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Shadow heard Daisaka sirens heading towards the bar as he was talking to the bar keep.

He then saw the barkeep look around and then press about ¥500 credstick into his hand along with a little slip of paper.

The barkeep said "Nice one, man." "But get out of here quick and go across the road, and to call him later".

Shadow heard the whine of Daisaka sirens on the way to the bar.
The barkeep looked around to make sure no-one was looking, and pressed something into Shadow's hand. A ¥500 credstick, and a contact number.

Just as Shadow left the bar, he saw the barkeep take the dead bodies and hall them to a nearby abandon closet and put them in there.

Shadow ran across the street to the other bar, narrowly avoiding the cops.

He looked at the club across from him. A sign said:
"No weapons. No Cyberware."

Shadow looked and grabbed his revolver, 9MM, Grenades, Knife, and other weapons on his body and put them somewere secretive, then entered the bar.


NewsEye: We give YOU the FACTS!

"Our main story today: CORP WAR!

The peace of the Geneva Free-Enterprize Zone was irrecovably shattered earlier today, when a Daisaka Helicopter gunship reportedly opened fire on Aztechnology panzers leaving their compund."

Cut to Daisaka PR Gimp: "Our units acted in self-defence. Aztechnology were planning to exert military control over the streets, bringing them into conflict with our mandate."

Cut to Aztech PR Gimp: "This is a fra(censored) outrage! How dare these (censored) murder our citizens like this?"

Back to Footage of Aztech Panzers and Daisake helos duking it out at low altitude over the Aztech compound: "The battle quickly reached stalemate, with Daisaka forces unable to press into the Extremely well-armed Aztech pyramid, with its multiple SAM, AAA and bound air elemental spirits."

Cut to footage of air battle: An Aztech fighter-bomber plane is torn apart by a spirit. A fleet of Aztech jet drones drop cluster bomblets on a Daisaka precinct. "Aztechnology retaliated by launching a combined manned and unmanned airstrike against three different Daisaka sector houses. However, both sides lost upwards of 20 craft in the battle, with Daisaka structures suffering minimal damage due to their spirit defences."

Cut to footage of AET APCs rolling over Aztech fence/wall:
"Further adding to the confusion: AET forces have not remained neutral like other corporations. They seem to have sent a mechanized battalion and a panzer squadron to bolster the Daisaka attack. Together they succeeded in storming lower levels of the pyramid."

Cut to AET Sergeant Colm O'Ciosoig, an elf.
"Move along, citizen. we are merely acting in public interest, aye!"
(Ery can be seen in the background, making frantic calls on his wristphone).

Cut to scenery of Aztech troops in occupied Texas, then chaos on the trading floors of various stock exchanges
"Aztechnology are already involved in the invasion of Texas, CAS, so the will be hard-pressed to find the Military AND Financial resources to pull themselves out of this one."

To newsroom:
"In other news: Transys Neuronet have denied rumours that the IC software in their Glasgow Arcology is routninely attacking innocent matrix users."

"IWS Corporation have announced theat they have secretly constructed a spacecraft that may be on course to carry the first large manned mission to Mars. Reportedly, Queen Antoinette of Great Britain and at least one unnamed Greater Dragon have contributed funds and expertise tothe project, which may be launched in as soon as two weeks."

"The OCU has started issuing its new protoype 'Vanzer' Combat vehicles to ground forces in Australia. Rumour has it that the OCU plans to use them in combat against the Indian rebels. An OCU spokesman denied the claim."

Cut to red-faced Australian OCU spokesman:
"This is a fra(censored)' outrage, mate! A (censored) bloody outrage ya fri(censored) mongrels!"


A huge Troll bouncer looms over Shadow, who tries desperately to conceal his wounded arm.

"¥10 to get in, buddy."

Grudgingly, Shadow pays. He walks in: Its dark, loud and sparsely populated yet. A few Robogoths, some ID0 fans, some young corpgirls.

There is a teenage kid in front of him, with a limp cyber arm. He was obviously too young for a place like this, but seemed to have gotten in anyway, by luck or by design. He was wearing ripped jeans and had brown hair, but was seemingly very pissed off with the high price of nightclubs.


Firearm was in the back of Raven's van with Curim, Tank having been eft at the Street Doc's (and man, was he getting a lot of business).
When suddenly...


The van stopped suddenly. Everyone in the back was thrown around. Firearm almost got pulverised by Curim's bulk, but the Troll apologized.

"Raven, what happened?" Firearm screamed. There was no reply.



Fresh from the garage where he had parked his scrambler, Chance had returned with Ash to the front of the Jagged Nails Club. He now stared at the "No weapons, no cyberware" sign. It meant three things.

One... His strength lay in the skill and precision of his weapons fire, in the years of training that enabled him to take down the maximum number of opponents with the minimum amount of silenced rifle fire. Discrete... yet deadly.
That fragging sign effectively removed his best ability. Along with the fact that he was not the best hand to hand fighter, this meant that he would be reduced to his observation and conversation skills to keep him alive in any confrontation... not a comforting thought.

Two... The ban on weapons also meant that Chance would have to come face to face with something that greatly discomforted him in a conflict.


Certain events in the day had resulted in him seeing it in the raw, and he had tried his best to ignore it. It was just so unnatural... Chance's mind rebelled at the thought of an ability that could not be explained easily within the boundaries of science.

Three... The sign dictated that he would have to spend the night firmly attached to Ash, as even the most expert hand-to-hand fighters would hesitate to attack a woman whose fiery touch could prove deadly at her will.

Well, at least he need not worry about the third and last factor... Ash's arm was firmly linked with his as they both entered the bar. She would steadfastly remain by his side for the night, and in her he trusted.


"Heh, i am lucky. The rats came here..." grinned Eva, staring at the people that had entered the bar.
"And there's that pale face... the one I wanted to talk to... Crystal... She might be the perfect bait for dragon... But I need a disguise to actually get close unnoticed..."
She entered the bathroom. Several women where painting her faces... Eva waited till there was only one women, and then she pulled out her pistol.
"Give me your clothes, bitch!"
The woman quickly took off her dress, and Eva her runner suit. She exchanged the clothes.

Seconds later, Eva was walking around the pub. The dress was really tight, and left no room for imagination. Several drunken scum approached her, drooling... But she managed to avoid them.

"First Target..." she said, while walking towards the young punk over the bar. "That runner will drool with this look, then I take him as hostage. Crystal will be more cooperative if I hold Crash as hostage..."


"Okay, chummer, this is the Identity Zero band. When they make you a signal, you appear from the middle of nothing, acting like a very dangerous runner." said one of the organizators to the confused Mac.
"Can you make a sample, dear?" said lady Zero " i hate actors that don't fit very well..."
Mac doubted for a while. He was not an specialist. Oh well.
Finally, Mac did an action roll and with lighnting speed putted out the atrezzo weapons.
"WHOA! This chummer is by far the best actor we have ever hired"
said one of the members of the group.
Mac whined. He had been fragging lucky, and was not discovered.
Now he would have a prime sight of the club, and hopely, he'll find his Nemesis, Eva.


Crystal parked her little car in the garage down the road, swung up the canopy and stepped out. The car automatically closed and locked itself.

Far away, in the distance, the thump of heavy weaponry and the continual rattle of automatic fire permeated the niight. Aztechnology were catching hell.

She walked down the street to the dingy club - It was a complete dive, but it was what was available. She had left her weapons in her car, and the Cyberware detectors, Weaponry Detectors and Chem-sniffers built into the nihgtclub door-frames hardly beeped as she passed. She glared at Pierre the Troll bouncer as she passed - She hated the way he always looked at her.

Inside, the strobe lighting was on. By now the place was quite full - Of Bored youths, Corp Wage-Slaves in their (limited) time off work, ID0 fans from all around, Robo Goths, Orks, Elves (in their own corner), Cyber-guys (looking ridiculous with their restraining bolts on - And of course, a fair few Shadowrunners. Hannibal Knoxx, the afro-wearing disco hitman, Daniel Two-Feathers, a Sioux Crow Shaman from the Sioux nation in North America, an Ork gang called 'Da Wreckin' Crew' and a biker gang - Eurostate Hellions, all dressed in torn biker leathers and yellow and black hazard stripes, boys and girls both.

A hand tapped Crystal's shoulder. She whirled.

"Cy! You old bastard!" She screamed - she had to, to be heard over the ridiculously loud band that were playing - 'The Jovis and Mary Chain'.
Cylinder Head looked worse for wear. He was unsteaduy on his feet, still suffering from the manabolt that had almost killed him. He was nonetheless happy, decked out in urban camo Combat Trousers and ID0 stuff.
"Didn't know you'd made it, Crys...All that crap on the news."

"Don't believe everything you hear!" She winked at him, planting a kiss on his cheek and pressing the credstick she owed him into his hand. Got to give one to Mary, Chance, Ash and Crash, too. split between us all, 8000nuyen each. After the hell we all went through... "So, when's the band on? The REAL band, I mean?"

"Midnight." Cy said. "about an hour now."


Badjimmy looked on in horror at the sight of the Teenage Decker, The blue-haired girl, The soldier and his girl. The Targets! What are the chances they would come here? Still, even if they had seen me, there's no way they would recognize me now...


Chance and Ash were sitting on a cheap plastic chair in the corner. Various coloured lighting effects washed over them occasionally. He wasn't sure what to make of the music, but Ash seemed to like it...
They both had drinks - Extortionally priced, but hey, thats nightclubs for you. - And glowered at anyone coming near, especially the gangers.
Scum. To think I would end up in the same airspace as them...
"Lighten up!" Ash piped up, seemingly happy for once. At least she was until one of the almost naked girls came near.
The only girl she DID let near, was Crystal.

Crystal was beautiful tonight - In place of her camo trousers and black army jacket she was wearing a dress - A DRESS! - A long black gown, high heels, her hair was tidied and she wore lots of make up, somehow the blue lipgloss didn't make her look tacky but accentuated her hair colour.

She Gave Chance and Ash their credsticks.

While they were talking, Crash barged in.

"Hey-hey! Crystal! Looking good!"
"Thanks. You did good, kid. Take this."
She handed him his 8,000 Nuyen.
"Woo-hoo!" He leaned forward to kiss her, but she backed away just in time.
"Aha, ha, Not just yet, Crash" She said walking off. Crash got his own back, staring at her sashaying ass in the revealing dress.
"Hey" He shouted to no-one in particluar. "Anyone seen that Firearm guy, or Curim?"


Raven sat stock-still in his driver's seat.
I've just hit that bloody guy...And now he's got back up? What in the fragging blue blazes of Jovis?

He glanced to his left. Firearm walked past the side window, he'd gotten ouy of the van and was walking toward the guy. Curim sat in the back, meditating.
"Hey, Raven, ya slag!" He laughed. "THIS is how ya take care of those fragging hobo's!" He laughed, cockily jandering ahead, gun in hand.

Unbeknownst to the two mundanes, Curim was observing from the astral plane. He finished, his physical eyes opened.

"Raven" He mumbled. "That is a Vampire."


"Ok, here's a 10 nuyen credstick now give me my fraggin soycoke... Then Crash thought to himself, "Crap, i gotta go use the mens room..." Getting up, he casually glanced around the room. He saw a few familiar faces, and this one person, who was giving him weird looks, like she was going to do something to him... she was also getting closer to a person who, upon closer inspection, was Crystal..." aw, it's probably just some bleedin person who wants to have a chat or somethin..." Crash said. The bar environment was getting to him... and it would be hard to go to the bathroom with only one arm operational...

Before he actually went to the mens room, he said something to Crystal, and then almost got slapped in the face....but he was gone then.

Meanwhile, Raven screamed for Firearm to get back in the fraggin van. well, there were no real arguments, as the guy looked close to death anyway...


Eva cheered "Hello, Crash... long time"
Before he could realise, she was standing in front of him...She was really... Crash almost went straight when he saw the chest...
But, he finally saw her face... she was going to kiss him! That was a very lucky day...Until a cold metal cilinder poke his chest. A pistol
Eva whispered into Crash's ear... "Act like I am an old girlfriend of you or I will make a hole in your stomach!" Crash finally recognized her face. She was the unknown assasin that fought Dragon a while ago.


Mac was still lucky. With no effort, he had brought a backstage pass, and no one would suspect about him.
He had got enough time to inspect the surroundings without being recognized, as he was wearing a mask.


"Sure, whatever, but i REALLY GOTTA GO!" said crash

"Okay",said Eva, "But no funny business... if you don't come out in ten minuites, i'm coming in, and if you aren't there, i'll kill your buddies"

Hurriedly, Crash went into the bathroom... after he had done his business (it took him 5 minutes) he quickly called Crystal and whispered to her that the unknown assassin that fought Dragon a while ago was in the building. Just when his time was almost up, he came out of the bathroom. a straight face on the outside, but a smirk on the inside.


Eva grabbed Crash by the scruff of the neck.

"What the frag did you do, weasel?" She snarled, keeping close so no-one could see the gun.

"N-n-nothing! Why? I'd like to see you go in there with only one arm!"

"I'd like to see you go to the toilet with a bullet in your bladder she sneered."

Eva suddenly had the sense of all light around her being blotted out - Even the strobes. She whirled round with her gun out - And fired immediately, not being one to take chances.

Her gun - silenced, of course, and only a small, ceramic weapon that she could get through the detectors - Fired once, twice.

The low-calibre bullets found their mark on the Troll bouncer that had come up behind her. One tudded deeply into his chest, another ricocheted off his iron-hard skull.

"Blue-hair lady sez you got a wep. You cum wit uz, umie-bitch." He grabbed for her. She darted back.

Fragging what? A bouncer? There's no way a a fragging nightclub bouncer can take down a BWG is there?
The Troll, made a face, then grabbed for her again. She cartwheeled back out of reach. He took another long step after her.

"U jus mak it hard fr yrseff, lady." He monotoned at her.

Eva jumped back again - In her hurry and over-confidence, she knocked into a corp-kid coming from the toilets with a tray of drinks.

The drinks went up. Narcobeer went all over the tiled toilet floor. Eva slipped and cracked her head.

"I telz yr, Lady." The troll said. He scooped her up - His tree-trunk arms grabbing each of her arms and putting them so tight she though she might lose them. "But ys dnt lizn, dz ya?"

Then two more bouncers came, and Eva was disarmed and taken to the 'Lockdown' room by the 3-metre giant, with a heavy, maglocked plasteel door, waiting for the Daisaka guys to arrive.

Upstairs, Crystal put a peck on Crash's cheek.
"May just be hope for you yet, Mr Crash."

The crowd barely noticed a thing, the silenced shot's noise easily lost to the roaring music. All the regulars saw was the bouncer pulping one more unlucky punter - male or female - , like bouncers will always do - Like a force of nature.


Mac looked around desperately - Where was Eva? One minute she was there, the next someone from ID0 had asked him to do something, and he's been distracted. Where is that bitch?


Jaguar stepped off the Aztechnology AZ-535 Tilt-Wing Airliner at Tenochitlan airport. Immediately, dozens of emergency vehicles rolled up - They were there to take off the dozens of seriously injured personnel from The Geneva Pyramid and the magical healers that had stabilized them in-flight. With hope, an Aztech's most advanced medical magic and technology, most of them would live.

Jaguar knew a few dozen men back at Geneva who would not live - Among them his sniper, Jag Uptown, last seen capping a dozen AET ligt infantry before an elemental had turned him into a fireball, and the rest of his Jaguar team. They'd proved true to their names, even in death. Part of Jaguar leader had wanted to go with them.

But he was here for a different reason.

Geneva HQ was in peril - Many Corporate secrets needed to be evacuated. Jaguar had one of those - A vial of blood taken from the battle in Zwergmann's office. It was labelled 'Dragon'.

An armed escort in a LandRover 2046 took Jag to a waiting helicopter. It too took off. Mid-flight, the MAgical Liason officer sent from HQ told him:

"The ritual team is ready and waiting. Have you got the goods?"

"Are all fragging AET Elves women?"

Both men laughed at the joke. It was easy to laugh about your enemy when you were a thousand miles from him. Jag knew first hand.


At twenty-five minutes to midnight, Mary and Xectos arrived at Jagged Nails.

The guard at the door had argued for a few minutes, but even Jagged Nails had to operate on a barely-legal basis. Xectos was let in without having his legs or chest deactivated, although his new cybernetic arm had to be switched off.

The nightclub was smoky and lit only by stobe lighting. Xectos swayed suddenly, as the light EMP to deactivate cyberwear burst over him. Mary swore silently, and flicked the switch on his back upto 'anti-shock' - Xecktos shouldn't feel it any more, but he'd need a new battery by 6am tomorrow morning - she hoped someone would be sober enough to get him one.

She caught sight of what appeared to be Crystal across the sloping floor. Not many people would have that much blue hair, anyway...

Slipping past a ground of robo-goths, she led the recently-release from hospital assassin across to the others. It had been a miracle that Xecktos had been able to come, but his strong will had helped an incredibley fast recovery, albeit augmented by the cybernetic replacements - for the amount of money it had cost them, Mary hoped the risk-taking elf wouldn't break them within a week.

She kicked n emptly of Disney-coke brand 'glucobeer' out of the way, despite the crush of people, and moved towards the runner.


The blue-haired woman spun round, saw who it was, and grinned. Mary was amazed at how attractive Crystal could actually look, when she wasn't wearing armour. The dress actually suited her.

"You look great, Crystal!"
"So do you."

The girl's comment hit Mary hard and shockingly. Mary never paid much attention to how she dressed, but today had spent a little more time getting ready than usual. Under her almost omnipresent raincoat, she wore a tight grey top, and leather trousers (although given the Doctor's likely ethical views Crystal doubted they were real). Her usual glasses had been replaced by slightly pink-tinted ones, and all in all, she looked different... not any more normal, but not exactly like the usual doctor. Crystal wondered if this had been a fickle twist of chance, or if the doctor had actually dressed like this before, and was actually knew what to expect from this gig (although the smart money was on the former choice).

Both stared at each other for a moment, before Xecktos cut in.

"Ladies, can't you admire yourselves some other time? I'm dying for something to drink!"


"Xecktos! Bloody Hell, frag my Dad to Aztlan and back, What happened to you? And where's Lora?" Crystal exclaimed. She especially wanted to see Lora... There was just that something about her...

"Nice to see you too. You look a bit special. Anyway, its a long story. I'll just go and get some drinks."

Xectos made his way to the bar. He actually had to be careful not to seriously injure the Misplaced corp-brats and wageslaves. A few guys, obviously fellow 'runners glared at him. He pushed back a beautiful, blue-haired elven woman he thought was Crystal at first, but then he decided this one was TOO beautiful - The elegant elven face, shapely body and matt-black cybereyes. He leered at her - She reeled back in disgust.

"Well, no accounting for taste, is there bitch?" He snarled. But then he remembered Lora... Where was she?

Then someone else recognized him...
The guy ws just a patsy, an Ork in an ill-fitting smart suit. But Xectos knew he worked for Jimmy Lefixit.

"Mr Lefixit awaits. I trust you still want to meet him?"

Pause. Then...

"Lead on."


Shadow waited in the room backstage, far from where the band were making their preparations. The Jovis and Mary Chain were off now, mingling with the crowd. ID0's roadies were busy humping the myriad of technical gear out onto the stage while the band limbered up.
The door opened and a new character entered - An Elven assassin, he seemed quite well-cybered. He looked at Shadow distastefully. Shadow sneered right back at him.
"Mes Garcons, there is no need to start on ze wrong foot, non?" A new voice said.

It was Jimmy Lefixit, the well-known fixer. Some might say 'notorious'.
He was flanked by two orks and a Dwarf clad in spangly suits. Their Enfield AS-7 Autoshotguns were NOT spangly.
First, JImmy handed. Shadow his payment. Then he spoke again:

"Lads, comrades, I have brought you both here because I think I can trust you for a job. A very special job. I think you two are the only ones I can trust for it. Xecktos, I trust you already know What I have in mind. If you would be so kind as to acknowledge and take my offer, please prove your trust to me by explaining what I want to Shadow. Without Violence. And remember, this is to take place after Tonight's performance."


While the roadies assembled the gear, DJ Jazzy Daz rook to the booth to spin some tunes - Electro Rock alchemy, Grindcore '59 and Techno Fusion. Suddenly the dancefloor was filled with crazed moshers and whirling dervishes. One guy battered two of his mates into unconsiousness in moments and got kicked out by the bouncers.

Hearing a 'Sharper than Light' track with its pile-driving gutars and harsh beat, Crystal whooped.

"Yeah! Come on, lets go!" She grabbed Mary and dragged her onto the dancefloor. She looked anxious to ay the least. "Oh come on, just get them before they get you, and they'll leave you alone." They started dancing, there on the crowded dancefloor. In the flickering, surreal half-light, Mary felt misplaced - Bt after a moment she stopped caring. She felt dangerous. Wild, reckless semi-violent dancing, hard in heels but fun. A guy did bump into Mary, but like Crystal said, a simple shove and the drunk went flying. It was the most fun she'd had all day. She saw herself on the edge, losing her inhibitions. She wondered if this was how Crystal felt all her life? Arrogant, bullying she may be, but Mary felt a kind of creeping admiration for the girl.

Or maybe it was the Narcobeer in the sweaty, smoky club air talking.

Crash took to the danceloor too. He bumped into a tall, elegant Elven lady on the way, too - Those unmistakable elven lines, very short leather skirt, tarty shoes...

"Uh, sorry ma'am." He stuttered.
The woman said nothing.


"A Vampire? Screw this! I'm bugging out!" Raven screamed. "Firearm, get your Fragging Arse in here, now!"

Immediately after he said that, he floored the accelerator. The van lurched back - he was in reverse - and into a reverse handbrake turn. Firearm dived in through the open doors as the huge bulk of the vehicle bore down on him. This ridiculous move was rewarded when he hit the floor face first, spreading his nose all over his face, splattering blood and knocking himself out cold.

For a moment Curim in the back stood facing the Vampire guy with his meat, physiacl eyes. The creature was less impressive on the physical plane - Hs outward appearance showed none of the dark, complex turmoi that lay within the beast.

The Vampire stared back.

Curim would have powerballed him, only he was too busy trying to stay on his feet for casting a spell.

Raven shredded gears until he was in first, then threw the van forward again.


Jyl sensed blood on the floor.

More blood...ELF blood...

It had been splattered by Firearm. Suddenly, Jyl wanted more. And he knew he could track the prey and get it...


Shadow waited in the room backstage, far from where the band were making their preparations. The door opened and a new character entered - An Elven assassin, he seemed quite well-cybered. He looked at Shadow distastefully. Shadow sneered right back at him.

"Mes garçons, there is no need to start on ze wrong foot, non?" A new voice said. It was Jimmy Lefixit, he said this to Shadow and the new comer:

"Lads, comrades, I have brought you both here because I think I can trust you for a job. A very special job. I think you two are the only ones I can trust for it. Xecktos, I trust you already know What I have in mind. If you would be so kind as to acknowledge and take my offer, please prove your trust to me by explaining what I want to Shadow. Without Violence. And remember, this is to take place after Tonight's performance."

Shadow then took his previous payment and nodded in agreement to the terms, then looked at Xecktos.


I love coming to these concerts, thought crash, humming the tunes he knew by heart... the bar's atmosphere of smoke and beer were getting to him.... he was getting close to the breaking point....after that, god know what he would do.

Meanwhile, on the van to hell, Firearm slowly got up, only to have Raven slam on the breaks and jostle Firearm foreward, and he fell again...


"Stupid waiter... I shall take revenge upon all this scum in the Nightclub... Yeah..."
Fortunately the trogg didn't disarm Eva pretty well. She had some "places" to hide things.
A lockpick appeared out from her chest. She was lucky. The Door had a simple keylock, so she could get away pretty easily.
She opened the lockpick quickly, and swiftly. The room next to her was the item storage. The designer of the club tried to save money in exchange of security. The door keypad lock was smashed, and it opened. Eva was lucky. She found her ammo crates here, plus a few more surprises...
She grabbed a Mith Heavy gun... Her favourite weapon. The small, silent ceramic pistol she had used was not reliable. She needed to trust in heavier firepower.
"Who was the idiot who brought grenades?" She said to himself.
Footsteps. Two bouncers. Two dead corpses. The shurikens she had smuggled made short work of them... The Death Scyte was again sawing off lifes...


"Hey dude, that thing is so shiny that I would say that is a real gun." The nerd who spoke to the actor never knew how close he was to the truth. Mac had exchanged the Atrezzo weapons by his own Blazers.


Eva continued running throughout the club. The one who had built it had no idea of security. She was now in the upper part of the club, with a favorable position in case of a gunfight.
"Just a little problem... that's all... Now I shall deal with you... neon haired bitch!" she said to herself.


Jyl tilted his head slightly, looking at the van and mumbling as his ribs repaired themselves due to the vampire in him. "No Charlie, you're done eating. And I'm not going to just because you want to."

Stretching slightly to relocate the few bones that had popped out of place, he ignored the van, not really trusting it because it had hit him, and there was no telling what it would do to him if he rode in it. Looking back at Curim, he waved cheerfully and gave a wide grin before running off into the shadows of an alley. "Yes Bob, I know what I'm doing, just not at the moment."


Chance was trying his best to remain alert... Crystal's quiet warning to them about the sniper *possibly* being in the same place as them had raised his guard.

He could almost swear that he had heard silenced gunshots a while earlier, possibly from a small calibre pistol. However, the thrice-accursed moron thump that passed for music in this place had temporarily blotted out his normally acute hearing.

Both he and Ash had decided to take a walk-around... More for spying out where their weapons had been placed than to scope out the crowd.

The weapons lockers were guarded by massive Ork and troll bouncers... but they were made of metal, something that Ash could slag without causing toxic fumes (which would happen in plastic-type materials) or catching their contents on fire (for example, wooden lockers).

Taking a mental note of the location of the weapons lockers, the duo returned to their seats to wait for the band to appear.


"Okay guys, we are ready..." An ID0 assistant said. It was about to begin. Mac felt as if he had been caught. He couldn't inspect the whole club during the concert.


Eva slowly grabbed a shuriken, aiming at the crowd.

Chance spilt all the beer over himself when a shuriken hit the table where he was. Crystal turned the sight in that direction, when she heard the noise of broken crystal. She shattered. That shuriken had a piece of paper. Handwritten, there was a message in a paper tied to it. "GOTCHA!" said the message.

Eva did manage to come all the way down into the lower floor. The crowds were the best disguise. She was approaching slowly...
"If you want to catch a big fish, you need a big bait" mumbled to herself, while she headed for Crystal. The Myth gun was in her hand, partially hidden. If she didn't cooperate, her head would be blown into pieces by a single caliber .50 shot.


In the flickering strobe-lighted darkness, roaring with music, Mary saw the woman with the gun. She was advancing implacably through the swirl of dancers and music. Framed by dark, straight hair, she saw a face that had some strange look, somewhat like Dragons. A smile of pure malice player across her face, and her body simply seemed to move dancers out of the way as she moved sedately forewards.

Mary followed the line her eyes drew, fixed and unblinking. The woman was looking straight at Crystal, and slowly moving towards her, holding what appeared to be a Myth heavy supressor. The woman didn't look friendly.

"Crys...." she began to yell, calling out a warning to the blue-haired girl even over the music. But Identity Zero, on stage, broke into another and more popular song, and the swirling moshers caught Mary up, and carried her away. In the booming sound, there was no way that Crystal could hear her now.

Seizing an unopened Gluco-beer from a revelling drunk with one in each hand, she hurled it overarm, at the advancing assassin. It was suprisingly accurate, and smashed across the woman's face, shards of glass flying apart in the surreal lights. Blood dripped, and the woman turned her dripping face slowly and mechanically, to identify her attacker.

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