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Plugin, in another crater, saw the door to the UFV go down and saw the elven form of Silvia walk inside it... seeing this, Plugin ran back to the UFV... but was stopped suddenly, as something grabbed his neck and wouldn't let go... Plugin looked all around, but couldn't see anybody near him... or anything near him...

"AK! WHAT THE FRA..." started plugin, but his screamed question was stopped because that something started to choke him...


(GM: Hope you don't mind a bit of Hijacking, Red...)

Crystal raised her head at the sound. Dazed, she shakily drew her Browning Ultra-Power. She fired, thinking the attacker to be a partially-manifest spirit or something.

"AGH!" Yelped Plugin, a geyser of blood spouting from his left arm, testament to Crystal's terrible aim.

The blood coated the something in a bright carmine. Crystal's eyes widened. It was huge, and man-shaped. She fired at the blood.

The thing grunted, cursed in what sounded amazingly like Russian. Plugin was dropped to the floor.

Hayes popped up from the turret, just long enough to see Alex.

"Get him in here, quick!" She screamed. "We gotta go!"

Hayes didn't know what the big invisible fragger was: She couldn't see it with her own eyes, but showed fine on vehicle sensors. Maybe not fine - Her Visible-Light scope was out of LOS, and her IR scope showed only a huge orangey-red blob - coming towards them.

She'd heard of Paranormal Animals that were able to make themselves magically-invisible. They were extremely fragging dangerous.

Crystal barreled into the back of the combat vehicle, dragging Plugin with her.

"Come ON Silvia! Crystal mind-shouted.


"Do you copy, Lightbringer Zero 3? Reprt your name and rank immediately! Over"

It was the Firedrake heli, on the radio. Rusty remembered the name tag of the rigger who still lay prostrate on the ONI building;s control room floor.

"Nnn... Nick...Nnn...Benzine. Nick Benzine. Nnn... Ensign.Over."

"You don't sound too hot, Benzine. Can you make it to Langley? We're re-routing everyone there for, um, debriefing. Over,"

Taking a quick look with his 360-sensor pods, Rusty saw UCAS troops storming the ONI building - Vehicles and troops on the ground below had gotten their act together and were now sweeping the grounds quite efficiently. A guy stood around waving his hands in the air - The dust and smoke was clearing away at his beck and call. Rusty guessed he had to be a Mage with an Air elemental or something.

One Vehicle wasn't with the sweep - It was stationary. It could have been a command post or something, but then he saw two vehicles together next to a tent with some very angry officers shouting their heads off outside. The helo's IFF transponder painted 'UCAS COMMAND POST' all over it too, in big white 3D letters.

Then he saw two more Six-wheeler IFVs trundling towards the loner...

"Well Benzine? Answer me you stupid fragger!" A pause, then a nice polite "Over."


Chance grabbed Plugin from Crystal and bodily tossed him into the open hatch of the IFV, looking back for any sign of the creature that had attacked the rigger.

Think astral he remembered.

Closing his eyes, he reached out with his mind... and encountered Iceman's almost immediately. He locked onto it, and when he opened his eyes to aim, his rifle was already lining up on the Russian's general direction. It wasn't clear to him whether the latter had betrayed him, but is was always better to be safe than sorry.

But Silvia stood in the way. Chance was about to call to her to get down when he felt the pulse of a spell going off... and Iceman's aura abruptly turned from semi-hostile to a flat neutral.

I knocked him out. Help me haul him into the IFV. We still need him. Silvia replied.

Chance didn't like the idea, but he wasn't going to debate in the middle of a hot zone. Reaching out to grab the fallen Russian, both the soldier and the half-dragon tossed his comatose body onto the ramp. Everyone else was too occupied to see that happening, especially with Jessica yelling that two contacts were headed in and that they had to get the frag out of there soon.

Chance realised that Rusty was gone... but one look at the hellstorm that was the ONI building convinced him that the latter couldn't be saved. He cursed to himself, and hoped that the Aussie either got out or met a quick end. There wasn't anything else Chance could do.

"Let's go!"

Jessica gunned the engines, just clearing the area as two IFV's came into sight, loudspeakers blaring for her to stop. Ash climbed into the turret, swinging the guns around to track the first IFV.


The Six-Wheeler jounced and bounced its way out of the compond. Beween its 12-cylinder engine and independantly-suspended wheels, Jessica wired into the controls and Ash on the guns, nothing was getting in it's way.

The vehicle hit the Electric fence with a shower of sparks - But went through it like tissue paper. Spring mines bounded up after it, showering shrapnel that wouldn;t reach because the vehicle was moving to fast for them. The runflat tyres weathered the blasts and the jagged razorwire...

And they were free from the compound.

Thrown around in the back like ragdolls, the 'runners tried all they good to hold on. Alex had been strapped in, so he was okay. Rei fell into Silvia. Ash almost slipped out of her turret, Chance was thrown against the crew door. Plugin and Alanya fell heavily, the young man screaming in pain from his leg. Crystal was slammed by the invisible bunk of Iceman and knocked out cold.

Then they hit the pavement, a straighter and more level surface they couldn't hope to find.

"Are we clear?" Asked Chance.

"Still got one pursuer!" Replied Hayes.

The cannon chattered, sending a devastaing volley of caseless explosive and armour piercing rounds at the pursuring vehicle. It swerved to the left and embedded itself in the building the 'runners had attacked from. Delta troops scrambled from that vehicle and blazed away after them, to little effect.

Then things got a bit quieter.

Hayes weaved in and out of stunned traffic - Her military vehicle had a siren and she engaged it. Enforcement vehicles like this were able to broadcast a 'kill-chip' signal to override the autonav systems of other road-users, making them automatically pull-over and stop by the side of the road.

Alanya's case pre-empted them.

"I take it you arranged a safe house for when the frag hit the fan, did you?"

Everyone was silent.

"Frag you all. I'm makin a cellphone call. Don't anyone try and stop me."

No-one did.

A few blocks across town, and the 'runners were quite near to the shopping mall they'd met Mr J - The case had told them to go there, and Hayes had seen no reason not to. If anyone could save them now, it'd be Mr J.

Then the vehicle stopped, pulling over smartly and neatly, sliding inbetwen two VW Electricars.

"Guess they had a kill-chip for this thing, too."

"Doesn't that mean they know where we are?" Asked Chance.

There were a few worried looks.


Crystal was still out cold.

"Ahh, guess the excitement got a bit too much for her." Chance mumbled, flinging her over his shoulder, giving Silvia a glance. She nodded, and left their company the back way. She soared up into the sky, dangling Iceman invisibly underneath her. Hopefully she would remember he was there, and not cube him on some power lines or 3DTV boards or something.

The rest of them had to run it. Plugin hopped along with Alanya's help, and Alex with Rei and Hayes'.

Two blocks to go.

Then with a supersonic whoosh, a blinding flash and a devastating CRAAACK! all were thrown flat, Alex going out with the pain.

Hayes looked back - The IFV was history.

A Daisaka Dwarf pulled over in his car, rolled over the bonnet and aimed a 9mm automatic.


Everyone ignored him - And when he caught sight of the hardware Chance was carrying, he was glad they did.


"Dey're here, Mistuh J."

"Smashing." Said Johnson, placing his crystal decanter of scotch on the table and rubbing a crease from his Diamantè business suit.

The Ork minder opened the penthouse shutters for him, exposing the neon-lit night sky, a rooftop swimming pool and the rest of the shopping centre-roof. Mr J Yawned and stretched his arms out. Then paused.

A sixteen year old girl calmly landed on the swimming centre side, unfolded her wings and waved.

"Hmm." Mr J shrugged, not fazed at all. He'd seen everything.

"Hi" Said Sil. "Please let my slegging friends in the back entrance downstairs."

"You got what we needed."

"Yep... But the UCAS forces seem a bit annoyed."

"Okay, no probs."


Newseye - FactsFaxFaqs! - You want it, come get it!
Proudly serving the Church of Light/UCAS Government for over 3 months!

Cut to solemn Newsreader.

"Light welcomes you. Here are the top stories this hour."

Shows lots of happy, singing dancing soldiers laying about on armoured vehicles next to signs that say 'Ottawa'

"There is absolutely no truth to the rumours that rebel Canadian forces tonight launched a devastating couner-attack on UCAS/COL troops today. And they were definitely not aided by a mysterious group that somehow managed to get access to the UCAS' Office of Naval Intelligence building in FDC. I repeat, No truth at all.

Shows shot of An irate, bedraggled woman in UCAS Navy Uniform arguing furiously with a man in a smart suit outside a FDC shopping centre, and then lots of traffic chaos in FDC.

"In an entirely unrelated incident, its believed that natural gas explosions have caused not only the closure of the UCAS Office of Naval Intelligence in FDC, but also a bizarre high-speed Helicopter and Tank chase through the streets of FDC. Several injuries are reported: over 124 civilians, 2 UCAS Marines and several small cute animals. Its believed the latter casualites were caused by Canadian Seperatist Agents who were Absolutely nowhere near the ONI."

Cut back to studio

"I'm Kirsty Wan. More later." smiles sweetly


When Mr. J. looked back at the pool, there was no one there. The flying girl was gone.
He shrugged, and walked away to meet with the 'runners.


About one hour later

"Rise and shine, Sebastian!"
Iceman groaned. "Where am I?"
"Out of that slegging mess, despite your final suicide attempt."
"S... Silvia?"
Iceman sat up on the bed and looked around in the small room. He'd seen enough of these to recognise a cheap hotel room.

"Yep. Silvia." the girl replied, getting up from the chair she'd been sitting in."You should be grateful; that's the second time I saved your butt."
Iceman frowned. "Second... but why?"
Silvia smiled, and walked towards him. "I like you. As long as you're not running around like a madman trying to kill people."
Iceman growled. "Alex. I still don't have him."
Silvia sat down on the bed. "If things would've gone their way he would've killed you. So will you just slegging drop it?"
"Drop it?" Iceman laughed, then shot a cold look at her. "No... Alex has to DIE, you hear me? DIE!"

"Really?" Silvia said, teasingly stroking Iceman's back. "Why don't you forget about Alex for now, eh?"
Iceman frowned, not sure what to do. "What..."
"Oh come on." Silvia said. "You've slegging wanted me ever since you first saw me!"

Iceman stared at Silvia. She softly whispered the spell to make her clothes disappear, and leaned back on the bed.

The job is over. Why not?
But she's so young... so innocent... I couldn't...

"Of course you could." Silvia replied, while pulling him down on the bed. "Stop trying to find excuses."
"But... you're still a virgin.. no?"
"Technically, yes." she said, while pulling Iceman's blood-stained shirt off. "In reality... I haven't been a virgin since I was six, and got a young woman's memories crammed in my brain. That's the danger of being a mind reader, I guess."
She looked into Iceman's eyes, and kissed him.
"Give me a chance to complete that."

Iceman frowned. This wasn't like him... not at all. He knew what he wanted. Who cares if she didn't struggle? He still got what he wanted. An icy grin appeared on his face. "I'll get you, little bitch!"

Silvia grinned back. "No Iceman... I got you." she whispered.

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