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Shadow spoke into the wristphone, but at a whisper.

Shadow said, "My name is Shadow...and I got your number by being at the Pizza seems you are having difficulties down at the H.Q."

He continued to say "I am suppose to rendezvous...with give him something very important...a wristphone on the floor had some information on it...that is how I obtained this number..."

Shadow looked at the door, and walked towards it, listening to the man.


Wylberforce was contemplative for a moment.

"Hold, please."

The screen went blank.

After a tense few moments listening to gunfire, rotor blades and shouting outside, Shadow wondered if Wylberforce would ever pick the 'phone up again.

He didn't - Another man answered. He had blue hair, and looked to be in his early thirties, but Shadow realised that could mena he was anywhere from 30-60 with today's leonization treatments.

His eyes were shielded by mirrorshades.

"This is Fiennes. I thank you for protecting my package in such... difficult times."

His voice was whispered, and cruel. His mouth turned up at thends in a half-smile, half-sneer.

"Are you still at the Pizza Slut? I can send a heli for the package. It should arrive in around... 8 minutes. But I was wondering iof you'd like an extra job... A... Bonus."

A picture flashed up onto the screen - It was Crystal, although she looked much younger then, and didn't have the gang-scar on her face.

"I have information that this person is or was until recently at the Pizza Slut. A bonus, my gratitude and maybe further employment to you if you can get her onto the heli, by fair means or foul...
How about it?"


Shadow held the wristphone while gunshots and rioting were going on in the backround.

He saw another man appear on the phone and nodded to him.

"No problem Fiennes...and yes...I am still at the Pizza Slut, you may send a chopper" said Shadow.

Shadow looked at the picture, he recognized the girl, only having seen her once before.

He clicked off his wristphone after Fiennes had left.

Shadow headed out the door and back into the main room of the Pizza Slut, looking at the people as he searched for Crystal.

While he searched, he waited for the chopper.


Nīzar smiled.
The probe launch had been a complete success.
The plan had been a titanic effort, but it was worth.
Soon, Dark Deception, an armed, magic shielded probe,was launched from the Dark side of the Moon. No climatical problems. No Hijacking. No terrorists. Only a bigger distance to travel.
Dark Moon Project had been a sucess. And yet, it was only a matter of time he would put his paws on the Burning Heart.
And no one would stop it. The probe had been deadly armed with all sorts of nasty weaponry.


In the MUNDI main headquarters, the Supreme Generals were amazed.
Not only the answer of the Catholic Empire, who was located in Italia and Spain, had been quick. But... How the hell they did know such a thing? Maybe it was true. Catholic Empire wires were scattered throughout the world, far even more than they suspected.
"We are under your orders. We want to go on combat."
The clear leader of the Crusaders spoke.
An alliance was about to born. Catholic Empire was going to ally MUNDI.


"Wolf is still on London, no?"
Eva asked.
"Yep. But Our priority is to know exactly whatīs going on in Geneva."
Overmind replied. His hissing goblin voice was weird, but not his speech.
"Maybe I can suggest an arrangement?"
The dragon replied. Draco, after his first lesson, looked much more fearful than ever. And it was only the first lesson.
"Explain yourself." replied the mage, Hammerwing.
"Split you in two groups. Eva goes to London, and the others go to Geneva."
"Itīs OK." Mist Lotus faded in.
"Anyway, Eva, you might know something. London was Dragonīs hideout before he retired."
"How do you know that?"
"I am a Greater Dragon. I know where to ask."


"Well, certainly they have good service!" laughed Slayer cynically.
He had just retrieved his weaponry.
"Uh?"Slayer looked at the chopper roaming outside. Grexon UK.
Jason Fiennes. How the hell did he know Crystal was there?
"Crystal, I do think your daddy has finally found you."
"How do you know that?"
"I was a great friend of Dragon. We shared all secrets."


David felt weird. He was too tired to open his eyes; too exhausted. But his tongue felt dry... no, not dry. Plain weird, a bit rough. He moved it around in his mouth, folowing the line of his teeth... and then he felt something even more strange.
Fangs? I don't have fangs! My teeth are normal, omnivorous type!

He opened his eyes, and saw a goblin before him. But it wasn't Kirenu; it was a young male, with a pretty strong aura.
A shaman... A Goblin cat shaman.

Then, he looked around. He was in a house. Through the window he could see the first morning sunlight shine through a dense forest.
"What? Where the frag am I?!"

"No cursing in my house, catboy!" he heard Kirenu's voice yell from another room.
Oh... Kirenu's house. But I didn't know there were any forests close to Orkessa...
The shaman smiled at him. "Woow... these UCAS shamaans didn't exaaggerate a bit. You are indeed a cat!"

David's attention shifted back to what he had felt in his mouth.
"A cat? A CAT?!?"

He raised his arm to feel if the fangs were really there, and noticed it was full of fur.
"This is impossible..." he said, while staring at the hand. There were pads on the palm of his hand, like those of real cats, an there was so much fur on them the separate fingers couldn't be distinguished.
He slowly raised his hand towards his face, not believing what had happened to him. His fingers felt the sharp fangs in his mouth, and the rough cat tongue.

"I'm a cat... Kirenu... I'm really a cat!"

Kirenu entered the room. "I'm afraid so, boy. It started after you fell unconcious in that tree. When I got you to the house I immediately went to Firan to ask him for help."

Firan, the cat shaman, looked surprised. "You mean... you mean this oonly haappened tonight? Then you're not the Wirecat!"

Oh god no... he was contacted by the UCAS shamans to find me... Delori 's palace must have a pretty good astral defense; otherwise they'd found me months ago. Frag it... the one time they could really have helped me they didn't find me.

"I am David Shinz, the Wirecat. But I really don't like being stalked by cat shamans all over the world. I don't care what they say, I'm not some kind of messiah. I'm a negotiator."

"Ooh... so you simply didn't want to be found?"
"Not exactly. I was kept as a slave in Delori's palace. I only just managed to escape."
"Ouch... there were Dragons sighted there. You see anything?"
"Dragons? So that caused the whole mess! I only saw what they left behind... a part of the slave wing ruined, and a crack in the wall that was big enough for me to get out of my cell."
David smiled.
"Look... I know you're probably supposed to contact the UCAS now you found me. Please don't. I like my privacy."
"Heh... doon't woory. There's no way I even caan contact them. The phoone lines are all dead, and I'd be craazy to go astral with the mess Halley causes."

"Say, Kirenu, where exactly are we?" David asked the old Goblin lady.
"Still in tha park." she answered with a smile. "I'm the park keeper here. This house is in the back of the park, the more dense forest that's not accessable to visitors."

"Oh... I see."

David got out of the bed, and noticed he had a tail too.
"Heh. Just for the sake of being complete..."
He moved the tail. It wasn't hard to control; one of the exercises in his basic shaman training had been to imagine and control a complete cat body, in his mind.

He shook his head in disbelief. "A cat... an orange cat, with stripes."
And a smartlink... he thought, while looking at the small furless spot on the trigger finger of his right hand. There was a small metal plate on it, which was necessary to connect his smartlink with the MUNDI weapons. Luckily, the mutation didn't seem to have pushed it off or anything.

"Now what do I do?"


Silvia was still in the cell, waiting for Sorrow to return. She didn't know what he wanted, but she was sure that he would get her out of there... somehow.


The plane landed in Lyon. Amongs the passengers was a tall man, dressed in a costume with a small bear paw symbol on the chest pocket.
Most of the other passengers were mages, just like himself, who came here to answer to the Geneva threat. But all of them would fail, without the knowledge he had.
Now, he had to find out where the WESforce had set up their heaquarters.

The Manitou's must be stopped. I just hope the Iotui still trust the Shamans after the mistake we made last time... they shouldn't have been imprisoned together with the Emantui.


Tank kicked a door in, in a hail of splinters. It led into a darkended room, which might be the back of a shop, judging from the boxes of stock arranged in piles. Sarah, Dorodo, Mary, and the newcomer carrying the unconcious body of Raven followed him.

Raven was laid out on a table, which Tank cleared of papers with one sweep of his hand. Mary could get used to that kind of cleaning.

Raven's wounds were treated as best as possible, so Mary turned to their unexpected help.

"Who are you? Why did you help us?"
"My name is Charlie. Yours?"
"Turin. Dr. Mary"
"Pleased to meet you, maam". The man took Mary's had and shook it slowly. "It's strange to see a doctor in a place as godforsaken as this. And how did your friend..." (he gestured at Raven) "...get hurt?"
Mary felt blood rush to her cheeks, as she quickly formulated an explanation.
"These are... um... my bodyguards - university funding, of course. We're here to.. 'um, research magical disturbances is heavy metahuman populations."
"Well, you got your disturbances, all right." Charlie grinned lopsidedly. "A woman like you needs to take care in places like this."
"Erm.. thanks", began Mary, unsure whether to take this a a compliment or an insult. "What do you do?"
Charlie leant in, and whispered conspiritorailly. "I'm a runner"


Darsha watched the vidscreen intently.

Yes. the 'corpse' down there, 10 metres below the hovering chopper, was alive.

Basically the only thing that was, in this blasted battlezone, anyhow. The creatures - whatever they were -, had moved on, quickly, and only a few smaller things scuttled her, corpse to corpse, like leaves on the wind.

The gunship unwound a huge cable, with a foot pedal on the base. This was a standard evacualtion unit on Pacifiers, the artificial spider-silk cable able to lift easily even the most heavy metahuman.

Frall, a dwarf crewman, leapt onto it, and descended towards the rubble. The coast was clear.

Darsha hovered the gunship, and waited, as the sturdy dwarf hauled the unconcious troll onto his shoulder. He staggered back onto the cable, and the winch began to lift him upwards. Ten seconds, and they could be off.

Suddenly, alarms blared, and Darsha realised that the huge thing at the back of the Daemon horde had reached the area. And it had seen them.


You'll have to find air-transport.

Find Air Transport. Should be easy, Ery supposed. He glanced out the window into the riotous mass of citizens. Or not. Taking one last glance out the window, he strode over to the armoury. Took out his key, and unlocked his small weapons depot. There were thousands of violent beings outside and as much as he hated to kill anyone, he needed these weapons. He carefully picked out an Assault Rifle and a Magically-Enforced Handgun. The pride of AET's military arsenal. He walked quietly out the rusting door and down the silent halls. No one noticed him; everyone was outside.

Before leaving the building, he checked his city map one more time. Only a kilometre to the nearest air station. If he could make it that far. A body slammed against the door as three burly Trolls decided to engage an Elf gang. Two more Elves joined the first, one with a knife protruding from his back. The rest fled and the Trolls took notice of Ery. He made sure they saw the Assault Rifle and they backed away in search of easier prey.

Ery stepped out into the aggression of the streets. The action was mostly away from the apartment by now and there was a clear path in the direction of the air station. Ery ran.

Above the sound of his breath, Ery heard heavy footsteps behind him. The three Trolls were back, witha few of their buddies. They were all tall, and armed with various sharpened implements, one of which looked suspiciously like a table leg. Ery raised the Rifle. The leader raised his club. Exerting powerful muscles, the troll Leader threw his club at Ery, striking him across the shoulder. As he fell, he pulled the trigger and the Troll also fell, missing most of his chest. The other Trolls leapt forward with astonishing speed and another was downed in a loud crack of the Rifle. Five left, and they were wary of the firepower Ery held. A Troll battlecry sounded from a couple of blocks away. The five gangmembers looked anxious, unsure whether to finish off their prey, or to help their fellow Trolls. After an unspoken debate, they turned and fled to the origin of the battlecry. Ery ran in the opposite direction.

When he arrived at the Air Station, the crowds were far too out of control, wrecking everything they got their hands on. He recognized the AET insignia on one of the ships and hurried to get there before any of the others.

It turned out the AET Transport was waiting for a lesser official who was attempting to improve relations with the Elven Polulation of Britsprawl. It took to little work to convince the crew of the ship that this official had already been dismembered by the crowd and that their only escape was to get Ery to safety. Moments later, the Transport rose to the rage of the crowd and headed for Ireland, and AET HQ. Time to find out what's happening in Geneva.


From the plane's cockpit, Ery saw the breathaking sight of amost the whole central district of Britsprawl blacked-out - Small constellations of light marked the corporate compounds, and even smaller flashes marked the detonations of petrol bombs and the muzzle flash of automatic weapons.

The Transport skirted the edged of the London Dome, and then was in clear aerospace.

The radio crackled.

"AET Transport 234, this is flight control. There is an air exclusion zone in operation over London! Provide your clearance authorization or we will be forced to escort you down!"

"What shall we do, sir?" Said the Elven pilot, turning to Ery, his eyes hidden by his helmet visor.


Shadow came across Crystal, crouched at the Front Doors of the club, now emptied.
Cylinder Head, Illidia and an unidentified huge guy were with her. They seemed to be talking about the helicopter that was incoming, clearly visible.

Suddenly, everyone ducked. A burst of automatic weapon fire skirted the double doors.


He noticed Crystal at the front doors of the club.

Shadow went down near her with the other people near her, but didn't alert any of them.

He heard them talking about the helicopter, then heard a fire of bullets spray across the room.

Shadow looked around and saw were the bullets were coming from.

He slowly reached for a grenade.


"He's bluffing" Ery told the pilot confidently. "They don't have any ships they can spare to escort us down. The riot is taking all their attention." The pilot clearing doubted this was the case, but he followed orders. Seconds later,

"AET Transport 234, failure to provide proper clearance authorization WILL result in your forced landing. This is a final warning."

"Flight Control, this is AET Corporate Officer Tashin. We seem to have forgotten our Clearance Authorization in Ireland. Please excuse us while we retrieve it for you."

A pair of Security Fighters lifted off the London airfield, picking up speed as they closed in on the transport.

"NOW what, sir?" the aggravated pilot said to Ery as sensrs identified the Security ships on their tail."

" good are you at taking evasive action?" The pilot frowned at Ery.

"Have you ever flown on a transport before Mr. Tashin?" When the reply was negative, Ery decided to try talking to Security once more.

"Flight control, this is AET Transport 234. We have desperate need to return to our headquarters. If you could overlook this...discrepancy, I'm sure my commanders would be perfectly willing to make a small donation to your Security force.

"AET Transport 234, this is Flight Control. I accept your offer. It has been a pleasure doing business with you." The Security Fighters pulled off and headed back to the airfield. The Transport glided safely out of Britain and into Ireland.


"Mr. Tashin, we have received reports from our contacts within MUNDI that Daemons have surfaced in Geneva. Now, as we are completely complacent and friendly to all MegaCorps and Nations equally, " the AET Executive's gaze focused strongly on Ery's, "we are going to send assistance to our friends and allies in their time of need. And discover whether these rumours are true. We have designated three dozen of our Security to accompany you to Geneva. Be wary. And report back to us ASAP. You are dismissed."

As Ery wandered from the Conference room, he pondered what he had just heard. He had been to Geneva, and seen the horrors there. But as that was officially part of his leave, his superiors at AET didn't know that. He also knew that he could not hope to contain the Daemons with a scarce three dozen Elves. Three dozen Security could barely contain some of the lesser Daemons, let alone the most powerful. He walked purposefully out onto the AET airfield and greeted the crew of a small military transport that he would be taking to Geneva. The men were already aboard; HQ was desperate to find out what was happening in Geneva. As Ery walked with the pilot of the Transport, he decided he needed to ask a few questions.

"So Commander, how much evasive action can these things take?"


RAF Group Captain Malthorpe gleefully watched the nuyen trickling into the Squadron supplies account from the inconspicous 'blank' stick-man persona broadcast by his RAF cyber-terminal.

"Nothing like a little Corporate Bribery to settle an evening's account, I say."

He briefly wondered what the AET transport plane had been up to, and what possible damage would have been avoided if he'd had his Bloodkite F.mk4 VTOL fighters shoot them down...


Ery's pilot looked puzzled by the question, trying to decide whetehr it was rhetorical or not. He ended up falling back on his AET SecForces flight academy spiel.

"AET Aerospace Dealānch VTOL transport jet, sir!" He said, coming neatly to attention. "Dual vector-thrust engines. We can Vector in Forward Flight, which is about as maneuverable as you can get without a fighter. Umm, we're also carryong a full ECM and ECCM suite sir. I understand Magical security will be handled by you and the Mage attached to the security contingent?"

In a pleasantly short amount of time, the AET men and women were embarked and the craft was given clearance. Since only AET aircraft were allowed to fly in the former Republic of Ireland anyway, this was no surprise.

Arrogantly skirting British Aerospace, the jet directly violated the exclusion zone, as AET aircraft had a habit of doing, invoking Corporate rights to slap down eager RAF traffic control.

As ever, an RAF fighter escorted the AET craft all the way, no doubt taking a few hundred megapulse' worth in digital imagery for the IWS R&D boys to pore over.

Three hours later sitting in the comfortably furnished transport, Ery's security men were gearedup and ready to go - All men wore kevlar III armaplas padded-suits with HUD infra-red helmets, and a mithril inner. Most men carried AET assauklt rifles, apart from the three with gyro-mount light machineguns, and the stockiest Elf, a SecForce man named Ywlan Riverwing, who carried a heavy backpack fed laser.

Ery wondered how the technology-heavy weapon would fare against the magical Daemons. Probably not well.

He turned to the other magic user on the flight, a short, uninspiring-looking female Mage, and wondered if she'd stand up to the strain, too...

"Mr Tashin to the cockpit. Mr Tashin to the Cockpit please." Came the pilot's calm voice.

When Ery was there, the pilot continued, still rigged into his aircraft.

"We're in Swiss Airspace, being hailed by MUNDI control. They want to know what our business is, and where we're planning to land?"


"Damn those interfering MUNDI chricks", Ery cursed, referring back to the crude children's slang. "Why is everyone so bloody concerned with their airspace today?"

"MUNDI Control, AET Aerospace Dealānch VTOL transport, we are currently on our way as an aid force to relieve the beleaguered mages working in the city of Geneva. We apologize for crossing into your airspace, but it was the quickest route for us to follow."

"AET Transport, entrance into Geneva by non-MUNDI personnel is forbidden under any and all circumstances. Please turn back."

"MUNDI Control, we must be able to retrieve the mages working within the city. Rest assured, we will leave as soon as we have done so. AET Transport, out." Ery flicked off the comm switch so he wouldn't have to hear anymore of MUNDI's complaints. He had no intention of leaving Geneva, but he needed to tell them something. The pilot turned back to Ery.

"Mr. Tashin, we are on the outskirts of Geneva now. Shall I land our transport now?" The sound of the pilot's voice shook Ery out of a trance while he looked out the window. The city was stricken, dying, and desolate. No signs of life at all, Daemons, MUNDI or others. It must be the altitude, they had to still be down there. He could feel the immense power of the rift and the evil stirring within it.

"Yes, land here. It would be dangerous to fly out there in plain sight." The pilot stared agape.

"Sir, you don't actually believe that there are Daemons out there do you? It's a children's myth!"

Ery simply left and began giving orders the troops. The transport descended. It disappeared from radar under the fog of war, dust, and ash rising from the city. The world darkened around them and they entered the city of Geneva. The city where Hell itself had broken loose.

"Be wary," Ery whispered. "No one will welcome us warmly here."


Silviaīs mind shattered with the vision. Someone, or perhaps a dormant power of her allowed to see what was far away.
Two dragons were fighting eachother. They were wearing chestplates and gigantic blades. "Hell Knights", her father used to call them. One of the two was the big, golden dragon that met her in Geneva. The other was unknown. Until it turned away so she would "see" the face.
But he had changed...somehow... He looked much more older, and fearsome. Like a legendary Hell Knight dragon.
"Silvia, be brave."
And the vision faded out.


Silently, the probe of Dragon Pawīs corporation, Dark Deception, came closer to the comet.
A light flashed.
"Buclear bomb armed."
It waited the final order.
One button pressed, and the comet would vanish in a flash of light.
Luckily, the Burning Heart, dragonīs relic, was strong enough to survive the explosion.


Peter Stevenson, the sniper who had covered Crystal during her 'run', was sitting against a cold, brick wall. He didn't know what building the wall was part of, or even where he was. All he knew was that Samuel Parker was still alive, he could feel it in the bottom of his stomuch. 'Sam, I'll find you and make you suffer as I have these past years.....' Peter mused silently. He often dreamt of the moment when Samuel Parker would realise that the rest of his life would be an eternal blackness, just like Peter's had been. How Samuel's remaining eye would widen in terror at the sight of 'Sally', Peter's only friend in the world, his SA-126 sniper rifle. How a single 12.5 mm discarding sabot round would be thrown at extreme velocity into Samuel's cranium, shattering his optic nerve but not killing him. At such a short range the discarding sabot round wouldn't even separate into its constituent parts.


Peter did like that fantasy. It was what had driven him to continue to exist for the long, dreary, empty years he had spent scavenging in the gutter for food and nuyen.


That was all that was left for the blinded ex-corporation sniper.

Peter, who had assumed the nickname; Deadeye, stood up. He sniffed the air. He then listened to the sounds of the street. 'This way' He thought and started probing his way down the street.

'This way leads to Samuel Parker....and my revenge."


Raven groaned, and sat up. Mary rushed over to him.

"My... leg..... what the frag happened?"
"The walker got you. Your leg is broken, and i don't know how many bullets the meds are gonna have to get out once we get you somewhere with proper facilites"
"Where are we? Is everyone ok?"
"We're in some shop Tank got us into. Everyone's ok, and no-one's hurt apart from you..."
"Phew. That's lucky. Where's the negotiator?"

Mary whirled around, scanning the room. No, it wasn't there. And if Raven didn't have it...

"I.. I think you may have dropped it when you fell over"


Tyadoron had heard about the daemons. From her mountainous lair, she had contacted to see what was left of the green dragons she had sent to deal with N'zar's buke in Geneva, and after the colossal accident - she hadn't recieved a report for over a week, but wasn't suprised, given the reputation for laziness the greens recieved. Greens may be lazy, but they made good subordiantes in a time of crisis.

Which this was.

Tyadoron had no problems about not being able to change into human form, obviously due to the mana waves of the comet. She rarely shapeshifted anyway, prefering the homeley feeling of her Dragon forms. Shapeshifting was for lesser dragons, fools like Rozondras, or lunatics like N'zar.

But these Daemons. These required investigating. They'd barely been released six hours, and Tyadoron had found out about them WITHOUT consulting her spies in MUNDI. Cuh. Security these days.

The huge gold bitch-dragon snorted, lips of flames rushing from her nostrils. She'd better send someone to find out about the Daemons, someone she trusted.

Her mind quickly ran through the small lists of dragons worth this honour. No more greens, someone more intuitive and observant might be needed. She quickly rules out the quick-to anger reds, and thought for a while over whether to send an icy grey dragon, or a philisophical, water blue.

Eventually she chose the blue. In particular, it was a blue named Juthas, one she had taken as a mate on several occasions in the past. Although not huge (no male dragons come anything close to the colossal, female-only golds), and no real match for something like N'zar in brute strength, Tyadoron hoped Juthas's quick-thinking and lithe agility would win through if anything turned nasty.

Someone who knew Tyadoron would have noticed that Juthas was NOT a dragon she would like to lose. This made the stakes for the mission somewhat higher than they looked.


"Sis, I want to talk to you... Itīs important!!"
The voice of Draco screamed, loud. He was heading for Tyadoron, still with his chestplate.


Crystal leaned out the front double doors.

Uniformed, heavily armoured men advanced up the alley towards the club - Riot cops, in full armour. They battled a huge mob of rioters with stun-shields and autoshotguns loaded with Gel rounds, which flattened out completely on mpact, supposedly being non-fatal.

The helicopter had gone overhead and was now out of sight, but was still nearby - Crystal could hear it.

She turned to Cy and Slayer.

"We've got to get - HEY! Who's that!?"

Still wearing her thermo goggles, she spotted the pulsing red heat signature of a figure slouching about in the darkness of the club. She aimed right at it.


Juthas danced in the wind.

The blue dragon, fully 21 metres long, rode the updrafts, allowing him to lift his colossal frame into the sky with a fraction of the effort normally required. Far below, the cave from which he had emerged dwindled to nothingness in the vast expanse of the Ural Mountains.

With one sweep of his tail, Juthas turned, and rolled in a huge loop. Despite his size, the abnormally large lesser dragon could move through the air like a ballet dancer.

And how, oh how, he loved to fly.

Juthas was one of Tyadoron's favourites. He knew it, as, to his reckoning, he had been chosen to mate with her more than any other male, had fathered 17 lesser dragons with her, and also had been chosen for this incredibly important mission. Geneva, according to reports, was a warzone, and, naturally Tyadoron wanted to find her broodlings she had sent out to it.

Three of the dragons sent to the city had been his children. His son had perished in the fight against the bone dragon, but both bronze daughters, to all of his knowledge, were alive. The death of his son didn't traumatize him too much - many dragonlings were apt to die in childhood, but he would prefer to keep his other descendants as alive as possible.

Juthas swooped once, rose into the clear blue sky, and flapped himself in the direction of Geneva.

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