip over in her hand.

"Fraggers could have just sent a Matrix-mail..."


"What did Johnson say?" Iceman asked.

"He's looking into it." Replied Sasha, diplomatically, not letting anything show. "But we don't have much time. We need somewhere to brief our 'runners for the raid."


Crystal gleefully set about rigging charges up and down the lenght of the bus. Silvia was still sitting by the corpse, while the others gathered their gear.

Silv looked up, at Crystal... Crystal seemed to be searching for something. some kind of gesture to make up for her lack of words. She was unsuccessful, shrugging saldy and walkign away to carry on with her work.


Silvia stared at the corpse of the first other half-dragon she ever met. She looked pale.
"Sleg... all the fragger needed was a lesson in humility... and I was more than willing to give him that."

Crystal looked at Silvia in a way that obviously meant 'Well, he got one all right.'

Silvia plucked one of the black feathers off one of Benedict's wings, and looked at it.
The mark of the Zarites. Ben's blood curse. And yet it was not that, but his stupid arrogance that got him killed.

She looked at what was left of the half-dragon's face.

He should've stayed away.

She looked back at Crystal, who was nearly finished with her explosives. For a moment, she considered saying something... yelling, screaming out her anger. But she knew it was useless. She couldn't even blame Iceman for Ben's death; she knew that she would personally have rammed her claw in his throat if she had been in Iceman's place.

She sighed, put the feather in her pocket and left the bus.


Alanya came running towards the rest of the group.
"Wot'z happenin'? Ar' we goin' already? Ah thought we had 24 hours."
"Change of plans." Sasha replied. "Get ready to move."
Alanya frowned. "Wot about da 'situation' dey had 'ere?"
"Iceman solved it."

"Hm." Alanya looked around to the rest of the 'runners. "Iz everyone 'ere yet?" she asked them.


Crystal tied the last fusewire to the chain of incendiary bombs laid around the tourbus to her detonator.

She had been waiting for this. A long time. It felt good. No, that wasn't enough. It felt Goooooooooooood...

Even Tyme seemed to be jumping up and down happily, at a safe distance, behind the cover of rubble with all the others. All the others except...

Just as Crystal's thumb was jabbing down onto the det-button, a large somwehat flat green-grey face poked out of the bus's top door - The one that led to the pool.

"'Ullo? Wearz all yoo fraggaz gone den?" Shouted Jolly.


Shaodw rouned a corner, instinctively keeping his head down as a Daisaka Patrol car clipped the pavement, knocking a NewsDex stand flying and screamed around the corner. He had to dodge back as a large Armoured SWAT Van dodged it.

They were heading back in the direction he'd come from.

This meant 1) He had just avoided them 2) The Motel owner was going to be asked a lot of questions about illegal Matrix use from his rooms.

Shadow was a good 5 miles from the ckub - A long way to walk. Especially when rent-a-cops are after you.

He blinked in the evening smog-hazed sun. The air here was fragging terrible, too. He choked as clouds of exhaust were thrown up by the street-to-street traffic as it got moving again.

There were Taxis around - Robotaxis and (meta)Human driven ones. But they all seemed to be being used right now. It was rush hour.


Shadow went into a nearby alleyway and into the darkness.

He tapped seven various numbers, telling Crystal that he was being searched for by more Rent-A-Cops and told her he would still meet her at the nightclub, but told her not to bring the cop.

Lukas then took some back alleyways away from the main traffic streets and found and motorcylce that still was able to run.

He swung his legs around it and started it up.

Shadow then roared out of the alleyway and onto the streets, keeping his head low and figured he would be able to make it to the night club a lot faster.


"I am sorry about that. I have always liked your family... but they are so close-minded..."

Alex sighed, while Rei was packing up the few possesion she still had, mainly clothes and her weapons, in a travel bag. The girl had not luck. She had been cheated because she was expected to be either a wife or a warrior, never a guitarrist.

"How about you, Alex-chan?" She replied.
But Alex was not paying attention. He had the same feeling. The same premonition. It could be like a sixth sense of him. But he was being watched. An ambush.

"Back off... " He just said.
As he swung the katana, five figures approached from beneath the dark depths of the corridor. Rei, instinctively, also withdrew her katana.

"Vampire scum." Mumbled Alex. "What do you want."

The five pale punks just laughed, and pointed at him. They wanted HIS head.

"Rei... when I make you a signal, run away."

"I am staying!" The girl said. "I am not running if i still can help."

The situation was tense for moments. The vampires readied their supernatural abilities. Alex readied his sword.

And the vampires were the ones that attacked first.
They all went on Alex. Alex was focusing. Maybe it was a special technique?

A silver beam came out from his hands. Two of the vampires had been mortally wounded. The third had been nailed against a wall with the katana, that had been thrown as a really fast javelin. The name of the technique was precisely Silver Beam

But there were two vampires left. One of them grabbed Rei by the neck, taking her as hostage. While the other was advancing at Alex... slowly... delighting the moment.

"Now, stay quiet, Alexander alexeiv, or your asian cutie bitch will have a new face."

Alex was paralyzed... what could he do? He had his life and rei's one at danger... Or that was that the vampires and Alex sensed.

"I am not a bitch!" Rei turned, and with awesome agility, she made a deep cut, blinding the vampire. But he could still sense. The night walker slammed her against a wall.

It was too much. Alex withdrew the gun. With pin-point laser-aided accuracy, he dug up a .45 caliber hole in the remaining vampires' heads.

"Rei... are you OK?"
She had fainted. Alex looked at her carefully. it didn't seem she had anything broken. She was just stunned. He breathed in relief.
He walked towards the remaining fiend, who was still nailed to the wall.

"Heh, speak, scum! Who sent you!"

The vampire didn't replied. He just laughed, while he took the form of a bat, and flew away.


Alex looked at his body. He had been bitten several times, but were no severe wounds... still, they itched a lot!

"Wake up, Rei-chan."
Rei opened the eyes. It smelt horrible. They were on a cab.
"Where... am i?"
"We are in a cab, trying to gather with the others. Do not worry."
The gently voice of Alex relieved her. She liked the way he were... In fact, he was the only thing that worthed all her entire ninja training...

Darn... I am surely an Idiot. How could I be so naive? Trying to impress that half dragon... was not the way to do things. And now...
He could barely feel the body. All what he felt was a cold inside his head.
Must be the bullet's hole. Darn Iceman. First tells me how to find Hayes, then backstabs me.
Even his aura was really weak... He was like dead.
Am I dead?
He asked, in the depths of his mind. All his body had gone numb.
No you don't. You are near the gates of Death, but you have not crossed them yet.
Who...are you?
He obtained no response. All what Benedict was feeling was coldness...
Wait a minute. I am heavily wounded... But...
He focused.
He had many luck. The bullet had entered from his left eye, and went straight his skull... but never touched any vital parts, like the brain.
Still... I can't move... and that's no good...

(Artificial Idiot)

Crystal wasn't sure what to do. Being unable to shout, she made frantic hand movements at the Trogg to see if he would move. But they were useless and completely ignored. She looked around, into the cold, expressionless face of Iceman.

"Do it." He mouthed. She thought she saw, "And that's an order." follow. But wasn't so sure.

She sighed, watching Tyme get even more excited as he realised there was going to be some gore in this. She sighed, and pressed the det-button. Hearing Tyme scream,

"Hey motha fraggin' bizonitchs! Dis is one hellva show! Ya dig?"


At the small bar, Doris sighed. She was a large, middle aged Troll cleaner, employed at this stinking hell-hole of a bar. She wouldn't usually start her shift this early, but some pale faced fraggers had been in causing all amounts of trouble, and it had ended in blood. But first, she'd saw them go into the toilets. She hated the mess people left when they had sex in the fragging cubicles, I mean, what are they? Animals?
With a heavy sigh, she opened the door to the ladies room.

"Typical." She muttered, as she saw the body of an Ork lay on the floor. She was very runtlike for an Ork, Doris could have picked her up with one hand. She also observed that her blue dress had been torn, as if she'd been in some sort of struggle. But Doris shrugged it off, and gave her a kick.

"Come on love, get the frag up." She didn't move. "Love? Ah said get up..."

When she still didn't get a reply, she turned the body over. She looked into cold, fear filed eyes. A pathetic expression for what was once such a life filled with pride. Doris risked to look futher down, realising her neck had been slashed, it looked as though she had suffercated. But not before someone... or indeed some persons had had thier way with her. Doris lay the corpse back on the floor, she'd pile it up with the five others that had been killed today and get Jim to help her carry them out to the ambulance when it came. Not that medical treatment would be much help now.

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